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No other place offers more fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure opportunity. This vast, resource-rich region is irresistible to every outdoor lover. MyOutdoorBuddy covers the screen with tantalizing destination information and alluring images that guide week-enders, vacationers and tourists from around the world to this area. Make sure your brand is seen.
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Our Mission

Reach Out!

We are doing all we can to entice people into the outdoors. Over the past decade, people, especially some youth, have been turning away from our great outdoor heritage. We believe this trend can be reversed if greater focus is placed on the wonders of fishing, hunting and all other outdoor activities.

We are doing our part by providing high quality, up-to-date outdoor news, reports, articles, information and photos about Northern California and Southern Oregon. This is one of the most diverse, resource-rich regions in the nation. We are encouraging family outdoor recreation by asking our readers to share their outdoor experiences with us through stories, photos and comment. 

Getting more people into the outdoors, especially the next generation, be they local, from nearby states or the world helps all businesses that serve those who love the outdoors.

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Publication Schedule is updated daily to include the latest possible fishing, hunting and outdoor news, reports and photos from Northern California and Southern Oregon. Supporters
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