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Boys’ Day Buck

By Travis Glass
01/07/15 -- It had been a tough season! I’d seen plenty of deer and smaller bucks, but the big bucks were nowhere to be found. The season was getting late. With only a day-and-a-half left, my schedule, along with my son’s busy sports schedule, were both finally open so we could hunt together.

I asked him if he wanted to go hunting and his eyes lit up; he immediately started talking about the previous year and being together on that buck. As we left the truck, I kept reminding Austin that he had to be quiet, as we were headed into an area where I had seen a nice buck and it was a great place to glass from. Shortly after getting there, we glassed a nice buck that I had seen a few days prior. Austin was immediately excited, telling me “come on dad we have to go shoot him, come on, come on!” I hesitated and told him that I’d seen a bigger buck in here two days ago and really wanted to get a chance at him.

an image of this great late-season Blacktail moments before the shot. Photo by Austin Glass
The author’s son captured an image of this great late-season Blacktail moments before the shot. Photo by Austin Glass

Of course being 8 years-old he really didn't understand why we were not shooting this buck. After watching the smaller buck for about 15 minutes we watched him bed down in a little thicket, so we snuck out of there and went to another place to see if we could spot the big buck. Nothin’!

Then I convinced him to check another spot with me. Meanwhile, all he is talking about is the buck that we’d just seen and let go. The next spot, yet again, yielded nothing, and now I’m really getting an earful! Eyes on the sky, I realized it was getting late and the chance of me being able to hunt on the last day of season was going to be slim. So we crept back over to where we had seen Austin’s buck and, sure enough, he was still bedded there!

Balcktail buck killed with bow, photo by Austin Glass
Finishing a stalk on skittish Blacktail bucks is never easy, especially when your little buddy is tagging along. Photo by Austin Glass

At this point, the wind had really picked up, and trying to rattle, rake, or grunt was pointless. Now I knew I had to stock this Blacktail, with my eight-year-old, and get within bow range. This is not going to be an easy task, I thought. However, I did notice a slight hump downwind of the buck that might just put us into perfect position. As we crept and closed the 200-yard distance, the sky was getting darker. Finally, we got within 60 yards and knew the buck would be right over this little hump. As we started to creep up the rise, I spotted a spike and a doe, only 30 yards to our left, bedded down, and they had us pegged! I told Austin to freeze!

After what seemed like 10 minutes, the spike and the doe stood up and started feeding like nothing was wrong. Now the sky was really starting to turn dark and I knew we had to make a move. The young deer were still only 30 yards, but I told Austin to put his head down and slowly start creeping up the hill with me. As we crested the hill, there he was, still bedded in the same spot, but staring directly at us. After a tense stare down of several seconds, I had a chance to range him at 27 yards. Knowing that this buck wasn’t spooked, I decided to wait until he stood for the perfect shot.

Photo by Travis Glass, Young boy holding horns of blacktail buck his dad killed
When you help your dad spot, stalk, track and photograph, you’re entitled to your own grip-and-grin photo. Photo by author

With Austin at my side, I’m thinking this couldn’t get any better! While we were standing there waiting for the buck to stand, I had him take a couple pictures with his camera. Finally, after several minutes, the spike and the doe started feeding off and the bigger buck noticed. As he stood up, he stretched his front legs out and opened up the perfect shot. WHACK!!!! Right in the wheel house! At this point, Austin is going crazy, jumping up-and-down, ready to chase after the buck! I reminded him of the previous year and explained that we have to wait and let the buck expire.

We only gave the buck 15 minutes because of the fading daylight. Once we found the arrow and got on the blood trail, it was apparent that he wouldn’t go far. Austin put his head down and stayed on the blood. After only 40 yards, Austin started jumping up and down saying “there he is!” Little did he know that I had already seen the buck lying there about 10 yards into the trail, but we’ll keep that a secret! As we approached, I realized he was actually quite a bit bigger than what I had originally thought. Austin was glowing!

This is the second year in a row that I have been fortunate enough to take a nice Blacktail with my bow and have my little man by my side. It was more exciting watching him track the buck, and put the stock on with me, than it was to actually shoot the buck. Next year he will qualify for Oregon’s mentored youth program and I can’t wait to watch him kill his first Blacktail!

Travis Glass is an accomplished outdoorsman, born and raised in Medford. When he's not running his small business or coaching his nine-year-old, he fishes saltwater, bass and hunts elk. Travis has been tournament angling since age 12 and has won close to $50,000 in open tournaments, regional team and club circuits. He's quick to share and proudly represents Back Country Native, a Southern Oregon based outdoor apparel company.

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Boys’ Day Buck
an image of this great late-season Blacktail moments before the shot. Photo by Austin Glass
By Travis Glass
01/07/15 -- It had been a tough season! I’d seen plenty of deer and smaller bucks, but the big bucks were nowhere to be found. The season was getting late. With only a day-and-a-half left, my schedule, along with my son’s...
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