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“How to Cross the Bar at Humboldt Bay” 2016-12-16 ​CDFW License Sales Counters Close Dec. 5 2016-12-02 Klamath steelhead fishing stays consistent 2016-12-01 Commercial Dungeness crab fisheries open 2016-12-01 Steelhead season heats up coastal rivers 2016-11-30 ODFW Salmon and Trout Advisory Meeting 2016-11-29 Crabbing Closure Due to High Domoic Acid 2016-11-25 Dungeness crab fishing updates 2016-11-23 Rivers are expected to go big 2016-11-23 ​A Hot Week of Steelheading 2016-11-22 Sac River Thanksgiving steelhead fishing 2016-11-22 OR State delays Dungeness crab season 2016-11-22 Oregon Trout for Thanksgiving 2016-11-21 Disrupting The Delta Food-Web 2016-11-20 OR Recreational crabbing closures 2016-11-20 Shasta Lake fishing report 2016-11-18 Use bait sacks to catch first-season steelhead 2016-11-18 Rain brings in fresh kings to Smith, Chetco 2016-11-17 Sac River fall salmon numbers improve 2016-11-17 Fishing: Create a Family Holiday Tradition 2016-11-16 Trout-a-plenty at Collins Lake 2016-11-14 S​acramento River Trout Report 2016-11-12 Chetco River Kicking Out Kings 2016-11-11 ​Rough seas kibosh sport crab opener 2016-11-10 Dungeness Crab Season Update 2016-11-09 GGSA Salmon Battles Continue 2016-11-09 McCloud reservoir report 2016-11-09 Lake Siskiyou fishing report 2016-11-09 ​Non-existent crowds fishing Hat Creek 2016-11-07 Sac River fall steelhead fishing picking up! 2016-11-06 Steelhead a real treat on Halloween 2016-11-05 Sac River Trout Adventure 2016-11-04 Serious About Catching Kings? 2016-11-04 Regulation Changes to Red Abalone Fishery 2016-11-03 Rec Dungeness Crab Season Opens Nov. 5 2016-11-03 ​Right on time – sport crab opens Saturday 2016-11-02 Nimbus Hatchery Fish Ladder Opens Today 2016-11-01 When the River Ran Black 2016-10-31 Fish the Chetco According to River Flows 2016-10-29 ​ Smith, Chetco kicking out large kings 2016-10-26 Fall Trout Planting at Collins Lake 2016-10-25 ​Early Season Trinity Steelie 2016-10-21 Chetco high water fishing rules questioned 2016-10-21 ​Coastal rivers full of kings 2016-10-20 Klamath Salmon Fishing Quota Nearly Met 2016-10-20 2017 Fisheries Habitat Restoration Proposal 2016-10-18 Early storm season impacts Sac salmon 2016-10-15 Early storms raise local area rivers 2016-10-14 Great fishing at Collings lake 2016-10-13 Big storms will bring big salmon 2016-10-12 Fall fishing remains full of opportunities! 2016-10-10 ODFW: ‘Environmental DNA’ to track fish 2016-10-10 Troll Cut-Plug Baitfish for Chinook Success 2016-10-07 CDFW Awards $9.4 M towards Restoration 2016-10-05 Chetco bubble season off to good start 2016-10-05 Forage Fish Management Meeting, CDFW 2016-10-03 New week for Sac salmon! 2016-10-02 OR: Wild Coho salmon bag limit regulations 2016-09-30 Third Klamath Salmon Fishing Quota Met 2016-09-30 Hot Chetco Estuary King Action 2016-09-30 Sacramento River salmon fishing stalls out 2016-09-29 ODFW to limit commercial anchovy fishing 2016-09-28 Fishing Derby October 2 at Cooper Creek 2016-09-28 ​Kokanee in Shasta? 2016-09-28 ​Hat Creek still a solid option 2016-09-28 ​ Upper Klamath size restrictions to begin 2016-09-28 Salmon is Spotty above Happy Camp 2016-09-25 Anglers Hookup at Collins Lake 2016-09-25 CDFW Recognizes Original Conservationists 2016-09-23 Chetco Ocean Bubble Season Opens 2016-09-23 CDFW Reintroduces Rare Trout to McCloud 2016-09-22 ​Hike For Fall Trout 2016-09-21 Pacific Halibut Closes Friday 2016-09-21 Recreational Pacific Halibut Fishery Closes 2016-09-21 GGSA Red Bluff Salmon Derby Winner 2016-09-20 Sacramento River salmon run appears! 2016-09-20 Feather River Hatchery Fish Ladder Opens 2016-09-19 Hat Creek Post Labor Day 2016-09-19 Whiskeytown Lake Kokanee still biting! 2016-09-18 Great Day on the Sac 2016-09-17 First Chetco River Chinook Arrive 2016-09-16 All-depth groundfish fishery reopens Oct. 1 2016-09-15 Boundary changes on tap for Clam Beach 2016-09-15 Poachers fined for illegal abalone 2016-09-13 ​Getting out of the North Valley heat 2016-09-13 Redding area fishing is red hot!! 2016-09-12 Collins Lake reports cats and bass 2016-09-12 ​Whiskeytown and Shasta Still Producing 2016-09-10 McCloud Reservoir trout bite continues 2016-09-09 Labor Day kicks off Coastal King Action 2016-09-09 Eureka boats leave the salmon biting 2016-09-07 Run4Salmon traces salmon's journey 2016-09-06 Late summer lake salmon and trout bite on! 2016-09-04 Ocean and River Derbies are Calling 2016-09-03 CDFW Makes Buying a License Easier 2016-09-03 PG&E: Whitewater flows for the Pit River 2016-09-03 Grace and Nora Lakes update 2016-09-02 Go deep when fishing North State Lakes 2016-09-01 Saltwater season hits the home stretch 2016-09-01 Buoy 10 Chinook season goes to Sept. 14 2016-09-01 Military Vets Fish Salmon Out the Gate 2016-09-01 Sept. 3 is Free Fishing Day in California 2016-09-01 Whiskeytown Kokanee bite still very good 2016-08-31 Combat Spread of Invasive Mussels 2016-08-31 Sea Otter Shootings in Santa Cruz County 2016-08-29 ​Going Weedless For Bass 2016-08-28 Collins Lake cats are catch of the day! 2016-08-26 Final Leg of Ocean Salmon Season 2016-08-26 Lower Klamath quota reached quickly 2016-08-25 Striped and Black Bass Petition Withdrawn 2016-08-24 Salmon, bass, water diversion concerns 2016-08-23 Salmon Fishing on the Klamath Spit Closes 2016-08-22 Klamath River gets more water! 2016-08-21 Fish the incoming tide for superperch 2016-08-20 Collins Lake first fish ever catches! 2016-08-19 Sac River trout are crushing Dick Nite's! 2016-08-15 Bottomfishing have you baffled? 2016-08-12 Weather good for Collins Lake anglers 2016-08-12 ​Lake Almanor doing fair 2016-08-10 Kings sitting at Humboldt Bay entrance 2016-08-10 Sacramento River fishing improves 2016-08-09 Lake Oroville; down but not out 2016-08-09 Redding's Reel Deal fishing shop opens! 2016-08-09 ODFW adopts 2017 sportsfishing regs 2016-08-08 Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Trouts) 2016-08-07 Merced to get 10,000 pounds of trout! 2016-08-06 Buoy 10 Book Release 2016-08-06 Catfish and trout pair up at Collins Lake 2016-08-05 ODFW extends two-rod fishing 2016-08-05 Ocean salmon season ends Sunday 2016-08-05 Wild Coho ocean survival concerns ODFW 2016-08-04 Fall quotas begin Aug. 15 on the Klamath 2016-08-03 Berkley Experience Trailer visits Redding 2016-08-02 Sac River above SR 44 re-opened 8/1! 2016-08-02 Whiskeytown Lake Kokanee still strong! 2016-07-30 Lower Rogue Bay Producing Chinook 2016-07-30 Collins Lake cats dominate fish photos! 2016-07-29 ODFW seeks input from sport anglers 2016-07-29 Bait-chomping kings thick off Eureka 2016-07-28 North State fishing is hot! 2016-07-28 Buoy 10 salmon fishery opens August 1 2016-07-28 Gravel Bar Anglers-Bridge Closure Alert 2016-07-26 August 1 brings changes to Sac River 2016-07-26 A Hot Summer’s Day on Chico Creek 2016-07-25 A Perfect KIlarc Morning 2016-07-25 Hot tuna and salmon fishing dreams 2016-07-23 Collins Lake visitors leave with limits 2016-07-22 Eureka boats finding salmon close to home 2016-07-21 Night Surf Fishing for Striped Bass 2016-07-17 Groundfish restricted to 20 fathoms or less 2016-07-16 Collins Lake fishing tops the 'fun' scale 2016-07-15 High Hopes for Saturday’s Salmon Opener 2016-07-14 CA Lakes Receive Kokanee Fingerlings 2016-07-14 OR groundfish closes beyond 20 fathoms 2016-07-14 Sacramento River 'Red Hot' Rainbows 2016-07-13 OSP Recognizes Sr. Trooper Van Meter 2016-07-10 Rogue Bay Anglers Hooking Chinook 2016-07-09 Pigeon Point Rock Crab Fisheries Open 2016-07-06 River Salmon Opener July 16 2016-07-06 Angling is Great in the North State 2016-07-06 Calm Seas Put Boats Back on the Water 2016-07-06 Always Something to Catch in July 2016-07-02 Hooked on Fishing at Collins Lake 2016-07-01 Redding Rainbows 2016-07-01 July 2 is Free Fishing Day in California 2016-06-29 Anglers Wanted for Klamath River Study 2016-06-29 Early for Lake Tahoe Macks 2016-06-27 Oregon Coho Season Opens Today 2016-06-24 Young Anglers Rule Collins Lake 2016-06-23 Eureka Still the Place to be for Kings 2016-06-22 Whiskeytown Summer Kokanee 2016-06-21 Anglers Score Tuna in Coos Bay 2016-06-17 Striped Bass Fishing in San Francisco 2016-06-17 Collins lake fish, fish, and more fish! 2016-06-16 Excitement Abounds for Salmon Opener 2016-06-15 Brooking's 1st Ocean Chinook of the year! 2016-06-11 Lady Anglers' Catches of the Week 2016-06-09 Calm Seas Predicted for the Weekend 2016-06-08 Is Whiskeytown the Best? 2016-06-07 Sacramento River Trout Fishing 2016-06-07 Diamond Lake Stocking Tiger Trout 2016-06-06 Eagle Lake Fishing Improving 2016-06-06 Channel Islands rock crab fisheries open 2016-06-03 Oregon Free Fishing Weekend means 'free' 2016-06-03 California Invasive Species Action Week 2016-06-02 Collins Lake bluegill, crappie, and trout 2016-06-02 Try to remember Paradise Lake 2016-06-02 Emergency service gift idea for dad 2016-06-01 Ruth Lake bass tourney this Saturday 2016-06-01 Kokanee Seminar in Redding June 3 2016-05-31 Surf Smelt on Memorial Day Weekend 2016-05-31 Halibut season re-opens June 1 2016-05-30 Whiskeytown Kokanee still on fire 2016-05-30 Collins Lake exceeds expectations 2016-05-27 Boaters help combat invasive mussels 2016-05-27 OR KMZ salmon season opens today 2016-05-27 CDFW seeks water conservation methods 2016-05-25 Kokanee fishing derby at Whiskeytown 2016-05-25 ​Lake Britton Crappie active 2016-05-24 State offers $200,000 in Habitat Grants 2016-05-24 Trout excitement at Collins Lake 2016-05-23 OR KMZ salmon season opens in one week 2016-05-20 Whiskeytown/Keswick fishing boom! 2016-05-19 Some trout streams open May 22 2016-05-19 CDFW lifts Dungeness crab restrictions 2016-05-19 Quick Trip For Trout 2016-05-18 ODFW hosts youth fishing event 2016-05-17 Kokanee bite on Whiskeytown 2016-05-15 Bottom fishing superb, halibut season 2016-05-14 Trout goes deep at Collins Lake 2016-05-13 Pacific halibut closes Sunday 2016-05-12 Recreational ocean salmon season 2016-05-12 Howard Prairie hosts ODFW Family Fishing 2016-05-10 Pacifica Pier Patrol on Mother’s Day 2016-05-10 May is Surfperch Month 2016-05-07 Spring bass fishing remains very good 2016-05-07 Collins catfish, crappie, and fishing galore 2016-05-05 It's time for Whiskeytown Kokanee salmon! 2016-05-04 Dungeness crab fishing area update 2016-05-03 Hatchery cancels Kids Fishing Days 2016-05-01 Collins Lake trout explosion 2016-04-30 A new world record? 2016-04-30 OR tagged trout may be worth $50 2016-04-28 ​It’s no different at Lake Oroville 2016-04-28 Sheridan Pond Family Fishing Event 2016-04-27 Trout Opener on Saturday 2016-04-27 Recreational Salmon Seasons Set 2016-04-27 Pacific Halibut Fishery Opens May 1 2016-04-27 General Trout Season Opens Saturday 2016-04-27 Salmon dump opposed by fishermen 2016-04-26 ​Grace Lake Free Kids Fishing Day 2016-04-26 Lobster Report Cards Due by April 30 2016-04-25 Salmon, Halibut, bird hunting regulations 2016-04-25 CDFW: Dungeness, Rock Crab schedule 2016-04-22 Trout explosion at Collins Lake 2016-04-22 Whiskeytown Kokanee bite is on 2016-04-21 Humboldt, Del Norte razor clam advisory 2016-04-20 Tagged Empire Lakes trout worth reporting 2016-04-19 Pre spawn bass and crappie fishing is on! 2016-04-19 Introduction to Fishing 101 2016-04-18 Ocean salmon, halibut regs to be set 2016-04-18 KMZ ocean salmon seasons set for 2016 2016-04-16 Trout explosion at Collins Lake 2016-04-15 ​Family Style Trout Opener 2016-04-13 ODFW to host Hebo Lake family fishing 2016-04-12 Oregon man guilty of fishing offenses 2016-04-11 Special: Whiskeytown Kokanee report 2016-04-11 Remembering Merle Haggard 2016-04-10 ODFW wants Spring Creek fishing pond 2016-04-08 Great fishing at Collins Lake 2016-04-08 Avoid fishless water for angling success 2016-04-08 Shasta County lakes are fishing great! 2016-04-08 Pyramid Lake; good times 2016-04-07 Chinook fishing on lower Columbia closes 2016-04-07 N. Ca Abalone Season Opened April 1 2016-04-04 Collins Lake Fishing Report 2016-04-01 Anglers drawn to Brookings & Gold Beach 2016-04-01 Nor Cal lakes prime for Spring bass! 2016-03-29 Rock crab fisheries open in some areas 2016-03-28 Crab Snaring by the Golden Gate Bridge 2016-03-25 Ocean conditions drive Chinook success 2016-03-25 Sacramento River closure in effect April 1 2016-03-24 Lake O- spit on your hook 2016-03-23 Anderson hosts Kid Fishing Day 2016-03-23 Big bass week on Shasta/Trinity Lakes 2016-03-21 Ocean salmon fishing areas, dates & limits 2016-03-21 San Francisco Ocean Beach Surf Fishing 2016-03-21 Opening of Dungeness crab fishery 2016-03-18 Ocean, lake anglers rake in bounty 2016-03-18 Collins Lake beautiful and full of fish 2016-03-18 Major Trinity Lake Access Closed 2016-03-17 San Francisco Pier 7 Fishing - Revisited! 2016-03-15 Free Kids Fishing Day recap 2016-03-15 What a difference some rain makes 2016-03-14 After bass at Afterbay 2016-03-14 ​Chico Bass Club annual tournament 2016-03-14 Wanted: Overdue Sturgeon Report Cards 2016-03-14 Bass rise with Shasta Lake water 2016-03-13 OHRC board meets March 15 2016-03-11 Collins Lake full of fish and water! 2016-03-11 Invasive Quagga mussels found at border 2016-03-11 Expect lots of Garrison Lake trout action 2016-03-11 Shasta County Hatchery Reopens 2016-03-07 Trophy trout program getting bigger 2016-03-07 Warming waters on Shasta turns on bite 2016-03-05 ​Search out warmer water 2016-03-04 Steelheader catches 1st Umpqua springer 2016-03-04 BoatUS Foundation grants made easy 2016-03-03 Free Kid's Fishing Day Announced 2016-03-02 Grappling with poor 2016 salmon forecast 2016-03-02 Whiskeytown Fish Habitat Project 2016-03-02 2016 Salmon projection down! 2016-03-01 Kids now need fishing license at age 12 2016-03-01 Illegal fish sells on the streets of SF 2016-02-28 Ist Lower Rogue River Springer of the year 2016-02-28 WCB approves first enhancement projects 2016-02-26 Fall Klamath kings in smaller numbers 2016-02-25 Lake Siskiyou hot spot for trout 2016-02-24 San Francisco Pier 7 Fishing 2016-02-24 Shasta Lake bass moving up! 2016-02-23 Boat inspection stations open 2016-02-23 GGSA responds to Twin Tunnel claims 2016-02-23 Hard times in the 21st century 2016-02-23 Moon Over My Crabbies 2016-02-22 Topaz Week# 7 derby report 2016-02-21 Herring run peaks at Crescent City 2016-02-20 Invasive mudsnails now in Yuba river 2016-02-20 $16.7 million for habitat restoration 2016-02-20 Greg Gutierrez Takes Shasta FLW 2016-02-20 ​Richard Dobyns tops Day1 FLW 2016-02-19 Connecting 'Every Kid' to Elkhorn Slough 2016-02-19 Collins Lake Fishing Report 2016-02-19 CDFW hosts Ocean Salmon Fisheries mtg. 2016-02-19 North Coast rivers rejuvenated by storms 2016-02-18 Shasta bass bite improves 2016-02-18 CDFW:Avian disease outbreak 2016-02-18 GGSA comments of release of juveniles 2016-02-18 Crab Snaring on President’s Day 2016 2016-02-18 Nor Cal Kokanee Power Tournaments set 2016-02-17 Springtime is Basstime 2016-02-17 ​FLW visits Shasta Lake this week 2016-02-15 Marine Resource Education Program 2016-02-15 Launch Ramps -- mind your manners 2016-02-14 Thermalito Afterbay Steelhead 2016-02-13 Herring arrive in C-City, fishing abounds 2016-02-12 Warm spell produces results 2016-02-12 Invasive mudsnails found in Feather River 2016-02-12 Rockfish and Halibut season 2016 2016-02-12 Humboldt rivers turning green 2016-02-11 Commc'l Dungeness health risk reviewed 2016-02-11 Bad news for winter run 2016-02-10 Fishing success at Pyramid Lake 2016-02-10 GGSA celebrates with fundraising dinner 2016-02-09 Brownie’s Choice 2016-02-09 Commercial crab fishing a federal disaster? 2016-02-09 Heroes on the Water 2016-02-08 Pacific herring coming soon 2016-02-06 Green rivers on the horizon 2016-02-04 Abalone Advisory Comm seeks nominees 2016-02-03 GGSA reacts to dismal salmon numbers 2016-02-02 Lake Oroville…I can feel it 2016-02-02 Dwindling smelt numbers mount up 2016-02-02 Trinity River Fishing Report 2016-02-01 Funds available for CV fish restoration 2016-02-01 Shasta Lake bass bite remains steady 2016-02-01 Fishing, hunting report cards due 2016-01-28 ​More tagged fish at the Topaz Trout Derby 2016-01-28 Columbia spring Chinook seasons set 2016-01-28 ​It's a start update 2016-01-27 Storms likely to blow out Smith, Chetco 2016-01-27 To Migrate or Not to Migrate? 2016-01-26 Public meeting on Sac River closure 2016-01-26 GGSA congratulates Cpt. Roger Thomas 2016-01-26 Twin Tunnels project legislation 2016-01-25 Lake Oroville 2016: Rain and youth prevail 2016-01-24 If you plunk it they will bite 2016-01-22 Humboldt Steelhead Days begin Saturday 2016-01-21 It's a start, but a long way to go 2016-01-21 Shasta Lake bass 2016-01-20 Rainy day rainbows are showing up 2016-01-19 Won the battle, not the war 2016-01-17 Topaz trout derby cools off 2016-01-16 Premier steelhead fishing, Idaho style 2016-01-16 Plunkers rule the Chetco River 2016-01-15 Heavy rains blow out North Coast rivers 2016-01-14 Bidwell launch closes for construction 2016-01-13 2016 CTT to have print media coverage 2016-01-11 Steelhead abound in local-area rivers 2016-01-08 2016 starts off with a splash! 2016-01-08 2016 sport fishing licenses now online 2016-01-07 Public meeting on Klamath fishery Jan. 12 2016-01-07 CDFW meeting on Klamath sports fishing 2016-01-06 North State anglers finding success 2016-01-06 Topaz “paid for fishing derby”opener 2016-01-06 GGSA, 2016 First Salmon Update 2016-01-05 FISHBIO opens Santa Cruz office 2016-01-04 Green rivers and steelhead await anglers 2015-12-31 Anglers slay steelhead on Chetco/Rogue 2015-12-31 Winter arrives along with bass tourneys 2015-12-29 FISHBIO: Our top stories of 2015 2015-12-28 ​‘Get Paid for Fishing’ at Topaz Lake 2015-12-27 ​Chetco sets itself up for plunking 2015-12-24 Green water on the horizon 2015-12-23 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2015-12-22 FISHBIO's Best of 2015 2015-12-21 ODFW: Commercial crab season to open 2015-12-21 Rain for NorCal fish! 2015-12-19 First and last chance Chetco steelhead 2015-12-18 Rigid regs may prevent potential record 2015-12-17 Steelhead make a showing on the Smith 2015-12-16 Winter-like conditions slow fishing 2015-12-15 Tsunami Stunts Fish Growth 2015-12-14 Trout of historic rugged wildness 2015-12-13 Shasta Co. lakes and rivers remain fishable 2015-12-13 Special Report: Upper Klamath steelhead 2015-12-11 Rain curbs angling on Chetco & Smith 2015-12-11 Steelheading on hold; rivers swollen 2015-12-10 Following my own advice 2015-12-09 Salmon eggs injected into Feather gravel 2015-12-09 Oregon continues Dungeness season delay 2015-12-08 Bass bite still strong as water temps drop 2015-12-08 Big trout galore at Collins Lake 2015-12-07 Chetco and Smith rise for winter steelies 2015-12-05 Here comes the rain! 2015-12-05 Lake Berryessa bass give for Thanksgiving 2015-12-04 What is the outlook for our salmon? 2015-12-02 Oregon 2016 regs available, licenses on sale 2015-12-02 Big rains should entice winter steelhead 2015-12-02 Diverse Evolution of Steelhead Runs 2015-12-01 Northern California Winter Trout 2015-12-01 Lake Oroville bass fishing remains good 2015-12-01 Sacramento River hosting nice stripers 2015-12-01 Father & son Sacramento River steelhead! 2015-12-01 PFMC looks at salmon management requests 2015-11-30 Early closure of 2015 halibut season 2015-11-28 Gear up for winter steelhead 2015-11-27 NOAA shows concern for canary rockfish 2015-11-26 Groundfish – A look forward to 2016 2015-11-26 A time of transition on Shasta waters 2015-11-25 Cooler water, weather doesn’t stop bass 2015-11-24 GGSA: ‘NO genetically altered salmon' 2015-11-21 OR delays Dungeness season coast-wide 2015-11-20 Ideal rain sparks river salmon bite 2015-11-20 2017-18 groundfish mgmt. up for review 2015-11-18 Smith, Chetco get much-needed rain 2015-11-18 Lake Oroville fall bite continues 2015-11-17 Upper Klamath River yields lots of steel 2015-11-17 Breathing Under Water 2015-11-16 Good fishing in the Redding area 2015-11-14 Keddie Ridge 2015-11-14 Salmon fishing slow? Go for surfperch! 2015-11-13 Cold waters cool bass bite 2015-11-11 Rivers closed for now; rain on the way 2015-11-11 Collins Lake loaded with trout & catfish 2015-11-08 OR: shellfish alert -- salmon shoot upriver 2015-11-07 Upper Klamath River steelhead still hungry 2015-11-07 Shasta County trout/koke bite red hot 2015-11-07 CA F&GC delays crab start; El Niño blamed 2015-11-05 ODFW: Tui chub found in Diamond Lake 2015-11-04 Delay likely for sport crab opener 2015-11-04 Bass bite continues as cool water sets in 2015-11-03 Upper Klamath steelhead in Holiday mood 2015-11-02 NOAA Fisheries issues US 2014 Report 2015-11-01 Whiskeytown king/kokanee hybrid salmon 2015-10-30 Chetco expected to open fully November 4 2015-10-30 Weekend storms could open the Smith 2015-10-29 CDFW simplifies steelhead report card 2015-10-27 Trout Unlimited chapter to meet in Redding 2015-10-27 Bass in the grass 2015-10-27 Lake Oroville bass bite goes ballistic 2015-10-27 Catching Dungeness Crab with Rod & Reel 2015-10-26 Collins Lake adds 1,800 pounds of trout 2015-10-25 Last chance for Sacramento River Kings 2015-10-23 Brookings: Bottomfish and river Chinook 2015-10-23 Rain should put salmon on the move 2015-10-22 Catching Dungeness Crab with Rod & Reel 2015-10-22 Quarantined hatchery reopens 2015-10-20 Bass bite intensifies at Oroville & Afterbay 2015-10-20 Sac. River fall salmon run winds down 2015-10-19 Catching Dungeness Crab with Rod & Reel 2015-10-18 Make 'fish-ade' while the getting is good 2015-10-16 Gravel Bar producing salmon 2015-10-15 Late fall-run kings waiting on the rain 2015-10-15 Bass fishing improves on Lake Oroville 2015-10-13 Catching Dungeness Crab with Rod & Reel 2015-10-13 GGSA Red Bluff Derby winner announced 2015-10-12 Oil Rigs: Fish Habitat or Liability? 2015-10-12 Collins Lake to get 7,000 lbs. of trout 2015-10-11 Sacramento River fall salmon run peaks 2015-10-09 Any fish you wish for! 2015-10-09 Chetco bubble season produces large kings 2015-10-08 ODFW stocks fish for victim’s fundraiser 2015-10-08 One week left for Feather River salmon 2015-10-07 ODFW seeks input on sport fish seasons 2015-10-06 Friends, Family and Fall Fishing 2015-10-06 Microplastics Found in Marine Life 2015-10-05 Sacramento River salmon fishing improves 2015-10-02 Salmon season opens to bubble aficionados 2015-10-02 Recreational Spiny Lobster season opens 2015-10-02 Walker Lake drained by PG&E 2015-10-02 Tough fishing continues on the Klamath 2015-10-01 Memoires of the World Series Troll 2015-10-01 Fins, Fur and Feather summary 2015-10-01 Early fall fishing outlook outstanding 2015-10-01 Bass bite best bet as fall season begins 2015-09-29 Tale of Two Waterbodies 2015-09-28 Collins Lake to get huge trout plants 2015-09-27 Curing eggs for salmon fishing 2015-09-27 Last chance for Whiskeytown kokanee 2015-09-25 Chetco Bubble Fishery starts Oct. 1 2015-09-25 Plenty of river salmon left to catch 2015-09-23 GGSA Red Bluff Salmon Derby is Oct. 10 2015-09-22 Extra 2M smolts raised by Stamp Funds 2015-09-22 Trout plants continue at Hat Creek 2015-09-22 MWD/WWD eye land in path of tunnels 2015-09-22 Oroville area fishing offers mixed bag 2015-09-22 Salmon on California's Climate Seesaw 2015-09-21 Re-opening of OR razor clamming on hold 2015-09-21 First Chinook show in Chetco Estuary 2015-09-18 Salmon fishing at Klamath Spit closed 2015-09-17 Jewell told: Delta tunnels too risky! 2015-09-17 Sacramento River plug fishing 2015-09-17 Reward offered for sturgeon tags 2015-09-16 Kilarc One More Time 2015-09-15 Bass bite rebounds at Afterbay 2015-09-15 Sweet deal for Westlands; sour for Delta 2015-09-14 Fat Fishes in Food-Limited Locations? 2015-09-14 NMFS explains overfishing determinations 2015-09-14 Catfish still king at Collins Lake 2015-09-11 Exotics & excitement for Brookings anglers 2015-09-11 Mt. Shasta Hatchery lifts quarantine 2015-09-10 American River Hatchery has huge die-off 2015-09-10 Golden Gate rockfish hot-hot -hot 2015-09-10 All eyes on Klamath River salmon 2015-09-09 An American Fisheries Society Experience 2015-09-08 Oroville area fishing and outdoor report 2015-09-08 Nice rainbows at Grace Lake 2015-09-06 Let’s check out the Upper Sac 2015-09-05 Fishing & crabbing available off Brookings 2015-09-04 Sac River rainbow fishing very good! 2015-09-04 Oregon F&WC approves 2016 fishing regs 2015-09-04 Wild coho seasons begin Sept. 15 2015-09-03 8th 'Save Kilarc' picnic coming up 2015-09-03 President/spawning sockeye make a point 2015-09-03 91% of boaters want ethanol-free gas 2015-09-02 Strange salmon season ends on Monday 2015-09-02 OR streams re-open to afternoon fishing 2015-09-01 Cooler temps improve Oroville-area fishing 2015-09-01 Bass Pro Hometown Festival is Sept. 5-6 2015-09-01 GGSA Red Bluff Salmon Derby is Oct. 10 2015-09-01 Striped Bass - CV's Most Popular Predator 2015-08-31 Catfish center stage at Collins Lake 2015-08-30 ​Lake Berryessa: Just fine for late August 2015-08-30 Late afternoon fishing at Bridge Park 2015-08-30 Fishing McCloud Lower Falls 2015-08-28 Slam'n Salmon Derby a GO! 2015-08-28 Kokanee great at Whiskeytown 2015-08-26 Good news for Klamath salmon 2015-08-26 Oroville has plenty of access and water 2015-08-25 Nickel strip mine threatens Smith River 2015-08-24 McCloud Reservoir offers lots of action 2015-08-23 150,000 steelhead die at Oregon Hatchery 2015-08-22 Bottomfishing still off the charts 2015-08-22 ODFW seeks comment on bridge at Selma 2015-08-21 Water release may kick-start Klamath kings 2015-08-20 Anglers still challenged by Oroville area fish 2015-08-18 Sacramento River salmon hit and miss 2015-08-18 Go deep for Shasta rainbows 2015-08-18 By Fish People, For Fish People 2015-08-17 Crystal Lake fish planting going well 2015-08-16 Sacramento River trout love Dick-Nite spoons 2015-08-16 Upper Sac River: Elbow room & lots of fish 2015-08-15 Eureka, Rogue Bay kicking out big kings 2015-08-14 Day Hike To Deadfall Lake 2015-08-13 Afternoon fishing re-opens on Rogue 2015-08-13 Merced River may be closed to fishing 2015-08-12 Responsible angling can help sturgeon 2015-08-12 Halibut season cut short; tuna off Trinidad 2015-08-12 Sacramento River salmon uptick due 2015-08-11 Action slows with ‘dog days of summer’ 2015-08-11 Pacific halibut fishery closed early 2015-08-11 The Importance of Fish Physiology 2015-08-10 Night fishing ideal at Collins Lake 2015-08-09 Snag Proof Open recap 2015-08-08 Brookings seafood buffet awaits anglers 2015-08-07 Klamath Fall regulations begin Aug. 15 2015-08-06 Barge Hole opener productive..for some 2015-08-05 Lake Oroville level challenges boaters 2015-08-05 OR F&GC to see fishing regs proposals 2015-08-04 Big-Picture Stream Science 2015-08-03 Diamonds in a rough drought 2015-08-03 Tuna thrill anglers for one week 2015-08-01 Grace Lake fishing excellent 2015-07-31 Changes to Bluefin tuna regs in effect 2015-07-30 Whiskeytown Update 2015-07-30 Warm waters troubling for Klamath salmon 2015-07-30 ODFW holds salmon fishing workshop 2015-07-29 Horsemen help release high lakes trout 2015-07-29 Feather River salmon fishing slows 2015-07-29 Trek for Trout 2015-07-26 Fishing good on Hat Creek 2015-07-26 Help shape 2016 sport halibut seasons 2015-07-25 Catfish rule Collins but not completely 2015-07-25 Catching an opah video is amazing 2015-07-25 Lake Berryessa bass still cooperative 2015-07-24 Update: Tuna go wild off Brookings 2015-07-24 ODFW takes action to help native fish 2015-07-22 Long run to the salmon for Eureka boats 2015-07-22 Feather River salmon opener only fair 2015-07-21 Dreadful Sacramento River salmon opener 2015-07-20 Albacore taken off Eureka & Crescent City 2015-07-20 Cautionary advice for novice river boaters 2015-07-17 Maximize your bottomfish catches with __? 2015-07-17 Sacramento River to get angler’s attention 2015-07-16 Wind to bring cooler water for salmon 2015-07-16 Free Kid Fishing Days moved to Grace Lake 2015-07-15 Fall-run king salmon season to open 2015-07-15 ODFW finds Chinook die-off on John Day 2015-07-15 Dunsmuir: Headquarters for the Upper Sac 2015-07-14 Catch, clean, cook crab at ODFW class 2015-07-14 E15 gas a threat to boat engines 2015-07-14 Electrofishing with the ARIS Camera 2015-07-13 ODFW: No bag limit on warm water species? 2015-07-12 Bottomfish, crabs, Rogue Bay kings on tap 2015-07-11 Lewiston Fishing Derby is July 18 2015-07-10 North Coast: A huge grab bag for anglers 2015-07-10 Bass/whisker fish put on show at Collins 2015-07-09 Lake Oroville: Salmon still king 2015-07-08 Ever fished on a mountain top? Try Kilarc! 2015-07-08 Calm seas provide array of angling options 2015-07-08 ODFW: Texas boat had Zebra mussels 2015-07-07 Eagle Lake trout cooperate despite heat 2015-07-07 One Fish, Two Forms, Many Questions 2015-07-06 Returning to San Pablo Reservoir 2015-07-05 Hat Creek has limits for patient anglers 2015-07-05 Summer action has variety at Collins Lake 2015-07-04 July 4th is Free Fishing Day 2015-07-03 Rogue Bay Chinook stellar; tuna at Coos 2015-07-03 Salmon finally start to show off Eureka 2015-07-02 Bass deeper and fewer at Lake Oroville 2015-07-02 Can Predator Control Help Native Fishes? 2015-06-30 Farm pond, oh farm pond. Where art thou? 2015-06-29 Fish deep for ocean coho and Chinook 2015-06-26 Lake Oroville has kings, bass & catfish 2015-06-25 Drought prompts transfer of hatchery fish 2015-06-25 ODFW offers Summer Workshops 2015-06-24 Closing CA waters to fishing a last resort 2015-06-24 F&GC emergency fishery closures loom 2015-06-23 Early morning bite best at Eagle Lake 2015-06-23 Trade-in your old Life Jacket 2015-06-22 Finding Fish from Discarded DNA 2015-06-22 Hog Hunt Bass 2015-06-22 Salmon still expected; baitfish await them 2015-06-20 Fishermen enjoy Burney Falls area 2015-06-19 Lake Oroville for kings; Afterbay for bass 2015-06-18 Domoic acid levels too high for razors 2015-06-17 Mt. Shasta Kid’s Fishing Days canceled 2015-06-17 Hope on the horizon for salmon anglers 2015-06-17 The Problem of Predation 2015-06-16 Find the perfect Father’s Day gift here 2015-06-16 Dunsmuir continues trophy trout program 2015-06-15 Hat Creek fishing well with fewer plantings 2015-06-14 Baitfish thrill anglers in Brookings Harbor 2015-06-13 Ocean salmon still elusive; reefs productive 2015-06-11 Lake Oroville for kings; Feather for steel 2015-06-10 Bait balls get Berryessa bass to bite 2015-06-09 SWRCB acts to protect Russian River fish 2015-06-09 Whirling disease found at Hot Creek 2015-06-09 Eagle Lake a very early bite Sunday 2015-06-08 Oregon sets Coastal Coho seasons 2015-06-08 Shifting Waters: Warmer Ocean, less food 2015-06-08 'Free Fishing Weekend' meant just that! 2015-06-06 Groups sue on behalf of fisheries 2015-06-06 ODFW unveils simplified fishing regs 2015-06-04 Lake Oroville salmon on bite; bass sulk 2015-06-04 Wide-open rockfish, lingcod action 2015-06-04 Whirling disease hits NorCal hatcheries 2015-06-04 Whiskeytown Lake kokanee bite turns on 2015-06-03 Leave It To Beavers To Help Salmon? 2015-06-02 Kid’s Free Fishing Day is Sat. at Mt. Shasta 2015-06-02 Bass and crappie strong at Lake Shasta 2015-06-02 Keep away from seals and sea lions 2015-06-02 Free fishing weekends set for E. OR 2015-06-02 Eagle Lake Trout/Pine Creek to get help 2015-06-02 GGSA: Order may avoid Sac salmon kill 2015-06-01 Favorite 10 Trout Lures 2015-06-01 Brookings: Non-stop bottomfish action 2015-05-31 Sacramento River fishing great for shad 2015-05-30 Temp of Sac River water source too high 2015-05-30 Eagle Lake off to a great start 2015-05-29 Hit & miss salmon bite along North Coast 2015-05-28 Oroville still kicking out 20-30 bass a day 2015-05-27 Striper Time 2015-05-26 North Coast shakes off holiday hangover 2015-05-26 Fishing Cassel yesterday was great fun 2015-05-25 Oregon: Ocean salmon still on the way 2015-05-24 Burney area trout season off to good start 2015-05-22 Eagle Lake: Trout ready but ramp is risky 2015-05-21 PG&E projects levels for Plumas Co. lakes 2015-05-21 Free Kids Fish Day in Oroville May 30 2015-05-21 Plenty of angling options for holiday 2015-05-21 Summer pattern emerging at Lake Oroville 2015-05-20 ODFW: Make trout fishing part of weekend 2015-05-19 Salmon fishing improves off North Coast 2015-05-18 Grace Lake kids fishing day lots of fun 2015-05-18 John Day River opens to Chinook fishing 2015-05-18 It’s Kilarc Time Again 2015-05-17 Rockfish season off to great start 2015-05-16 The salmon are coming to Curry County 2015-05-16 Bucks lake giving up some nice fish 2015-05-13 Bass fishing still excellent at Lake Oroville 2015-05-13 Calm seas likely for Friday rockfish opener 2015-05-13 Salmon survival, but at what cost? 2015-05-12 Shad reported in Los Molinas 2015-05-12 Shasta crappie just another option 2015-05-12 Fish sampling to start at Diamond Lake 2015-05-12 ODFW trying to conserve redband trout 2015-05-12 Kings & butts scattered off Eureka 2015-05-11 Caring for your catch 2015-05-09 Kid's Fishing Day set for Shingletown 2015-05-09 Hat Creek offering hit and miss fishing 2015-05-08 Sierra's fishing report and forecast 2015-05-07 Let’s clarify our new river-fishing regs 2015-05-06 Salmon & shad move upriver 2015-05-06 Sloppy conditions hamper salmon fishing 2015-05-06 Trophy rainbows biting now 2015-05-05 North Coast salmon boats chomping at bit 2015-05-05 Salmon touch and go off Eureka 2015-05-04 Commercial salmon season now open 2015-05-04 How to make Tuscan Tuna Salad with Fennel 2015-05-04 Redding area fishing still great 2015-05-02 Brookings salmon opener too cold for fish 2015-05-02 Large Shasta Lake crappie reported 2015-05-01 Pacific halibut 2015 regulations in effect 2015-05-01 Lumps and scratchy bite meet Eureka boats 2015-05-01 Huge trout go on rampage at Collins Lake 2015-05-01 OR DFW finds Zebra mussels on Ohio boat 2015-04-30 Agencies halt commercial sardine fishing 2015-04-30 Sac salmon winter-run needs more help 2015-04-30 Wind may derail salmon, halibut openers 2015-04-30 Oroville: ‘One of our best bass lakes’ 2015-04-29 Redding Area fishing report 2015-04-29 Anglers complain about Hat Creek plants 2015-04-28 Sac River fishing closure not so bad 2015-04-28 Rogue/Umpqua River report 2015-04-28 Family fishing event in Grants Pass 2015-04-27 FISHBIO 5K Salmon Run is Saturday 2015-04-27 Hat Creek off to great start for trout season 2015-04-26 Trout cooperate from boat or bank at Collins 2015-04-25 OR salmon/halibut seasons open Friday 2015-04-25 Whiskeytown kokes slow; Hat Creek opening 2015-04-24 Opening weekend trout fishing report 2015-04-23 F&GC adopts in-river sport fishing regs 2015-04-23 Controversial regs adopted for L. Klamath 2015-04-23 Oroville Area fishing and outdoor report 2015-04-23 Big Chico Creek - Summer Survey 2.0 2015-04-22 Berryessa yields 10.5 lb. bass for Albert 2015-04-22 Tunnel Opponents: Brown breaks promise 2015-04-22 Perch’n on Peninsula tourney biggest ever 2015-04-22 Factory rods vs. custom rods 2015-04-21 Oregon early trout opener is April 25 2015-04-21 Full Throttle Sportfishing ready for salmon 2015-04-21 General trout season opener is Saturday 2015-04-20 Ready to catch a salmon like this? 2015-04-19 F&GC closes Sac River in Redding 2015-04-18 OR F&WC to set salmon/halibut seasons 2015-04-18 KMZ salmon season finalized; lings biting! 2015-04-18 Sardine Decline - Real or Imagined? 2015-04-18 OR DFW seeks help with stocking program 2015-04-16 Perch Fishing with Grandpa 2015-04-15 Oroville Area fishing and outdoor report 2015-04-15 Trophy trout, big cat mark Collins catch 2015-04-15 Charter Boat ‘Scrimshaw’ returns to Eureka 2015-04-15 State’s BS meter running overtime 2015-04-15 Generous recreational salmon season set 2015-04-15 Shasta county angling stays strong 2015-04-13 The Uncertain Future of the Delta Smelt 2015-04-13 ODFW: Family fishing event is Saturday 2015-04-13 Trophy trout? Collins Lake has proof 2015-04-11 What to expect in E. Sierra this year 2015-04-11 Brookings lingcod action still red hot 2015-04-11 Only one Eagle Lake ramp to be open 2015-04-10 Sac River closed in Redding? Maybe not! 2015-04-10 Good bite for Shasta Lake bass & salmon 2015-04-08 ODFW to test new approach to fish passage 2015-04-08 Kids' Fishing Day in Paradise 2015-04-08 Lake Oroville: Spit on your hook! 2015-04-08 Kittle's launches spring striper sale 2015-04-08 Hit and miss salmon opener at the Cove 2015-04-08 Loss of an outdoor buddy 2015-04-07 Fly Tying Expo is at Turtle Bay this weekend 2015-04-06 Now is the time to catch some shad 2015-04-06 Shelter Cove salmon opener tantalizes 2015-04-05 Part of Sac River in Redding could close 2015-04-04 And so it begins 2015-04-04 Surfperch thrill surf fishing anglers 2015-04-04 Sacramento River striper bite very good 2015-04-03 Reducing Diversion Risk for Green Sturgeon 2015-04-03 Drought barriers push Delta toward collapse 2015-04-01 Rough seas may slow Cove salmon opener 2015-04-01 Redtail surfperch record waits to be broken 2015-03-31 So long steelhead; hello rock and surf fish 2015-03-29 Trophies mark week at Collins Lake 2015-03-28 Late-season rain benefits steelhead/anglers 2015-03-26 ​Berryessa Bass: Knowing where to look 2015-03-25 Pot grows dry up streams; devastate fish 2015-03-25 First ocean salmon season opens April 4 2015-03-24 Ab season to open along Nor-Cal coast 2015-03-24 Coleman NFH to truck juvenile salmon again 2015-03-24 Topaz Trout Derby fishing picking up 2015-03-24 ​Spring fishing has sprung! 2015-03-23 Black Cod commercial fishing... what? 2015-03-21 Tagged trout/big bass on tap at Collins 2015-03-21 Samoa Surfperch Derby/fish fry is April 18 2015-03-20 Plenty of kings in the sea 2015-03-19 Possible extinction of Delta smelt draws ire 2015-03-18 Bay Area ab poachers get heavy fines 2015-03-18 How to improve your striper catch 2015-03-18 Please respect your catch and the law 2015-03-17 In Search of Hatchery Solutions 2015-03-17 PG&E to increase Lake Britton levels 2015-03-16 Bass starting to show at Collins Lake 2015-03-16 21 pounder wins Pyramid Derby 2015-03-16 One canary rockfish allowed in Oregon 2015-03-15 How to Repair Aluminum Boat Hulls 2015-03-14 Shasta/Almanor: Spring fishing very good 2015-03-14 CA DFW rescues sturgeon; cites man 2015-03-14 Lings stellar! Keep a canary! King options! 2015-03-14 Versatility key at Baum Lake 2015-03-13 Tunnel opponent's public comments stifled 2015-03-12 Mid-Klamath good for steelhead action 2015-03-12 New Regs: Lingcod up; black rockfish down 2015-03-12 Springtime is perfect time for redtails 2015-03-12 Sturgeon take spotlight on Sac River 2015-03-12 Rock Creek (OR) Hatchery closed to public 2015-03-11 Chinook Salmon Abundance: 2014 vs. 2015 2015-03-10 No spring Chinook season on Deschutes 2015-03-09 Private plants add trophies to Collins 2015-03-08 Year’s first Rogue River springer caught 2015-03-08 Great action in Shasta lakes, rivers, creeks 2015-03-06 Steelhead rivers continue to drop and clear 2015-03-05 Tech. & Taimen: World’s largest salmon 2015-03-03 Fishing the Klamath below JC Boyle Dam 2015-03-02 CV/Sac River salmon forecast hopeful 2015-02-28 Trout is the big catch at Collins Lake 2015-02-28 Salmon ocean abundance: 1 million plus! 2015-02-27 Tackle innovator to be at Nor-Cal Sports Show 2015-02-27 Shasta bankers catching bass 2015-02-27 Humbug to Horse Mountain: 1.3 million kings! 2015-02-27 Some steelhead & salmon tags carry reward 2015-02-26 Pyramid Lahontan Derby is Mar. 14/15 2015-02-26 Klamath had healthy return of salmon 2015-02-26 Lake Berryessa bass fishing report 2015-02-24 Shasta County anglers staying busy 2015-02-23 Special low flow conditions in effect 2015-02-23 Trout to 8 pounds taken at Collins Lake 2015-02-22 Bass think it’s spring at Nor Cal lakes 2015-02-22 Salmon abundance figures expected shortly 2015-02-22 Hoopa proposing weir Coho fishery 2015-02-19 Anglers/RTD leaders file protest on SWRCB 2015-02-18 CDFW invites comment on red ab plan 2015-02-18 Hope for Snake River sockeye 2015-02-17 Travis Lee takes 1st at Pyramid Derby 2015-02-16 Pacific herring to arrive in Crescent City 2015-02-15 Shasta bass fishing good despite driftwood 2015-02-15 Mt. Shasta free kids fishing days set 2015-02-14 8-pound bows top Collins Lake catch 2015-02-14 First free Kid’s Fishing Day is April 4 2015-02-14 Muddy Shasta Lake creates challenges 2015-02-13 Bass on the lam at Berryessa 2015-02-12 Smith, Chetco for steelhead-green water 2015-02-12 CDFW wins lawsuit defending hatcheries 2015-02-12 ODFW changes trout stocking at Hosmer 2015-02-11 Spalding (Eagle Lake) hit hard by wind/rain 2015-02-11 Junior fly tying classes planned 2015-02-11 Sierras/Nevada lake fishing highlights 2015-02-11 Hatchery History in California 2015-02-10 Upper Klamath primed for more steelhead 2015-02-09 Angling regs change in Lower Coquille 2015-02-08 Add this to your trout fishing bucket list! 2015-02-08 Collins Lake private plant pays off 2015-02-07 River levels too high until next week 2015-02-07 Surfperch fishing & more black rockfish ID 2015-02-07 Attn: Central OR coast halibut anglers 2015-02-06 Blake Jones Trout Derby is Mar. 14 2015-02-06 Ocean salmon fishery meetings public 2015-02-06 Heavy rains to curtail steelhead action 2015-02-05 Pumps imperil winter-run salmon smolts 2015-02-04 Sierras/Nevada lake fishing highlights 2015-02-04 Winter-run salmon get help from trucks 2015-02-04 Steady bite on for Upper Klamath steelhead 2015-02-03 Winter trout bite is on at Almanor 2015-02-03 ARIS Camera aids fisheries research 2015-02-02 Rockfish identification: a morphology lesson 2015-02-01 Topaz 'paid to fish derby’ Week 4 winners 2015-02-01 Collins Lake gets 1800-lb private trout plant 2015-01-31 Rain should improve steelhead action 2015-01-31 NMFS preseason planning for salmon starts 2015-01-29 Angling regs change for Umpqua basin 2015-01-29 Pyramid Lake Derby covers President’s Day 2015-01-29 Klamath regulation changes in the works? 2015-01-29 ODFW interactive map aids disabled anglers 2015-01-28 Lake Oroville bass bite is shallow to deep 2015-01-28 Shasta County waters still have lots to offer 2015-01-28 ODFW seeks nominees to PFMC 2015-01-27 Release of 600K winter Chinook may save run 2015-01-27 Collins Lake trout plants coming soon 2015-01-26 Wild winter steel, steal show in S. OR 2015-01-25 Oregon: Ocean, rivers offer plethora of fish 2015-01-24 Upper Klamath steelhead fishing is fun 2015-01-22 Halibut meeting set for Eureka, Feb. 4 2015-01-22 Green rivers await coastal steelhead anglers 2015-01-22 Big fish caught at Topaz Lake Trout Derby 2015-01-20 NorCal/S. Oregon river fishing update 2015-01-20 California drought update 2015-01-20 Bucket list fishing trip 2015-01-19 Mad River steelhead get help from anglers 2015-01-18 5-pound ‘bows’ top Collins Lake catches 2015-01-17 Rain to usher in steelhead 2015-01-17 Good January steelhead fishing now likely 2015-01-16 Anglers: Please submit Report Card data 2015-01-15 Rundown on CA/NV Lakes and Rivers 2015-01-15 South Spit redtail perch 2015-01-15 Much needed rain headed our way 2015-01-15 ODFW donated 175 tons of salmon 2015-01-13 RTD responds to secret water settlement 2015-01-13 California hatchery concerns 2015-01-13 Oregon Rivers fishing report 2015-01-13 Anglers score lingcod and rockfish limits 2015-01-11 OR F&WC sets 2015 groundfish rules 2015-01-10 Permanent flows to aid Owens River Gorge 2015-01-10 Collins Lake: Great January bass fishing! 2015-01-09 Topaz Derby produces nice 4lb. rainbows 2015-01-09 Steelhead elusive on North Coast rivers 2015-01-08 Lake Oroville rising; bite above average 2015-01-08 Bill detrimental to CV salmon coming up 2015-01-07 Diversity helps endangered fish 2015-01-07 Future Pro Tour kicks off March 21st! 2015-01-07 Reading the water for drift-fishing 2015-01-07 Fishing for Existence 2015-01-05 Super-site for anglers to launch this week 2015-01-05 Rarely-mentioned rivers are often best 2015-01-04 Local lakes on CTT schedule 2015-01-03 CV salmon regs changes expected 2015-01-03 Green rivers, many options for steelheaders 2015-01-02 A look back at 2014... 2015-01-02 Happy New Year from Collins Lake 2015-01-01 Southern Oregon rivers filling with 'steel' 2014-12-31 Topaz Lake opens Jan. 1; Derby, too! 2014-12-30 Sacramento River Rio Vista sturgeon 2014-12-30 Coastal river steelhead fishing improving 2014-12-29 ODFW proposes new rockfish regulations 2014-12-27 Ocean climate revealed in tree rings 2014-12-23 Collins Lake up 20 feet as of Dec. 20 2014-12-22 Happy New Year coming for steelheaders 2014-12-22 Fish kill cause: Drainage canals near Davis 2014-12-22 Eastern Sierra lakes get holiday plant 2014-12-21 Down time has its perks too! 2014-12-21 Lake Oroville up 45; fishing still good 2014-12-20 Smaller trout to be planted in 2015 2014-12-20 BDCP Delta Tunnels: Fatal flaws remain 2014-12-19 Steelhead are coming ­-- get your gear ready 2014-12-19 Steelhead no show on the Smith, Chetco 2014-12-18 Trinity and Smith Rivers take center stage 2014-12-17 Learn to ice fish at Lake of the Woods 2014-12-17 Invasive Loach on the Loose in CV 2014-12-16 Yes Virgina, fish bite in the rain 2014-12-13 'Get paid to fish' derby returns to Topaz 2014-12-13 North State fishing takes a break 2014-12-12 Deluge predicted to blow out rivers 2014-12-11 Sacramento River next option: Sturgeon 2014-12-11 Congressional reps get it wrong 2014-12-10 American River trout hatchery reopens 2014-12-10 Fishing/hunting licenses make great gifts 2014-12-10 H.R drought bill faces stiff opposition/veto 2014-12-09 River restoration highlights on video 2014-12-08 Oregon crab season opening fizzles 2014-12-06 Sacramento River salmon fishing ‘ends’ 2014-12-05 Collins Lake: Simply awesome trophy trout 2014-12-05 Winter steelhead season on deck 2014-12-04 San Diego Jam Knot: My Fishing Buddy! 2014-12-04 RTD: Bechtel-funded study half-baked 2014-12-04 Sportsman’s University offers tech classes 2014-12-03 Rain makes Sacramento River anglers fret 2014-12-03 Rain hits CA; House goes on a binge 2014-12-03 Trinity/Smith River fishing takes spotlight 2014-12-01 Hyacinth Woes: From a gift to a curse 2014-12-01 Oregon crabbing to start — ID your buoys 2014-11-30 All Fired Up 2014-11-30 N. CA comml. Dungeness season to open 2014-11-28 Storms forecast to muddy coastal rivers 2014-11-27 Coastal Rivers: fresh water; fresh kings 2014-11-26 Upper Klamath steelies swallow plugs 2014-11-26 Comparing PC’s Commercial Fisheries 2014-11-24 MyOutdoorBuddy going to next level 2014-11-24 Sacramento River coming back into shape 2014-11-24 5 lb. 2 oz. 'bow tops week at Collins Lake 2014-11-23 DeSabla Reservoir a viable option 2014-11-22 Stuff a salmon for turkey day 2014-11-22 Steelhead at Thermalito Afterbay 2014-11-22 Senator Feinstein backs off water bill 2014-11-21 EPA punts on renewable fuel standard 2014-11-21 Ocean primed for more El Niño, experts say 2014-11-20 Rain sets stage for Sacramento River salmon 2014-11-20 Bottomfish anglers get knuckles rapped 2014-11-20 Sacramento River steelies steal spotlight 2014-11-19 Upper Trinity reopens for Chinook 2014-11-19 Trout still on tap 2014-11-18 Upper Klamath loaded with feisty steelhead 2014-11-17 Another broken fishing rod 2014-11-17 One thousand bass on Lake Oroville 2014-11-17 High water is for plunkers and plug pullers 2014-11-16 Nice stream of steelhead move into Trinity 2014-11-16 Shasta Lake spots: You might be surprised 2014-11-15 Eagle Lake fishing at its best 2014-11-15 Cost of Twin Tunnels could be $62 Billion 2014-11-14 Collins Lake Trout fishing: Phenomenal 2014-11-14 Lake Berryessa is great fishery 2014-11-14 Congressional action threatens CV fishery 2014-11-12 Rain on the way — and salmon too! 2014-11-12 Tags/tallies help CDFW manage sturgeon 2014-11-11 Sacramento River color affects fishing 2014-11-11 The Ich Factor 2014-11-11 Trinity River rehab project needs comments 2014-11-10 The Mystery of the Middle Fork, Part IV 2014-11-10 Chetco low water — use bobber 2014-11-09 Upper Klamath steelhead bite big 2014-11-09 Three arrested for possession of 59 abalone 2014-11-08 Another way to target Dungeness crab 2014-11-06 Diversion dam removal should help fish 2014-11-06 GGSA: Do no more damage to salmon runs 2014-11-05 Collins Lake: Beautiful weather, trophy trout 2014-11-05 Crab opener -- all it’s cracked up to be 2014-11-05 There's so much to 'fish' for near Redding 2014-11-03 Bloodthirsty for wahoo/tuna/dorado? 2014-11-03 Landlocked Chinook discovered in Oregon 2014-11-03 Fishy Business: Limits of Dungeness 2014-11-03 Upper Klamath: Change of plans pays off 2014-11-02 ODFW to allow more angling techniques 2014-11-01 Eureka charter boat offering crab trips 2014-10-31 Poacher sentenced after sting operation 2014-10-29 New CDFW online Fishing Guide available 2014-10-28 CA Dungeness Crab season opens Nov. 1 2014-10-28 Upper Klamath River is full of fishing firsts 2014-10-28 Late-Fall run to start on Sacramento River 2014-10-27 Fish and Fukushima 2014-10-27 Lake Oroville: Level down; bass bite up! 2014-10-27 OFDW: No early Chetco opening 2014-10-26 Trinity spawning survey tracks 2013 results 2014-10-25 What is a weir? When were they first used? 2014-10-25 Upper Trinity chinook quota met 2014-10-23 Upper Klamath above I-5 reopens for kings 2014-10-23 181 CA dams may need to increase flows 2014-10-23 Capitol City Showdown showcases river bass 2014-10-22 Val Aubrey: Eagle Lake trout not finicky 2014-10-22 Rain forecast may open North Coast rivers 2014-10-22 Swimming in a radioactive sea 2014-10-21 Eagle Lake: As good as it gets! 2014-10-21 Scoring kings in Oregon's lower tidewaters 2014-10-20 Bass go wild at Berryessa 2014-10-20 Red hot day on Upper Klamath 2014-10-20 Sacramento River still king for kings 2014-10-19 Pyramid Lake producing large cutthroats 2014-10-18 Lower temps improve trout catch at Collins 2014-10-18 Great end to ocean salmon season 2014-10-16 Coastal rivers full of late fall kings 2014-10-16 Best bets for Southern Oregon fishing 2014-10-16 Lewiston Lake on fire for trout anglers 2014-10-15 Climbing Terms for the Fisherman 2014-10-14 Smallmouth battle brewing for FPT anglers 2014-10-14 Sacramento River salmon fishing still hot 2014-10-12 Atlantic salmon can take the heat 2014-10-12 Eureka boats find red-hot rockfish 2014-10-09 River2Sea Open comes to Delta Nov. 1/2 2014-10-09 Klamath River Chinook quota met 2014-10-09 Sacramento River salmon fishing report 2014-10-07 Bass on a tear at Berryessa 2014-10-06 Salmon fishing on fire for Oregon anglers 2014-10-05 Perfect Day at the Cape! Now Halibut 2014-10-04 41 lb. striper taken in Red Bluff area 2014-10-03 Crunch time for halibut 2014-10-03 Tuna elude Eureka boats 2014-10-02 Wild coho season closes on the Umpqua 2014-09-30 September starts and ends with catfish 2014-09-30 Wild steelhead on the Sacramento River 2014-09-29 Rain slows Sac River salmon fishing 2014-09-28 Chetco bubble season opens Wednesday 2014-09-28 Mt. Shasta glacier break affecting McCloud 2014-09-26 How to fish the lobster opener? 2014-09-25 Input sought on red abalone fishery 2014-09-25 Wishin' you were fishin' & relaxin’? 2014-09-24 Data-poor model threatens rockfish seasons 2014-09-24 Bass along weed lines at Lake Berryessa 2014-09-24 Manteca outdoor tackle swap is Oct. 4 2014-09-24 Trinity salmon best bet for weekend 2014-09-24 Aftermath: Eiler Fire 2014-09-23 Hat Creek fishing after Labor Day 2014-09-22 The Salmon Mega-Model 2014-09-22 Chetco and Rogue Bay picking up 2014-09-21 Drought and salmon-egg injection 2014-09-20 Fall-run salmon hit the ‘Gravel Bar’ 2014-09-19 Battle Creek Restoration Program continues 2014-09-19 Trinity water influx to hold off disease 2014-09-17 Emergency water released to Trinity River 2014-09-16 ODFW seeks funding for unique species 2014-09-15 Groundfish make a sustainable rebound 2014-09-15 Sacramento River kings in full swing 2014-09-13 Fight to save salmon back in 9th Circuit 2014-09-12 Mendocino ab poacher goes to prison 2014-09-12 Big fishing window opens off North Coast 2014-09-11 Rollin on the River! 2014-09-11 Triton owners coming to Clear Lake 2014-09-11 Final Nimbus Hatchery discussion is 9/16 2014-09-09 Lake Berryessa yields nice ‘bass’ 2014-09-07 Sacramento River double header 2014-09-07 CA Free Fishing Day is Saturday 2014-09-05 Sacramento River salmon hot; river tricky 2014-09-05 Slam’n Salmon Ocean Derby draws 500+ 2014-09-05 How Collins Lake reacts to the coming fall 2014-09-05 Ocean sport salmon season closes Sunday 2014-09-04 German brown trout afternoon in Modoc 2014-09-04 Lower Klamath delivers unforgettable trip 2014-09-04 GGSA: Sac River too warm for spawning 2014-09-03 Trout Angler’s Challenge set for Collins 2014-09-03 Klamath River size restrictions start Friday 2014-09-03 Collins Lake: Warm water fish on tap 2014-09-02 Fish-rights groups seek ban on tagging 2014-09-01 Sac. salmon fishing report August 31 2014-09-01 Eureka salmon fishing slower; still good 2014-08-31 Dunsmuir plants Upper Sac with $100 fish 2014-08-30 Klamath River to get more cold water 2014-08-29 Klamath River Spit Fishery closes 2014-08-28 Big kings continue to pour into Klamath 2014-08-27 Winners and Losers in Warm, Dry Times 2014-08-26 Fish Fry Lake: Cycling nutrients into fish 2014-08-24 FPT season finale at Oroville to re-locate 2014-08-23 PFMC announces 2015 harvest levels 2014-08-22 New owner of Tight Lines Guide Service 2014-08-22 King salmon moving up the Sacramento 2014-08-22 Testing bass baits on the Umpqua 2014-08-21 Salmon is closely monitored on the Klamath 2014-08-21 Hat Creek fishing and camping 2014-08-21 The trouble with minijacks 2014-08-20 Throw the kitchen sink at them 2014-08-20 ​Sacramento River salmon fishing report 2014-08-20 ​Mackerel for dinner…but where? 2014-08-18 Eagle Lake worth the trip 2014-08-18 King salmon fishing improves for weekend 2014-08-17 Collins Lake for catfish 2014-08-17 Lake Oroville; surrendering bass and water 2014-08-17 Paradise Lake down but not out 2014-08-17 Fires and fishing on the Upsac 2014-08-16 Grace Lake to remain open as PG&E works 2014-08-15 Hat Creek….come on back 2014-08-15 Creating healthier wetlands, water & fish 2014-08-15 Vintage Fish Story 2014-08-14 Myskey says Clear Lake clear 2014-08-14 North Coast salmon bite hits the skids 2014-08-13 Sacramento River salmon fishing improves 2014-08-11 Written in the Scales 2014-08-11 Trout anglers should be drought-aware 2014-08-11 Future Pro Tour aims at Delta 2014-08-10 Weather may improve briefly off Eureka 2014-08-10 Salmon spread out on Sacramento River 2014-08-09 ​Catfish take command at Collins Lake 2014-08-08 Fly Rod Bass 2014-08-06 Is a Floating Island in your future? 2014-08-06 Fall regs for the Klamath begin Aug. 15 2014-08-06 Sacramento River salmon react to rain 2014-08-06 Eagle Lake Fishing Report 2014-08-05 Bright Sac River kings near Jelly’s Ferry 2014-08-03 Trinidad Rockfish Wars set for Sept. 13 2014-08-03 Sacramento River Salmon spotty up-river 2014-08-03 WallyPower 118: What an awesome vessel 2014-08-03 A Hot Summer’s Day on Chico Creek 2014-08-02 Oregon anglers help shape halibut regs 2014-08-01 Chinook salmon wear the crown 2014-08-01 Sacramento River 2nd opener slow 2014-08-01 Kid’s Free Fishing Day this Saturday 2014-07-30 Att: Halibut closure public comment needed 2014-07-30 Eagle Lake Fishing Report 2014-07-30 Coastal salmon bite picks up again 2014-07-30 Collins Lake: Catfish & trout dominate! 2014-07-30 Potential Klamath fish kill looms 2014-07-30 ​Pacific Halibut – The North Coast Dilemma 2014-07-29 AP fish kill story on Salmon River flawed 2014-07-29 More on CA DFW ALDS system outage 2014-07-29 ​Sac. River below Deschutes opens Aug. 1 2014-07-29 ​Port of Brookings Harbor, slow salmon bite 2014-07-29 Rick Kennedy to retire from guiding 2014-07-28 Many Lewiston Lake lunkers miss Derby 2014-07-27 Weather/variety saves “Fishing Trip to Hell’ 2014-07-27 A spot slower at Lake Oroville 2014-07-27 Predators on the chew 2014-07-26 Sac. River salmon bite ebbs; Rogue flows 2014-07-25 Eagle Lake Fishing Report 2014-07-25 Sacramento River Rainbows on hardware 2014-07-25 Eureka the place to be for saltwater action 2014-07-24 NOAA/CA DFW salmonid recovery plans 2014-07-23 Pacific halibut season closes in August 2014-07-22 How much is a caught salmon worth? 2014-07-22 Eureka/Trinidad: Summer fishing roundup 2014-07-20 Eagle Lake Fishing Report 2014-07-19 Sacramento River Opener: 1 boat; 12 salmon 2014-07-18 Collins Lake trout & catfish easy pickin's 2014-07-18 Lewiston Lake: 'Fab' Fishing; Derby is 7/26 2014-07-18 Shasta & Trinity Lakes: Improve facilities! 2014-07-16 Sacramento River salmon opener report 2014-07-16 Salmon bite slows off Eureka coast 2014-07-16 Roseburg Pony Village Mall: Kids fish day 2014-07-15 Last chance to win a Pro-Cure hoodie! 2014-07-15 Eureka salmon fishing limits for Cuervo 2014-07-15 Whiskeytown Lake kokanee ‘ko-operate’ 2014-07-14 Trinity/Klamath Rivers are simply too hot! 2014-07-13 Sacramento River 'bows' for fishing 'Buds' 2014-07-13 More tuna taken off Eureka 2014-07-13 NOAA: El Niño weakens in Pacific 2014-07-12 Hook a white shark? Cut the line! 2014-07-12 Sacramento River stripers today; salmon Wed.! 2014-07-12 Collins Lake touts trout & catfish 2014-07-12 Philbrook Lake for rainbows 2014-07-12 Lake Oroville still giving up bass 2014-07-12 ODFW adds 24K trout to Diamond Lake 2014-07-09 Huge school of 'chovies' puzzle scientists 2014-07-09 CA DFW speaker to focus on climate & fish 2014-07-09 Limit-style king action continues in Eureka 2014-07-09 Sonar Fundamentals Class at SW-Rocklin 2014-07-07 El Niño update 2014-07-07 Fast and furious salmon on ‘Fishy Business’ 2014-07-06 Trout, stripers and shad highlight Sac River 2014-07-04 4th of July fish report Collins Lake 2014-07-04 Fishable ocean predicted for July 4 weekend 2014-07-03 Statewide free fishing days 2014-07-03 Curtailment notices affect Eel/Van Duzen 2014-07-03 ​July 5 another day of fun 2014-07-03 13th FPT Snag Proof is August 2nd & 3rd 2014-07-01 Sac River Redding rainbows red hot 2014-07-01 Eagle Lake kicks into summer mode 2014-07-01 Whiskeytown getaway 2014-06-30 Seats open for Joli Time Eureka salmon 2014-06-30 Berryessa yielding bass in the heat 2014-06-30 Potential for oil spills on Upper Sac rises 2014-06-29 Yolo County Jury convicts sturgeon poachers 2014-06-27 Sacramento Rainbows and Trinity Kings 2014-06-27 2000 lbs. of trout planted at Collins Lake 2014-06-27 First tuna taken 60-63 miles off Eureka 2014-06-27 Eureka once again king capital of the coast 2014-06-26 Help Navionics log sonar mapping data 2014-06-25 Old Reliable 2014-06-24 The Test 2014-06-23 Drought worsens; El Niño still developing 2014-06-23 Glass and Ulrey win Lost Creek open 2014-06-23 Eagle Lake trout fall for old faithfuls 2014-06-21 Sac River: Trout/shad now; salmon July 16 2014-06-21 Lower Sac conventional style 2014-06-20 Miss the heat, head for the hills 2014-06-20 Trout contenders -- Wade vs. Dallas at Collins 2014-06-20 OR KMZ commercial salmon June quota met 2014-06-18 Charter boats not bothered by choppy seas 2014-06-18 Open tourney on Lost Creek this weekend 2014-06-18 PG&E aids Butte Creek salmon 2014-06-17 June 28: Free Kids Fish Day at Fish Lake 2014-06-17 CDFW to host summer fishing class 2014-06-17 CDFW moves to prevent fish loss 2014-06-16 Kokanee, kokanee, kokanee 2014-06-15 Keitech swimbaits working at Oroville 2014-06-15 Trout, catfish, redear, bass at Collins 2014-06-14 Growing up with Conner Caldwell 2014-06-13 Future of Colusa Boat Ramp at stake 2014-06-13 Hatchery salmon tagging bill dies 2014-06-13 Umpqua post-spawn smallies on fire 2014-06-13 Hat Creek planted bi-weekly; but there's more 2014-06-13 Window opens briefly for salmon boats 2014-06-12 Focused on Fish Food 2014-06-12 Pacific Halibut season closes in August 2014-06-10 Seeing What Lies Below 2014-06-09 ODFW calls for high lakes backpackers 2014-06-09 Smallmouth fishing on Main Umpqua River 2014-06-08 Kokanee and Crawdads 2014-06-08 Salmon industry opposes hatchery bill 2014-06-06 Monster trout & cats taken at Collins 2014-06-06 Bass-tastic tactics for huge browns 2014-06-06 Salmon fishing seminars planned by guides 2014-06-04 Eagle Lake fishing roundup 2014-06-04 Wind, rough seas limit offshore anglers 2014-06-04 Berryessa bass still on the prowl 2014-06-03 Mystery fish was pikeminnow (a squawfish) 2014-06-01 Free Kids Fishing Day is Sat., See you there! 2014-06-01 Skycrest Lake Kids Derby is June 14 2014-06-01 The Myths and Realities of El Niño 2014-06-01 Fishery meeting schedules 2014-05-31 Grace Lake Kids Free fishing Day 2014-05-31 Quantity and quality bass with Gandolfi 2014-05-31 Kokanee action steady at Whiskeytown 2014-05-31 Lake Britton crappie bite slows 2014-05-31 Collins Lake camping weather is perfect 2014-05-30 Hoisting ‘Kokes’ aboard at Whiskeytown 2014-05-28 Hat Creek area alive with campers/anglers 2014-05-28 Eagle Lake action mostly on top 2014-05-28 Free fishing weekend set for So. Oregon 2014-05-28 CA free fishing days are Jul. 5 and Sept. 6 2014-05-28 Get a new Boomerang SNIP for Dad 2014-05-28 Lake Oroville; coho and kings 2014-05-28 Donner Lake with Tight Lines; twice 2014-05-28 USFWS resumes trucking of salmon smolts 2014-05-27 Humminbird® debuts AutoChart™ mapping 2014-05-27 Lake Berryessa site is best in U.S. for families 2014-05-27 Ocean salmon fishing strong over holiday 2014-05-26 Trout fishing off the charts at Collins 2014-05-23 Lake Berryessa: What kind of fish is this? 2014-05-22 CDFW to host public Pacific Halibut meeting 2014-05-22 Stop spread of Quagga and Zebra mussels! 2014-05-22 10% of ab divers ruin sport for all 2014-05-21 Variety of options for North Coast anglers 2014-05-21 Oregon trout season opener -- Part II 2014-05-20 Dark moon ahead for holiday anglers 2014-05-20 What to expect; how to fish Eagle Lake 2014-05-20 FISHBIO to celebrate springer migration 2014-05-19 Limits of butts & kings; buoy towed back 2014-05-18 What's ahead for coastal anglers 2014-05-17 Paradise Lake giving up limits 2014-05-17 Lake Davis/Stampede Reservoir reports 2014-05-17 Collins Lake gets huge trout plant 2014-05-17 CDFW/NOAA seek ‘voluntary’ water for fish 2014-05-16 Bang: Spring Chinook in Upper Rogue 2014-05-16 Sport salmon season off to a good start 2014-05-15 $10K donated for Pine Creek restoration 2014-05-13 Try the ‘Stanley’ on Lewiston Lake 2014-05-13 Warm water pushing salmon shoreward 2014-05-13 Great time of year to fish the North State 2014-05-13 Lewiston Lake Resort opens pool 2014-05-13 Ocean looking good for rockfish opener 2014-05-12 Hat Creek fishing slow; more plants coming 2014-05-12 CDFW coastal wardens plan checkpoint 2014-05-12 Weekend delivered good grade of salmon 2014-05-10 More on Kilarc 2014-05-10 20 lb. 4 oz. catfish nears Collins record 2014-05-09 Weekend forecast looks fishable 2014-05-08 KMZ salmon sport season opens May 10 2014-05-08 Lake Almanor smallies on the Beds 2014-05-08 Open tourney on Iron Gate May 17 2014-05-08 Berryessa yields 12.5-lb bucket mouth 2014-05-06 S. OR salmon angling subject of meeting 2014-05-05 Tight Lines busy at Tahoe, Stampede 2014-05-04 Lake Oroville; dynamite 2014-05-04 ODFW seeks angling education instructors 2014-05-04 Kids and Kilarc: A reservoir of family fun 2014-05-03 Mercury ECO prop gets top rating 2014-05-02 More plants ensure success at Collins 2014-05-02 Off and running — Halibut season opens 2014-05-01 Ocean cooperates and butts come aboard 2014-05-01 Frogs and toad listing to impact anglers 2014-05-01 Rally against frog/toad listing is May 2 2014-05-01 Commercial salmon season opens May 1 2014-04-30 Free family fishing event in Grants Pass 2014-04-30 I’m your life jacket, but you don’t know me 2014-04-30 Skunk and no skunk at Berryessa 2014-04-29 CA DFW arrests convicted poacher again 2014-04-28 NMFS abandons Delta salmon protections 2014-04-28 Bassin’ for Bucks is Saturday 2014-04-28 Bass bite still hot at most reservoirs 2014-04-27 Great trout season opener at Hat Creek 2014-04-26 Lobster report cards due April 30 2014-04-26 Trout, bass and catfish aplenty at Collins 2014-04-26 Full Throttle adds fish freezing/online sales 2014-04-25 Willie Boat headlines GCS fundraiser 2014-04-24 Coastal saltwater season ready to roll 2014-04-24 7 lb., 6 oz. trout tops Topaz Lodge Derby 2014-04-24 Saving Yelloweyes 2014-04-24 Trout opener draws attention of CA DFW 2014-04-23 Kid’s Free Fishing Day set for Kilarc 2014-04-23 Northwind Charters ready for openers 2014-04-23 CDFW wardens conduct wildlife checkpoint 2014-04-22 Marijuana farms drain water resources 2014-04-21 USFWS to truck 4M smolts to San Pablo 2014-04-21 Trout fishing gets exciting on Saturday 2014-04-20 2014 halibut seasons eyed by OR F&WC 2014-04-20 Nimbus Hatchery to host speaker series 2014-04-17 Is it a Shasta Lake brown trout or a salmon? 2014-04-17 Trinity bass moving onto beds 2014-04-16 Huge savings available on fishing sunglasses 2014-04-16 16.6 in. redtail wins Perch'n on Peninsula 2014-04-16 Shelter Cove still kicking out nice kings 2014-04-16 Annual Trout Fest splashes into 2014 2014-04-15 Striper bite between Meridian & Grimes 2014-04-15 Lake Oroville bass fishing off the hook 2014-04-14 New: 4-ocean-caught salmon in possession! 2014-04-12 14 lb. king salmon landed at Trinity Lake 2014-04-11 What are Top Ten Boat Names? 2014-04-11 Free fishing day for kids at Paradise Lake 2014-04-10 Confirmed: Salmon season opens May 10 2014-04-09 Shasta returns to spring patterns 2014-04-08 GGSA asks: 'Turn off the Pumps' 2014-04-08 Sunday great for Shelter Cove anglers 2014-04-07 Scuba event at Rogue Aqua Wednesday 2014-04-07 315 participate in Collin's Lake Derby 2014-04-07 Grace Lake trout for the catching 2014-04-07 Salmon opener OK to great for coastal fleet 2014-04-06 Nellie is back on the air off the Lost Coast 2014-04-06 CA KMZ salmon season to open May 10 2014-04-06 White Shark may escape jaws of CESA 2014-04-05 Video: Why boaters don’t like ethanol 2014-04-04 Smolt release methods/sites vary for study 2014-04-04 4.5M smolts don't get ticket to ride 2014-04-03 Outlook good for Cove salmon opener 2014-04-02 Berryessa bass, squall or no squall 2014-03-31 Conditions tough on Upper Rogue 2014-03-30 Kokanee are biting at Stampede 2014-03-30 A day for kids on Paradise Lake 2014-03-30 Quality Time 2014-03-29 Oroville kicking out 60 to 80 plus bass a day 2014-03-29 CDFW: Return 2013 sturgeon cards! 2014-03-28 6,500 lbs. of trout tempt Collins anglers 2014-03-28 Klamath Spit Fishery hot topic in Del Norte 2014-03-28 Cormorant hazing to protect young fish 2014-03-27 Water grab threatens California’s salmon 2014-03-27 Rain washes away last of steelhead season 2014-03-26 Shipping salmon back to the sea 2014-03-25 Trucking of 30.4M salmon has begun 2014-03-24 Tasty Morsels of Mollusk Goodness 2014-03-23 Big Daddy, big trout, Lake Almanor 2014-03-23 Kokanee are “Stampeding” 2014-03-23 Berryessa bass pre-spawn bite is good 2014-03-23 Trout, bass and panfish on tap at Collins 2014-03-22 North Coast Spring Groundfish Report 2014-03-22 Trucking of 30.4M salmon to start March 24 2014-03-21 PFMC 2014 salmon season options 2014-03-19 Interview with The Reel Tech 2014-03-19 BoatUS: Make a fishing line recycling bin 2014-03-19 Plenty of options for late-season steelhead 2014-03-19 CTT New Melones spot may be CA record 2014-03-18 2013 Great; 2014 promising for FR Chinook 2014-03-17 Another Baum Lake lesson learned 2014-03-16 Larger plants, bigger trout on tap at Collins 2014-03-15 Water storage tank approval streamlined 2014-03-14 K/T river salmon fishing seasons to tumble 2014-03-13 Beware of claims for oil spill products 2014-03-13 Bass fishing improves as lake levels rise 2014-03-12 Coastal rivers primed for steelhead 2014-03-12 2014 salmon ocean seasons looking good 2014-03-12 GGSA call for baby salmon trucking paid off 2014-03-11 18.4M Sac smolts may be trucked to Delta 2014-03-10 40 miles of prime steelhead habitat opened 2014-03-10 ​Topaz producing ‘money trout' for anglers 2014-03-07 Humboldt Bay: Busy port, excellent fishery 2014-03-06 Anglers urged to return fish tags 2014-03-06 Millions of baby salmon try to reach ocean 2014-03-06 PG&E to increase flows on Pit River 2014-03-05 Why leave Redding for 'steel'? 2014-03-05 Rain and rising rivers rein in anglers 2014-03-05 Pulled into the pipes: Green Sturgeon 2014-03-04 PFMC Meeting 2014-03-04 First Light 2014-03-04 Middle Rogue fishing much better 2014-03-03 Kids Fishing Days coming to North State 2014-03-02 Collins delivers limits of bass and trout 2014-03-02 Lake Oroville; fishing good 2014-02-28 Drought imperils future Sac Salmon seasons 2014-02-27 Klamath adult salmon numbers down! 2014-02-27 CTT New Melones tourney yields 9.91 lb spot 2014-02-26 Middle Rogue mediocre but primed 2014-02-26 2014 salmon fishing seasons get scrutiny 2014-02-26 The status of Steelhead 2014-02-25 How to be bass ready, 'Weather' or not 2014-02-22 Emergency regs have closed some rivers 2014-02-21 Collins Lake: Perfect for trout anglers 2014-02-21 Ice fishing workshop set for Diamond Lake 2014-02-20 5 lb. 12.8 oz. redear sunfish is largest ever 2014-02-19 Rain keeping steelheaders on the move 2014-02-19 Should boaters buy an extended warranty? 2014-02-16 Morris wins Pyramid Derby with 21-lb. cutt 2014-02-16 Kokanee Power 2014 Event Schedule 2014-02-15 Mad River Days came with rain/steelhead 2014-02-14 Not Just Any Fish 2014-02-14 Oregon angler tags could win prizes 2014-02-12 Storms slow wide-open steelhead action 2014-02-12 New dock, extra trout set for Oregon Lake 2014-02-10 USFWS: Winter Chinook released 2014-02-10 New Bait Buttons target big fish 2014-02-10 250 Derby hopefuls fight Pyramid's wind 2014-02-08 F&GC closes angling on some rivers 2014-02-06 Ocean salmon fisheries meeting set 2014-02-06 Fish Fry Lake: Cycling nutrients into fish 2014-02-06 Mt. Shasta Kid’s Fishing Days start June 7 2014-02-05 Wet weekend predicted for the North Coast 2014-02-05 Fish numbers in S.F. Bay Delta remain low 2014-02-03 Pyramid Lake Derby is Feb. 8-9 & Feb.16-17 2014-02-03 Lake Almanor: cold and hot 2014-02-03 Oroville bass stingy, Shasta better bet 2014-02-03 February 2014 CDFW Calendar 2014-02-01 Can you top FPT's 'Sweet 16' Picks? 2014-02-01 Shasta bass angling great despite low water 2014-01-30 Willow planting Saturday at Lost Creek 2014-01-30 North Coast rivers to open -- for how long? 2014-01-29 Groups seek urgent steps to save salmon 2014-01-28 5-days on Trinity and Chetco a good life 2014-01-28 Low water – Good fishing at Lake Shasta 2014-01-28 Derailment on Upper Sac stoked memories 2014-01-28 5 lb., 10 oz. 23-in. 'bow' tops Topaz Derby 2014-01-27 ODFW seeks nominees to fill PFMC seat 2014-01-27 Fishing with Phideaux 2014-01-26 Ab/Spiny Lobster report cards due Jan. 31 2014-01-25 Is bringing home fish a bad thing? 2014-01-24 Ponds producing well with warm winter 2014-01-23 'Drought being used to seize salmon water' 2014-01-23 Sonoma pollution case settled for $38,000 2014-01-23 D-word putting the hurt on local businesses 2014-01-23 Weather perfect for Collins Lake trout 2014-01-22 Shasta spots are plump and on the bite 2014-01-21 Extreme drought by the numbers 2014-01-21 Oregon sport halibut season up for review 2014-01-20 GGSA: USFWS sends salmon to death zone 2014-01-18 Steelhead shoot up Klamath after rain 2014-01-15 Coastal rivers full of steelhead... 2014-01-15 Black Butte Lake near 10 percent of capacity 2014-01-15 Collins Lake ideal for fishing/camping 2014-01-14 I wish I had a photo 2014-01-13 Hatcheries gone wild 2014-01-13 Oregon’s Lost Creek Lake is open all winter 2014-01-11 Little to no traffic at Whiskeytown Lake 2014-01-10 2013 Steelhead Report Cards due by 31st 2014-01-09 CDFW leadership to participate in ISE panel 2014-01-09 Steelhead seekers headed to the Chetco 2014-01-08 Low water and anglers persist in S. Oregon 2014-01-07 GGSA: Coleman hatchery fish in danger 2014-01-07 Eagle Lake: 14 feet lower than her prime 2014-01-07 Gone to the Gulls: Threatened Steelhead 2014-01-06 4.5lb bow taken at Topaz Derby opener 2014-01-06 Big bass grabbing crankbaits at Clear Lake 2014-01-05 Water down, fishing up at Lake Oroville 2014-01-05 Shasta bass and trout are very active 2014-01-03 Shasta/Trinity launch passes at discount 2014-01-03 Big Rainbow Trout in Redding city limits 2014-01-03 Salmon advocates offer bold rebuilding plan 2014-01-02 ISE show now open in Sacramento 2014-01-02 Sturgeon tagging requirements changed 2014-01-01 Trinity best option for steelhead 2014-01-01 ODFW WLA Stakeholders to meet Jan. 7 2013-12-31 Weather nearly ideal for Collins catching 2013-12-29 Video aids salmon abundance estimations 2013-12-28 Now is great time to fish Pyramid Lake 2013-12-27 Steelhead staging for Oregon river runs 2013-12-23 Bechhold Bait Holder is fish-catching marvel 2013-12-23 Family charged for selling sport-caught fish 2013-12-21 Tough times for coastal steelheaders 2013-12-18 Petition to affect Applegate Res. anglers 2013-12-16 'Salmon' Season Closer on the Sacramento 2013-12-16 Mad River Steelhead Days to start Jan. 25 2013-12-15 Slow cold days at Six Rivers 2013-12-15 Happy Holidays and many Fish On!! 2013-12-13 Bank and boat anglers still score at Collins 2013-12-11 ODFW releases 2014 Winter Steelhead Guide 2013-12-11 Changes coming for Klamath spit fishery 2013-12-11 Salmon anglers look forward to 2014 2013-12-10 New steelhead scents offered by XFactor 2013-12-09 Why aren’t you fishing? 2013-12-07 Time for a move? Pursuing Pacific Halibut 2013-12-04 Rain, steelhead right around the corner 2013-12-04 Surf forecast now offered by NWS/Eureka 2013-12-02 Topaz Lake Trout Derby starts on Jan. 1 2013-11-29 Huge trout plants spur bite at Collins Lake 2013-11-29 Dungeness crabs coming to fish markets 2013-11-28 Fishing alone hones multi-tasking skills 2013-11-28 Low flows hamper Smith, Chetco anglers 2013-11-28 Lake Oroville low on water, high on fish 2013-11-26 Guide still bagging salmon on Sac 2013-11-26 Steelhead and coho enter Upper Rogue 2013-11-25 Baum Lake continues to produce 2013-11-25 Try Butte Creek for Honey Run holiday fun 2013-11-25 Shasta Lake trout/salmon in top 30 feet 2013-11-25 Shasta bass falling for drop-shot worms 2013-11-25 Commercial crab season delayed in OR 2013-11-25 2014 Oregon sport fishing regs ready 2013-11-25 Eagle Lake trout hugging shorelines 2013-11-24 Smith, Chetco get much-needed rain 2013-11-20 Upper Klamath winter steelhead are hungry! 2013-11-19 Boneless trout fillets for frying or smoking 2013-11-18 Plants & limits common at Collins Lake 2013-11-17 Coastal salmon anglers waiting on rain 2013-11-14 Changing rigs solve riddle at Berryessa 2013-11-11 Red Dogs working well at Lewiston 2013-11-10 Baum Lake continues to produce browns 2013-11-08 Late Fall Run Salmon moving up 2013-11-08 One fishing season ends; another begins 2013-11-08 Fall Chinook runs differ widely 2013-11-08 Mixed reviews for sport crab opener 2013-11-07 Pyramid fishing is fantastic 2013-11-07 River2Sea event sets participation record 2013-11-06 Plants of trophy trout go on at Collins Lake 2013-11-05 Lake San Antonio: A catching opportunity! 2013-11-04 Fantastic pattern emerges at Lake Shasta 2013-11-04 Upper Klamath: Winter steelhead the focus 2013-11-04 Wounded Warrior Tourney comes to Shasta 2013-11-02 Hat Creek: Light pressure, good fishing 2013-11-01 Chetco River opens with harvest restrictions 2013-10-31 Get crackin’ -- crab season opens Saturday 2013-10-31 Raffle to follow River2Sea Delta Open 2013-10-31 Time to target Baum Lake browns 2013-10-28 Lake Berryessa: Day or night 2013-10-28 Trout galore at Collins; off season rates, too! 2013-10-25 Mouth of Klamath nearly closed 2013-10-24 Halibut, rockfish still biting off Eureka 2013-10-24 Monster ‘Cutts’ on parade at Pyramid Lake 2013-10-24 Nelson/Koregelos take FPT finale at Oroville 2013-10-23 Skunked? A word of advice 2013-10-22 ‘Fighting fish all day’ on the Upper Klamath 2013-10-21 Metro-area Sac is still showing shiny salmon 2013-10-21 Hot fishing, cooler days at Eagle, Almanor 2013-10-21 Did he say 'Boondogging?' 2013-10-20 Fall Run salmon surging into Battle Creek 2013-10-19 Take advantage of the Sacramento River 2013-10-18 The Gravel Bar: Salmon for everyone 2013-10-17 Public input wanted on illegal snagging 2013-10-17 The pictures tell just some of the story 2013-10-16 Collins Lake loaded with trout and bass 2013-10-14 Winds at Shasta should begin to die down 2013-10-14 River2Sea Open coming to Delta 2013-10-10 Planned Pacific Halibut season closures 2013-10-10 Brookings Bubble Season bringing in ‘hawgs’ 2013-10-09 Klamath, Trinity full of fresh kings 2013-10-09 Hopes to improve San Joaquin salmon runs 2013-10-08 My blue-water mentor is a 15-year-old boy 2013-10-08 OR DFW Hatchery Research Board named 2013-10-08 Weather window allows 'October Exotic-fest' 2013-10-07 The Streak’s Alive 2013-10-07 Fall bite is on at Lake Davis 2013-10-06 Klamath back in, Smith drops out 2013-10-03 Sacramento Rainbows, Fall’s second fiddle 2013-10-02 Salmon counts jump on Upper Klamath 2013-10-02 Fall is here 2013-10-02 Johnson/Somers capture first FPT title 2013-10-01 Government shutdown impacts kayakers 2013-10-01 Triton owners at Clear Lake Saturday 2013-09-30 Heavy rain blows out the Klamath 2013-09-30 OR anglers can continue to keep cabezon 2013-09-27 Salmon stymied by shifting Klamath mouth 2013-09-26 Where Have All the Salmon Gone? 2013-09-26 Take of Pacific Halibut to be reduced 2013-09-24 Salmon count rising fast in Battle Creek 2013-09-24 Huge Lahontan 'Cutts' await Pyramid opener 2013-09-23 Kelp Kindergarten 2013-09-23 Funding available through BASS Nation 2013-09-23 Hat Creek fishing has been excellent 2013-09-22 Kilarc saved? Saving fish is new focus 2013-09-22 SNAFU nixes salmon fishing on Eel 2013-09-19 Fun Day at Kilarc 2013-09-19 Team Foreel Strikes Again 2013-09-18 Public comment open for OR halibut season 2013-09-18 Lake Shasta anglers face some changes 2013-09-18 Epic day out of Eureka an understatement 2013-09-16 Upper Hat Creek fishing good to excellent 2013-09-16 Salmon or tuna, take your pick for epic fishing 2013-09-15 Salmon forecast proves true 2013-09-15 Help map Lake Berryessa and enter to win! 2013-09-14 Wild Coho harvest opens on Umpqua River 2013-09-13 Quiet ending to phenomenal salmon season 2013-09-12 Fishing improving near the Confluence 2013-09-12 Salmon bright and big near Hamilton City 2013-09-11 Catfish take spotlight at Collins Lake 2013-09-11 FPT Anglers headed to Berryessa 2013-09-11 Multi-purpose salmon and steelhead rods 2013-09-10 Getting lucky at the Outlet in Oroville 2013-09-09 Berryessa perfect for Labor Day weekend 2013-09-08 Hat Creek sees lower pressure after holiday 2013-09-08 Salmon now thick in the Trinity 2013-09-06 1st albie for Nellie; Dorado for 'Gettin Busy' 2013-09-06 Epic tuna bite off coast of Eureka 2013-09-05 Eureka tuna fleet gets big payoff 2013-09-04 Sacramento near Red Bluff yields salmon 2013-09-03 Happy Birthday; have a salmon 2013-09-02 Vietnam vets on Lake Tahoe 2013-09-02 Taking stock of Big Chico Creek 2013-09-01 Hat Creek anglers finding good fishing 2013-09-01 Fall run definitely ‘On’ at Weitchpec 2013-08-31 13 poaching suspects arrested 2013-08-30 Klamath salmon best Labor Day bet 2013-08-29 Fish w/Larry Nixon; win Silverado -- FLW 2013-08-28 Sacramento reports prove true 2013-08-27 Fishing good to excellent on Hat Creek 2013-08-27 Lake Oroville bassin' still good 2013-08-27 Shasta Lake Double Play 2013-08-26 All hell breaks loose at Weitchpec 2013-08-24 Health of Klamath salmon eyed closely 2013-08-22 Grizzly Forebay closed September 3-26 2013-08-22 Hat Creek Getaway 2013-08-22 Ocean conditions slow salmon bite 2013-08-21 Tight Lines on Hatchet Creek 2013-08-20 Return of Salmon Festival is Oct. 19 2013-08-20 Court decision may doom 100,000 salmon 2013-08-20 Tightlines guide service into river salmon 2013-08-20 Fishing at Hat Creek still generous 2013-08-19 Lake Oroville in summer pattern 2013-08-17 Steelies biting on Upper Rogue 2013-08-16 Top boats score 40-50 tuna off Humboldt 2013-08-15 Workshop set for Shasta Dam fish passage 2013-08-15 Those #*!%&?#* fish! 2013-08-14 It had to happen sooner or later 2013-08-14 Almanor smallmouth for Paradise guide 2013-08-14 Birding at Baum Lake 2013-08-14 Klamath salmon caught in political battle 2013-08-14 Challenges of spring-run chinook salmon 2013-08-13 STEP deadline for Umpqua rep extended 2013-08-13 Bass active late in day at Berryessa 2013-08-12 Combat Fishing, what did I tell you? 2013-08-11 Surprise, Surprise 2013-08-11 Lewiston didn't pay off, Trinity River did 2013-08-11 Fishing unchanged along Hat Creek 2013-08-11 Stampede kokanee; make up your mind 2013-08-11 What I did on vacation 2013-08-11 Tuna water rolls in; 21 miles from Eureka 2013-08-11 Beat the heat and catch some cats 2013-08-10 Fires raging along Salmon River 2013-08-10 GGSA comments re today’s BDCP meeting 2013-08-08 Lost Creek kickin’ out nice bass 2013-08-08 Salmon/Halibut fishing great off Humboldt 2013-08-08 Amateur's best pros at Snag Proof Open 2013-08-07 Numbers don't always tell the whole story 2013-08-07 Fishing good last week along Hat Creek 2013-08-04 Shingletown’s Steve Tarvin shares Alaska 2013-08-02 Cool water the hot topic on the Klamath 2013-08-01 Results varied on opener south of Deschutes 2013-08-01 Family fun fishing Ruth Lake 2013-07-31 Sturgeon spawning in San Joaquin River 2013-07-30 Fire in Orleans; warm water threatens fish 2013-07-30 Kid’s Day at Mt Shasta Hatchery 2013-07-29 Sac River salmon madness begins Aug. 1 2013-07-29 Shore anglers scoring at Collins Lake 2013-07-28 Sacramento River salmon; Woodson Bridge 2013-07-28 Upper Hat excellent again this week 2013-07-28 Hot Day at Hat Creek 2013-07-27 The bite goes on! 2013-07-25 Mammoth Kids Fishing Festival is Saturday 2013-07-25 Clear Lake; avoid the north end 2013-07-24 Stampede is still on 2013-07-24 Rockfish Wars III a great success 2013-07-23 First tuna taken off Shelter Cove 2013-07-23 RFA urges anglers to oppose 'CSP' 2013-07-22 40-year-old record for CA Kokanee broken? 2013-07-22 Carpenter & Glass take Tenmile Open 2013-07-22 ODFW offers training for angling instructors 2013-07-21 Trinity River fish die-off not unusual 2013-07-21 Sac River salmon fishing off the hook 2013-07-19 Bass guide Larson; Oroville in summer pattern 2013-07-19 Grass hampers fishing on Feather River 2013-07-19 20.95 lb. Chinook taken at Trinity Lake 2013-07-18 Happy Birthday; have some kokanee 2013-07-18 The Aquarium Fish Free-For-All 2013-07-17 Salmon in spite of the crowd 2013-07-17 Bodega Bay salmon rock and roll 2013-07-17 Feather River salmon season starts 2013-07-16 Eureka/Cove boats nail salmon; eye tuna 2013-07-16 Follow pond smelt; find the fish 2013-07-15 Joli Time: Salmon limits plus two big butts 2013-07-15 Fish cooperate at Lewiston Lake Derby 2013-07-15 Nixon's Ten Mile Open this weekend 2013-07-15 Bass, catfish, and trout on tap at Collins 2013-07-14 Status of Fisheries Report available online 2013-07-12 Fish kill predicted on Klamath River 2013-07-12 Rough seas or not — salmon keep on biting 2013-07-11 It's Derby Time at Lewiston Lake 2013-07-11 Eagle Lake trout fatten up on zooplankton 2013-07-10 “Frogmaster” comes to Gone Fishin Marine 2013-07-10 Two rods are twice as nice 2013-07-10 Trinidad Rockfish Wars III set for July 20 2013-07-10 Joli Time Sport Fishing open for charters 2013-07-09 Berryessa bass active despite heat wave 2013-07-08 Salmon fishing red hot off north coast 2013-07-08 Fishing perks up in Hat Creek area 2013-07-07 Report from mid-Klamath 2013-07-06 Wind takes “wind” out of salmon fishing 2013-07-04 Collins anglers getting many bass 2013-07-04 Lake Oroville: Summer is here 2013-07-03 Tiger Trout: Earn your stripes! 2013-07-02 Fish predation workshop to be at UC Davis 2013-07-02 Free Fishing Day is Saturday, July 6 2013-07-02 Salmon still at the whistler off Eureka 2013-07-01 Fight to save Coleman Fish Hatchery 2013-07-01 Commercial crab season extended 2013-07-01 Philbrook Lake is a bit stubborn 2013-07-01 Hat Creek: Moderate temps entice fish 2013-06-30 The clear choice for engine care 2013-06-29 McCloud offers cool haven for fishing 2013-06-29 Out-of-the-way trophy-size Rainbow Trout 2013-06-28 Pursue big fish with Tandem Tui Chub 2013-06-28 Salmon limits quick, easy for Eureka boats 2013-06-27 Big fish, prizes lure anglers to Diamond 2013-06-27 F&GC acts to protect red abalone 2013-06-27 Whale carcass comes ashore near Brookings 2013-06-27 ODFW to host kids fishing event 2013-06-26 Hot Creek Hatchery to host Trout Fest 2013-06-26 New fishing forum is all North State 2013-06-26 Sport fishes and food safety 2013-06-24 Newsflash! Hex Mayflies at Lake Davis!!! 2013-06-24 Big push of Springers near Weitchpec 2013-06-24 Lipping panfish 2013-06-23 Trout still plentiful at Collins Lake 2013-06-23 Antelope Lake well worth the drive 2013-06-23 Hat Creek is feast or famine 2013-06-23 Cut Plugs, Dredges & Rotary Bait Holders! 2013-06-22 Judah’s whale of a salmon 2013-06-22 Wedding bells and kokanee at Tahoe 2013-06-22 Fantastic salmon fishing out of Trinidad 2013-06-22 Eagle Lake Guardians plan fundraiser 2013-06-22 North State fishing notes for June/July 2013-06-21 Crunch time on Delta for FPT competitors 2013-06-20 30+ pound salmon are hard to catch 2013-06-20 Researching surfperch on the North Coast 2013-06-19 ODFW will train angling instructors 2013-06-19 CDFW to list white shark under CESA 2013-06-19 No shortage of salmon along North Coast 2013-06-19 Hat Creek fishermen hook rainbows 2013-06-17 Lewiston “big boys” being planted 2013-06-15 Zero in on the news and info you want! 2013-06-15 Welcome Bobby Larson to guide ranks 2013-06-14 Redding’s Hughes wins at Clear Lake 2013-06-13 Bait-slamming kings thick off Eureka coast 2013-06-13 Report from mid-Klamath 2013-06-13 Collins Lake offers trout limits, bass, panfish 2013-06-12 Seeing is believing! Sight fishing largemouth 2013-06-12 Plenty of bass to go around at Clear Lake 2013-06-12 Big Daddy catching big macks 2013-06-12 Skippers want to fight fish, not ocean 2013-06-11 WON Clear Lake leaders in jeopardy 2013-06-11 Umpqua focus now on shad and smallies 2013-06-10 The Delta: California's Big Bass Lake 2013-06-10 Good day on Paradise Lake 2013-06-09 Nice size Lake Shasta trout at 30 feet 2013-06-09 Hat Creek fishing very good last week 2013-06-09 Boats back on the water off the coast 2013-06-06 Try the LA Slider for Trinity smallmouths 2013-06-06 Burney Sporting Goods fills big shoes 2013-06-06 Shasta Lake: Find shad, bass, or go for cats 2013-06-05 Lewiston trout ready to rebound 2013-06-05 Early summer on Lake Oroville 2013-06-05 Decent sized stripers in Sac near Colusa 2013-06-04 Bass anglers vying for place in FPT Classic 2013-06-04 Free Fishing days are July 6 & September 7 2013-06-03 Twice weekly plants help Hat Creek fishing 2013-06-02 Eagle Lake trout shallow and scattered 2013-06-01 Want numbers? Provoke Shasta Lake’s bass 2013-05-31 Lost Creek bass still on the bite 2013-05-31 Trout go deep but not asleep at Collins 2013-05-31 Plan to curtail/shut-down Coleman NFH? 2013-05-31 Dredges quickly produce ocean salmon limits 2013-05-30 Fishing improves along Upper Hat 2013-05-29 Rogue primed for Springer Salmon 2013-05-28 Nature Bowl winners to help plant trout 2013-05-28 10+ pound bass tops Berryessa report 2013-05-28 Free Fishing Weekend events in S. Oregon 2013-05-28 Get Wacky 2013-05-27 Eagle Opener limits 2013-05-27 Northwest Radio listeners hear about us 2013-05-26 Shelter Cove: Sea Hawk nails the rockfish 2013-05-26 Where to fish in the North State 2013-05-25 OR sends out rockfish descending devices 2013-05-25 Top Ten flies for stillwater 2013-05-24 Outdoor opportunities at Eagle Lake 2013-05-24 Fishing reports - Irongate and Lost Creek 2013-05-23 Many options for North Coast this weekend 2013-05-23 Trout go deeper, bite well at Collins Lake 2013-05-22 Butte County area fishing reports 2013-05-22 Seniors fishing, not graduating 2013-05-22 Kilarc trout on the bite 2013-05-21 Where’s that kicker? 2013-05-21 Coffel & Fieber win from 10-ft boat 2013-05-21 First-hand report: Trinity Lake is a fun fish 2013-05-19 Congressman proposes salmon-kill bill 2013-05-17 GSSA says DSC plan is a failure 2013-05-17 Trinity Trout or Whiskeytown Kokes 2013-05-16 Colusa Stripers still slow 2013-05-16 Mt. Shasta Free Kid’s Fishing Days 2013-05-16 Options aplenty for Eureka ocean anglers 2013-05-15 Gee and Ortiz capture first FPT title 2013-05-14 Carpenter & Glass win Bassin' for Bucks 2013-05-14 Topaz trout keeping anglers happy 2013-05-14 Don't Dump that Fish 2013-05-13 Let the catching resume 2013-05-12 Fishing improving slowly in Hat Creek area 2013-05-12 Bonus on the Sacramento River 2013-05-11 Sacramento River Redding: 25+ trout/trip 2013-05-11 Eureka boats limit out on Kings 2013-05-09 Bucks Lake + Big Daddy equals big macks 2013-05-09 Salmon and Fishy Business: Dialed in 2013-05-09 Delta Big Bass Challenge drew 325 anglers 2013-05-08 Trout, bass, sunfish spice up Collins catch 2013-05-08 Berryessa trout/kokanee BBQ shy 2013-05-07 ODFW Fish Passage Task Force to meet 2013-05-07 FPT ‘North State Rumble’ at Clear Lake 2013-05-07 Wardens cite 60 during E. Sierra opener 2013-05-07 Angler West TV focuses on Shasta Tackle 2013-05-06 Casey/Carroll win American Bass tourney 2013-05-06 Hat Creek trout fishing improving 2013-05-05 Ocean to calm down for salmon anglers 2013-05-04 Weekend forecast looks fishable 2013-05-03 Wind no problem for Sac River stripers 2013-05-02 Wild spring continues at Lake Oroville 2013-05-02 Lunkers still await you at Pyramid Lake 2013-05-02 BASS recognizes North State waters 2013-05-01 Help needed for OR hatchery fin clipping 2013-05-01 OR F&WL Commission meets May 10 2013-05-01 Weather primes Lake Shasta for turnover 2013-04-30 Kokanee Power Shasta Derby is May 4-5 2013-04-30 Fish Talk -- Salmon season is upon us 2013-04-30 Whiskeytown Kokanee providing limits 2013-04-30 Bulletin: Nasty ocean chills salmon opener 2013-04-30 Windy start to salmon and halibut season 2013-04-29 Light tackle makes Tahoe Macks more fun 2013-04-28 Almanor: Sun, bugs, triples, 20/30 fish days 2013-04-28 Tight Lines finds Berryessa fickle 2013-04-28 Fishermen’s Breakfast a great success 2013-04-28 Hat Creek slow; forebay good but crowded 2013-04-28 Shelter Cove salmon bite slow/late 2013-04-27 OR anglers: Fish Rite drift boat up for grabs 2013-04-27 Road to Belden Reservoir closed until 4/29 2013-04-26 Family fishing event set in Grants Pass 2013-04-26 Where to fish in the North State 2013-04-25 Tides, conditions right for weekend clammers 2013-04-25 Whitmore outage shouldn’t affect anglers 2013-04-24 Conditions good for eastern Sierra opener 2013-04-24 Late bite at Shelter Cove Tuesday for limits 2013-04-24 Shasta Lake bass bite is hot 2013-04-24 Rising River level slows Redding trout 2013-04-24 Colusa striper’s, it’s still early 2013-04-24 Get “Wacky” for Shasta Bass 2013-04-24 Trinity River experiencing high flows 2013-04-24 GGSA asks BOR to release water for smolts 2013-04-23 New American Bass region kicks off 4/28 2013-04-23 Grumpy cure; Kids Fishing Day 2013-04-23 Float fishing with XFactor eggs & clusters 2013-04-23 Shingletown area lakes stocked with 'bows' 2013-04-23 Trout opener and Fishermen’s Breakfast 2013-04-22 Excellent salmon fishing seems certain, if… 2013-04-22 Hat Creek ready for trout opener 2013-04-21 Stripers fill boat for guide Dave Jacobs 2013-04-21 Stripers in spite of low Sacramento flow 2013-04-21 Tahoe macks for Tight Lines 2013-04-21 New Melones Lake; early kokanee 2013-04-21 A-Rigged, ready, wrapped and stowed 2013-04-20 Bass fishing on Lake Oroville very good 2013-04-19 Kid's Fishing Day on Paradise Lake 2013-04-19 Last chance to win Ranger Z118 2013-04-19 ODFW sets family fishing event 2013-04-18 Bananas on boat not bad omen! 2013-04-17 Bass awaiting in Lake Berryessa 2013-04-17 North Coast anglers hampered by wind 2013-04-17 F&GC to adopt 2013 salmon regulations 2013-04-16 New protections set for Clear Lake Hitch 2013-04-16 Kokanee Power at Lake Camanche 2013-04-15 ODFW rolls out interactive fishing map 2013-04-15 Perch’n on the Peninsula Derby a big hit 2013-04-15 Sonar class comes to Sacramento 2013-04-14 Oregon ocean salmon season looks bright 2013-04-14 Big Daddy, smallies, Lake Almanor? 2013-04-12 Kokanee Power at Lake Camanche 2013-04-12 It’s a go — salmon season opens May 1 2013-04-11 Feel like a bass pro on Lake Oroville 2013-04-11 Feather equals stripers 2013-04-11 May 1 to Sept. 8 KMZ salmon season likely 2013-04-10 Ab poachers get smacked by DNA in S. Cal. 2013-04-10 CIFFI Derby is 4/13 at Collins; catch lots! 2013-04-10 Topaz Derby ends April 14; $$$ waiting 2013-04-10 Wind-powered 2013-04-09 Dave Jacobs: Sturgeon upstaging stripers 2013-04-09 Don Pedro FPT bass tourney well timed 2013-04-08 24.14 lbs. wins American Bass tourney 2013-04-08 Ocean salmon season off to great start 2013-04-07 Eureka skipper named to Pautzke Pro Staff 2013-04-06 North Coast MPA comments due by April 10 2013-04-04 Rough seas on tap for Shelter Cove opener 2013-04-04 Yamamoto Big Bass Early Bird deadline 4/19 2013-04-03 Gear Talk -- Fishing from a Drift Boat 2013-04-03 Videos document challenges to fish passage 2013-04-02 Tournaments set this weekend at Lake 2013-04-01 Photo proves “Moke” holds fine steelhead 2013-03-31 Tight Lines finds more macks at Stampede 2013-03-30 Stripers are on the move 2013-03-30 Late season Steelhead still possible 2013-03-30 Springtime on the Lower Sac 2013-03-30 Banner Almanor day with Big Daddy 2013-03-30 ODFW’s busy April stocking schedule 2013-03-29 Trout and bass on tap at Collins Lake 2013-03-29 Oroville; they're here! 2013-03-28 Steelhead season winding down 2013-03-27 Salmon Forecast: Time to reflect & improve 2013-03-26 11.1 lb. largemouth taken from Lake Shasta 2013-03-26 Warden explains N. CA. MPAs 2013-03-26 SkyCrest Lake Kids’ Fish Derby is June 8 2013-03-25 Folsom Lake to host FPT tourney April 20 2013-03-24 Sturgeon bag limit now two in Oregon 2013-03-22 First ocean salmon season opens April 6 2013-03-20 12 pounder takes latest Pyramid Lake derby 2013-03-20 ODFW STEP committee to meet April 5 2013-03-20 Salmon season alternatives on the table 2013-03-20 Stampede breeze for Tight Lines 2013-03-19 CBCC to host Oroville Bass tourney 4/20 2013-03-19 Perch’n on Peninsula surf derby is April 13 2013-03-19 Huge plants = jumbo trout at Collins 2013-03-18 How do salmon navigate home? 2013-03-18 Almanor browns still hot, for some 2013-03-16 Tahoe Macks cooperate off Cal Neva 2013-03-16 Paradise Bass Club hosting seminar 2013-03-16 Bullard’s Bar Kokes get DFW checkup 2013-03-15 Hatchery committee looks for new members 2013-03-15 KFA asks anglers to stop ban on lead tackle 2013-03-15 ODFW drains Jackson ponds to kill invasives 2013-03-15 Siskiyou gets ready for spring fishing 2013-03-15 Glass and Butler take Frostbite Open 2013-03-14 Bass boat for sale 2013-03-14 Clear Lake tourney takes 34 pounds to win 2013-03-12 Sac River sturgeon bite late but good 2013-03-12 Shelter Cove launch services changing 2013-03-12 Attention bass anglers: It’s time 2013-03-09 Trade shows keep a guide busy 2013-03-09 Oroville bass bite ''on fire'' 2013-03-09 Trophy trout top catches at Collins Lake 2013-03-09 Pyramid ready for Hook, Line & Sinker 2013-03-09 Lots of tagged fish left in Topaz Lake 2013-03-08 Bass in 30-50 feet at Berryessa 2013-03-06 Another big year forecast for salmon 2013-03-06 ODFW STEP Conference set for April 6 2013-03-05 HASA’s Marking named to NOAA group 2013-03-05 PG&E refills reservoir near Hat Creek 2013-03-04 Pyramid braggin’ rights go to 10 pounder 2013-03-03 Hatcheries release 900,000 steelhead 2013-03-02 New Ocean Fishing regs are available 2013-03-02 Great news for Baum Lake and Burney 2013-02-28 Anti-snagging rule in effect on N. Umpqua 2013-02-28 Drift the Rogue for steelhead 2013-02-28 Almanor supplies bows & kings for Daddy 2013-02-27 March 1, new protections for White Shark 2013-02-27 Steelhead and salmon put to the test? 2013-02-27 Guess big at FPT Clear Lake! 2013-02-26 Speakers named for Fisheries Conference 2013-02-26 Chopper Derby anglers bring in 57 steelies 2013-02-25 Fishy side effects: Drugs change fish 2013-02-25 Southern Oregon river fishing news 2013-02-23 New sport groundfish regs coming 2013-02-22 Pyramid keeps kicking out lunkers 2013-02-22 Shasta Lake Bass were on shy side 2013-02-22 2013-14 Freshwater fishing regs available 2013-02-21 Thermalito Afterbay gets 10,000 steelhead 2013-02-21 Collins Lake holds derbies/big fish payoffs 2013-02-20 Week six produces money fish at Topaz 2013-02-20 Reader appreciates Kings in Shasta article 2013-02-20 Rain or not, steelhead keep coming 2013-02-20 Big Daddy- Almanor fishing stellar 2013-02-19 Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge returns 2013-02-19 Top guides to speak at Sport Show 2013-02-19 Slow down! Catch bass on Lake Oroville 2013-02-19 Bullards Bar hit and miss 2013-02-19 Ten Mile Frostbite Open is this weekend 2013-02-18 ODFW to issue 5 clam dive permits 2013-02-18 The seafood bait and switch 2013-02-18 17 lb, 4.8 oz. Cutt takes Pyramid Derby 2013-02-17 Tahoe macks for Tight Lines 2013-02-17 Umpqua, Rogue and Applegate updates 2013-02-15 Plenty of King Salmon in Shasta Lake 2013-02-15 Sign Keep America Fishing petition 2013-02-14 Winter-Spring steelhead fishing report 2013-02-14 Bass! Delta Open Team Series planned 2013-02-14 Go now for Lewiston trout 2013-02-13 Record year for Klamath salmon 2013-02-13 CDFW to host public meeting on salmon 2013-02-12 It’s not all about the Delta smelt! 2013-02-12 Shrimp Tail Teasers for steelhead season 2013-02-11 February better for Tahoe rainbows 2013-02-11 Steelhead fishing hot in Southern Oregon 2013-02-11 Shore anglers take 7 of Top 10 at Pyramid 2013-02-11 2013 Winter recreational groundfish news 2013-02-11 A Cutt at last! 13 boated with Capt. Guin 2013-02-09 Cutts have tantalized me long enough! 2013-02-08 OR Boat inspections target invasive species 2013-02-07 Money fish to swim in Collins Lake 2013-02-07 Concern for fish mortality 2013-02-07 Rain is good sign for steelheaders 2013-02-06 Dobyns takes WON Oroville bass tourney 2013-02-04 Can these fish survive? 2013-02-04 Steelhead pour into Klamath 2013-02-03 Topaz Lake should improve as ice melts 2013-02-03 Big trout plants return to Collins Lake 2013-02-01 18 lb. Cutt tops week at Pyramid Lake 2013-02-01 Anglers should oppose Annual Catch Limits 2013-01-30 ISE suggestions taken to heart 2013-01-30 Eel dropping back into shape 2013-01-30 Six kids to have chance to attend Fish Camp 2013-01-29 Cole Rivers Hatchery a backyard gem 2013-01-29 Weigh in on halibut fishery before Feb. 4 2013-01-28 Father/son fishing day on Upper Klamath 2013-01-27 Lake Oroville; fish slowly 2013-01-25 Pyramid Lake Cutts tantalize Derby anglers 2013-01-25 NOAA: Our ocean is up for grabs again 2013-01-25 Mainstem Eel up, down and great! 2013-01-25 Only a fisherman would understand 2013-01-23 All in the family for Tight Lines guide 2013-01-23 Salmon plants to stop at Shasta Lake 2013-01-23 Quick rise predicted for coastal rivers 2013-01-23 SCWUA cries foul on Coho listing 2013-01-23 Fish habitat improvement funds released 2013-01-22 Baum Lake is best bet this week 2013-01-21 Water4Fish wants to flood BOR with letters 2013-01-21 Shasta Lake comes with trout, bass and logs 2013-01-21 Pyramid Lake Derby covers President’s Day 2013-01-21 Mid January on Lake Shasta 2013-01-20 Lake Davis Ice Fishing Tourney is Feb. 2 2013-01-19 Abalone poacher sentenced in Mendocino Co. 2013-01-19 Cold weather slows Topaz Trout Derby 2013-01-18 Tight Lines finds trout at Berryessa 2013-01-18 OR DFW: Double up on purple varnish clams 2013-01-17 FPT sets up Rookie of the Year Award 2013-01-16 Fishing for a cause 2013-01-16 ODFW Fishing Regulation changes 2013-01-16 11 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow tops Collins catch 2013-01-14 No fishing allowed in MPAs 2013-01-14 ODFW okays plan for Rogue fall kings 2013-01-13 Want to win a free fishing trip off Eureka? 2013-01-12 Recipe for a professional overlay 2013-01-11 Steelhead trip on Upper Klamath to be won 2013-01-10 River and steelhead options hinge on rain 2013-01-10 19 trout worth $100 each mark Topaz opener 2013-01-08 North Coast River fishing trip up for grabs 2013-01-08 Bob Myskey; things look good for Clear Lake 2013-01-07 ODFW looking at plan for Rogue Fall Chinook 2013-01-07 Win a spectacular Klamath River fishing trip! 2013-01-07 MyOutdoorBuddy author fishes Lake Oroville 2013-01-07 Future Pro Tour heads into 11th year 2013-01-06 Fish and tour Eagle Lake with me 2013-01-05 ODFW: Buy hunting, fishing licenses now 2013-01-03 Anglers/Divers can report harvest online 2013-01-02 Green rivers await weekend steelheaders 2013-01-02 New sturgeon regs effective Jan. 1, 2013 2012-12-31 Fish Englebright with Capt. Rick Kennedy! 2012-12-31 Slot limit gone on Lake Oroville as of Mar. 1 2012-12-30 No major bass tourneys at Shasta in 2013 2012-12-28 Snow and muddy water…Happy New Year 2012-12-28 9 lb. Rainbow tops week at Collins Lake 2012-12-28 Bass Pro Nick Wood also hunts elk 2012-12-28 Want to win a fantastic Outdoor Adventure? 2012-12-28 Siskiyou County judge rules against DFG 2012-12-27 ODFW: Buy hunting, fishing licenses now 2012-12-27 Heads Up: Topaz Trout Derby opens Jan. 1 2012-12-24 Commercial Dungeness crab take delayed 2012-12-22 Outdoor Heritage has closed 2012-12-21 Englebright: rainbows and radar 2012-12-20 Sturgeon tags earn a reward from DFG 2012-12-20 ODFW seeks STEP rep for Lower Rogue 2012-12-19 Eagle Lake closes in two weeks 2012-12-19 Guide to NorCal MPAs available online 2012-12-19 ODFW: Tag reports due, avoid penalty 2012-12-19 Coastal rivers predicted to blow out 2012-12-19 Lewiston to Bucktail works for first-timers 2012-12-18 Bay Area Lakes to get trout this month 2012-12-15 Lake Oroville bass fishing still great 2012-12-15 Plugging for Upper Klamath steelhead 2012-12-15 Fishing still good at DeSabla/Paradise Lakes 2012-12-15 Commercial Dungeness crabbing delayed 2012-12-14 Trout/catfish anglers score at Collins Lake 2012-12-14 Elk/Sixes salmon/Smith steelhead report 2012-12-13 December means crabs and steelhead 2012-12-12 McCloud Reservoir Ramp closed 12-15/17 2012-12-11 Topaz Lake trout derby starts New Year’s Day 2012-12-11 ODFW Commission reduces sturgeon limit 2012-12-11 Fish aggregating devices round up tuna 2012-12-11 On-board Berryessa class with Tight Lines 2012-12-09 Upper Klamath steelhead slam crawdad plug 2012-12-07 OR 2013 sport fishing regs available online 2012-12-06 Tight Lines Guide Service tidbits 2012-12-05 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-12-05 Pro tips - choose your steelhead line wisely 2012-12-05 High with a hint of chocolate 2012-12-04 Looking for Salmon? 2012-12-04 Lake Siskiyou is productive 2012-12-04 The 300 pound Gorilla 2012-12-04 OR fishing/hunting licenses on sale now 2012-12-03 ODFW releases 2013 Winter Steelhead Guide 2012-12-03 Oroville bass still plentiful 2012-12-02 An Elk/Sixes Father and Son's experience 2012-12-01 New fish cleaning station set for CC Harbor 2012-11-30 Upper Klamath still prime for steelhead 2012-11-30 Picking out a rod and reel 2012-11-30 Upcoming fishing seminars 2012-11-30 Coastal rivers predicted to swell 2012-11-28 North Coast MPA’s effective December 19 2012-11-28 Sacramento sturgeon 2012-11-27 Mad River Hatchery could use some friends 2012-11-27 Berryessa bite not as good but great 2012-11-26 Guides take limits for 18 on Eagle Lake 2012-11-25 Winter steelies 2-5 pounds in Upper Klamath 2012-11-24 FPT Black Friday weekend membership sale 2012-11-23 Plenty of stripers in Chain Island area 2012-11-22 Sea state forecast described 2012-11-22 Happy Thanksgiving from MyOutdoorBuddy 2012-11-21 Smith, Chetco primed for the weekend 2012-11-21 “Hook Sets are Free” 2012-11-20 HaberVision No Fog Fan goggles 70% off! 2012-11-20 Tight Lines Guide Service goes extra mile 2012-11-19 Fair weather anglers missing out on Oroville 2012-11-19 DFG posts steelhead zone maps 2012-11-19 Huge trout top Collins Lake catch 2012-11-18 Lewiston Lake trout bite outstanding 2012-11-16 Rick Kennedy: Fish and wit 2012-11-15 Rain on the way — salmon too? 2012-11-14 Learn how to troll up land-locked kings 2012-11-11 Stripers, 21-lb King taken near Rio Vista 2012-11-11 Ho Ho Ho Merry Steelhead everyone... 2012-11-11 Rain should help Smith River this week 2012-11-11 Trinity’s favorite color is chrome 2012-11-09 Shasta Lake has turned 2012-11-09 Lower Sac salmon stalled 2012-11-09 Trout rule the day at Berryessa 2012-11-08 Thorton and Habinich win FPT Classic 2012-11-08 Fall bite 2012-11-07 Bullard's Bar: Wait 2012-11-07 Sport crab season off to good start 2012-11-07 Coos Bay North Spit docks stored for winter 2012-11-06 61-lb salmon taken at Tide Rock on Chetco 2012-11-06 Sport crabbing begins 2012-11-05 Fishing early & late good for Grace Lake 2012-11-03 Nimbus Hatchery fish ladder to open 2012-11-02 KMAX TV to cover FPT Classic Championship 2012-11-01 Time to get your crab on! 2012-10-31 Bass Pros get a work out at every tourney 2012-10-31 Popular Crescent guide eying the Smith River 2012-10-30 Chetco River opens to chinook fishing Oct. 31 2012-10-30 Rogue River Seine counts available online 2012-10-30 CA Dungeness Crab sport season to open 2012-10-30 Diamond Lake closes Nov.1, reopens Jan.1 2012-10-30 The last rockfish 2012-10-29 Tweeners 2012-10-29 Salmon still returning to Coleman Hatchery 2012-10-29 Fall trout plants began 10/22 at Collins Lake 2012-10-24 PG&E to increase flows on Rock Creek Reach 2012-10-24 Rockfish Warriors at the Cape 2012-10-24 Results are in -- crabs on the light side 2012-10-24 PG&E to increase flows on Pit 3 Reach 2012-10-24 Klamath River pigs take small bits of roe 2012-10-24 2012 Salmon season strong near Barge Hole 2012-10-23 Pyramid Lake fishing makes it a great day 2012-10-23 Trout, bass & squawfish mix at Berryessa 2012-10-22 See salmon spawn in Oregon rivers 2012-10-22 First-timers land 25 of 42 Upper Klamath kings 2012-10-21 Myskey says jumbo minnows for Clear Lake 2012-10-21 Smith opens to tough fishing 2012-10-18 Want free fishing tackle? 2012-10-18 Delta Showdown to settle FPT 2012-10-17 Fines and penalties for abalone poachers 2012-10-17 Central Valley Angler race won by monster 2012-10-17 BOR official visits Battle Creek restoration 2012-10-16 Salmon no, salmon yes 2012-10-15 Klamath kings slow from mouth to Weitchpec 2012-10-15 Bass and trout put on show at Berryessa 2012-10-15 DFG/partners study Pacific Sardine fishery 2012-10-15 Don't forget DeSabla Lake 2012-10-15 Rockfish Wars II 2012-10-14 Klamath River: Chinook make national news 2012-10-12 Sac River bass fishing secrets to be revealed 2012-10-12 Asian clam control project set for Lake Tahoe 2012-10-12 Fall colors, fall run Chinook, now steelhead 2012-10-12 Salmon: When great gets better 2012-10-10 Upper Sac, Where is everybody? 2012-10-10 Brookies at Whiskeytown 2012-10-10 Salmon and steelhead dominate Trinity 2012-10-10 Salmon, salmon everywhere, except 2012-10-10 Got a Favorite Fish photo: Share it and win! 2012-10-10 Collins Lake crappie record broken again 2012-10-10 Eureka rockfish still biting 2012-10-10 Kings and ironheads mix in Lower Klamath 2012-10-09 Pyramid Lake giving up huge Lahontans 2012-10-09 Trinity River crowded but producing 2012-10-09 Bullard's Bar is open angling 2012-10-09 The unwritten rules of combat salmon fishing 2012-10-09 The return to the Feather 2012-10-07 Upper Klamath salmon fishing in top form 2012-10-07 Rogue Valley lakes and ponds get more trout 2012-10-06 Fall bite is on at Lake Oroville 2012-10-04 Big Daddy: Eagle Lake is alive and well 2012-10-04 HaberVision “Turning Pink” in October 2012-10-03 Cautious Optimism 2012-10-01 Hat Creek: Good weather, trout are waiting 2012-09-30 FPT AOY Races a dogfight, possibly historic 2012-09-30 Mercury to launch Ship’s Log mobile app 2012-09-29 Klamath River salmon: Best still to come? 2012-09-28 Bite slows on the Klamath 2012-09-27 Busman's holiday for Big Daddy at Bodega 2012-09-27 Brown trout showing at Lake Almanor 2012-09-27 Crickets and hoppers working at Hat Creek 2012-09-26 Anglers’ voices heard by CA Legislature 2012-09-26 Rockfish Wars II 2012-09-25 DFG urban fishing, stocking programs saved 2012-09-25 Action not over at mouth of Klamath 2012-09-25 Steelhead stealing the show near Weitchpec 2012-09-25 Ulrey wins RVBM tourneys at Britton 2012-09-25 Bass tourney returns to Sacramento 2012-09-23 Reaction bite still on Oroville 2012-09-21 Sac salmon around Chico poor to fantastic 2012-09-21 OR anglers can help shape halibut seasons 2012-09-20 Kings continue to run up the Klamath 2012-09-20 Smiles at Free Kids Fishing 2012-09-20 Abalone poacher convicted 2012-09-20 Upper Klamath salmon season underway 2012-09-18 Another great week on the Lower Klamath 2012-09-18 Sometimes forgotten winter fishery 2012-09-18 Birthday party held for Nellie the Coastwatcher 2012-09-18 Rockfish warriors at the Cape 2012-09-18 Pond fishing 2012-09-18 The Nightcrawler 2012-09-18 Lake Oroville; 'tis the season 2012-09-16 A primer on fishing Lake Shasta 2012-09-16 Learn to fish on small creeks for big fish 2012-09-16 Kayaking for Trinidad rockfish is big high 2012-09-16 Alabama Rig: bass fishing’s best new thing 2012-09-16 Catfish dominate Collins Lake stringers 2012-09-16 Warm weather equals great fishing in Modoc 2012-09-15 Seal versus salmon 2012-09-14 Rubberlegs and LBS on the Upper Sac 2012-09-14 Shasta Lake Trout Derby 2012-09-14 Sleek salmon a birthday gift from Feather River 2012-09-14 Free Shasta Tackle Trolling Seminar 2012-09-14 Hey, don’t forget the lakes! 2012-09-14 Return of the Salmon Festival 2012-09-14 OR wild coho coastal season to start 2012-09-14 ODFW maps point to SW Oregon fishing spots 2012-09-14 Fishing Lake Shasta in the rain 2012-09-14 So long salmon, hello tuna 2012-09-14 Steely/Trout great fishing on Upper Klamath 2012-09-13 The perfect end to a perfect season 2012-09-12 It's easy to be crabby 2012-09-12 Huge thresher shark taken on salmon gear 2012-09-11 Big trout still available along Hat Creek 2012-09-10 OR F&WC sets 2013 sport fish regs 2012-09-10 "Strolling" for salmon in downtown Sac 2012-09-09 Tuna put on a show off Cape Mendocino 2012-09-09 Sac salmon: Successful day for most 2012-09-08 Buck's Lake kokanee solid says Big Daddy 2012-09-08 Fong wins first round at “Fish & Chips” tables 2012-09-08 Klamath Glen salmon 2012-09-07 Best-ever sport salmon season to close 2012-09-06 McCloud & Upper Klamath trout cooperating 2012-09-06 MyOutdoorBuddy buddy nabs 23-lb salmon 2012-09-05 Less pressure, better results on Upper Hat 2012-09-04 Take a friend fishing free Saturday Sept. 8 2012-09-04 Sac salmon for Fins, Fur and Feather owner 2012-09-03 Prolonging the life of a Spinning Reel -- Bail 2012-09-03 Watching a kid catch a big one is more fun! 2012-08-31 Hurry! Only a few Fish & Chips seats left! 2012-08-31 Cooler nights to spur trout at Collins 2012-08-31 Salmon action still great off Eureka 2012-08-31 Stakeholders to consider coastal river plans 2012-08-31 Win big at Coos Basin Salmon Derby 2012-08-30 Before you add an electric motor to your... 2012-08-30 McCloud Reservoir, a.k.a “The Trout Factory” 2012-08-29 Oregon researchers ask boaters for help 2012-08-29 Berryessa yields bass limits to some 2012-08-29 9.1 lb king taken at Trinity Lake 2012-08-29 North Coast anglers have holiday options 2012-08-29 Calm weather/water temps ignite tuna bite 2012-08-28 Salmon fishing hot from mouth to Weitchpec 2012-08-28 Hat Creek is the place to be now 2012-08-27 Salmon snagging is illegal 2012-08-25 Steelhead are moving into the Trinity 2012-08-25 Target trout and smallies at Siskiyou 2012-08-25 Act now to save fishing in California -- RFA 2012-08-24 Trinity Lake Guide Elster nails kings...again! 2012-08-24 Spalding Ramp at Eagle Lake now just usable 2012-08-23 Slower, but steady salmon bite out of Eureka 2012-08-23 Lake Oroville: Water temperature is the key 2012-08-23 Catching a salmon is teamwork 2012-08-23 ODFW opens fishing equipment libraries 2012-08-22 BuoyRope protects your boat at the dock 2012-08-22 ODFW seeks comment on Lemolo regs 2012-08-21 Berryessa perfect now for family fun 2012-08-21 Trinity Lake: Home of the big king! 2012-08-21 McCloud Tarantula ramp to close for 3 days 2012-08-20 Fishing report: Shingletown/Burney area 2012-08-20 Satisfied with some albacore 2012-08-20 Artificial versus natural roe 2012-08-20 Sac and Feather salmon hot and cold 2012-08-19 Salmon and trout committee seeks rep 2012-08-17 Premier OR guide offers free salmon seminar 2012-08-17 Fish and kids plentiful at Collins Lake 2012-08-17 Warm temperatures increase stress on fish 2012-08-16 Proper etiquette: Enjoyable day on the river 2012-08-16 Albacore show from Monterey to Shelter Cove 2012-08-16 Escape to McCloud for premier trout fishing 2012-08-15 Dungeness crab trap limit up for review 2012-08-14 Bigger fish mark Sac River salmon run 2012-08-14 Elster sets new lake salmon record – again! 2012-08-13 My First Big Fish 2012-08-13 Larger bass on tap at Lake Berryessa 2012-08-10 Siskiyou lakes still producing trout & bass 2012-08-10 Riverspeak 2012-08-10 Boat anglers: don’t keep cabezon 2012-08-09 Wind may cool Humboldt’s hot salmon bite 2012-08-09 Epic Day: Humboldt salmon, lings & butts 2012-08-09 Something’s fishy at Thousand Lakes 2012-08-08 Review of hatchery ops to be made public 2012-08-07 Hyatt Lake C.A.S.T 4 kids needs boats, drivers 2012-08-06 ODFW to adopt new fishing regs in Sept. 2012-08-06 Lower flow makes Hat Creek more accessible 2012-08-06 Tuna: Bloodbath at Ft. Bragg/Shelter Cove 2012-08-06 Salmon bite wide open off Eureka/T-Dad 2012-08-06 ODFW Fish Passage Task Force to meet 2012-08-03 Legendary salmon bite continues off Eureka 2012-08-03 "Sac salmon best in decade" -- Dave Jacobs 2012-08-03 Fall salmon season underway on the Klamath 2012-08-02 DFG surveys salmon anglers on CV rivers 2012-08-02 Locals finish 3rd at BBT Clear Lake tourney 2012-08-02 “Fish N’Chips” Poker Challenge is back! 2012-08-01 Trinity Lake Captain's Log: Fat Kings 2012-08-01 Salmon nets second place 2012-07-31 How to fillet and smoke a salmon 2012-07-29 Lake Oroville: Level down, fishing up 2012-07-29 C&C Marine Delta Bass Tourney is July 28 2012-07-27 Warm-water species dominate at Collins Lake 2012-07-27 Tight lines on Hatchet Creek 2012-07-26 After the wind, Eureka back on the salmon 2012-07-26 Public to help shape OR halibut seasons 2012-07-26 Special offer from Mercury 2012-07-26 Local pair does well at Clear Lake 2012-07-26 PG&E dives in to count threatened salmon 2012-07-25 Alert: New CA legislation to silence anglers 2012-07-24 Hot weather not stopping Berryessa anglers 2012-07-24 Lots of steelhead reported near Weitchpec 2012-07-24 Upper Hat Creek delivering limits & trophies 2012-07-22 Lake Oroville changing, but not the bass 2012-07-22 Hooper/Baskett take Nixon’s Tenmile tourney 2012-07-22 Chico area river reports scarce 2012-07-22 Oceans rise, tuna tantalize, salmon go deep 2012-07-21 Salmon and tuna fun off Trinidad/Eureka 2012-07-20 Take of cabezon to stop off Oregon July 21 2012-07-20 Central OR nearshore halibut fishery closing 2012-07-20 A pause in the salmon bite 2012-07-20 Tuna bite explodes off Eureka/Crescent City 2012-07-19 Opening Day success on the Sac 2012-07-19 DFG: Best salmon bite off coast in years 2012-07-19 Sizzlin’ salmon season continues 2012-07-19 60% off Terralon polarized fishing sunglasses 2012-07-19 PG&E to increase flows on Belden Reach 2012-07-18 Water flows may aid fall-run Klamath salmon 2012-07-18 Salmon still hot off Eureka/Trinidad 2012-07-17 One albie caught off Humboldt yesterday 2012-07-17 River salmon season off to good start 2012-07-17 Howard: Early reaction bite on Lake Oroville 2012-07-17 Effort to overturn MLPA closures continues 2012-07-16 Brook trout to be removed from High Lake 2012-07-16 Hat Creek pressure down, fishing excellent 2012-07-15 Catfish take stage with trout at Collins 2012-07-14 Tuna, Tuna, Tuna! 2012-07-13 North coast salmon close-in 2012-07-13 Fort Bragg picking up 2012-07-13 Lake Britton crappie plentiful 2012-07-13 Whiskeytown kokes on tap 2012-07-13 Go deep for Bullard’s bass 2012-07-13 Good trout at Siskiyou 2012-07-13 Davis Lake tips for quality rainbows 2012-07-13 Just like waiting for Santa 2012-07-13 Trout fishing solid at Lewiston Lake 2012-07-13 Smiles at Free Kids Fishing 2012-07-13 Some words on drag systems 2012-07-13 The year of the chinook 2012-07-11 Bradley Lake ramp, closed for construction 2012-07-11 Lake Berryessa as good as it gets 2012-07-10 DFG Kids’ Fishing Day sets new record 2012-07-10 Wall wins on Willamette River 2012-07-10 Siskiyou/Lassen/N.E. Corner roundup 2012-07-10 Real Fish Bait Co. has two new offerings 2012-07-10 Oroville fishing, unlike weather, has cooled 2012-07-10 Guide Rick Kennedy honored by HaberVision 2012-07-09 Rough going for easy salmon 2012-07-09 Weather and fishing improves on Hat Creek 2012-07-08 Weather and fishing improves on Hat Creek 2012-07-08 Plan B: Whiskeytown for nice clean kokanee 2012-07-08 Salmon action remains hot off the coast 2012-07-06 Central Valley salmon season opens July 16 2012-07-06 Hefty stringers at Collins Lake 2012-07-06 Nixon's Ten Mile Lakes Open is July 21-22 2012-07-05 Salmon fishing red hot on S. OR coast 2012-07-04 Nora Lake to be closed for repairs 2012-07-04 Stampede Reservoir Captain's Log 2012-07-04 Free Fishing Day is Saturday July 7 2012-07-04 Volunteers can help with ODFW fish projects 2012-07-03 Out-fished by a kid 2012-07-03 Buck's Lake trout bite wide open 2012-07-03 Go deeper for Bullard’s’ Bass 2012-07-02 Lewiston Lake Derby set for July 21 2012-07-02 The World visits Humboldt 2012-07-02 Colusa anglers eyeing July 16 2012-07-01 Fishermen catching trout all day at Collins 2012-07-01 Cattle pond bass 2012-07-01 Upper Hat Creek improving 2012-07-01 Weather patterns hamper Trinity bass 2012-06-30 Davis trout bending rods and hooks 2012-06-30 Trinidad fishing explodes 2012-06-30 First time salmon 2012-06-29 Coast-wide salmon action heating up 2012-06-28 Salmon bite scratchy; more halibut taken 2012-06-28 Weather affects Upper Hat and Manzanita Lake 2012-06-27 Kings and kokes not shy at Berryessa 2012-06-26 Big Daddy's success on the "big lake" 2012-06-26 Lights out salmon season 2012-06-25 Delta: Bass and humble pie 2012-06-25 Not quite the doldrums on Lake Oroville 2012-06-25 Salmon fishing still hot off Eureka 2012-06-24 Showing me how to catch more coho 2012-06-23 Weather doesn't slow Collins trout bite 2012-06-23 OR halibut anglers get two more days 2012-06-22 Lake Davis Captain's Log 2012-06-22 Northwind set to run two salmon trips a day 2012-06-22 First tuna taken south of Eureka 2012-06-22 20+ fish average on Klamath and McCloud 2012-06-20 Kokanee Special: Curing your own corn 2012-06-20 Calm seas headed our way 2012-06-20 “2 in the box” despite Bodega rough water 2012-06-19 Lake Berryessa: Quality, variety, quantity 2012-06-19 Hat Creek area fishing good if not windy 2012-06-18 A reel’s condition: What you can’t see! 2012-06-18 Captain's Log: Scent, Scents and Sense 2012-06-16 Collins Lake crappie record broken again 2012-06-16 Morning salmon, evening bass 2012-06-15 Going to where the fish are 2012-06-15 It wasn't just shad that got hooked 2012-06-15 Thermalito Afterbay continues to give up bass 2012-06-15 Eagle Lake: So-so for Magalia couple 2012-06-15 Farris and Pearson win RVBM Open 2012-06-14 Fish passage reference database on web 2012-06-14 Berryessa bass frenzy top three over 75 lbs. 2012-06-14 Good news for Pacific halibut anglers 2012-06-14 Wind keeps Eureka boats off the water 2012-06-14 Fishbio report - Are your fish safe to eat? 2012-06-12 C.A.S.T. for kids at Lake Oroville 2012-06-12 Lake Oroville changed last week 2012-06-12 Coastal coho, fall chinook seasons set 2012-06-11 Warmer temps to spur Hat Creek area bite 2012-06-11 Trout bite still strong at Collins Lake 2012-06-11 Windy weekend at Eagle Lake 2012-06-10 Humboldt salmon are hot 2012-06-09 Partial fishing closure set at OWA Afterbay 2012-06-08 Free fishing events set for Central/SE Oregon 2012-06-08 RFA blasts EDF “Catch Share” as fish fraud 2012-06-07 Smoking-hot king bite out of Eureka, Trinidad 2012-06-07 Northwind Charters bang salmon & rockfish 2012-06-07 DFG cites giant black sea bass poacher 2012-06-06 On the bully pulpit, PFD’s 2012-06-06 Mandatory boat inspection starts in Oregon 2012-06-05 Free fishing this weekend in S. Oregon 2012-06-05 Coast charter boats load up over weekend 2012-06-05 Take another 20% off HaberVision sunglasses 2012-06-05 Berryessa bass bite for limits 2012-06-04 Most everything's working at Collins Lake 2012-06-04 Storm may hamper fishing until Wednesday 2012-06-04 Berryessa salmon; they're here 2012-06-04 Shad fighting on the Sac 2012-06-04 Shastina bass recovering 2012-06-03 Cooperative Lake Siskiyou trout 2012-06-01 Shasta salmon an easy equation 2012-06-01 Stripers scattered, shad everywhere 2012-06-01 Shasta bass continue to produce 2012-06-01 Lewiston Lake trout may be best bet 2012-06-01 Brookings to host ODFW STEP meeting 2012-06-01 Springers for summer 2012-06-01 Bass, Crappie, Catfish at Black Butte Lake 2012-06-01 Free Kid’s Fishing Day this Saturday 2012-05-31 Trinity bass and trout great options 2012-05-31 Stony Gorge; family, fish, otters and flag 2012-05-31 German brown trout afternoon in Modoc 2012-05-30 Late News: Huge band of salmon off Eureka 2012-05-30 Oroville bass bite remains good after spawn 2012-05-29 Eagle Lake trout like the color orange 2012-05-29 Changing weather at Antelope Lake 2012-05-29 Hat Creek: Good; Battle Creek Reservoir: Hot! 2012-05-27 Davis Lake Rainbows offer quick limits 2012-05-26 Some seeking early Trinity salmon 2012-05-25 ODFW releases Spring Fishing Guide 2012-05-25 Shasta Lake king salmon crazy 2012-05-25 Put in your time for Trinity Lake kings 2012-05-25 Collins delivers nice mix: trout, bass, panfish 2012-05-25 ​Wardens arrest two repeat abalone poachers 2012-05-25 It's Spring! Great time to be fishing says guide 2012-05-25 Winds disrupting really good fishing 2012-05-24 Sacramento River Stripers spread out 2012-05-24 Eureka boats slay the kings 2012-05-24 Winds may hinder Trinity bass, but 2012-05-24 How big was this halibut? 2012-05-24 Company at the Cape 2012-05-24 Lower Rogue to open for wild spring kings 2012-05-23 Howard Prairie Open set for June 9th 2012-05-23 Free fishing day at Hyatt Lake 2012-05-22 Whiskeytown Rainbows but no Kokes 2012-05-22 Lake Davis update 2012-05-21 Action at Oroville unabated 2012-05-21 14-lb catfish tops day at Berryessa 2012-05-21 Antelope Lake fishing is outstanding 2012-05-21 Family weekend at Tenmile Lake 2012-05-19 Eagle Lake; good news, bad news 2012-05-19 You know the story on Oroville 2012-05-19 Lake Almanor First-Hand Report: Hot Smallies! 2012-05-19 Eureka boats slamming the salmon 2012-05-19 Pacific halibut management news update 2012-05-18 Coho salmon ID critical to ocean fisheries 2012-05-18 Collins Lake fish report 5/17 2012-05-18 Tips from the Reel Tech anti-reverse bearings 2012-05-18 Black bass with a pinch of salmon 2012-05-18 Boat "Fishy Business" fills box with kings 2012-05-18 DFG barges smolts down Sac River 2012-05-17 High water equals a tough bite 2012-05-17 Eureka boats finding the kings 2012-05-17 Clear Lake getting pounded, but OK 2012-05-17 Berryessa: Bass for mom; trout for guys 2012-05-16 ODFW boat inspectors find invasive mussels 2012-05-16 Limits are easy at Lewiston 2012-05-16 Trinity bass are awake at last 2012-05-16 Three arrested for sturgeon poaching 2012-05-15 Pond fishing 2012-05-15 Could this be the winning boat photo? 2012-05-15 Hat Creek fishing improves 2012-05-14 Safe Boating Week at Whiskeytown NRA 2012-05-14 Salmon bite good up & down coast 2012-05-14 Oroville for quantity; Themalito for quality 2012-05-14 A feather in the cap for Bullard's Bar 2012-05-14 3lb, 1 oz crappie sets new Collins Lake record 2012-05-13 7.8 lb bass tops Collins Lake catches 2012-05-11 Trio of options for weekend ocean anglers 2012-05-10 Draft Chinook conservation plan available 2012-05-10 Pressure eases along Hat Creek 2012-05-10 Pacific Halibut subject of DFG meeting 2012-05-09 Warm spell equals better fishing in Modoc 2012-05-08 Weather puts kibosh on Berryessa weekend 2012-05-08 OR angler could hook million dollar fish 2012-05-08 Learn to fish on small creeks for big fish 2012-05-07 Hat Creek businesses very optimistic 2012-05-07 Team Giovacchini wins Kokanee Power Derby 2012-05-07 Lake Oroville bite "on fire" 2012-05-07 4 NorCal lakes in Bassmaster Top 100 2012-05-06 12.23 lbs leads Kokanee Power Trout Derby 2012-05-06 22 pounds wins Tenmile Open 2012-05-06 Davis Lake access roads open 2012-05-04 Whiskeytown Kokanee being marked 2012-05-04 Lake Siskiyou fishing great 2012-05-04 Bullard’s Bar is good to go 2012-05-04 Hat Creek should improve 2012-05-04 Lake Shasta: Go find a willow tree 2012-05-04 Shasta trout anglers quiet 2012-05-04 "Tell everyone to come to Lewiston" 2012-05-04 "Evening Stripers hot" -- Kittles in Colusa 2012-05-04 Trinity Lake bass fishing looking up 2012-05-04 Trinity River flush in full swing 2012-05-04 Trout, bass, redear show off at Collins 2012-05-04 Eureka salmon slow; Crescent City better 2012-05-03 Back to Kilarc 2012-05-03 Shelter Cove salmon breakout 2012-05-03 Web cams show conditions at Shelter Cove 2012-05-03 22.5 lb., 28.5 in. striper taken off Sac 2012-05-03 Kittle's says striper action "wide open!" 2012-05-03 New Greenlings regs effective May 1 2012-05-02 Stripers are here 2012-05-02 Bass anglers; Paradise Lake 2012-05-02 Salmon in the box off Eureka 2012-05-02 ODFW to host Family Fishing event 2012-05-01 Kokanee Power Shasta tourney is May 5/6 2012-05-01 Trinity Lake tease 2012-05-01 Nasty ocean puts chill on salmon opener 2012-05-01 Shasta bass eager; Britton crappie on bite 2012-05-01 Trout still on surface at Collins Lake 2012-04-30 Berryessa bass skittish; ready to spawn 2012-04-30 Water and action heats up at Oroville 2012-04-30 2012 Pyramid Invitational; a nice social 2012-04-30 May Day! May Day! May Day! 2012-04-30 Great weather, trout opener in Hat Creek Area 2012-04-29 Lower Rogue fishing slows 2012-04-28 Fish, fish, fish! 2012-04-27 Hat Creek canal/Hat 1 Forebay drained 2012-04-27 Trinidad Pier still work in progress - sigh! 2012-04-27 Baum Lake and Hat Creek fishing well 2012-04-27 Super Tuesday coming to Humboldt County 2012-04-26 Fan mail for Reel Tech custom rod 2012-04-26 Between seasons on the mid-Klamath 2012-04-26 Pacific halibut season opens May 1 2012-04-26 North Battle Creek Res. planted for opener 2012-04-25 Oregon ocean fishing seasons set 2012-04-24 Howard Prairie/Hyatt Lake trout opens 4/28 2012-04-24 Big Daddy finding big browns at Almanor 2012-04-24 Tight Lines guide can wear two hats 2012-04-22 Heavy plants produce many limits at Collins 2012-04-22 Nicolini takes 1st at Samoa Perch Derby 2012-04-21 Striper fishing excellent on Sac/Feather 2012-04-20 Best steelhead season in years 2012-04-20 Sportsmen’s Heritage Act passes in House 2012-04-20 F&GC adopts salmon season regs 2012-04-20 Ocean salmon seasons get “Let’s roll!” May 1 2012-04-20 Trinity Lake trout still king 2012-04-20 Limits the rule at Lewiston Lake 2012-04-20 Trout, but no details at Lake Siskiyou 2012-04-20 Salmon action picks up off Shelter Cove 2012-04-19 “Perch'n on the Peninsula” derby this Sat. 2012-04-18 Colusa Stripers primed 2012-04-17 Anglers catch some cash at Topaz Lodge 2012-04-17 Get ready for Kids Fishing Day; PID is 2012-04-17 Oregon bassers second at Nationals 2012-04-16 Nine-pound spots taken at Shasta 2012-04-16 C&C Marine offers boat rigging workshop 2012-04-16 A fishing lesson; and we apologize 2012-04-13 Coastal salmon season off to good start 2012-04-12 Collins Lake produces for spring break 2012-04-12 Striper fishing strong with early limits 2012-04-12 Free fishing days July 7 and September 8 2012-04-10 Topaz Derby ends Sunday; tagged fish await 2012-04-10 Shasta trout/Trinity kings work for Elster 2012-04-10 Humboldt Morning: Razor clams & redtails 2012-04-10 The Reel Thing back on Shasta 2012-04-10 31st Big Bend Trout Derby is April 28 2012-04-09 Shasta bass hiding under brush 2012-04-09 Popular TV fishing host killed 2012-04-09 Mt Shasta Kids Free Fishing Days set 2012-04-09 PFMC adopts generous salmon seasons 2012-04-07 Shelter Cove Salmon Opener Update 2012-04-07 SW to offer beginner fishing classes 2012-04-07 Stripers arrive; Kittles holds a sale 2012-04-06 Davis Lake, dock is in 2012-04-06 Respect for fish needed at Lake Davis 2012-04-06 Steady as she goes on Clear Lake 2012-04-06 Shasta Lake diehard gets results 2012-04-06 Rod selection, here we go again 2012-04-06 Upper Rogue coming alive 2012-04-05 Spring is the time to hit the jetties 2012-04-05 Hat 1 Forebay to remain closed 2012-04-05 Nine plants boost catches at Collins 2012-04-03 Smallmouth a bonus for Big Daddy at Almanor 2012-04-03 DFG offers E. Sierra fishing guide 2012-04-02 Stripers to 30 pounds taken on Sac River 2012-04-02 Sturgeon bite continues on Sacramento River 2012-03-31 Shasta bass bite picks up at last 2012-03-31 Alabama Rig invades the Afterbay 2012-03-31 Lakehead’s Michels nabs 3rd in Delta tourney 2012-03-31 SF Bay-Delta Smelt warrants ESA protection 2012-03-30 Bottomfishing rule depths change in OR 2012-03-29 ODFW STEP advisory committee to meet 2012-03-28 Shrimpers using cleanest gear yet this season 2012-03-28 North Valley reservoirs worth watching 2012-03-28 Rain hampers North Coast angling options 2012-03-28 Sturgeon cooperating near Knight's Landing 2012-03-26 Lake Mendocino trout bonanza 2012-03-26 Upper Rogue heating up 2012-03-25 Spring brings Summer to the Feather 2012-03-23 11th Annual Klamath River Cleanup 2012-03-23 Trinity River in prime shape 2012-03-23 Collins Lake brim full of water and trout 2012-03-23 Exploratory or not, Almanor is fishy 2012-03-22 “Perch'n on the Peninsula” derby is April 21 2012-03-21 Smith best bet for late-season steelhead 2012-03-21 Hatchery spawning ends 2012-03-20 Konocti Vista bass contest at Clear Lake 2012-03-20 Braided line and level-wind reels 2012-03-20 Almanor: It's almost time for game on 2012-03-20 Klamath River photos before and after 2012-03-18 “Tons” of trout featured at Collins Lake 2012-03-18 Davis Lake ice thinning 2012-03-16 Upper Sacramento River high 2012-03-16 Lewiston area coloring up 2012-03-16 PG&E drains reservoir near Hat Creek 2012-03-16 KAF Plano tackle box available at Walmart 2012-03-16 Sturgeon and stripers around Colusa 2012-03-15 Rowdy Creek derby winners announced 2012-03-15 Bullard’s Bass slow 2012-03-15 Me and Angus MacBean 2012-03-15 ODFW uses lure to get angler tags back 2012-03-14 Don’t put steelhead gear away just yet 2012-03-14 A spring salmon in the fall of life 2012-03-14 Help High School bass master get to nationals 2012-03-13 Lake Oroville? You guessed it! 2012-03-13 Should have been at the Afterbay last week 2012-03-13 Sac River Fall Chinook forecast is cautious 2012-03-12 Kid's Fishing Day is April 21 2012-03-11 Shasta Lake; two days, 38 fish 2012-03-11 Ocean salmon seasons should be generous 2012-03-10 A week of rain? We need a ton of snow. 2012-03-10 Captain’s Log: Pyramid Lake, March 3 2012-03-08 Recent Shasta Lake tourney results 2012-03-08 ​Bears, Beer, Trout Tacos, etc. 2012-03-07 PFMC weighs alternatives for salmon seasons 2012-03-07 Show results in Lake Shasta report 2012-03-06 Team Brock wins Rowdy Creek Derby 2012-03-05 Notes from mid-Klamath: A 9lb steelie 2012-03-05 132-day salmon season expected 2012-03-04 Guiding isn't always fishing 2012-03-03 OR F&WC to be briefed on ocean salmon 2012-03-02 Fish counts continue to rise at Topaz 2012-03-01 Shasta Lake Captain’s Log, Feb. 24-26 2012-03-01 Fishing for Science - two 2012-02-29 Salmon abundance brings good & bad news 2012-02-29 1.6M – Wow! That’s a whole lot of salmon! 2012-02-29 KRFC salmon ocean abundance up strongly 2012-02-28 Winter storm will bring more chrome 2012-02-28 Salmon/steelhead reintroduction planned 2012-02-27 Fishing with W.C. Fields 2012-02-27 No surprise at Clear Lake 2012-02-27 Upper Klamath/Siskiyou are kissing good 2012-02-26 10-26lb trout taken at Amador on 4lb test 2012-02-25 Dry to critical dry year expected for Trinity 2012-02-25 Rain or not, steelhead keep coming 2012-02-24 Tags worth prizes to Oregon anglers 2012-02-23 Topaz derby anglers take home $8700 2012-02-23 Slammin' Shasta salmon 2012-02-23 Almanor gives up fish for the average angler 2012-02-22 Sacramento area lakes get 16,000 more trout 2012-02-22 Go slow in "S" patterns for Siskiyou trout 2012-02-21 Plenty of steelhead in the Trinity 2012-02-21 Bigger steelies replace runts on K/T Rivers 2012-02-21 Trout and bass fill stringers at Collins 2012-02-21 Clear Lake triple comes on guess what? 2012-02-21 Bring umbrellas and Mother’s finest to Shasta 2012-02-20 Tight Lines goes the extra mile at Stampede 2012-02-20 Salmon season determinations coming up 2012-02-20 Indian Creek Lodge: More Steelhead to come 2012-02-20 Big Daddy going deep and shallow at Almanor 2012-02-20 Low flows slow upper Rogue 2012-02-16 Illegal fin-clipping targeted by OR police 2012-02-15 Spawning day 2012-02-15 Much-needed rain headed to the coast 2012-02-15 5.8 lb rainbow tops Topaz Derby 2012-02-15 Extend the life of your reel 2012-02-14 First-hand report: Oroville Coho in top 10 feet 2012-02-13 Fish jump, bite slow at Berryessa 2012-02-13 Fishing Lake Shasta in the rain 2012-02-12 Second time a charm for Tight Lines 2012-02-12 This is the week for the Klamath 2012-02-10 Big Daddy's new idea for Almanor 2012-02-10 Steelhead plentiful for 20th Umpqua derby 2012-02-09 Plenty of options for weekend steelheaders 2012-02-09 Mad River Hatchery 2012-02-09 KeepAmericaFishing goals for 2012 set 2012-02-08 9.6 lber tops Topaz "paid to fish" derby 2012-02-08 Pyramid Lake Captain’s Log 2012-02-08 DFG to host public meeting on salmon 2012-02-07 Oroville bass in three stages 2012-02-07 All you wanted to know about Kokanee 2012-02-07 Kennedy zeroes in on Trinity kings 2012-02-06 Tight Lines quick stop at Whiskeytown 2012-02-05 Coho are definitely at Lake Oroville 2012-02-04 Cold and fishy at Lake Almanor 2012-02-04 Why Fishermen Lie 2012-02-04 Fight to stop no-fishing zones continues 2012-02-03 DFG to plant trout in Lake Mendocino 2012-02-03 Finishing the day strong 2012-02-03 Public can help shape Oregon halibut season 2012-02-02 Pyramid Lake Captain's Log 2012-02-02 Artificial beats real on Upper Klamath 2012-02-02 Stars align for winter steelhead anglers 2012-02-02 Going Mad for steelhead 2012-02-02 Striped bass proposal axed by F&GC 2012-02-02 On banning the Alabama Rig 2012-02-02 ODFW holds public meeting on fishing regs 2012-02-01 Shasta Lake back to normal 2012-01-31 Alabama Rig use tip 2012-01-31 Coho salmon released into Salmon Creek 2012-01-31 Infusion of chrome for the upper Rogue 2012-01-31 Catching is on at Baum 2012-01-30 Report from Catching2ManyFish -- Coopman 2012-01-29 Davis Lake says, “I’m melting” 2012-01-29 Dream day on Upper Klamath 2012-01-28 31-01 lbs tops FLW Shasta Lake for Day Two 2012-01-28 Alabama rigs dominate FLW at Shasta 2012-01-28 Rain greets Day One FLW bass tourney 2012-01-27 Old year out, new year in at Collins Lake 2012-01-27 Wardens bust three for buying/selling abs 2012-01-27 "Brownie's Choice" 2012-01-27 Mum is the word on Shasta 2012-01-26 Smith River best bet for steelhead 2012-01-26 U.S. coastal anglers to rally in DC March 21 2012-01-25 Still more from Real Fish Bait Company 2012-01-25 Upper reaches of the Trinity 2012-01-25 Fishing raffle to benefit cancer research 2012-01-24 Berryessa trout spared by NFL 2012-01-24 3.9 lb rainbow takes honors at Topaz Derby 2012-01-23 Rain raises Lake Oroville; improves catch 2012-01-23 Rain watch on the Trinity/Klamath 2012-01-21 TRRP public scoping meeting set for Jan 26 2012-01-21 XFactor introduces new single-eggs 2012-01-19 Intermountain landmark closes 2012-01-19 Rain: Everything changes now 2012-01-19 CA DFG debuts marine map viewer 2012-01-18 North Coast rivers predicted to go big 2012-01-18 Topaz Derby - Week Three 2012-01-17 New lures from Real Fish Bait Company 2012-01-16 Lake Shasta WON results 2012-01-16 Salmon on tap at Trinity Lake 2012-01-16 Tight Lines on Shasta for Rainbows 2012-01-16 Run shallow, run deep for Lake Oroville bass 2012-01-16 Umbrella rig fires up bass -- Ross England 2012-01-16 So. OR Dungeness season opens Jan. 15 2012-01-13 ODFW to meet on 2013 fishing regs 2012-01-13 Anglers report cards due to DFG Jan. 31 2012-01-13 Here comes the rain and I.S.E. 2012-01-13 Davis Lake Ice Fishing Derby set 2012-01-13 Davis Lake ice thinning but fishing’s good 2012-01-13 RFA speaks out against catch limits 2012-01-12 Smith, Chetco continue to produce steelhead 2012-01-11 Fishing for science 2012-01-10 Lake Oroville; 'tis the season 2012-01-10 McCloud Reservoir is another winter hotspot 2012-01-09 Smith steelhead action great 2012-01-08 Snow! A week that was without it. 2012-01-08 Oregon proposes crack down on snagging 2012-01-08 Shasta Bass bite slow; tournaments near 2012-01-07 It's easy to be crabby 2012-01-07 Winterize bass techniques for Lake Oroville 2012-01-06 Trinity steelheaders waiting on rain 2012-01-05 Baum Lake browns active 2012-01-05 Caldwell nails steelhead on the Klamath 2012-01-05 Ice fishing productive at Davis 2012-01-05 Steelhead on the Umpqua 2012-01-05 Sometimes forgotten winter fishery 2012-01-05 Captain's Log: Stampede Reservoir 2012-01-04 Captain's Log: Topaz Lake season opener 2012-01-04 The Reel Tech - A fisherman's friend 2012-01-04 Finally some rain — and steelhead too 2012-01-04 Big tournaments descending on Shasta 2012-01-04 Bringing in the new year on the Rogue 2012-01-03 Mackinaw stampede at Stampede 2012-01-03 Anglers hit jackpot at Topaz Lake Derby 2012-01-02 Stampede Macks take Pro-Troll Sting Fish 2012-01-02 New Year’s Greetings from the Confluence 2011-12-31 Tight Lines at Englebright Lake 2011-12-31 Fishing at two OR marine reserves stops 2011-12-30 Chinook run on Trinity could double 2011-12-30 Wardens arrest two poaching suspects 2011-12-30 Use minnows or California Rig on Clear Lake 2011-12-30 Good weather, good fishing at Lake Almanor 2011-12-30 Shasta Bass coming into winter patterns 2011-12-29 Rain on the way-Smith, Chetco best bets 2011-12-29 Trinity River fishing guides at attention 2011-12-28 Trinity River: Need Rain 2011-12-27 Fresh plant at Baum Lake 2011-12-27 Colusa area quiet 2011-12-27 Limits on Davis ice 2011-12-27 Shasta Lake trout and salmon fantastic 2011-12-27 Thermalito Afterbay: a viable option 2011-12-26 Your license fees are worth it! 2011-12-26 Trout & bass slow down at Berryessa 2011-12-26 Endangered Delta Smelt population improves 2011-12-23 They're jumpin' into the boat at Collins' Lake! 2011-12-23 Merry Christmas from mid-Klamath 2011-12-23 Permit changes possible at Pyramid Lake 2011-12-22 Tough fishing/good times on Elk & Sixes 2011-12-22 Tale of the high seas: Pyramid Lake 12/17 2011-12-21 Winter's here 2011-12-21 Lake Oroville coho fair 2011-12-20 Feather River steelhead on tap 2011-12-20 Proposed threat to ponds defeated 2011-12-20 Elk River Hatchery parking lot to be improved 2011-12-20 Summers from the winter cold 2011-12-20 DFG's striper dilemma 2011-12-19 Early Umpqua steelhead at Elkton 2011-12-19 Stampede Macs cooperate for Tight Lines 2011-12-19 Alabama Rig: bass fishing’s best new thing 2011-12-19 Ice fishing an option at Lake Davis 2011-12-17 “Many limits of fish” taken at Collins 2011-12-17 Seal versus salmon 2011-12-17 Battle for coastal fishing rights continues 2011-12-16 ​Scott River Coho return higher than expected 2011-12-16 Shasta Bass improving 2011-12-16 Stealth and long casts needed on Trinity 2011-12-16 Fresh Salmon in the Sac for wind up 2011-12-16 South Coast MPA's effective January 1 2011-12-15 Centimundi rainbows on the bite 2011-12-15 Guides/C-WIN still want TRRP moratorium 2011-12-14 Shasta-Trinity launch passes available 2011-12-14 Lack of rain slows salmon, steelhead action 2011-12-14 Captain’s Log: Pyramid Lake 2011-12-13 Salmon to 35 lbs at the Barge Hole 2011-12-13 Patience pays off for Berryessa bass 2011-12-12 Youth Sports Pac holders due refund -- ODFW 2011-12-11 Brave the cold for Southern Oregon steel 2011-12-11 Lake Berryessa off the bucket list 2011-12-11 Hoopa Tribe denies access to Trinity 2011-12-11 Rainbows stacked at Lake Shasta 2011-12-09 Good bass come to those who wait 2011-12-09 Trinity river low and clear 2011-12-09 Exceptional fishing at Lewiston Lake 2011-12-09 Colusa: birds and river slow 2011-12-09 Get ready for ice fishing on Davis Lake 2011-12-09 Low water boat ramp opens at Eagle Lake 2011-12-08 Proposed DFG regs could wipe out stripers 2011-12-08 Want bigger fish? Try swimbaits 2011-12-08 Good news for Battle Creek salmon 2011-12-08 Bass and Coho aplenty at Lake Oroville 2011-12-08 2012 fishing license makes great gift 2011-12-07 Captain’s Log: Lake Davis 2011-12-07 Safe wading tips for winter steelhead anglers 2011-12-07 Get paid to catch fish!!! 2011-12-06 Proposed regulations threaten fishing 2011-12-06 Prepare to be boarded 2011-12-06 Sac River salmon bite still good 2011-12-04 Southern Oregon fishing update 2011-12-03 A big fish donation 2011-12-03 Quality, not quantity at Lake Almanor 2011-12-02 Cold steel with SC Guide Service 2011-12-02 Big Bass for the holidays 2011-12-01 Clear Lake bigguns 2011-11-30 Dry spell puts salmon off the bite 2011-11-30 XFactor Tackle realistic egg clusters work 2011-11-29 Upper Klamath produces for Turkey week 2011-11-28 Berryessa trout action good on Saturday 2011-11-28 New record set for Inland Chinook: 9.8lbs 2011-11-28 Real deal crab 2011-11-28 Collins Lake offers steady fishing 2011-11-24 Late fall salmon bring up the rear 2011-11-23 Lake Almanor Captain’s Log 11/19/11 2011-11-23 Timing is everything 2011-11-23 Turkey week fishing special 2011-11-20 Late fall salmon at Barge Hole 2011-11-20 The Nightcrawler 2011-11-19 Counting crab 2011-11-19 Oregon students dominate Western Regional 2011-11-19 Want to catch Feather River steelies? 2011-11-18 Picking out the perfect bass fishing rod 2011-11-18 Trinity River steelheading strong 2011-11-18 Shasta Lake, anglers needed 2011-11-18 Black Friday specials at Phil’s Propellers 2011-11-18 Baum Lake Browns provide great alternative 2011-11-18 Colusa area waiting for storms 2011-11-18 Boat docks pulled at Davis Lake 2011-11-18 PG&E to test flows downstream of Pit 5 2011-11-18 "She's Yummy," says angler-ette 2011-11-18 Rain, salmon both headed our way 2011-11-17 Chetco salmon deliver fishing extravaganza 2011-11-17 Trout go wild on Berryessa 2011-11-16 Naturally spawning Kings in Lake Shasta? 2011-11-16 Ocean Dungeness crab season delayed 2011-11-16 Tales from camp on the Klamath 2011-11-16 Much needed rain coming to S. Oregon rivers 2011-11-15 Low level ramp at Eagle slowly emerging 2011-11-15 General trout season to close 2011-11-13 Upper Klamath hot for steelhead, trout 2011-11-13 Tossing spoons at Berryessa made for TV 2011-11-13 Steelhead hot Trinity River ticket 2011-11-13 Lewiston Lake rainbows are amazing 2011-11-13 Late Fall Salmon moving up Sacramento 2011-11-13 Shasta Lake, locate the shad 2011-11-13 Phil’s Propellers offers Christmas Wish List 2011-11-13 Lake Oroville fishing steady 2011-11-10 Catfish triumph at Collins this week 2011-11-09 Lower Klamath Chinook harvest up ~172% 2011-11-09 Coastal rivers rise — quickly fall 2011-11-09 Crab at last 2011-11-08 South coast hawgs 2011-11-08 Captain's Log: Sacramento River 2011-11-08 Chetco open but low 2011-11-06 Trout bite at Berryessa beats weather 2011-11-06 Possible changes to striper regs on tap 2011-11-05 Sidewalk sale starts at Phil's Props 2011-11-03 Trout and catfish the focus at Collins 2011-11-03 Hopes high for Dungeness crab opener 2011-11-03 Season review from Mike Coopman 2011-11-03 Guess who's coming to dinner? 2011-11-02 Fish caught on camera? Enter our Contest! 2011-11-02 Fish return to N. Battle Creek up 4X 2011-11-02 Horseback for Eiler Trout 2011-11-01 Are Trinity bass finally making a showing? 2011-11-01 California’s fishing passport 2011-11-01 One of those things 2011-11-01 Striper regulation changes up for comment 2011-11-01 Take your pick on the Trinity River 2011-11-01 Rockfish Wars I 2011-11-01 Upper Rogue bait opener sees big catches 2011-11-01 Lake Oroville always worth a try 2011-11-01 Clear Lake has cleared out 2011-10-31 Salmon roaring back to Battle Creek 2011-10-29 Get ready for steelhead on the Klamath 2011-10-28 Anglers urged to conserve CA Sturgeon 2011-10-28 RFA & NOAA ideologies clash in committee 2011-10-28 A good day on the middle Rogue 2011-10-28 Shasta Lake…locate the shad 2011-10-27 Whiskeytown Kokes primed for spawning 2011-10-27 Trinity River expect company 2011-10-27 Trout are jumping at Collins Lake 2011-10-27 Davis Lake improving 2011-10-27 Colusa area salmon slows 2011-10-27 Burney region trout great 2011-10-27 Swinging flies pays off near Junction City 2011-10-26 A 10-lb Almanor brown looks like this 2011-10-26 Chetco salmon return should be larger 2011-10-26 Big tides could fill rivers with salmon 2011-10-26 Coos/Coquille good this fall for kings 2011-10-25 Fair day at Lake Almanor 2011-10-25 Low level ramp coming at Eagle Lake 2011-10-25 Fall is the time for fishing Clear Lake 2011-10-24 10-lb brown tops Lake Almanor trip 2011-10-24 Oregon's South Lake closed to fishing 2011-10-23 Upper Klamath salmon fishing still hot 2011-10-23 Chetco producing big kings 2011-10-21 Coos/Coquille still good 2011-10-20 A day to remember on the Eel 2011-10-20 ODFW to treat two waters with Rotenone 2011-10-20 Wild coho season closes in Coos Basin 2011-10-20 Spoil yourself with a custom rod 2011-10-20 ODFW stocking tiger trout in Fish Lake 2011-10-19 Have you caught a record? 2011-10-19 35.2 lb Chinook taken at Big Bar 2011-10-19 Davis Lake unchanged, good fishing 2011-10-18 Great fishing, no crowds at Lake Siskiyou 2011-10-18 Salmon stacking up 2011-10-18 4.35 pound Coho a new state record? 2011-10-18 Feather River salmon and steelhead 2011-10-18 Upper Klamath king is “Prince for a Day” 2011-10-18 SC Guide Service still nailing 'em 2011-10-18 A mixed bag at Lake Berryessa 2011-10-18 A good day on the upper Klamath 2011-10-17 Upper Klamath salmon bite still off chart 2011-10-16 Weather right for Almanor browns and quail 2011-10-16 Shasta Lake Trout in top 35 2011-10-14 Shasta Lake bass bite improving 2011-10-14 Trinity River recovered quickly from storm 2011-10-14 Cassel and Baum Lake, “exceptional” 2011-10-14 Salmon fishing slows in the Colusa area 2011-10-14 Lewiston Lake very productive 2011-10-14 Upper Klamath hot despite the cold 2011-10-13 Steelhead fishing picks up on the Rogue 2011-10-12 Sharks are busy near Brookings 2011-10-12 Smith, Eel just getting started 2011-10-12 Wild Coho season closes on Coquille 2011-10-11 Willow Creek weir counts look great 2011-10-10 Temporary concern in Trinity River 2011-10-10 Upper Rogue still kicking out steelhead 2011-10-08 Kayak “Rockfish Wars” set for Trinidad 2011-10-07 Clear Lake is getting hammered 2011-10-07 Sacramento River salmon still great 2011-10-06 Medicine Lake rainbows fantastic 2011-10-06 Shasta turning over, bass improving 2011-10-06 Trinity River, “reel good” 2011-10-06 Trinity Lake trout and salmon 2011-10-06 15 days for anglers’ input on MLPA 2011-10-06 Middle Hat Creek fishing well 2011-10-06 Jay Fair Wiggle-Tails produce at Davis 2011-10-06 See salmon spawn in Oregon’s rivers 2011-10-05 ​Abalone fishery still open along north coast 2011-10-05 Mid-Klamath E Ne Nuck fishing wrap-up 2011-10-04 Photo of new CA Inland Lake King arrives 2011-10-04 Trout biting at Diamond Lake 2011-10-03 Upper Klamath salmon off the chart 2011-10-02 Umpqua wild coho fishery closed 2011-10-01 Spiny Lobster Season Opens Saturday 2011-09-30 Bait beats flies on Lower Klamath 2011-09-30 Southern Oregon October fishing preview 2011-09-30 Elster cracks own Inland King record 2011-09-30 Salmon runs good for “flying” guide 2011-09-30 Upper Klamath now spot-on for Kings 2011-09-29 Frankenfish dead in the water 2011-09-29 ODFW eases bottomfishing restrictions Oct. 1 2011-09-28 Salmon come back to Battle Creek 2011-09-28 Rain, big tides take aim at coast 2011-09-28 Upper Klamath improves for salmon 2011-09-27 Topwater highlights Berryessa action 2011-09-27 McCloud Reservoir as good as it gets 2011-09-25 Salmon reach Upper Klamath at Hornbrook 2011-09-25 Trinity loaded with salmon & steelhead 2011-09-25 Introduce yourself to Fly Fishing 2011-09-24 RFA NorCal Fundraiser is October 8 2011-09-23 ODFW to discuss ocean fishing seasons 2011-09-23 Lower Klamath salmon quota met 2011-09-23 Tricos in September? 2011-09-23 Colusa area salmon still strong 2011-09-23 Davis Lake rainbows improving 2011-09-23 Shasta Lake bass: waiting for the turn 2011-09-23 Lake Siskiyou Trout 2011-09-23 ​Trinity Lake trout still king 2011-09-23 Barge Hole on fire for Chinook 2011-09-23 “Cats” & trout take spotlight at Collins Lake 2011-09-23 Tuna gone wild! Eureka boats score 2011-09-22 ​Bass improving at Lake Oroville 2011-09-21 ODFW seeks input on bottomfish seasons 2011-09-21 ​Chico salmon still there 2011-09-21 Float and flies for Rogue steelhead 2011-09-21 ​Klamath Fall Chinook quota met 2011-09-21 ​Lewiston, it can’t get much better 2011-09-20 Why salmon bite 2011-09-19 Burney Creek Trout 2011-09-16 The sea: Expect the unexpected 2011-09-16 Ask Governor Brown to remove Rogers 2011-09-16 Halibut are just a matter of time 2011-09-15 Captain's Log: Jackson Meadows 2011-09-15 Coast Guard will be looking for you 2011-09-15 Trollers at 25 feet at Siskiyou 2011-09-14 Davis Lake improves with lower temperatures 2011-09-14 Feather salmon and steelhead push upstream 2011-09-14 Early morning’s best on the Rogue 2011-09-14 Klamath getting great returns 2011-09-14 Trolling for Berryessa bass? 2011-09-13 Oroville Coho is unofficial state record 2011-09-13 Welcome to the State of Jefferson 2011-09-13 Sacramento salmon, go now 2011-09-10 ODFW: State fishery invites anglers' input 2011-09-09 Trinity Lake abuzz 2011-09-09 Be persistent at Clear Lake 2011-09-09 Exceptional fishing at Hat Creek 2011-09-09 Captain's Log: A three-lake tour 2011-09-08 Feather salmon anglers waiting for fall run 2011-09-08 Intermountain report… I asked for it 2011-09-08 Spinner baits and jigs on Lake Oroville 2011-09-08 OR non-selective ocean coho closed 2011-09-07 7.69lb Trinity Lake Chinook sets high mark 2011-09-07 Klamath River the place to be for salmon 2011-09-07 Tough bass fishing at Ten Mile 2011-09-06 Angler “belly flops” 92-pound halibut 2011-09-06 The last salmon weekend 2011-09-06 Same ol’ Shasta Lake 2011-09-05 Sac River Kings to 30 lbs common 2011-09-04 Artificial reefs, a green idea 2011-09-04 Sac River Salmon Derby is Sept. 24 2011-09-04 Salmon on way to Upper Klamath 2011-09-04 25 lb salmon taken from shore 2011-09-04 Nora Lake in Shingletown drained 2011-09-02 Salmon derby to aid STEP hatchery 2011-09-02 Abalone die-off seen in Sonoma County 2011-09-02 Sodium sulfites in egg cures a concern 2011-09-02 ODFW: Wild Coho season opens Sept. 15 2011-09-02 Don't fish for pelicans or seabirds 2011-09-02 Tough bass fishing at Ten Mile 2011-09-02 Sac River Salmon 12 days; 12 limits 2011-09-01 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2011-09-01 Time for trout at Lewiston 2011-09-01 Sea lions responsible for pelican deaths 2011-08-31 An epic salmon season coming to a close 2011-08-31 No limit on S. Twin Lake -- ODFW 2011-08-30 Take the Clear Lake Challenge! 2011-08-30 Volunteers needed to find fish barriers 2011-08-29 Eagle Lake Guardians to hold fundraiser 2011-08-28 Trinity Lake Kokanee and more 2011-08-28 Epic year predicted for Klamath salmon 2011-08-28 Hurry! Make your outdoor dog famous! 2011-08-28 Oroville and Afterbay giving up bass 2011-08-27 Great salmon day on the Sac 2011-08-27 Even the jacks are toads on the Sac 2011-08-27 Gotta work hard at Davis 2011-08-26 Cats & pan fish fill Collins Lake stringers 2011-08-26 Inter-mountain Region offers many options 2011-08-26 Captain's Log, Stampede Reservoir 2011-08-26 Colusa area producing lots of salmon 2011-08-26 Alturas teen bags his first antelope 2011-08-26 Black Butte offers topwater bite 2011-08-26 Siskiyou trout keeping most everyone happy 2011-08-26 Algae keeping Clear Lake anglers away 2011-08-26 Sac River Salmon fishing still super 2011-08-25 NMFS to hurt Alaskan halibut anglers 2011-08-25 Oregon Coho anglers get four more days 2011-08-25 DFG Halibut stock assessment report 2011-08-24 Trinity River salmon – Trinity Lake trout 2011-08-24 Catfish for a change at Oroville 2011-08-24 Shasta trout: “Fish on, gotta go” 2011-08-24 Whiskeytown Kokes loaded with Copepods 2011-08-24 Ocean salmon limits come easy & early 2011-08-24 Target Red Bluff to Woodson for salmon 2011-08-23 Early and late for Shasta bass 2011-08-23 Learn to fish free in Sacramento 9/3 2011-08-23 How's this for a back-to-school fish? 2011-08-23 Middle/Upper Rogue: Kings & steelies 2011-08-23 "Sac is Back" -– Kevin Brock 2011-08-23 Lower Klamath full of happy “jacks” 2011-08-23 Fish Free Saturday, Labor Day Weekend 2011-08-22 Kilarc and the kids 2011-08-22 Ask the Pros! Are Rainbow Trout native...? 2011-08-21 Got a special outdoor dog? Sure you do! 2011-08-20 Wal-Mart: "Roll Back" support for whackos 2011-08-19 Black Butte bass moving deeper 2011-08-19 Sac River salmon fishing is hot at Chico 2011-08-19 Medicine Lake trout are deep 2011-08-17 Epic tuna day out of Shelter Cove 2011-08-17 Humboldt charters box many kings 2011-08-17 Bulletin: FERC staff says "Destroy Kilarc" 2011-08-16 Feather fall run salmon push up 2011-08-16 Sacramento River salmon fishing improving 2011-08-16 Big K Ranch an outdoor paradise 2011-08-16 Halibut of a lifetime 2011-08-16 Lower Klamath best in recent memory 2011-08-16 Contacting the Coast Guard on VHF 2011-08-16 WON editor lands 8lb trout at Dunsmuir 2011-08-13 Rogue loaded with whopper salmon 2011-08-13 Shrimp Tails pay off with summer steelies 2011-08-13 Got a great outdoor dog photo? 2011-08-12 Salmon action off Eureka heats back up 2011-08-12 Trout plants threatened by new lawsuit 2011-08-12 DFG to hold public meeting on Coho Salmon 2011-08-11 Trolling best at Lake Berryessa 2011-08-11 Kids Free Fishing Day is August 20 2011-08-11 Shasta Summer Doldrums 2011-08-11 Harpoon your halibut 2011-08-11 Springer season ends at Gray’s Falls 2011-08-11 Upper Trinity springers mostly jacks 2011-08-11 Trinity Lake trout still strong 2011-08-11 Collins fish fight like cats and trout 2011-08-11 Birthday bass on Lake Oroville 2011-08-10 Is it time to upgrade your Marine VHF Radio? 2011-08-10 The Captain is back at the helm 2011-08-09 Nora Lake to be closed for two months 2011-08-08 To help or not to help? That is the question 2011-08-07 Sac salmon south of Red Bluff 2011-08-06 Salmon scarce for upper Sac opener 2011-08-05 Alps trout plants “Absolutely Successful!” 2011-08-05 Halibut/rockfish improve; salmon hit and miss 2011-08-04 Another win for Big Bass Baits 2011-08-04 Bucks Lake giving up a few Kokes, Mackinaw 2011-08-02 Kid's fishing contest winner held 44lb King 2011-08-02 Trout ignore heat at Collins Lake 2011-08-02 Some Oregon Rivers closed for Chinook 2011-08-02 Lewiston Lake: “The best in years” 2011-08-02 Lake Oroville, from the Pro’s side 2011-08-02 Lake Siskiyou has fish for most everyone 2011-08-01 345,000 trout planted by air in Oregon Lakes 2011-08-01 ODFW: “Help shape 2012 halibut season” 2011-08-01 Perch’n on the Peninsula 2011-07-31 Lake Oroville requires some time and luck 2011-07-31 Davis Lake, switch to bait 2011-07-31 Stripers feeding on crawdads in Sacramento 2011-07-31 Trinity River Salmon: “worth the effort”” 2011-07-31 Salmon busters at Verona Marina 2011-07-31 North Coast seas begin to moderate 2011-07-31 Hat Creek: Target the shade 2011-07-31 It’s summer at Shasta Lake 2011-07-31 Springer runs amazes oldtimers 2011-07-30 Flying fish reach high Cascade lakes 2011-07-30 Montezuma Slough delivers 61 lb sturgeon 2011-07-30 Upper Klamath red hot for steelie-trout 2011-07-29 Back Country Horsemen stock Alps lakes 2011-07-29 Lassen Park area is great family destination 2011-07-29 McCloud trout take crawdads/BuzzBombs 2011-07-29 Samoa Perch Derby is July 30 2011-07-27 Salmon bite slows off the coast 2011-07-27 First fish on birthday is quite a feat! 2011-07-26 Berryessa good for bass; “dogs” & cats 2011-07-25 Lake Almanor: meal worm and a cricket 2011-07-24 Young man subdues 44+ pound king 2011-07-24 Still huge possibilities at Lake Oroville 2011-07-22 Lake Siskiyou trout consistent 2011-07-22 Gabby’s Blue Lake Brown Trout Bonanza 2011-07-22 17-lb Brown taken at Kilarc Reservoir 2011-07-22 Salmon opener slow, new lure may help 2011-07-21 Salmon showing in Upper Trinity 2011-07-21 Kid’s Day offshore equals 20 albacore 2011-07-20 Salmon Opener disappoints many 2011-07-19 Feather River salmon slow 2011-07-19 Big bass show in Kid’s Fishing Contest 2011-07-19 Trinity River Salmon throughout system 2011-07-19 Pit River Road to get recreational facelift 2011-07-19 Collins in groove for bluegill and crappie 2011-07-18 CA agrees to ship-based artificial reefing 2011-07-18 Winds don’t deter Berryessa’s Best Guide 2011-07-18 Albacore water moves in closer 2011-07-18 “Tuna Heads” launch Albacore Armada 2011-07-17 Fish restoration project starts 2011-07-17 Salmon/Tuna frenzy continues 2011-07-17 7-year-old takes 6 lb. 1 oz. brookie 2011-07-16 Bass boats for sale 2011-07-16 Buoy entanglement drops Feather releases 2011-07-16 Fishing gets wild off Eureka/Trinidad 2011-07-16 Albacore within reach of North Coast 2011-07-15 Coho fishing now open off Oregon 2011-07-15 Crappie starting to show at Black Butte Lake 2011-07-15 63.2 pound Alaskan King whets appetites 2011-07-15 Salmon are not easy but good 2011-07-14 The King is back! 2011-07-14 Dunsmuir begins stocking of trophy trout 2011-07-13 They took a kid fishing! 2011-07-13 ODFW Advisory Committee to meet 2011-07-12 Berryessa delivers 14-pound largemouth 2011-07-12 Upper and Middle Hat are good bets 2011-07-10 Lake Britton still “Darn Good” 2011-07-10 Fort Bragg anglers battling fish/seas 2011-07-10 “Experience” pays off at Lewiston 2011-07-10 Sacramento shad/stripers slowing 2011-07-10 Trinity trout outshining bass 2011-07-10 Eagle Lake: Early, early, early 2011-07-10 Colusa angler lands first ever fish 2011-07-10 Davis Lake trollers vary depth 2011-07-10 Full Throttle takes limits of salmon 2011-07-10 20-20 vision for Upper Klamath 2011-07-10 Enter our "Did you take a kid fishing?" Contest 2011-07-08 Boat inspection stations open in Oregon 2011-07-08 Early or late topwater at Lake Oroville 2011-07-08 Patterns consistent for Shasta Bass 2011-07-08 Blacks and Blues in Trinidad 2011-07-08 California anglers misled on closures 2011-07-08 Gray’s Fall’s great for springers 2011-07-08 Trinity Salmon moving up 2011-07-08 Summer weeds hamper Baum 2011-07-08 Lewiston Lake prepped for July 9 Derby 2011-07-08 River salmon seasons announced 2011-07-07 Fish hatcheries on chopping block 2011-07-07 Ocean coho fishing now open 2011-07-07 CV River Salmon seasons near 2011-07-06 Large steelhead now at Weitchpec 2011-07-06 Water temp key to Oroville Coho 2011-07-03 Are Feather River Salmon in danger? 2011-07-03 Book now for Sac River salmon outings! 2011-07-03 Good fishing and new ramp at Black Butte 2011-07-03 Phil’s Propellers to host seminars 2011-07-03 Fishing rod giveaway a success 2011-07-02 Colusa area offers stripers/shad 2011-07-01 Shasta bass: Senkos and Topwater 2011-07-01 Shasta trout and kings on tap 2011-07-01 Lewiston Lake gearing up for derby 2011-07-01 Davis Lake: A lake for all methods 2011-07-01 Say something good about America 2011-07-01 Eureka boats slammin’ the salmon 2011-06-30 "Beware of black bears" -- CA DFG 2011-06-30 Marija Vojkovich named U.S. Commissioner 2011-06-30 Smallies biting at Lost Creek Lake 2011-06-30 Salmon success at last 2011-06-30 Buck’s Lake Kokanee are growing 2011-06-30 Clear Lake bass on the bite 2011-06-30 Still waiting on Trinity Bass 2011-06-30 Free Fishing Day Saturday July 2 2011-06-30 Burney area offers quality opportunities 2011-06-30 15.2 Trinity Brown photo arrives 2011-06-29 Shad hatch boosts Shasta king catch 2011-06-29 Hat Creek business is buzzing 2011-06-29 Mid-Klamath – springers, no yellowjackets! 2011-06-29 Warm-water species fill Collins stringers 2011-06-29 Hoopa vote to stop commercial fishing 2011-06-29 Good bass fishing at Lake Oroville 2011-06-29 Free Kids Fishing Day is July 9 2011-06-29 Free Kid’s fishing pole giveaway 2011-06-28 First albies taken off Crescent City 2011-06-27 Ocean cooperating for pre-holiday anglers 2011-06-26 C.A.S.T. -- Catch A Special Thrill for special kids 2011-06-25 Colusa stripers: Find the right schools 2011-06-24 Lahontan trout survive in eastern Oregon 2011-06-24 Ocean charter offers variety 2011-06-24 Free Fishing Day is Saturday, July 2 2011-06-24 Trinity reports bear out 2011-06-24 Lewiston Lake: Use floating night crawlers 2011-06-24 Shasta Trout: Go deeper! 2011-06-24 Feather River levels raised to help Salmon 2011-06-24 Davis Lake trout gorging on black ants 2011-06-24 Early morning bite at Eagle Lake 2011-06-22 Jerking is working at Lake Oroville 2011-06-22 Weather tantalizes salmon seekers 2011-06-22 Looking toward the future 2011-06-22 Hat Creek, Lake Britton are good choices 2011-06-22 Trout still king at Trinity Lake 2011-06-21 McCumber browns hang tough 2011-06-21 Sac River rainbows love caddis 2011-06-21 Sac River rainbows love caddis 2011-06-21 Collins kicks out 11.75 lb rainbow 2011-06-20 Ramps are crowded, mind your manners 2011-06-20 Crappie/bass falling for Miracle Worms 2011-06-16 Fishing good, level so-so at Eagle Lake 2011-06-15 Give trolling a try on Lake Oroville 2011-06-15 Phil's Props Sidewalk Sale is Th-Fr-Sat   2011-06-15 Davis Lake a solid bet; derby is Sat.   2011-06-15 Great bite at Cassel/Hat Creek 2011-06-15 JAWS, Part Deux: Trinidad "Lingasaurs"   2011-06-15 Lewiston trout plants spur bite 2011-06-15 Colusa shad coming into shape 2011-06-15 OR: Great trout fishing statewide 2011-06-15 Clarity improves fishing at Lake Britton 2011-06-15 Upper/Middle Hat Creek very good 2011-06-15 Salmon aplenty off Eureka coast 2011-06-15 Water/fishing prospects good for 4th 2011-06-14 3-pound brown tops Stampede trip 2011-06-14 Klamath River springers are spot on   2011-06-13 Eagle Lake Trout bite for limits   2011-06-12 Reminder, Free Kids Fishing Day!   2011-06-10 Diamond Lake trout derby June 25   2011-06-10 Whiskeytown Kokes avg. 15 inches 2011-06-09 E. Sierra snow pack 164% of normal 2011-06-09 Springer’s show on the Trinity, but... 2011-06-09 Howard Open out with a bang 2011-06-09 Trinity Bass waiting to bust loose 2011-06-09 Recreational Rockfish Regs change 2011-06-09 Explore Dry Lagoon and Sharp Point! 2011-06-08 Razor clams -- A North Coast tradition 2011-06-08 Lewiston Lake is back to basics 2011-06-07 Shasta Lake report…S.O.S! 2011-06-07 Limits plus at Davis Lake 2011-06-07 Team Reno takes 4th at Don Pedro 2011-06-07 “June-uary” now over? 2011-06-07 “June-uary” now over? 2011-06-07 Better days and better fishing 2011-06-06 Salmon slow, so? 2011-06-06 Black Butte giving up bass, catfish 2011-06-06 Reaction bite coming to Oroville 2011-06-06 Shelter Cove fishing hot again 2011-06-05 Davis Lake rainbows taking spoons   2011-06-04 Oregonians get wild Coho season 2011-06-04 Free fishing in S. Oregon June 11-12 2011-06-04 Willie Mays' godson takes Sac striper 2011-06-04 Trinity Lake bass are cold 2011-06-02 Clear Lake fishing rated fair 2011-06-01 Mother’s finest do the trick 2011-06-01 Striper fishing on the Sacramento 2011-06-01 Collins has “bows,” crappies & “gills” 2011-06-01 Bucks Lake beautiful and productive   2011-06-01 Klamath salmon action heating up 2011-06-01 Lake Oroville almost rained out 2011-06-01 Galesville bass picking up 2011-05-31 Save our salmon: Oppose H.R. 1837 2011-05-31 Hat Creek kind to our buddies 2011-05-27 Free Fishing Day at Hyatt Lake 2011-05-26 Lake Oroville and the wacky rig 2011-05-26 Phil’s Props Sidewalk Sale is 5/27-28   2011-05-25 Shasta Lake bass active 2011-05-25 Shasta bass on the rocks 2011-05-25 Shasta trout not to be forgotten 2011-05-25 Zebra mussels found in Ashland 2011-05-25 Salmon off coast, anglers scarce 2011-05-25 C.A.S.T. visits Collins and scores   2011-05-25 Whiskeytown Kokes still on fire 2011-05-24 Bear crosses Lake Oroville 2011-05-24 Kokanee cooperate at Stampede 2011-05-24 Big Bass producing big bass 2011-05-23 Trout fishing good on the Feather 2011-05-23 “Rogue Valley lakes ready” -- ODFW 2011-05-23 Colusa area lonely 2011-05-23 Update on Howard Prairie open 2011-05-23 Berryessa bass go on the bite for Sid 2011-05-23 Bullard’s Bar bass best bet 2011-05-23 Lake Davis best in decade   2011-05-21 Nail Benders won with 14+ pounds 2011-05-21 Gimme Shelter V a huge success 2011-05-20 Hot king bite off north coast 2011-05-19 Lake Oroville angler boats 100 2011-05-19 Trolling best bet at Davis Lake 2011-05-19 Sac River stripers on the move 2011-05-19 Trout at Trinity inlets 2011-05-19 Fish Shasta Lake willows 2011-05-19 Lewiston Lake in good shape 2011-05-19 Trolling for Ta Ta’s June 4 2011-05-19 Lake Oroville derby starts again 2011-05-19 Team Pure Luck takes Coho tourney 2011-05-19 Combo launch passes available 2011-05-19 Help protect our waters 2011-05-19 Nail benders compete Saturday 2011-05-19 Salmon opener shows promise- DFG 2011-05-19 "May" be snow fish? 2011-05-18 Trinidad openers slow & slower   2011-05-16 Selecting fish attractants 2011-05-16 Eagle Lake up only slightly 2011-05-16 Humboldt Bay charter report 2011-05-15 The first day of salmon 2011-05-15 Whiskeytown Koke’s red hot 2011-05-13 Nice, easy day at Baum Lake 2011-05-13 Crappie turn on at Lake Britton 2011-05-13 USCGA to demo air recovery 2011-05-12 Suit aims to stop salmon fishing 2011-05-12 Big Striper on the Feather 2011-05-12 Bowfishers to compete June 4-5 2011-05-12 Kid’s wish granted 2011-05-12 Modoc has plenty of water at last   2011-05-12 “Yaks” at Shelter Cove May 13-15 2011-05-11 Salmon, rockfish seasons to open 2011-05-11 ODFW Recreation Report 2011-05-11 CA Groundfish Regs in effect 2011-05-11 Hat Creek putting out hefty trout 2011-05-10 Wind subdues Berryessa bite 2011-05-10 Clear Lake ready for “Cat” Derby 2011-05-10 12-pound trout is tops at Collins 2011-05-10 Upper Rogue salmon take "Pink" 2011-05-10 Lake Davis in good shape 2011-05-10 Lake Oroville spots are hot 2011-05-10 Shasta pumping out nice rainbows 2011-05-09 Feather River steelheading slows 2011-05-09 A wrap on North Coast River fishing 2011-05-09 Latest: Cove has record king day 2011-05-08 Shad, “The poor man’s Tarpon” 2011-05-07 Bait Buttons: Hot new product   2011-05-07 New 9" Sling Blade for saltwater fish   2011-05-07 Cassel and Baum Lake producing 2011-05-06 Lake Oroville alive and well 2011-05-06 20-inch rainbows!  Lower Hat!! 2011-05-06 New bait hammers Shasta fish 2011-05-06 Trinity Bass slow due to high flows   2011-05-06 Lewiston fishable despite flows 2011-05-06 Trinity River “STAY AWAY” 2011-05-06 Fish the willows at Shasta! 2011-05-06 Lake Davis Rainbows on the prowl 2011-05-06 Iron Canyon producing nice trout 2011-05-06 "Minnows & Stripers" = Super Action 2011-05-06 Whiskeytown Kokanee on fire 2011-05-06 Kids Fishing Days set 2011-05-06 Great spring for Umpqua smallies 2011-05-06 Conditions hamper halibut opener 2011-05-05 Upwelling explained 2011-05-05 Join HASA! 2011-05-05 HASA pushes for artificial reefs 2011-05-05 Reel Steel fishing report 2011-05-05 Many mixed bags at Collins 2011-05-05 Whiskeytown Kokanee on tap 2011-05-02 Pyramid Lake almost blown away 2011-05-02 Day-one leaders win Shasta tourney 2011-05-01 16.05 lbs takes Day 1 at USFS Derby 2011-05-01 Cool nights slow Clear Lake Bass 2011-05-01 Open bass tourney set for Howard 2011-04-29 ODFW Family Fish Days set 2011-04-29 May: A flurry of 'opening days' 2011-04-28 Collins Lake makes “kids” happy 2011-04-28 Lewiston kicking out nice trout 2011-04-28 Beware of Trinity water releases 2011-04-28 Trinity Lake nearly full 2011-04-28 Colusa: “Fishing’s Quad-Fecta” 2011-04-28 Am. River to get 3 million smolts 2011-04-28 RFA calls for boycott of Safeway 2011-04-27 Lake Oroville finally steady 2011-04-26 Rain soaks “Kid’s Fish Day” 2011-04-24 Trinity Bass bite on upswing 2011-04-24 Hat Creek businesses optimistic 2011-04-24 Shasta bass/trout bite improve 2011-04-24 Troll Rapala Shad Raps 2011-04-24 Trout opener round-up looks good 2011-04-24 Steelhead available on the Feather 2011-04-24 Recycle your line 2011-04-24 Stripers moving into Colusa area 2011-04-23 Davis Lake slow 2011-04-23 Lewiston Lake quiet 2011-04-23 ODFW offers fishing guide book 2011-04-22 New pond opens near Chiloquin 2011-04-22 Rumor quashed at Trinity Hatchery   2011-04-22 Inland salmon seasons restored 2011-04-21 Repeat ab poacher gets slammed 2011-04-21 Hooked on fishing 2011-04-21 Giant bass from tiny Agate 2011-04-20 Big Daddy rips Almanor Browns 2011-04-20 Lake Oroville derby starts again 2011-04-19 Fly Shop Open House is April 29 2011-04-19 Shelter Cove still hot for Chinook 2011-04-19 Plants set for Lewiston 2011-04-18 OR DFW seeks input on salmon   2011-04-18 Drifters target Trinity Browns 2011-04-18 Shelter Cove salmon big & plenty 2011-04-18 DFG rescues 46 sturgeon at weirs 2011-04-18 Nellie Griffith: Marine Radio Maven 2011-04-18 No Lucky Strikes on Almanor 2011-04-18 Salmon biting in Dry Creek arm 2011-04-17 Baum Lake slows 2011-04-17 Trinity trout hot; bass improving 2011-04-17 Springer salmon at Weitchpec 2011-04-16 Official word on salmon seasons 2011-04-14 Fun at Lake Grace 2011-04-14 Anglers asked to contact NMFS 2011-04-14 Browns on the rip at Lake Almanor 2011-04-13 Almanor disappoints trollers 2011-04-13 PFMC adopts May 14 salmon opener 2011-04-13 Kittles Striper Derby is April 16 2011-04-12 Hot King bite at Shelter Cove   2011-04-12 Coho Challenge is May 14/15   2011-04-11 Sac yielding some big stripers 2011-04-11 Middle/south forks best at Oroville 2011-04-11 Feather striper traffic jam 2011-04-11 Feather steelhead, not done yet 2011-04-11 Trinity Bass on the verge 2011-04-08 Shasta Bass awaken 2011-04-08 Phil’s to host seminar 2011-04-08 Shasta trout still cooperating 2011-04-08 Inclement weather hampers Baum 2011-04-08 Davis Lake ice free “but”... 2011-04-08 Shelter Cove kings available 2011-04-07 TRGA wants Trinity Coho season 2011-04-07 Feather Stripers “En Fuego” 2011-04-07 Topaz Derby nets big trout 2011-04-07 Clear Lake kicking them out 2011-04-06 Update: Record spot out of Shasta? 2011-04-06 Update on Shelter Cove kings 2011-04-06 Umpqua Rivers hard to fish 2011-04-05 Clear Lake is almost ready 2011-04-03 Kids of all ages score at Collins 2011-04-03 Bast takes bass for the Pack!  2011-04-03 Oroville bass will take some time 2011-04-01 Happy Days are here again! 2011-04-01 Seas, slide slam salmon opener 2011-03-31 Baum Lake still good choice 2011-03-31 Trinity Lake Trout outstanding 2011-03-31 High flows continue to hamper 2011-03-31 Topaz Derby trout get bigger   2011-03-31 Shasta Lake Captain's Log 2011-03-31 Red abalone season opens April 1 2011-03-31 Finally, Shasta Bass get angry 2011-03-31 Trinity may get 11,000 cfs release 2011-03-31 KMZ Salmon opener by May 7? 2011-03-30 Kittles Striper Derby is April 16 2011-03-29 Salmon season opening clarified 2011-03-29 Trinity River RP hits snag 2011-03-27 Sacramento River is expecting 2011-03-27 “Lost” Steelhead show on Umpqua 2011-03-25 Collins Lake great despite rain 2011-03-25 Endangered Coho return to Russian 2011-03-25 Salmon trucking works well 2011-03-25 Baum Lake good, but…   2011-03-24 Tough fishing at Emigrant 2011-03-23 High flows pay dividends later 2011-03-23 Clamming Humboldt Bay 2011-03-23 Keswick releases close river 2011-03-21 Get ready for Lake Oroville   2011-03-20 Salmon need your help   2011-03-18 Lake releases increase   2011-03-18 Baum continues to produce 2011-03-18 High flows stifle sturgeon bite 2011-03-18 Rain doesn't dampen Clear Lake   2011-03-18 Rain puts kibosh on steelhead 2011-03-18 Titan trout tantalizes at Collins 2011-03-18 53 Topaz trout top 2 lbs "Oops" 2011-03-18 Bass bite encouragement 2011-03-17 Water releases impact rivers 2011-03-16 The redbud are blooming 2011-03-16 Eagle Lake Tribs Break Loose 2011-03-16 Great Outdoors = Great Deals 2011-03-16 Mind your boating manners 2011-03-14 Spring comes to Eagle Lake 2011-03-14 List of waters OK for planting 2011-03-14 April 2 salmon opener to save $8.2B 2011-03-14 Glow bug and pink worm works   2011-03-14 Lake Oroville still putting out 2011-03-14 Tsunami damages coast 2011-03-12 Catching at Lake Almanor   2011-03-12 Shasta Bass improving slowly 2011-03-12 Baum Lake sizzles 2011-03-11 Thermalito Afterbay for bass 2011-03-11 Lots of sturgeon in Colusa area 2011-03-11 Trinity Steelhead not done yet 2011-03-11 Trinity Lake; Trout best bet 2011-03-11 Cripplure takes honors at Collins 2011-03-11 Salmon season may begin 4/2 2011-03-10 Planting of Grace Lake to start 2011-03-10 Ocean salmon options look good 2011-03-10 Robust return to Sac expected 2011-03-10 Shasta bass bite improving? 2011-03-09 Are you using the right knots? 2011-03-09 Topaz cold and hot 2011-03-07 Lake McCumber OK for planting 2011-03-07 S. Fork Coquille is full 2011-03-07 Baum Lake Browns on prowl 2011-03-05 New steelies rally Trinity run 2011-03-05 Trinity bass slow, trout good 2011-03-05 Shasta Lake bass remain the same 2011-03-05 Trout best option at Shasta 2011-03-05 Phil’s Props has great show deals 2011-03-05 River changes slow sturgeon catch 2011-03-05 One million+ Chinook off coast 2011-03-04 HASA to attend salmon meeting 2011-03-04 Help HASA protect your fishing 2011-03-04 4.8 lb “Bow” tops Collins catch 2011-03-03 Tui Chub hex haunts Pyramid trip 2011-03-03 Reliving the joys of bank fishing 2011-03-03 Shasta Lake Kings scattered 2011-03-02 Feather River striper alert 2011-03-01 Lake Oroville, take it to the bank 2011-03-01 Clear Lake: jumbo minnows best 2011-03-01 North Coast: Cold conditions expected 2011-02-25 Shasta Bass woes continue 2011-02-25 Shasta trout still good 2011-02-25 Baum trout good if… 2011-02-25 Upper Sac questionable 2011-02-25 Trout in the snow? 2011-02-25 Lewiston Lake quiet 2011-02-25 Kid’s R fishing, April 23 2011-02-25 Fly shops for hair fashions? 2011-02-25 Free Hummingbird Seminar 2011-02-25 Salmon run makes U-turn? 2011-02-25 Topaz trout payoff despite cold 2011-02-24 Baum Lake still delivering 2011-02-22 Take plastics to Shasta 2011-02-22 Trolling is ticket on big waters 2011-02-22 Is it necessary to get stinky? 2011-02-22 17.8 pound Cutt swallows Lil Seizer 2011-02-22 Fish Finder tips for FREE! 2011-02-21 Rain excites anglers 2011-02-18 Smith, Chetco best for weekend 2011-02-17 Topaz results up over 2010 2011-02-17 Spots tight-lipped at Lake Oroville 2011-02-16 Lake Almanor: Troll through tackle bag 2011-02-16 Lake Almanor in the spring pattern 2011-02-14 Making bait for salmon or “butts” 2011-02-11 Rain on way, steelheaders rejoice 2011-02-11 Britton produces large brown 2011-02-11 Low water slows Umpqua bite 2011-02-09 Future Pro Tour starts March 12 2011-02-09 Gray Lodge C.A.S.T. is April 30 2011-02-09 Pyramid Lake Captain’s Log 2/6 2011-02-09 Weather helps Topaz anglers 2011-02-08 Jumbo minnows work at Clear Lake 2011-02-08 A tale of two lakes and... 2011-02-07 Sac Chinook return looks good 2011-02-07 K/T Chinook returns are fair 2011-02-07 Collins: 750 lbs of trophies planted 2011-02-06 Lake Oroville: excuse the profanity 2011-02-05 Baum Lake produces 13-pounder 2011-02-04 North Coast: steelhead still biting 2011-02-04 Mad River is “chromer” hot spot 2011-02-03 Smith River steelie almost 17 lbs 2011-02-03 Commissioners frustrated with MLPA 2011-02-03 MISSING PERSON ALERT -- YREKA 2011-02-02 Cash in at Topaz Trout Derby 2011-02-02 Lake Almanor tough in wind 2011-02-02 Bass still tough on Shasta 2011-02-01 Trinity Lake Bass show 2011-02-01 Trinity River catches vary 2011-02-01 Oppose Rogers for F&GC 2011-02-01 Feather Steelhead should pick up 2011-01-31 Eel, Mad best for weekend 2011-01-28 Clear Lake: not much good news 2011-01-28 Collins Lake: Trout stocking moved up 2011-01-27 Sturgeon frenzy in Sacramento 2011-01-27 More money fish at Topaz 2011-01-26 Shasta Lake Bassin’ still tough 2011-01-25 Shasta Lake trout ticket to buy 2011-01-25 Trinity County offers more options 2011-01-25 Lake Oroville slowing but still going 2011-01-25 Thank you one and all 2011-01-25 Pols back unified North Coast plan 2011-01-22 Big fish, bigger crowds 2011-01-22 Prime time for steelhead 2011-01-21 Topaz delivers 4.6 lb. bow 2011-01-19 Captain's Logs: Topaz/Pyramid 2011-01-19 Trinity River Steelies spotty 2011-01-19 Fishing Freshwater Lagoon 2011-01-19 Steelhead planted in lake 2011-01-19 Southern Oregon rivers flooding 2011-01-17 Stars align; coastal rivers shaped up 2011-01-16 Michels wire-to-wire win 2011-01-16 Local anglers do well at Shasta 2011-01-16 Anglers struggle at Shasta 2011-01-16 Collegiate Bass Fishing? 2011-01-16 Fishing the North Coast: Steelhead options hinge on rain 2011-01-16 Free Kids Fishing Day is April 9 2011-01-16 New Rapala plug trolls deeper 2011-01-16 New! Wacky weed-less hooks 2011-01-16 Jackall Seira Minnow breathes 2011-01-16 GGSA seeks CV salmon recovery 2011-01-16 Plastics, plastics, plastics 2011-01-14 Rumors of sturgeon 2011-01-14 Trinity steelheading spotty 2011-01-14 We interrupt Shasta Trout fishing to… 2011-01-14 Captain's Log, Pyramid Lake 2011-01-14 Michels Dominates Day 2 2011-01-14 Collins Lake: Catching kids, catching trout 2011-01-13 River access project honors Reginato 2011-01-13 4-8 “Smith steelies” per day – Kevin Brock 2011-01-13 Expect 15-min. delay at Pit River Bridge 2011-01-13 Michels, Day One FLW leader 2011-01-13 Chetco steelies make great show 2011-01-12 Yellowfin Tuna: It doesn't get any better 2011-01-12 More money fish caught at Topaz 2011-01-11 Bundle up, be prepared to work at Clear Lake 2011-01-11 Don’t make Afterbay an afterthought 2011-01-11 North Umpqua Steelhead 2011-01-09 Try Sierra ice fishing! 2011-01-08 DFG Report Cards due 2011-01-08 Oppose reappointment of F&G commissioner Rogers 2011-01-08 Southern Oregon rivers: Fun by boat or foot 2011-01-08 Umpqua bank anglers see increase in catches 2011-01-08 South Umpqua prime for drifters 2011-01-08 Shasta Pro’s searching for winning patterns 2011-01-08 Jigs a Shasta option 2011-01-08 Trout and salmon limits easy at Shasta 2011-01-08 Whiskeytown Lake bass a guarded secret 2011-01-08 Baum Lake still producing 2011-01-08 Davis Lake for Rainbows on ice 2011-01-08 Solid Trinity River steelheading on tap 2011-01-08 It's steelhead time on North Coast 2011-01-06 Ricky Ray throws TD against Shasta Bass 2011-01-05 4.7 lb Rainbow tops Topaz Lake opener 2011-01-05 Shasta Trout very cooperative 2011-01-04 Coastal rivers all coming into nice shape 2011-01-04 MyOutdoorBuddy to launch radio show 2011-01-04 Captain's Log (Topaz Lake), Jan. 1: Money rainbows in the snow 2011-01-04 Smith River Steelhead – “three days left open” says guide 2011-01-04 Troll the top 20 for Shasta Trout 2011-01-02 Baum Lake, still a consistent producer 2011-01-02 Darrah Springs DFG hatchery rearing ponds full 2011-01-02 Sturgeon biting near Sac International Airport 2011-01-02 Shasta Lake Bass fishing is tough 2011-01-02 Frigid weather good for Upper Klamath steelies 2011-01-02 Feather River New Year Forecast 2011-01-01 Collins Lake, Jan. 1: Rain, runoff & holdovers make for great fishing 2011-01-01 Fishing the North Coast, Dec. 30: Smith, Chetco look good for weekend; Upper Trinity remains fishable 2010-12-30 Change it up for the Trinity River 2010-12-30 “Oregon River season spectacular; more on way” – Jon Geyer 2010-12-28 12/27: 55 lb Smith River Chinook taken on 10 lb test Maxima 2010-12-28 Eagle Lake ramps a tough skate/sled 2010-12-27 Christmas & steelhead on the Coquille River 2010-12-26 Steelhead weather ahead on Trinity – John Letton, Indian Creek Lodge 2010-12-25 If you want to see spots go to Lake Oroville 2010-12-24 New in-stream flows along Pit River for 2011; Clark Creek Road to reopen 12/31 2010-12-24 When to fish the South Fork of the Coquille River 2010-12-24 Steelhead fishing still good on Upper Klamath 2010-12-24 Large steelhead taken from Smith 12-16/17 2010-12-21 Hwy. 299W partially blocked east of Helena 2010-12-21 Topaz Lake trout opener and derby starts New Year’s Day 2010-12-20 Fishing for ideas for holiday gifts? Buy a 2011 license for your favorite angler 2010-12-20 Southern Oregon’s Pride 2010-12-19 Custom wrapped fishing rods an Ideal Christmas Gift 2010-12-18 13 lb steelhead highlights Trinity River action 2010-12-18 Davis Lake still has some open water 2010-12-18 Ramps still open at Eagle Lake – Val Aubrey 2010-12-18 High Five Bait and Tackle Christmas specials 2010-12-17 Low and slow for Shasta Bass 2010-12-17 Shasta Trout near surface at dam & McCloud/Sac arms 2010-12-17 Deep swimbaits take Bullard’s Bar Bass 2010-12-17 Phil’s Propellers has excellent Christmas bargains 2010-12-17 Feather River Steelhead slow 2010-12-17 Natomas big mouth nice 'n hefty 2010-12-17 Lower Sac flows at 15,000 CFS 2010-12-17 Great Christmas Specials at Great Outdoors for Hunters & Anglers 2010-12-17 Shasta trout loving those streamers 2010-12-17 Eagle Lake: Ice busted at Spalding Ramp  -- Val Aubrey 2010-12-15 Some dealers to stop selling hunting & fishing licenses 2010-12-15 F&GC approves South Coast Marine Protected Areas 2010-12-15 12 percent of Southern California’s recreational ocean fishery closed by MLPA 2010-12-15 Fishing the North Coast, Dec. 16: Sonar technology comes to the Smith River; others muddy, more rain on the way 2010-12-15 Baum Lake a consistent late fall/winter producer 2010-12-13 Feather River steelheading is slow 2010-12-13 UPDATE: Spalding and ELM Ramps now open at Eagle Lake Val Aubrey 2010-12-10 Update: Buying your 2011 California Fishing License: New Look -New Format It's easy says one angler 2010-12-10 Shasta bassing, lots of small fish 2010-12-10 Trinity River conditions approaching ideal for steelhead 2010-12-10 Jig and float on Hydrofloat line, a deadly steelie combination 2010-12-10 Free shipping on Qualia Reels ordered in December 2010-12-09 Finning Folly Sharks: Misunderstood & mercilessly punished 2010-12-09 Fishing the North Coast, Dec. 9: Smith still giving up fresh kings; latest storm falls apart, good news for local rivers 2010-12-09 Where are you fishing on Shasta in 2011? 2010-12-09 Pyramid Lake Captain's Log, 12/4: 13 Cutts averaging 3 pounds 2010-12-07 Still looking for Christmas gift ideas? Try these 2010-12-07 Cold and snow dont stop Upper Klamath steelhead 2010-12-06 41-pound striper taken in Rio Vista Slough 2010-12-06 Sacramento River Salmon reports vary 2010-12-05 Steelhead option good on the Sacramento River; stripers from Decker Island to Broad Slough 2010-12-05 Steelhead present north of Red Bluff 2010-12-05 Trinity steelhead plentiful from Weitchpec to Lewiston 2010-12-04 Baum Lake pretty good even in the rain 2010-12-04 Feather River steelhead fishing is slow 2010-12-04 Fishing the North Coast: Dec. 2: Steelhead time on the North Coast 2010-12-03 Endangered Russian River Coho Plant sets record 2010-12-03 Land-locked King Salmon 101 a primer on catching north state Kings 2010-12-01 Trinity River Captains Log 11/26: Tips for steelheaders who fish but once a year 2010-11-30 33-pound bright male King taken at Knights Landing; striper fishing hot near Pittsburg 2010-11-28 Salmon runs get torpedoed by the Bureau and DWR Water4Fish 2010-11-28 11-24: Steely determination pays off on Upper Klamath 2010-11-25 Fishing the North Coast, Nov. 21: Local rivers muddy Smith, Chetco best bet for weekend 2010-11-24 WCF plans four trout/salmon tournaments for north state 2010-11-24 Sacramento River Salmon a zero 2010-11-24 Steelhead push into the Trinity 2010-11-24 Steelhead push into the Trinity 2010-11-24 Phils Propellers is holding 3-Day Sale 2010-11-23 Get paid for fishing: Topaz Lodge tagged fish derby starts New Year’s Day 2010-11-23 Steelhead still around on the Feather River 2010-11-23 Feather River Basin news -- Oroville a tough fish 2010-11-23 Frenchmans Lake, Captains Log 11/20: Snow fishing is better than no fishing 2010-11-23 Salmon fishing picking up in the Grimes Area 2010-11-19 Baum Lake still fishing well, Britton has shut off 2010-11-19 Lewiston Lake gets triploid rainbows for trout pens 2010-11-19 Davis Lake may be cold but the fishings hot 2010-11-19 Trinity River.Yes, No and Maybe 2010-11-18 Trout available for shore anglers at Trinity Lake 2010-11-18 "Weather" or not? Shasta may turn; Coleman meets egg quota; jack counts bode well for 2011 2010-11-18 Photo of the Month: Spey-Gee Point Sky 2010-11-18 Shasta Lake trout pens stocked by DFG 2010-11-18 Fishing the North Coast, Nov. 18: Rains on the way, king bite should improve; Sport crab still going strong 2010-11-18 Stampede Reservoir Captain's Log, 11/13: Tough fish on cold day; take extra care 2010-11-16 Drift boat rowing lesson produces largest steelhead of year 2010-11-15 Fishing the North Coast, Nov 10: The importance of river level gauges; Smith, Chetco pumping out fresh kings 2010-11-13 Trinity River Salmon and Steelhead spread out 2010-11-13 Salmon fishing in Colusa Area picking up 2010-11-13 Late Fall Salmon Run in full effect around Los Molinas 2010-11-13 Lake Shasta bassing tough 2010-11-13 Upper Klamath: Nice steelhead & hen salmon warm up frosty day 2010-11-13 Baum Lake very consistent 2010-11-13 Have you tried trolling flies? Heres why you should! 2010-11-11 Swimbaits for “Snowbirds” 2010-11-11 Collins Lake, Nov. 10: Plants draw big crowds, lots of limits 2010-11-11 General Trout Season closes 11/15...but it's not over! 2010-11-10 Color is key to catching fish 2010-11-10 Upper Klamath still on fire for steely-trout 2010-11-08 Lake Almanor Captains Log 11/06: A Tribute to the Second Mate 2010-11-08 Fishing the North Coast, Nov. 5: Chetco opens early, Smith needs rain; Sport Dungeness crab season opened 11/6 2010-11-06 14.7-pound Baum Lake rainbow is big news 2010-11-06 EPA denies petition banning lead in fishing gear -- Center for Biodiversity strikes out; Anglers win one 2010-11-06 2005, AGAIN! Royal Polaris hits Yellowfin hog hangout, 11/5 2010-11-06 Anglers took over 2000 adult fall-run Chinook on Lower Klamath 2010-11-06 Collins Lake, Nov. 4: 2nd of five plants made 2010-11-06 Great Outdoors/Redding puts on tackle sale 2010-11-03 Pyramid Lake Captains Log 10/30: The Perfect Storm 2010-11-02 Shasta Lake fishing patterns changing 2010-11-01 Middle Sacramento River Zone open for salmon to 12/12 2010-11-01 American River now open to salmon anglers 2010-11-01 Lewiston Lake big trout just waiting 2010-11-01 Salmon slow in Colusa area; waterfowl targeted 2010-11-01 Shasta Lake Bassing improves with cooling weather 2010-10-31 Collins Lake, Oct. 29: First of five trout plants arrive 2010-10-30 Fresh rain translates to fresh fish on the Trinity 2010-10-30 Anything works at Baum Lake 2010-10-30 Fishing the North Coast, Oct. 29: Smith River salmon opener As good as it gets 2010-10-29 PG&E to increase flows below Lake Britton Dam to calibrate new flow valve 2010-10-29 Dungeness Crab sport season opens 11/6 2010-10-28 American River salmon fishing begins October 30 2010-10-28 Blue Ribbon Task Force forwards north coast MPA to F&GC 2010-10-28 Upper Klamath report: steelhead and Thanksgiving Dinner 2010-10-27 Lake Shasta gets more King Salmon 2010-10-27 Davis Lake Captains Log, 10/23 -- A Pig falls to "The Captain." 2010-10-25 Epic battle on Upper Klamath; "half-pounders" aplenty 2010-10-22 Fishing the North Coast, Oct. 22: A tuna trip of a lifetime; rain in the forecast, Smith River should open 2010-10-22 Crisis not over on CV System Dick Pool, Water4Fish 2010-10-22 Shasta Lake Trout Derby, Captain's Log 10/14-17 2010-10-21 Collins Lake, Oct. 20: Anglers take over; primed for trout plants 2010-10-20 Shasta Lake Trout Derby won by Reddings Dennis Partlow 2010-10-18 Water4Fish fights great odds to help our salmon 2010-10-17 Shasta Lake Bass tough, trout on the prowl 2010-10-15 Trinity Salmon hitting spinners 2010-10-15 Lewiston Lake is fishing well early 2010-10-15 Positive Sacramento River Salmon Opener reports continue 2010-10-15 Burney Region a best bet 2010-10-15 Davis Lake Trout fishing on the upswing 2010-10-15 Clear Lake Bass bite tough for many 2010-10-15 Fresh run of fish could make Upper Klamath good through November 2010-10-15 Fishing the North Coast: A fine line between a good and great day; Chetco, Smith and Eel waiting for rain 2010-10-14 Clear Lake report, Oct. 14: Bass are looking for juvenile bass, crappie, and bluegill 2010-10-14 10th annual Shasta Lake Trout Derby is this weekend 2010-10-14 Tuna bust wide open off Shelter Cove/Eureka AGAIN! 2010-10-14 Salmon: Creel counts taper off at mouth of Klamath, but 2010-10-14 Lake Almanor Captains Log 10/9-10 2010-10-13 First-hand Report - Rio Vista Striper Derby 2010-10-13 Big salmon on Upper Klamath 2010-10-13 Early salmon results positive on Sac River 2010-10-12 Tagged trout worth $10K has grip on Lake Camanche 2010-10-12 Almanor Report: 10/9-10: Watch for the birds and pond smelt 2010-10-11 10-pound Burney trout from Baum Lake 2010-10-11 Collins Lake, Oct. 8: Limits taken; fall trout plants to start soon 2010-10-09 Upper Klamath River, Oct. 6: Seven for ten, 78F, sunny day 2010-10-09 Lower Klamath mouth was sanded up; salmon waiting to enter 2010-10-09 Fishing the North Coast, Oct. 8: Big weekend tides could help local rivers; Ocean anglers looking to get back on the halibut 2010-10-09 More on Eagle Lake, Oct. 6: A first hand report 2010-10-09 Union Valley Reservoir, Captains Log, 10/2-3 2010-10-06 Humboldts Freshwater Lagoon good for rainbows 2010-10-06 Salmon surge into Upper Klamath 2010-10-05 Lake Oroville Cohos Plump and Cooperative 2010-10-05 Feather River SteelheadIts On! 2010-10-05 Future Pro Tour finishes 2010 season at Lake Camanche 2010-10-05 Fishing Bailey Creek in the good old days 2010-10-05 Eagle Lake Trout and Almanor Fishing Association 2010-10-05 Gov. Schwarzenegger plays musical chairs with F&G Commission 2010-10-05 Plants stopped at Grace/Nora Lakes 2010-10-05 Overfishing? What does it mean? 2010-10-04 Fishing & Diving Tourney set for Oct. 9 2010-10-04 Sacramento Superior Court rules in favor of Anglers 2010-10-04 Expect higher flows in Pit 3 Bypass Reach until mid-April 2010-10-04 Upper Klamath River, Oct. 2: Weather warm, salmon plentiful 2010-10-03 Shingletown Angler wins $10,000 at Pyramid Lake Derby 2010-10-03 Salmon plentiful on the Trinity 2010-10-03 Lewiston Lake trout fishing improves 2010-10-03 Go deep for salmon on Shasta Lake 2010-10-03 Bass fishing remains unchanged as Shasta Lake 2010-10-03 Davis Lake Trollers find success 2010-10-03 Early Scouting trip shows Salmon in the Sacramento system 2010-10-03 The Bartoo Navy finds success at McCloud Reservoir 2010-10-03 Upper Sac and Lower McCloud fishing well 2010-10-03 Collins Lake, Oct. 1: Five weeks; five trout plants; trout & catfishing great now 2010-10-03 Fishing the North Coast, Sept. 30: Revenge tastes a lot like salmon 2010-09-30 Stampede Reservoir Captain's Log, 9/25 2010-09-28 Guides report great Lower Klamath fishing for kings 2010-09-28 Sudden dismissal of new F&G Commissioner shows Schwarzenegger's true colors 2010-09-28 North Coast RSG MPA Proposal available online 2010-09-28 Does anyone have a scale? 10 pound Baum Lake Rainbow 2010-09-26 Yellowtail add spice to offshore action 2010-09-25 Middle Klamath is salmon haven; angler heaven 2010-09-25 Trout plentiful at Casselbut not always willing 2010-09-21 Weekend Rains bring more fish into the Trinity System 2010-09-21 Shasta Tackle's Gary Miralles to hold trolling seminars 2010-09-20 Shasta Lake Trout Derby October 16 and 17 2010-09-20 Davis Lake: changing with the seasons 2010-09-20 Book now for Sac River Late Fall Salmon trips 2010-09-20 Lewiston Lake slow for bait and lure anglers 2010-09-20 Trinity River Salmon active 2010-09-20 Trinity Lake Trout at inlets best bet 2010-09-20 Shasta Lake bass taking jigs at 25-35 feet 2010-09-20 Bass tournament to benefit Special Olympics 2010-09-20 Lake Almanor good for mixed bag on East Shore 2010-09-20 Lake Almanor Captains Log 9/18-19 2010-09-20 Upper Klamath River: Salmon from net to BBQ 2010-09-20 PSO Supports North Coast Unified Array Proposal 2010-09-17 Collins Lake, Sept 17: Fall trout plants set 2010-09-17 Fishing the North Coast, Sept 16: Tuna fever hits the North Coast 2010-09-16 Jacksons Meadows Captain's Log 9/11-12 -- Rainbow Heaven 2010-09-16 Tuna window opens again off Central/North Central Coast 2010-09-15 Feather River Hatchery expects good early returns of salmon 2010-09-14 RFA endorses Unified Array for North Coast MLPA 2010-09-13 Topaz Lake closes Sept. 30; other great waters are nearby 2010-09-13 Bucks Lake Kokanee staging for spawn 2010-09-12 Feather River Steelhead & Salmon put on show 2010-09-12 Lake Oroville slow; bass tough, Coho an option 2010-09-12 Trinity Lake Trout still at tributaries 2010-09-12 Shasta Lake bass at 25-35 feet for dart heads/plastics 2010-09-12 Trout stockings return to popular water 2010-09-12 Salmon season set to take off on Upper Klamath 2010-09-12 Klamath at Weitchpec: Half-pounders & small adult steelhead 2010-09-11 Gov. Schwarzenegger names new F&G Commissioner 2010-09-11 Oppose the Proposed Federal Ban on Lead in Fishing Tackle 2010-09-10 Fishing the North Coast, Sept. 9: Roller coaster season on the ocean; Klamath River Salmon bite improves 2010-09-10 New Lodge being built in Old Station 2010-09-10 Pyramid Lake Lahontan Cutthroat Trout opener slated for Oct. 1 2010-09-10 Tips and Techniques: New Line Issues 2010-09-09 First Annual Camanche Derby Day is 10/30 2010-09-07 Lake Davis/Antelope Lake Captain's Log 9/4-6: Hitting the sweet spot! 2010-09-07 Collins Lake, Sept. 2 Variety for anglers of all ages 2010-09-06 Please consider Catch & Release (C&R) fishing 2010-09-06 "Salmon nearing Upper Klamath" SC Guide Service 2010-09-06 Campground heists & big brookies highlight Hat Creek 2010-09-05 Upper Sacramento River full of options 2010-09-02 Whiskeytown Kokanee and Shasta Trout 2010-09-02 Lake Oroville Coho bite returns 2010-09-02 Feather River Steelhead in Low Flow Section 2010-09-02 Shasta Lake Bass: Slow 2010-09-02 Trinity River and Lake Report 2010-09-02 Davis Lake Report 2010-09-02 Fishing the North Coast, Sept. 2: Lots of angling options for holiday weekend 2010-09-02 Inter-mountain choices, crappies, bass or trout 2010-09-01 Upper Hat Creek, Big brood stock in the mix 2010-09-01 List of waters being planted by DFG 2010-09-01 Heenan Lake Fishery now open 2010-09-01 Head to the lake (or River or Ocean) on Free Fishing Day 2010-09-01 Waters released for trout stocking by DFG 2010-09-01 Pardee/New Hogan Captain's Log, 8/29-30/2010 2010-08-31 Chesbro votes Aye on measures detrimental to fishermen 2010-08-31 Sacramento salmon season not likely to satisfy anglers 2010-08-31 Anglers Going Deep At Lewiston 2010-08-30 Update August 30: Lake Almanor and Antelope Lake 2010-08-30 Steelie-trout out and active on balmy Upper Klamath 2010-08-29 Clear Lake Night fishing was paying off 2010-08-28 Collins Lake, Aug.26: 6 lb trout; 12 lb catfish top catch 2010-08-27 Fishing the North Coast, Aug. 27: Eureka salmon best bet for the weekend 2010-08-27 Water conditions at Klamath mouth favor salmon 2010-08-26 Salmon not showing near Weitchpec; steelhead slow as well 2010-08-26 Anglers going deep at Lewiston 2010-08-26 Stillwater fishing dilemma: The trout are hitting flies, but I dont have a fly rod! 2010-08-26 Tips for fishing Lake Davis, Captain's Log, 8/21-22 2010-08-25 Long range dreams 2010-08-25 Another great day to be a kid: Free Kids Fishing Day at Mt Shasta Hatchery 2010-08-23 Fishing under Lake Shasta Bridge pays off for Huckleberry 2010-08-22 Antelope & Almanor: Proof is in the photos 2010-08-21 Collins Lake, August 20: Trout, redear and catfish take spotlight 2010-08-20 Big Rainbows & Browns cooperate at McCloud 2010-08-19 Lake Almanor now for more experienced anglers 2010-08-19 Antelope Lake still family-perfect 2010-08-19 Didymo Alert: Another invasive species threatens our trout waters 2010-08-19 DFG planting at Grace Lake 2010-08-19 Fishing the North Coast, August 18 Rockfish bite hot, halibut slows off Eureka; Klamath River action heats up 2010-08-19 COVER STORY: Trolling Flies, Jay Fairs keys to success 2010-08-19 Real Fish Bait Co. adds five bluegill colors to swimbait line 2010-08-19 Whiskeytown Kokanee doing well 2010-08-18 Davis Lake action slows 2010-08-18 Lower Sacramento River Rainbow Trout success not exclusive to the fly fishing crowd 2010-08-18 Free Fly Fishing Fair open to the public October 2 2010-08-17 Stampede Reservoir Derby Day, Captains Log 8/13-15/2010 2010-08-17 Tuna show off Ft. Bragg, up to 18 per boat 2010-08-17 Shasta Lake in summer pattern 2010-08-13 Major highway project delays could affect anglers/hunters 2010-08-12 Trinity River and Lake: Not Like It Should Be 2010-08-12 Inter-mountain Report: Lake Britton, smallmouth and crappie really good 2010-08-12 Lewiston Lake quiet 2010-08-12 Hat Creek: Expect company on the weekends 2010-08-11 Salmon action picks up off Eureka GO DEEP! Really Deep! 2010-08-11 Sissy stuff may win Saturdays FTP Bass Brawl at Clear Lake 2010-08-11 Eagle, Almanor & Antelope providing great action 2010-08-10 Stampede Reservoir Captains Log Star Date 8/7-8/2010 2010-08-10 Brock gets Feather River salmon for clients 2010-08-09 KC Hydro asks DFG to stock regular trout at Kilarc 2010-08-08 High water temperature stymies Feather River opener 2010-08-06 Shasta Lake Fishing Safe! Dead trout result of thermal shock 2010-08-06 Transcript of Kilarc Public Meeting is available 2010-08-06 Feather River Salmon season opens (approx. 16 percent success rate) 2010-08-06 Catfishing takes patience and scouting -- Huckleberry Expeditions 2010-08-06 Stream fishing and cell phones: A tip for recovery for soaked cell phones 2010-08-06 Keep it simple to enjoy Shasta Lake bass -- Huckleberry Expeditions 2010-08-06 Fishing the North Coast: Eureka kings here and gone? Salmon, steelies move up the Klamath 2010-08-06 FTP Big Bass Brawl is August 14 2010-08-06 Buck's Lake Captains Log, Star Dates 7/30-8/1 2010 2010-08-06 Collins Lake, August 6: Catfish and family fun galore 2010-08-06 DFG updates Trout Plant Evaluations; adds Put & Grow list 2010-08-06 Victory for California Anglers: Benninghoven not confirmed for F&G Commission 2010-08-06 Kilarc: NMFS & CA DFG know not what they do! 2010-08-02 Burney Region fishing well 2010-07-31 Rogers Charters = Catching Days at Antelope 2010-07-31 Algae doesnt stop Clear Lake bassers 2010-07-30 Crappie turn on at Lake Britton Fall River Outfitters 2010-07-30 Eagle Lake trout taking Gulp fake minnows 2010-07-30 Trout everywhere in McCloud; Upper K good for trout, too 2010-07-30 Topaz Lake is full, beautiful and busy 2010-07-30 Collins Lake, July 29: Starring trout, pan fish and catfish 2010-07-30 Shasta Lake outlook good 2010-07-30 Lake McCloud producing nice trout 2010-07-30 Trinity trout best bet 2010-07-30 Lake Davis still producing 2010-07-30 Some stripers still in the Colusa area 2010-07-30 Great Outdoors in Redding expands the fishing department 2010-07-30 30-pound Trinity River Salmon at Indian Creek Lodge! 2010-07-30 Phil's Props 3-day no-sales-tax sidewalk sale is on NOW! 2010-07-29 Fishing the North Coast Coming full circle; Halibut bite goes wide-open Wednesday 2010-07-29 Neil Manji comes home; Named DFG Northern Region District Manager 2010-07-28 Captain's Log (Bucks Lake pre-fish) Star Date July 24/25 2010-07-27 Antelope Lake thick with planted trout 2010-07-27 Photos of the Month: 30 pound catfish 2010-07-27 Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers Newsletter, Summer 2010 2010-07-26 July 24: Another Lewiston Trout Derby is history 2010-07-24 Collins Lake, July 22: Trout and catfish 2010-07-23 FLASH JULY 22: Kilarc Reservoir approved for planting 2010-07-22 Citizen's letter to FERC states case clearly for retention of Kilarc Reservoir 2010-07-22 Medicine Lake is open and producing 2010-07-22 Trinity for salmon, Lower Sac for trout 2010-07-22 Whiskeytown Kokanee at mid-day 2010-07-22 Fishing the North Coast, July 22: Below average salmon return expected on the Klamath 2010-07-22 Captain's Log (Boca Reservoir) Star Date 7/17: Anglers beware! 2010-07-21 Snag Proof Open Preview show airs this Saturday! 2010-07-21 July 18: Guide still doing well on Almanor 2010-07-18 Pure joy and amazement -- Kids Fishing Day! 2010-07-18 July 17: Shasta bass, trout, salmon bite holds up 2010-07-17 Stranded Chinook Salmon successfully rescued from Butte Creek 2010-07-16 Burney Area Update: No change here, early or late works best 2010-07-16 Large stripers available from Bay to Colusa 2010-07-16 Trinity River salmon moving up; Lewiston Derby is July 24 2010-07-16 Fishing the North Coast, July 16: Where are the salmon? 2010-07-16 Louisiana reopens most state waters to recreational fishing 2010-07-16 Davis Lake Report, July 16: Listen Up! 2010-07-16 Tehama Creeks cleared for planting; Catch 22 2010-07-16 Another protest against privatization of ocean planned 2010-07-16 Almanor trip a dud for us 2010-07-16 July 16: Hat Creek performs as expected 2010-07-16 McCloud Reservoir trout are hungry; July 14th 2010-07-15 July 14: Jaws at Humboldt scare experienced sailors 2010-07-15 Collins Lake July 15: 15 lb. 12 oz. Catfish! 2010-07-15 Photo July 12: Matt Huisman holds two Lake Siskiyou trout 2010-07-15 Useful information about strength of spinning reels 2010-07-15 Tiny pieces of worm troll well for Almanor trout 2010-07-13 Captain's Log (Stampede Reservoir) Star Date 7/10/2010; Topaz full! 2010-07-13 Floating gallon container pays off. First tuna out of Eureka nabbed by 12-year-old; swordfish spotted 2010-07-11 Weather Window: Great fishing off False Cape & Trinidad 2010-07-11 No MLPA Rally in Humboldt Bay well supported 2010-07-11 Klamath River mouth yielding springers 2010-07-09 Lure selection varies with conditions at Shasta 2010-07-09 Fishing the North Coast, July 8: Sometimes persistence pays off 2010-07-09 Shasta Lake at full pool a marvelous sight 2010-07-09 Willows anglers trying Letts Lake 2010-07-09 Captains Log (Davis Lake) Star Date 7/3/2010: The Grand Plan 2010-07-06 Captains Log (Frenchmans Lake) Star Date 7/5/2010 2010-07-06 North State Roundup: Ocean calms down; timing is everything 2010-07-06 Tuna show off Oregon Coast 2010-07-04 Colusa area slow 2010-07-02 Davis Lake trollers also taking easy limits 2010-07-02 Upper Hat, Cassel, Baum Lake and Lake Britton kicking out fish 2010-07-02 Fishing the North Coast, July 2: Ocean fishing hit-or-miss due to wind 2010-07-02 Early summer Shasta salmon/Whiskeytown bass/Lower Sac trout 2010-07-02 Trinity Lake trout and smallies 2010-07-02 Shasta Lake bass there if you go to work early 2010-07-02 Lewiston Lake improving 2010-07-02 Shasta Lake Pit Arm report, July 2: Drop-shot! 2010-07-02 Lower Trinity and Klamath now seeing Summer Springers! 2010-07-02 Reminder: Dont Forget JULY 7 MLPA Protest Rally 2010-07-01 Brock leaves NorCal trout, shad & silvers behind; off to Alaska 2010-07-01 Reminder: High Five B&T Grand Opening is Saturday 2010-07-01 DFG warns boater services of Quagga/Zebra Mussels threat 2010-07-01 Spring to summer transition underway at Lake Almanor 2010-07-01 Smaller lures getting bass on Clear Lake 2010-07-01 19 Koke highlights successful Whiskeytown visit 2010-06-28 Stampede Reservoir June 27 -- Guide's Notes 2010-06-28 Trinity Trout on Tap/Salmon in the lower river 2010-06-26 Sacramento Stabilizes: Shad good late/Striper shakers plentiful 2010-06-26 Lewiston Lake slow 2010-06-26 Shasta Lake Bass 2010-06-26 Trinity River Browns on tap 2010-06-26 Nice Rainbows available at Davis Lake 2010-06-26 Upper Sac still limited 2010-06-26 Fishing the North Coast, June 24: Salmon starting to show off Eureka 2010-06-24 Huckleberry Expeditions: Columbia Gorge Sturgeon Fishing 2010-06-24 Game Wardens step up efforts to stop abalone poachers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties 2010-06-24 UPDATE JUNE 28: Ocean Blown Out -- Fish get "get out of box free" card 2010-06-23 Rainbow Trout and shad fishing great on Sac Kevin Brock 2010-06-23 Surfperch fishing was good with rough seas 2010-06-23 Shasta Lake bass fairly tight lipped 2010-06-23 Springer fishing good in mid-Klamath/Lower Trinity 2010-06-23 Captains Log (Lake Davis Derby) 6/19/2010 2010-06-21 State Hatcheries release 16.5 million smolts into bay 2010-06-21 Clear Lake: Try Senkos and jigs for bass 2010-06-21 Whiskeytown Kokanee schooling up 2010-06-21 Colusa Area Report: Shad and stripers still on tap 2010-06-21 Trinity Lake -- Still nothing over 8lbs 2010-06-20 Upper Sacramento River still high 2010-06-20 8.5lb Pit River Rainbow reported 2010-06-20 Qualia Reels featured on Searcher trip 2010-06-19 Pending World Record Kokanee caught on Shasta Tackle Sling Blade and Hoochie 2010-06-19 Photos of the month: Ling catches cod; Butt catches man 2010-06-18 Reddings newest Bait & Tackle Shop to hold Grand Opening 2010-06-17 Lawsuits have frustrated DFG personnel 2010-06-17 Lewiston Lake features variety of fishing opportunities 2010-06-16 Phils Propellers Annual Sidewalk Sale starts June 17 2010-06-16 Call Arnold! Say No to MPA 916-445-4341 2010-06-16 Fresh run of springers reach Weitchpec Thomas Willson, Spey-Gee Point Lodging & Guide Service 2010-06-15 Skunk flag still flies over ocean salmon season 2010-06-14 Lake Davis Update June 12: More tips for Derby Day 2010-06-14 Feather River Country: Lake Oroville bass and coho; Bucks Lake macks 2010-06-13 Shad moving into Yuba River 2010-06-13 Catfish now also available at Davis Lake 2010-06-13 Fish Lake Fish Derby a huge success 2010-06-13 DFGs District Fish Biologist to speak to Grumps; questions invited about stocking plans 2010-06-11 Clear Lake, June 11: Bass & Crappie bites on upswing 2010-06-11 Fishing the North Coast, June 10: North wind should bring salmon; Hot rockfish action, halibut bite steady 2010-06-10 Shasta continues, weekend shad 2010-06-10 Fresh stripers moving in 2010-06-10 Late Spring stream fishing 2010-06-10 Striper action continues in the Colusa area 2010-06-10 Winds slowing fishing at Lewiston Lake 2010-06-10 Trinity River and Lake: salmon, trout and bass 2010-06-10 Donner diesel spill update: excavation resumes June 14 2010-06-10 Truckee area full of options 2010-06-10 Collins Lake, June 7 Three trout over 8 pounds taken 2010-06-09 Soft and hard bites on Lake Shasta 2010-06-09 MODOC Kids enjoy 53rd Annual Fishing Derby at Pine Creek Reservoir 2010-06-08 35th and Still Fishing: The Fish Lake Kids Fish Derby is Saturday June 12 2010-06-07 Captains Log (Lake Davis) Star Date 6/5/2010: Derby Day Tips 2010-06-07 Lake Britton Crappie and Bass; Hat Creek Trout 2010-06-04 Lake Siskiyou: Quality Bows; fat trout; ship to shore 2010-06-04 Winds are a factor at Topaz Lake 2010-06-04 Sac River Colusa, 6-3 High & Dark Green -- Kittles 2010-06-04 Collins Lake, June 4: 8-pound 12 ounce Rapala Rainbow 2010-06-04 Reversal of Fortunes at Grace and Nora Lakes 2010-06-04 Sierra and Western Nevada Fishing Report 2010-06-03 Huckleberry Expeditions: Close-To-Home fun at Lake Shasta & Whiskeytown 2010-06-03 The Annual Hell Hole Reservoir Trip 2010-06-03 Donner Spill Update: Crews prepare soil for removal 2010-06-03 Captain's Log (Frenchman's/Davis) Memorial Day Weekend: THE MARATHON 2010-06-03 Fishing the North Coast: Salmon season opens with a thud 2010-06-03 JUST SO YOU KNOW: Memorial Day Weekend a bust for Gulf Coast 2010-06-03 Trinity River/Lakes 6-3: River dropping; fishing should improve 2010-06-03 Shasta Lake still going strong 2010-06-03 Shad showing up to Red Bluff on the Sacramento River 2010-06-03 Fathers Day Weekend Sidewalk Sale at Phils Propellers 2010-06-03 Davis Lake Report, June 3 2010-06-03 Eagle Lake produces for Guide Howard Darney 2010-06-01 June 1: New flag flies over ocean salmon fleet 2010-05-29 Clear Lake, May 28: Artificial bite OFF; Jumbo minnows ON; some crappie SHOW 2010-05-28 Shad action good on Feather/Sac systems 2010-05-28 Davis Lake Update: Roads open but some are best with 4x4 2010-05-28 Good sized browns or rainbows on tap at Almanor for holiday 2010-05-28 East Bay MUD to prohibit live bait at Camanche starting June 9 2010-05-28 OEHHA advises anglers and shellfish harvesters to cease harvesting at Pillar Point Harbor 2010-05-28 IT'S OFFICIAL: Inland Salmon Seasons and Regulations adopted for CV, Klamath, Trinity Rivers 2010-05-28 North State Memorial Day Weekend Outlook 2010-05-28 Pre-Memorial Weekend Feather River Country roundup 2010-05-28 Captain's Log (Stampede Reservoir) Kokes n Snow 5/22 2010-05-27 MUST READ: Fishing the North Coast, May 27: Time to hook some Chinook; Harvest rationale explained 2010-05-27 Collins Lake, May 27 Trout to 3-4 pounds still common 2010-05-27 We had a Ball -- Paul Souza Fishing the Lower Sac and McCloud 2010-05-27 Colusa Area/Top Water Stripers!!!!! 2010-05-27 Wildlife Conservation Board to fund projects in north state 2010-05-27 Rockfish limits common off Trinidad; salmon sighted 2010-05-24 Petitioners ask CA DFG to stock Kilarc Reservoir & Other Waters 2010-05-24 Gary Miralles and Shasta Tackle Company: A Northern California Success Story 2010-05-24 Lets go fishing! Modoc County offers diverse opportunity for anglers 2010-05-24 Eureka anglers get into rockfish a week late 2010-05-24 Wet weather not helping UKB or Eagle Lake that much 2010-05-24 Inter-mountain Report: Crappie on tap at Lake Britton 2010-05-21 Upper Sacramento River Fishing access limited 2010-05-21 DFG honored for communications achievements 2010-05-21 Topaz Lake, Did you know? 2010-05-21 Davis Lake Really Good! 2010-05-21 Collins Lake, May 17: Fishing is fun;catching is amazing 2010-05-21 Collins Lake Update: May 21 Fishing trip to remember 2010-05-21 Lake Oroville Coho plentiful 2010-05-21 Colusa area Shad out in force 2010-05-21 Fishing the North Coast, May 21: Eureka boats load up on rockfish; Halibut bite slows 2010-05-21 4.5 pound brookie taken from Hat Creek 2010-05-20 Dedicated to Dad - By Gary Heffley, Reporter 2010-05-19 Pot Luck Fishing- Lake Style 2010-05-19 Fishing: Getting started 2010-05-19 Captains Log (Stampede Reservoir) 5/15; "Big Mack; Kokanee Sack" 2010-05-17 4-lb, 6 oz smallie takes honors at Whiskeytown 2010-05-17 Fishing the North Coast, May 13: High hopes for Saturdays rockfish opener 2010-05-13 Collins Lake, May 12: Hefty trout; bass on the beds 2010-05-13 Limit out on opening day in the beautiful Warner Mountains 2010-05-13 Future Pro Tour at McClure this weekend 2010-05-13 Elevation of Eagle Lake up less than a foot 2010-05-13 Inter-Mountain area a solid bet for trout 2010-05-13 Shasta Lake best bet for mixed stringers 2010-05-13 Lewiston Lake Outlook; Annual Derby is July 24 2010-05-13 Davis Lake HOT to Trout" 2010-05-13 Stripers, Sturgeon and Shad, Oh My! 2010-05-13 30 lb. striper on a fly!!! 2010-05-13 Lake Oroville: Spotted Bass or landlocked Silvers 2010-05-13 Decision on CV salmon seasons postponed; questioned by guides and anglers 2010-05-13 DFG releases 3 million smolts near mouth of American River 2010-05-11 Fishing Derby set for beautiful Lake Davis, June 19 2010-05-08 More Northern Region waters approved for trout planting 2010-05-07 Trinity waters awaiting a warm spell 2010-05-07 Striper Season one of the BEST 2010-05-07 Great day for rock fish off Brookings 2010-05-07 Sacramento River Redding: 30-40 fish per day 2010-05-07 Trinidad Pier parking & restrooms get face lift 2010-05-06 PG&E Upgrading Burney service; overnight power outage needed 2010-05-06 FPT Bass Tourney to air this week 2010-05-06 Fishing the North Coast, May 6: Halibut & Perch 2010-05-06 Fishing Tackle Dont leave home without it! 2010-05-05 Great weekend of friends & fishing 2010-05-05 Team Guin Fish'n Tackles Shasta Lake Tourney, Captain's Log Star Date 4/30-5/2 2010-05-05 Collins Lake, May 5 Limits all around and fat, too 2010-05-05 Gulf Oil Spill: A message from Qualia Fishing 2010-05-04 Fishing the North Coast May 3 Update: Rough seas spoil Saturdays Halibut opener; 57-pounder landed today 2010-05-02 Stripers continue to provide action in Colusa area 2010-04-29 Lake Davis is ice free 2010-04-29 Whiskeytown Kokanee on the prowl; Crappie option at Lake Shasta 2010-04-29 Shasta Lake bass or trout dilemma continues 2010-04-29 Huckleberry Expeditions Iron Canyon Reservoir & Whiskeytown Lake 2010-04-29 Many popular lakes near Shingletown wont get trout 2010-04-29 Calling all cars: MLPA -- Crescent City/Eureka!!! 2010-04-29 Bernal/Stevens take top honors at FPT Folsom Lake tourney 2010-04-27 Trout plants boost action at Camanche 2010-04-27 Siskiyou produces big browns 2010-04-27 Bridge Bays new policy kills FPT tourney at Shasta 2010-04-27 Want to fish with Skeet Reese. Sign up here 2010-04-27 Trinity Lake Poised 2010-04-26 Baum Lake among newly authorized waters 2010-04-26 Muddy water limits striper fishing in Colusa area 2010-04-26 Rising temps should put bass on beds at Shasta 2010-04-26 Captain's Log (Frenchman's) Star Date 4/24/2010 2010-04-26 Collins Lake Fishing Report April 23 -- More big plants 2010-04-24 F&GC tables plans for CV fall run Chinook season and bear harvest increase 2010-04-22 Redding DFG trout plant hotline: Call 530-225-2146 2010-04-22 Fishing the North Coast, April 22: Waiting is the hardest part 2010-04-22 Gold Bluff Beach Perch is Golden Memory for Gabby 2010-04-22 April 21: Trout and Salmon still abundant at Shasta Lake 2010-04-21 Bassing on Shasta Lake, April 18 2010-04-19 West Guin says Seminar season is over; it's time to fish 2010-04-19 Lake Oroville Spots on the prowl 2010-04-17 DFG confirms PFMC 2010 Ocean Salmon Seasons 2010-04-16 Trout Opener Party -- all fly anglers welcome! 2010-04-15 Sacramento River/Feather River stripers 2010-04-15 Trout, salmon and bass: take your choice at Lake Shasta 2010-04-15 Reddings Great Outdoors team is dialed in 2010-04-15 Chartreuse the color at Whiskeytown 2010-04-15 We interrupt this outstanding striper fishing 2010-04-15 DFG moves quickly to approve waters; Hat Creek, Burney Creek, Iron Canyon & McCloud Reservoirs on list plus 45 in Eastern Sierra 2010-04-15 Collins Lake Fishing Report April 15 Money for fish & huge trout 2010-04-15 Ocean KMZ & K/T In-River salmon seasons more liberal; DFG confirms, adds more detail to earlier reports 2010-04-15 Intermountain Region readies for Trout Opener 2010-04-15 Upper Sacramento River Report, April 12 2010-04-15 Upper Trinity River Option: Brown Trout 2010-04-15 Fishing the North Coast, April 15: Salmon action steady for Shelter Cove boats 2010-04-15 Huckleberry Expeditions: ice fishing, river turkey hunting & Shasta Lake 2010-04-15 Flows on Trinity River to ramp up April 27 2010-04-13 Scotts Flat Lake trout on tap 2010-04-13 Schoolie stripers dominate Lower Sacramento River catches 2010-04-13 Iron Canyon Reservoir good despite nasty weather 2010-04-12 Fishing for bargains 2010-04-12 Tough day at Baum Lake 2010-04-12 2010 Topaz Lodge/Casino Derby results 2010-04-11 Coming soon, Lewiston Lake Trout 2010-04-09 Lake Shasta Bass looking to bust loose 2010-04-09 Lake Shasta salmon and bass report, April 8 2010-04-09 Stripers have moved into the Colusa Area 2010-04-09 40-lb. stripers anyone? 2010-04-09 Clear Lake bass moving onto beds 2010-04-09 Collins Lake, April 8 11.8 pound trout is 2010s biggest 2010-04-09 Clear Lake Report, April 7; Price rollback on Jumbo Minnows 2010-04-09 Future Pro Tour Tourneys on TV 2010-04-09 S.T.V.F. D. Ruth Lake bass tourney is April 18 2010-04-08 Fishing the North Coast, April 6, Spring brings new fishing opportunities 2010-04-08 State Route (SR) 172 In Tehama County Now Open 2010-04-07 PSA calls for F&G Commission to reconsider MLPA direction 2010-04-06 Sacramento/CV fall run Chinook season still possible 2010-04-05 Warmer weather expected for Topaz Derby conclusion 2010-04-05 SPECIAL BULLETIN: Update on salmon fishing options/Ocean KMZ & Klamath/Trinity Rivers 2010-04-04 Bulletin, April 3: Coho bite still strong at Shasta Dam 2010-04-03 6-plus pounders help top six at FPT Lake Berryessa March 27 2010-04-01 When Castle Lake fish dont bite, try your backyard honey hole 2010-04-01 Collins Lake Fishing Report, April 1 Big trout dominate week 2010-04-01 DFG scrambles to get more waters approved for planting 2010-04-01 DFG press release masked truth; trout plants a Catch 22 2010-03-31 Northern California Fishing: quality and diversity 2010-03-30 It was a dark and dreary day for swimbaits 2010-03-30 Fishing the North Coast, March 26: Steelhead rivers quiet, but productive; abalone opener set for Thursday 2010-03-29 HASA Dinner, Winners, New Products & Ideas 2010-03-28 Clear Lake report, March 26: Crappie are BAAACK! 2010-03-26 Winner of steelhead fishing trip gets his day on the river 2010-03-26 Ocean Salmon season opens April 3 south of Horse Mountain 2010-03-26 Yee Haw! 10 & 8 pound trout stress-out Collins Lake stringers 2010-03-26 Experts fail to catch much at Shasta Lake 2010-03-26 First person report: Baum Lake 3-26 2010-03-26 Shasta bass a solid bet 2010-03-26 Waiting on the stripers 2010-03-25 Kittles schedules Striper Derby and Sale 2010-03-25 March 25: Intermountain area fishing well 2010-03-25 Trinity Lake coming soon 2010-03-25 DFG to get back to stocking trout Director McCamman; Hatchery and Stocking EIR/EIS is filed; link to waters approved for stocking is available here. 2010-03-25 Collins Lake, March 25: 2,000 pounds trophy trout planted 2010-03-25 Bulletin: Salmon bite is ON at Shasta Lake 2010-03-25 Update, March 23: Sac River fly-fishing up and down with wind 2010-03-23 Bassmaster Elite Series visits the North State 2010-03-22 Topaz Lake beautiful and fishing-worthy 2010-03-22 Collins Lake Fishing Report March 20; trophy trout time 2010-03-20 Whiskeytown a bass option in Redding area 2010-03-19 Trout Magnets successful at Baum Lake 2010-03-19 Lake Britton, Iron Canyon Reservoir, Pit River reports 2010-03-19 Sturgeon abundant in Colusa Area 2010-03-19 Lewiston Lakes just waiting to bust loose 2010-03-19 Trinity Lake reports varybut! 2010-03-19 Shasta Lakethe North States best option 2010-03-19 Whiskeytown Kokanee Report, March 19 2010-03-19 Free sturgeon and striper seminar Saturday..Free Breakfast Too!!! 2010-03-18 Strategies run wild for FPT Berryessa opener 2010-03-18 Outdoor adventures on a budget -- Huckleberry Expeditions 2010-03-18 Upper Trinity now good for browns; 7-pounder caught 2010-03-18 Restoration of Paiute cutthroat trout proposed for Silver King Creek 2010-03-18 Collins Lake Angler lands 9-pound trout on 6-pound test without net 2010-03-18 Fishing the North Coast, March 18: Weekend looks excellent for late season steelhead 2010-03-18 Trinity Lake Lions Kids Fishing Derby is May 22 2010-03-17 Lake Camanche Report, March 17 2010-03-17 Slow day for the Siskiyou Navy 2010-03-16 Fun Fest, Kids Fishing Day is April 24, Anderson River Park 2010-03-15 Trout at Baum Lake poised for warm weather breakout 2010-03-15 Mahogany mayflies thick on Pit River; fish not so eager 2010-03-15 Pick your spots carefully on the Upper Sac 2010-03-13 What color worms to use on Shasta? 2010-03-13 Feather River Country Fishing Report 3-12 2010-03-13 Fishing regs are available online or at your dealer 2010-03-13 2010 rockfish begins May 15 2010-03-12 Shasta Lake is the place to be 2010-03-12 Get Ready, Trinity Lake to turn on 2010-03-12 The song remains the same at Baum Lake 2010-03-12 Sturgeon is the best option as Sacramento River rises and falls 2010-03-12 Clear Lake Report, March 11: Weather impedes action but Spring is coming 2010-03-12 UPDATED 12:15 p.m.: Fall-run salmon season proposals are more liberal than expected 2010-03-11 Fishing the North Coast: Weekend outlook not so hot for local rivers 2010-03-11 Collins Lake: Just about everything in the tackle box worked last week 2010-03-11 The Lake Siskiyou Report: Pink Hot, Browns have HIPS! 2010-03-08 Fishing the North Coast, Mar. 5: Chetco and Smith best options for the weekend 2010-03-07 More lucky visitors win Real Fish Swimbaits at NorCal Show -- They catch bass! 2010-03-05 Colusa boat ramp gets strong support before B&W Commission 2010-03-04 Outlook good for weekend Sturgeon on Sacramento; Striper action anticipated 2010-03-04 Big fish targeted at Clear Lake 2010-03-04 No complaints at Baum Lake, northern California's steady trout fishing hole 2010-03-04 DFG goes to the DOGS; Warden/K9 Teams to patrol Bassmaster Tournament 2010-03-04 Mar. 4 Pressure down on Upper Trinity; wild steelhead move up 2010-03-04 Whatever happened to my Crayola(tm) Crayon(tm) colors? Or what color is Witches T? 2010-03-04 Pair fish Shastina, Siskiyou, McCloud & Shasta Lake in two days 2010-03-03 Salmonid Restoration/AFS Conference comes to Redding 2010-03-02 Ocean abundance figures show salmon numbers could rise 2010-02-28 Davis Lake continues to produce 2010-02-27 Feb. 27: Steady steelhead fishing on Smith River Kevin Brock 2010-02-27 Clear Lake fishing report, Feb. 26 2010-02-26 ALERT Sac River Users: Colusa boat ramp needs your support 2010-02-26 Northern California Coastal Fishing News, Feb 26 -- A steelhead junkie is born 2010-02-26 Feb. 25: Lake Siskiyou bite spotty 2010-02-25 New regs provide added protection for threatened Green Sturgeon 2010-02-25 Collins Lake Fishing Report Feb. 25th -- bass & trout galore 2010-02-25 Shasta Lake Fishing Report, Feb. 25 -- Lake 48' below full 2010-02-25 Feb. 25 -- Feather River/Lake Oroville News: steelhead, bass or Coho 2010-02-25 Show specials abundant at NorCal Sport, Boat and RV Show 2010-02-25 Tips for early season North State Bass 2010-02-25 New sport fishing regulations take effect March 1 2010-02-24 19 fish top two pounds at Topaz; big fish: 3.2 pounds 2010-02-23 31-pound striper heads the action on Feather River 2010-02-23 Feb. 23: Trinity River steelhead scattered 2010-02-23 Feb. 23: Solid Sturgeon action on tap in Colusa area 2010-02-23 Feb 23: Lake Camanche delivers whoppers 8+ pound bows 2010-02-23 Feb 23: Rogue/Umpqua very good Jon Geyer 2010-02-23 Feb. 20: Upper Klamath produces awesome day 2010-02-21 Feb. 19, Smith River Steelhead Fishing: 3 for 5, Pressure light 2010-02-19 Weather front likely to change bite on Lake Shasta 2010-02-19 Northern CA coastal fishing, Feb. 18: Weekend looks good for most Humboldt rivers 2010-02-19 Update: Sturgeon active now further up on Sac: Feb. 18 2010-02-18 Last of DFG 2010 Kids Fishing Days is 8/21 2010-02-18 Eagle Lake needs rain/snow 2010-02-18 Berkley Big Bass Challenge is May 22/23 2010-02-18 Collins Lake Fishing Report, Feb. 18: Trout & bass on great bite 2010-02-18 DFG to hold public meeting on salmon, Feb. 25 2010-02-12 Baum Lake still a good bet 2010-02-12 Upper Sacramento River a tough go 2010-02-12 Feb. 11: Upper Trinity in good shape, but 2010-02-12 Humboldt area is in distress: Mayday! 2010-02-12 Smith River Steelhead Fishing, Feb. 12! 2010-02-12 Sturgeon an option on Sacramento River 2010-02-11 Ice thickens at Davis Lake 2010-02-11 Stripers starting to show on Feather River 2010-02-11 Clear Lake fishing news, Feb. 11 2010-02-11 North coast fishing, Feb. 12: Hatchery steelhead returns back on the rise 2010-02-11 Lake Camanche fishing, Feb. 7: trout cooperate 2010-02-11 Salmon ocean abundance figures released 2010-02-11 Shasta Lake continues to produce bass 2010-02-10 Feb. 8 -- 4.13 lb tagged Bow tops Topaz Derby 2010-02-09 Friends-of-Cal-Ore-Fish "Chopper Derby" nears 2010-02-09 Update: Trinity River steelhead, Feb. 8 2010-02-08 Update: Smith/Chetco Rivers, Feb 8 2010-02-08 Smith River: First week of Feb. & fishing is good 2010-02-05 Amateur bass anglers urged join Future Pro Tour 2010-02-04 Collins Lake Report, Feb.4: Plants should produce action 2010-02-04 North Coast fishing, Feb. 4 -- A steelheaders story: Feast or Famine 2010-02-04 North Coast fishing, Feb. 4 -- A steelheaders story: Feast or Famine 2010-02-04 Fly Fishing is tough but available on Upper Sacramento 2010-02-03 Burney Area Report, Feb. 3 2010-02-03 Lake Camanche Report, Feb. 2 Trout a plenty 2010-02-02 Lake Siskiyou is party time Curtis Bartoo 2010-02-01 Davis Lake ice fishing is on 2010-02-01 Colusa Area Report -- River Blown Out 2010-02-01 Shasta bass off points and biting even in rain 2010-02-01 Upper Klamath, Jan. 29. Weather mild, fishing great 2010-01-31 Steelhead fishing is strong on Smith Guide Kevin Brock 2010-01-31 Clear Lake Report, Jan. 29: Water up; bass are biting 2010-01-29 North Coast fishing, Jan 29, Guiding for winter steelhead: A tough way to make a living 2010-01-29 DFG looks to control the spread of NZ Snails from Shasta Lake 2010-01-28 Shasta Lake Report 1/28 2010-01-28 Head to the Smith, I Repeat, Head to the Smith 2010-01-28 Upper Trinity coming into shape 2010-01-28 North State lakes on the rise 2010-01-27 1/24: Excellent trout bite at Lake Camanche 2010-01-27 Lake Oroville Report, 1-26 2010-01-27 3.3 pound bow tops Week 4 at Topaz Lodge Derby 2010-01-26 Planting to begin at Collins January 24 2010-01-22 Fishing the North Coast head north 2010-01-21 Quagga/Zebra mussel inspection training to be offered in Placer County 2010-01-21 January 21, ISE/Sacramento: Retired DFG Warden covers Eagle Lake 2010-01-21 Lots of tagged fish left in Topaz Lake, Jan 18 2010-01-18 Local anglers place in the Top Five at National Guard FLW Shasta Tourney 2010-01-16 Sturgeon poachers convicted, sentenced in Colusa County 2010-01-15 Baum Lake delivers 9 lb 8 oz Rainbow on Cripplure 2010-01-15 Earth quake caused mini-tsunami on Smith River 2010-01-15 Local anglers doing well, Shasta Lake, January 14 2010-01-15 Feather River/Lake Oroville, January 14 2010-01-15 Trinity River Steelhead, January 14 2010-01-15 Eureka quake created emergency & nuts & bolts mess 2010-01-14 Topaz Trout Derby, Week #2 3.15 lb 'bow tops catch 2010-01-12 Whiskey Creek ramp & parking closed until Monday 2010-01-08 File steelhead report card online, win guided fishing trip 2010-01-08 Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers hold annual meeting 2010-01-08 North Coast: Plenty of river options for the weekend 2010-01-08 Alert: Openings still exist for special needs kids fishing day 2010-01-07 Baum Lake; great weather, browns cooperate 2010-01-05 Topaz opener kicks out two five pound plus rainbows 2010-01-04 Lake Siskiyou Still Producing 2010-01-03 Upper Klamath River Report: January 2 2010-01-03 Lake Oroville / Feather River Report -- 2010 begins 2010-01-01 DFG expects to collect $62M in fishing license fees 2010-01-01 Rogue, Chetco & Umpqua look good for steelies Jon Geyer 2010-01-01 UPDATE: North Coast Rivers flushed good; Smith & Chetco fishable 2010-01-01 Just in time for New Year - Baum Lake Browns 2010-01-01 Clear Lake Report, January 1: Take the Crappie Challenge! 2010-01-01 Late December fishing roundup 2009-12-29 Clear Lake Report: Christmas Eve NEW catfish record! 2009-12-25 North Coast fishing: Its beginning to look a lot like steelhead 2009-12-24 Shasta trout out-bite the bass 2009-12-22 Update 12/24: Collins Lake Reportsf? 2009-12-19 Update: Display of fishing license rule ends March 1; automated sale nearer 2009-12-18 Lake Oroville / Feather River Report 2009-12-17 Anglers get break on 2010 license fees/regs 2009-12-17 Shasta Lake pattern continues 2009-12-17 Trinity River Steelhead available 2009-12-17 North Coast Fishing: Know your rivers! 2009-12-17 Steelhead Fishing Tips: Understanding the importance of river levels 2009-12-17 Anglers advised to avoid endangered Coho Salmon 2009-12-17 Great Crabbing! California and Oregon anglers are happy crabs 2009-12-17 Rain, steelhead & regs changes on the horizon 2009-12-11 Late season trout fishing on the Upper Sacramento River 2009-12-10 Baum Lake for winter success 2009-12-10 Sacramento Salmon: Update 12-8-09 2009-12-10 Clear Lake bass bite is super subtle 2009-12-10 Klamath Khronology: steelhead bite goes from good to GREAT 2009-12-08 Coastal river salmon return best in years 2009-12-08 DFGs to plant trout/catfish in bay area 17 lakes 2009-12-08 Winter steelhead will take spotlight soon 2009-12-06 Lake Siskiyou is still producing quality fish 2009-12-04 Topaz Lodge & Casino Fish Derby began today 2009-12-04 Collins Lake Fishing Report December 3 2009-12-03 Clear Lake Fishing Report, December 3, 2009 2009-12-03 Eagle Lake to close with cold and wind 2009-12-01 K/T carcass & redd counts raise many questions 2009-11-27 Fishing closures lifted for most of Alameda shoreline 2009-11-25 Discovery Bay producing small, feisty bass 2009-11-24 North Coast Rivers: Time to prepare for cold weather fishing 2009-11-24 The Shasta Bass take the worm 2009-11-24 Trout and Salmon available at Lake Shasta 2009-11-24 Oroville Lake / Feather River Report 2009-11-24 Carcass & redds surveys on K/T System look promising 2009-11-24 General trout season ends with a whimper and hope 2009-11-19 Late-fall-run Sacramento salmon show on schedule 2009-11-18 Upper Klamath River, November 14 2009-11-15 McCloud Reservoir, November 7 2009-11-15 McCloud Reservoir, November 5 2009-11-15 HEY! Dont put away the trout gear yet. 2009-11-13 Cottonwood Bass Club tourney is Nov. 21 2009-11-13 Red Bluff Bass Anglers set tourney for Nov. 29 2009-11-13 Clear Lake Report: November 13 -- minnows working well 2009-11-13 Quality trout still the rule on Lake Siskiyou 2009-11-12 Bay-Delta sport fishing enhancement stamp repealed 2009-11-12 Other northern California & Nevada waters 2009-11-12 Lake Almanor 2009-11-12 Davis Lake 2009-11-12 Eagle Lake 2009-11-12 Frenchmans Lake 2009-11-12 Lahonton Reservoir 2009-11-12 Pyramid Lake 2009-11-12 American River 2009-11-12 Carson River 2009-11-12 Feather River 2009-11-12 Little Truckee 2009-11-12 Upper Sacramento River 2009-11-12 Truckee, NV 2009-11-12 East Walker 2009-11-12 Other Sierra waters 2009-11-12 North coast fishing: Sometimes its better to be lucky than good 2009-11-06 Feather River Country Report 2009-11-06 Clear Lake Fishing Report, November 6 2009-11-05 Collins Lake Fishing Report: Lake turns over and shad are boiling 2009-11-05 Salmon returns to Coleman drop; catastrophe for fall run looms 2009-11-04 Lake Berryessa Best Guide reports in at last 2009-11-04 Cabela's & FLW Outdoors strike deal 2009-11-04 Shasta Lake Report: 11-3; Bass good but small; trout red hot. 2009-11-03 Medicine Lake: Worms and PowerBait produce limits 2009-11-03 TRRP offers tour of Sawmill rehab site on Trinity 2009-11-03 DFG announces public meeting on potential Sacramento River sturgeon fishery closure 2009-10-30 Limited late-fall CV salmon season open till 12/31 2009-10-30 FLW Outdoors announces 2010 bass tourney schedules 2009-10-30 Dont pass up opportunity to fish Lake Almanor 2009-10-29 Salmon count at Coleman lags 2009-10-29 Water Trust helps Scott Rivers salmon 2009-10-27 View naturally spawning salmon now!! 2009-10-27 Baum Lake area still producing 2009-10-23 Salmon numbers climbing at Coleman Fish Hatchery 2009-10-23 Fish enter the Klamath River and disappear... 2009-10-23 North Coast fishing: Timing is everything for coastal river salmon 2009-10-23 Clear Laket Oct. 23: Seasonal change in full swing 2009-10-23 Steelhead begin to outnumber salmon on Upper Klamath 2009-10-23 McAbee, Jr. leads Clear Lake tourney 2009-10-23 Readers ask: Crappie jigs for fly fishing at Butt Lake? 2009-10-23 Collins Lake Fishing Report October 22, 2009 2009-10-23 Update: 10/21: Lake Almanor still producing nice limits 2009-10-21 Lake Siskiyou, October 17 2009-10-18 Rain doesn't swell salmon counts at Festival 2009-10-16 Hat Creek report: trout and deer 2009-10-16 Shasta Lake Has Turned Over, Say What? 2009-10-16 North coast fishing: All eyes on the Smith 2009-10-16 Shasta trout derby this weekend 2009-10-15 Justin Lucas Today is on October 22 at 8 a.m. 2009-10-15 Shasta irrigators commended for efforts to assist Chinook spawning run 2009-10-15 Mouth of lower Klamath still partially blocked; Trinity numbers down 2009-10-15 Walmart to host FLW National Guard Pro Night at Clear Lake 2009-10-15 Clear Lake fishing report, October 15 2009-10-15 DFG Adds Map It feature to fish stocking info 2009-10-15 Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days 2009-10-15 Fishing in Englandthe Language is the same 2009-10-15 Upper Klamath hot to red hot 2009-10-15 Plenty of fish in Baum Lake area 2009-10-10 Collins Lake Fishing Report October 9, 2009 -- Fish for everyone 2009-10-10 A R-eel Fish Story 2009-10-10 River drums race salmon up Klamath 2009-10-08 California Bass Pro Justin Lucas to be featured on Today Show 2009-10-08 California north coast fishing: Klamath, Trinity action should pick up for kings 2009-10-08 Clear Lake Fishing Report, October 8, 2009 Its really clear! 2009-10-08 Trout taking trailing flies on Lower Sacramento 2009-10-06 Bridge work encroaches on more of Sac River 2009-10-06 Fall run Chinook reach Coleman 2009-10-06 Sacramento Late Fall Run season starts November 16 2009-10-06 Check out your local CVS for sporting good bargains 2009-10-05 Upper Klamath, October 2: No waiting for bites 2009-10-03 Collins Lake Fishing Report, October 1: Mixed bag: Cool! 2009-10-02 3256 adults, 1833 jacks taken from Lower Klamath so far 2009-09-29 Salmon begin to arrive at Battle Creek (see update) 2009-09-29 October at Bucks Lake trout fishing AND deer hunting 2009-09-28 Writers take a few fat fish from Almanor 2009-09-28 Salewske Wins Walmart FLW Delta Tourney 2009-09-26 Day Two: Salewske leads Walmart FLW Delta Tourney 2009-09-25 Lower Klamath Kings galore 2009-09-25 Clear Lake fishing, Sept. 25, Plenty of fish & resorts 2009-09-25 Caldwell stays on top of Upper Klamath bite 2009-09-25 Fishing the North Coast -- Putting your time in can pay off 2009-09-25 Day Three: Weyer Leads Walmart FLW Delta Tourney 2009-09-25 Salmon & sun grab spotlight on Upper Klamath 2009-09-24 Lake Siskiyou bite great; should hold into winter 2009-09-23 Lower Sac kicking out brightly-colored trout 2009-09-23 Butts Lake and Bucks Lake report 2009-09-23 Stripers continue bite at Thermalito outlet 2009-09-23 Most productive waters: fresh & briny 2009-09-23 Roland Leads Walmart FLW Delta Bass Tourney 2009-09-23 Writers take a few fat fish from Almanor 2009-09-23 PG&E Building Pit River Weir Recreational Access at Cassel Road Bridge 2009-09-21 MPLA Workshops set for Crescent City, Eureka & Ft. Bragg 2009-09-21 DFG Invites Comment on Draft EIR/EIS on Hatchery and Stocking Program 2009-09-21 Shasta Lake 2009 Trout Derby coming soon 2009-09-20 UPDATE Sept. 24, Upper Klamath Salmon in Great Shape 2009-09-19 Lake Siskiyou.. Follow-up 2009-09-18 Trout on flies, options aplenty 2009-09-18 Large brooks in Hat Creek creels 2009-09-18 A few stripers on tap in Colusa area 2009-09-18 Collins Lake Fishing Report September 17, 2009 2009-09-18 Fishing photo of month: What do you see here? 2009-09-18 North Coast Fishing: The big ones almost always get away 2009-09-18 Anglers enjoy Almanor Slams 2009-09-18 Lake Siskiyou continues to produce trout 2009-09-15 Upper Klamath Late News: Salmon are there! 2009-09-15 Collins Lake Report, September 10: Catfish are king! 2009-09-12 Mid Klamath explodes with salmon/steelhead 2009-09-12 North Coast Fishing Salmon aplenty in the Klamath River 2009-09-11 CA DFG adds maps to planting locations 2009-09-11 Erratic weather daunts/dares tuna anglers 2009-09-11 Trout fishing good below Red Bluff 2009-09-11 Stripers on tap at outlet 2009-09-11 Hat Creek outlook is great 2009-09-08 Smallmouth bass showing at Lake Britton 2009-09-08 Catfish, salmon & trout best bets on Shasta 2009-09-08 Water sports buffs leave Almanor to anglers 2009-09-08 Upper Klamath Updated 9/8: Some salmon spotted 2009-09-06 North Coast Fishing Tough go for salmon anglers 2009-09-04 Being fly-on-the-wall at bait shop can pay off 2009-09-04 Wardens uncover marijuana plantation in Tehama County 2009-09-04 Clear Lake fishing report, August 28 2009-09-04 Collins Lake Fishing Report - Aug. 28 2009-09-04 Poor salmon fishing for first half of season 2009-09-04 Albacore fishing roars to life again off Eureka 2009-09-04 Salmon rushing up Klamath System 2009-09-04 Baum Lake and Cassel Forebay best bet 2009-08-27 Opportunities abound at Lake Siskiyou 2009-08-27 Hat Creek fishing great 2009-08-27 Schoolie stripers on topwater 2009-08-27 Remember Mr. Whiskers 2009-08-27 Update: Yelloweye rockfish total now 2.2 metric tons. Season looks safe! 2009-08-26 Update: Yelloweye Rockfish landings through August 23 2009-08-26 Lower Klamath River salmon season off to good start; waves cover spit 2009-08-26 Eagle and Almanor good to excellent 2009-08-26 North Coast Fishing: ITS ON! Salmon opener set for Saturday 2009-08-26 DFG may close sturgeon fishing on Sacramentocomments needed! 2009-08-25 Alpine County offers incredible trout fishing 2009-08-21 Clear Lake fishing report, August 19: Fishing is good 2009-08-21 Update on tuna fishing: albacore too far offshore 2009-08-21 Collins Lake fishing report, August 21 Dobbins fire slows action 2009-08-21 10-day Recreational Ocean Salmon Season ends Sept. 7 2009-08-21 Young lad nabs and grabs big rainbow in West Carson 2009-08-20 Bass fishing perks up at Clear Lake 2009-08-18 Hat Creek revisited: A first hand report 2009-08-17 Angler & Boater Action Alert; Participate in MLPA Recreational Fishing Survey! 2009-08-17 Collins Lake, August 14, 2009 2009-08-14 Clear Lake Report, August 14: Some direct talk about ALGAE 2009-08-14 North Coast Fishing Update: The Humboldt hat trick 2009-08-13 Fishing photo of the week 2009-08-13 Higher elevations producing well 2009-08-12 Salmon fishermen tagged and fined 2009-08-12 Hat Creek back in business 2009-08-11 Cooling trend should help Eagle Lake & Almanor 2009-08-11 Early or late for topwater stripers 2009-08-11 Tuna frenzy slows; good ocean, big moon, poor bite 2009-08-08 Clear Lake Fishing Report, August 7 2009-08-07 North Coast Fishing Update: Options galore 2009-08-06 Getaway! B.C. lodge has fantastic opening month 2009-08-06 Lightning-caused fires affecting Hat Creek area 2009-08-04 Trinidad rockfish bite holds steady; Abalone season re-opened Aug. 1 2009-08-04 Clear Lake Report, July 31 2009-08-01 Hot spot at Collins is the 2009-07-31 Summertime bite is on at Almanor 2009-07-31 UPDATE Coos Bay: Boats plugged with longfins at 25 miles 2009-07-31 Brookies Dominate Plants 2009-07-30 Medicine Lake producing fat trout in abundance 2009-07-24 Shasta Lake Report, July 24, 2009 2009-07-24 Downrigger Summertime Trolling 2009-07-24 Wind keeping Eureka boats close to home; Lower Rogue full of kings 2009-07-23 UPDATE: See reports from Eagle Lake: Fishing is HOT! 2009-07-23 North Coast Government Agencies Protest Rush to Create Marine Reserves 2009-07-21 Major New Effort Launched to Restore Klamath Coho Salmon 2009-07-20 Clear Lake Fishing Report, July 17 Its hot, bring 2009-07-18 Limits common at Pine Cove Marina Lewiston Derby 2009-07-18 Fish photos of the week eye candy for the cabin-fevered 2009-07-17 MLPA process targets North Coast; Anglers should target MLPA 2009-07-17 Sac River striper bite continues but moves to topwater 2009-07-17 Fishing fair to poor at most inland lakes 2009-07-17 Mountain lakes, rivers and mouth of Klamath are better bets 2009-07-17 Wind and waves curtail ocean angling 2009-07-17 Cooling trend made Collins Lake trout gulp! 2009-07-16 Prizes await Lewiston Lake/Pine Cove Marina Derby Winners 2009-07-14 Big Rainbow & salmon mark Lake Almanor prediction 2009-07-13 Fishing and Boating Tips 2009-07-13 Mouth of the Klamath River more than just salmon 2009-07-13 Newbie finds fat native rainbow in Hat Creek 2009-07-13 First-hand report: Upper Hat Creek excellent for local and his guest 2009-07-11 New fly prototype works for Eagle Lake pro 2009-07-11 Clear Lake fishing report, July 10 Improved conditions 2009-07-10 Collins Lake Report, July 10 2009-07-10 BASS BOAT-READY TO FISH! 2009-07-09 Huge stripers nabbed in Princeton-Butte City area 2009-07-09 North State Lakes Fishing Report, July 9 -- By Gary Heffley 2009-07-09 A rough ocean commands respect; live bait at Woodley Island 2009-07-06 What are weirs and why are they useful on Trinity River --UPDATED JULY 22 2009-07-03 Clear Lake Report, July 3 2009-07-03 Fishing the West and East Carson Rivers 2009-07-03 Highlights: Fishing Regulations Supplement now available 2009-07-02 McCloud Reservoir Report -- July 1st 2009-07-01 North state fishing tips 2009-07-01 Upper Trinity, Lewiston Lake, Trinity Lake Report 2009-06-30 Lake Siskiyou fishing remains hot 2009-06-30 Fishing and exploring the Hat Creek area 2009-06-30 Collins Lake Fishing Report June 25th, 2009 2009-06-30 Stranded Chinook Salmon successfully rescued from Butte Creek 2009-06-30 Hat Creek Region and Manzanita Lake Report -- June 30 2009-06-30 Rich food chain bodes well for Lake Almanor 2009-06-30 Trinity experience and The one that got away 2009-06-30 Plenty of good fishing to be had inland 2009-06-29 DFG to resume stocking of Battle Creek 2009-06-29 Chinook count at Red Bluff well below 5-year average 2009-06-29 Lake Almanor is premier holiday destination but challenging 2009-06-27 Pre-4th of July Stream Report 2009-06-27 Eagle Lake experts make it look easy 2009-06-27 Update: Ocean conditions changing for the better 2009-06-26 Eagle Lake a tough fishfor most 2009-06-26 Upper Klamath fish feeding on Goldenstones and salmon flies 2009-06-19 Medicine Lake is open and fishing well, by Gary Heffley, Reporter 2009-06-19 Upper Klamath trout provide lots of fun 2009-06-19 Book now for July Sacramento River Stripers 2009-06-19 Collins Lake Report, June 19, 2009 2009-06-19 Clear Lake Report, June 19 2009-06-19 Springers on the Klamath location plus patience equals success 2009-06-18 Hell Hole Reservoir producing nice Trout and Kokanee for trollers 2009-06-16 Trinity Lake/Lewiston Lake Report, June 13, 2009 2009-06-13 Saltwater anglers must be Philadelphia lawyers, too! 2009-06-13 Fishing in Alaska not incredible; photos prove that! 2009-06-12 Lewiston Lake producing well 2009-06-12 Fishing Reports: Sac River, Deer Creek, Humboldt Surf, Lake Shasta, Hat Creek 2009-06-12 Berryessa anglers/property owners angry with BOR 2009-06-12 A great time of year on the North Coast 2009-06-12 Collins Lake Fishing Report June 11th, 2009 2009-06-12 Clear Lake Fishing Report, June 12 2009-06-12 Lake Siskiyou gains from trout plant stoppages elsewhere 2009-06-12 Browns bite between thunderstorms in Manzanita Lake 2009-06-12 Fishing with the master guide at Almanor 2009-06-11 Halibut fishing goes bonkers off north coast 2009-06-11 Warm water close to shore but wind halts albie fishing 2009-06-10 Napa youngster nabs 8-pound bow with found lure. 2009-06-05 Kings on Klamath; Butts at Trinidad; Rockfish at Cape 2009-06-03 Need ocean tackle? Heres where to find it! 2009-06-03 Rockfish bite wide-open, Klamath springers hit and miss 2009-06-03 When 100 bites while fishing is not a good thing 2009-06-03 Lake Britton quiet, water high 2009-06-03 DFG says poachers threaten Montereys endangered Black Abalone 2009-06-03 Clear Lake Fishing Report, May 29 2009-06-02 Good ocean, good rockfishing! Picture worth 1000 words 2009-05-31 Shasta Bass best early or late 2009-05-28 Trinity Lake good for rippers, too 2009-05-28 Davis Lake excellent for those in the know 2009-05-28 Pine Cove Marina Derby is July 18 2009-05-28 Northcoast Fishing: Outlook promising for weekend rockfishing 2009-05-28 Berryessa good to excellent Sid Silberberg 2009-05-28 Upper Klamath now great for dry flies 2009-05-28 CLARIFICATION -- Dont intentionally catch & release CV river salmon 2009-05-28 DFG News: Catch and Release Salmon Fishing No Longer Allowed in the Central Valley Basin 2009-05-28 Ramp muddies up Eagle Lake opener 2009-05-23 Dont Catch & Release Salmon on Sacramento River 2009-05-22 Clear Lake Fishing Report, May 22 Crappie show up 2009-05-22 Rockfish Seasons -- By Tim Klassen, VP HASA, Reel Steel Skipper 2009-05-22 Yelloweye Rockfish numbers are an unknown 2009-05-22 North Coast: Rockfish season opens with a bang; clam tide near 2009-05-21 DFG planting trout in Caples Lake for two weeks 2009-05-21 Adverse bank damage on Fall River draws fire -- Update 2009-05-21 Hat Creek Area fun to fish now 2009-05-21 7.3-Pound Brown Tops Great Almanor Day 2009-05-19 Nail Bender Tourney won with 8+ pounds of Shasta Bass 2009-05-19 Trinity Lake was place to be as predicted 2009-05-19 MyOutdoorBuddy Links to The Fly Shops Stream Report 2009-05-19 Prophetic Article about Seabirds; lack of healthy ocean in 2005/06 2009-05-15 Clear Lake Fishing Report, May 15 2009-05-15 Trout Lake is also a great producer now -- Scott Caldwell 2009-05-15 Collins Lake Report, May 14 -- Trout Galore 2009-05-15 Free Quagga/Zebra Inspection and Decontamination Training offered by DFG 2009-05-15 Fewer lakes get plants...DFG forced to bend over -- again! 2009-05-14 Photo of the week: Longnosed Lancetfish caught at Mad River 2009-05-12 Trinity & Lewiston Lakes, Upper Trinity River News 2009-05-12 Upper Klamath producing great steely-trout action 2009-05-12 Lewiston Lake offering perfect weather and good early bite 2009-05-10 Humboldt saltwater anglers dinner a huge success 2009-05-10 Major lake levels up 7-12 feet 2009-05-08 Anglers & fish come out with sun -- everywhere 2009-05-08 No special stamp/fee required for salmon fishing off north coast 2009-05-08 Harvest report card proposed for Smith River next year 2009-05-08 Enforcement presence may be felt on K/T system this fall 2009-05-08 Fees & stamps arent driving anglers away 2009-05-08 Plan to fish forever? Lifetime license is way to go. 2009-05-08 Clear Lake Report, May 8, 2009 Bass & Crappie Action Improves 2009-05-08 Are dead cormorants the Canary in S.F. Bays Gold Mine? 2009-05-08 Unusual Mortality Observed in Central Coast Cormorants 2009-05-08 Collins Lake Fishing Report May 7th, 2009 -- trout aplenty 2009-05-08 "World-Class" -- Weather-Permitting on Almanor fishing 2009-05-06 DFG reminds anglers to Clean, Drain & Dry 2009-05-04 Sierra Lakes & Streams, CA/NV -- May 3 2009-05-03 Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project Begins at Whiskeytown 2009-05-03 DFG Calendar, May, rockfishing & Pacific halibut seasons open this month 2009-05-03 10th Nail Benders Bass Tourney is May 17 2009-05-01 Now hard not to catch Shasta spotted bass; rare 3-pound crappie caught 2009-05-01 Tom Cardoza on Clear Lake; Dick Cardoza from Black Butte 2009-05-01 Stripers Play Hide & Seek on Sac 2009-05-01 Hat Creek trout opener good as always 2009-05-01 Almanor offers world-class fishing now Guide Roger Keeling 2009-05-01 Clear Lake Report, May 1 2009-05-01 Photo of the week: Royal Polaris Log, April 30 2009-05-01 Memorial Kids Fish Derby is June 6 at Fish Lake 2009-04-29 Large trout plants ensure Collins Lake success 2009-04-28 Take a Kid Fishing, but Use Care! 2009-04-26 Trinity River Flow Schedule Changed Lookout! 2009-04-26 PG&E Tackles Willow Control at McCumber Reservoir 2009-04-25 Sierra Lakes & Streams, CA/NV 2009-04-25 Weather: Before and After Trout Opener 2009-04-24 Trout Plants Attract Locals; Heat Attracts Snakes 2009-04-24 Late Fall Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Reduced 2009-04-24 Oregon Anglers Allowed To Take Sacramento Fish 2009-04-24 Collins Lake a Sure Bet 2009-04-24 Humboldt Anglers Dinner a Sell Out 2009-04-24 Clear Lake Report, April 24 2009-04-24 Pine Cove Marina/Lewiston Lake 2009-04-20 Late Report from Upper Klamath 2009-04-20 Is Eagle Lake launch ramp in trouble? Be aware... 2009-04-18 Fishing spots 2009-04-17 Curtailment of Planting May Affect your Fishing Fun 2009-04-17 Flawed Thinking Hurts Fishing & License Buyers 2009-04-17 Yes, Virginia, There is a salmon Santa 2009-04-17 Fall fishing on K/T System does Depend on 2009-04-17 Eagle Eyes and Million Dollar Smiles 2009-04-17 Smile! Youre on Candid Camera! 2009-04-17 Collins Lake Report, April 16 2009-04-17 Clear Lake Report, April 17 2009-04-17 Many Sierra/North State Trout Waters Open April 25 2009-04-17 Operation Colusa Clan Nets Seven Suspected Sturgeon Poachers 2009-04-10 Kittles Classic Striper Derby is April 18 2009-04-10 Stripers Taking Minnows Chico Straits to Tinsdale 2009-04-10 Shasta Bass Taking Rip Baits, including Yo-Zuri Color Changing Models 2009-04-10 10-Day North Coast Ocean Salmon Season Approved 2009-04-09 Shasta Bass Sluggish & Hang Deep 2009-04-09 Oregon Regulations to allow Coho Take Starting June 20 2009-04-09 National Marine Fisheries Service Explains Sacramento Fall Run Collapse Again 2009-04-09 In-River Anglers Get PFMC Nod, Now Need F&GC OK 2009-04-09 Trinity River Guides Support Recreation Ocean Salmon Season 2009-04-06 Trinity Guides List 2009-04-06 KMZFC Also Advocated for 15-Day Sports Ocean Salmon Season 2009-04-06 Collins Lake Action Hot to Red Hot 2009-04-03 3.5 Pound Average Wins at Lake Shasta 2009-04-02 McCumber Now Full; Grace Fishing Better 2009-04-02 Shasta Bass at Different Depths, Pre-Spawn - March 31 2009-04-02 Clear Lake Report, April 1 2009-04-02 Womens FCOF Derby Cancelled 2009-04-02 Trinity Lakes/Upper Trinity Report 2009-04-02 SR Fall Chinook Caught in OR, not during Late Fall Season on Sac 2009-03-30 Thieves Take TV, thats Bad Enough but Rod & Reels? 2009-03-27 Abalone Fishing Season Opens April 1 North of San Francisco Bay 2009-03-27 MPAs May Restrict Take of Abalone 2009-03-27 Only Sustainable Abalone Fishery is in Northern Region; 309,000 Taken in 2007 2009-03-27 Clear Lake Report, March 27, 2009 2009-03-27 Topaz Lake Trout in a Bait Groove 2009-03-26 Taking a Kid Fishing? Send Us a Report 2009-03-24 Bass Hit Worms, Debris Hits Ramps & Boats at Lake Shasta 2009-03-24 Guide Calls for Reduction in Klamath/Trinity In-River Salmon Harvest 2009-03-23 Week 11: Three pounder tops Topaz Derby 2009-03-20 Crazy Weather Promises Needed Moisture; Impedes Planning 2009-03-20 Turmoil at Lake Berryessa Boils Over 2009-03-20 SNAFU: Transition in Visitor Services at Lake Berryessa Bungled 2009-03-20 Clear Lake Report, March 19 2009-03-20 Photo of the week: Channel Cat Landed in Waxahachie Reservoir 2009-03-16 Hank Raider-Yaeger Derby Includes Many Winners 2009-03-15 KMZFC Support for Salmon Seasons Explained 2009-03-15 Myths Obscure Reality as PG&E Surrenders License Application for Kilarc 2009-03-15 Kilarc Can Be Saved -- Glenn Dye 2009-03-13 McCumber Reservoir: PG&E Clears Brush; Refilling Lake -- Update 2009-03-13 Collins Lake Back on Planting List 2009-03-13 6,000 Pounds of Trout Headed for Collins 2009-03-13 Lake Davis Update Many Changes Noted 2009-03-13 Clear Lake Fishing Report, March 13 2009-03-13 10-Day Salmon Season Is Lip Hooked 2009-03-12 PFMC meetings Are Shell Game 2009-03-11 Late News from PFMC Gets Ridiculous 2009-03-11 Trinity Lakes/Upper Trinity River, March 9, 2009 2009-03-09 KMZFC Selects Salmon Seasons Options 2009-03-09 Klamath River TAT Makes Fishery Forecasts 2009-03-09 Clear Lake Fishing Report, March 6, 2009 2009-03-06 Cottonwood Bass Club to Hold Shasta Lake Tourney 2009-03-06 Guide Fish-On Jon Geyer Taking Nice Steelies from Rogue & Umpqua 2009-03-02 Kutzkey & Ballin win Friends of Cal-Ore Fish 2009-03-01 Friends of Cal-Ore Fish Announce Willie Derby Results 2009-03-01 Clear Lake Report, February 27, 2009 2009-02-28 Huge Hoh River, WA Steelhead May Be Fly Rod World Record 2009-02-28 Pat Patterson's Fishing Report 2009-02-25 Trout Bite Picks Up at Topaz Lake 2009-02-25 11 Pound Steelhead Tops Chetco Trip 2009-02-25 Redding Guide Gary Manies speaks at Grumpy Meeting 2009-02-25 Goin Fishin? Go To Phils! 2009-02-23 Trinity River Is North State Hot Spot 2009-02-21 Ocean Salmon Season Setting Process Begins 2009-02-20 Salmon Counts -- Complex Process Doesnt Ensure Accuracy 2009-02-20 Klamath/Trinity River System Projections Were Not Realized by Sport Anglers 2009-02-20 Salmon Harvest Regulators Created Irresistible Fish Market 2009-02-20 Recreational Ocean Fishing Closure Made Situation Worse 2009-02-20 Salmon Are Moving Faster Than Regulators Eyes Can See 2009-02-20 Clear Lake Fishing Report, February 20, 2009 2009-02-20 Local Guide Aaron Grabiel Captures Trinity River Bonanza for Texas Client 2009-02-14 New Dates For Free Fishing Day Fourth of July and Labor Day 2009-02-13 Clear Lake Fishing Report, February 13, 2009 2009-02-13 BC Lodge offers 5-day packages 2009-02-12 LATE NEWS: Good Bass Bite at Lake Shasta as Storms Arrive 2009-02-10 Drought Threatens Launch Ramps? Maybe not now! 2009-02-06 Almanor, Eagle Lake & Trinity Ramps Also Low 2009-02-06 Fish On at Shasta Lake 2009-02-06 Trout Getting Fat in Shasta Lake Pens 2009-02-06 Trout Plant Ban Affects Antelope Lake 2009-02-06 Battle Creek Restoration Project Escapes Budget Knife 2009-01-30 Clear Lake Fishing Report, January 29, 2009 2009-01-30 Fish Photo of the Week 2009-01-30 Balmy Temps Get Trout Biting at Topaz Lake 2009-01-27 Steelhead Fishing in January Tests Ones Mettle 2009-01-26 Its Catch as Catch Can. Here or Ketchikan? 2009-01-23 Trinity River Guides Stop Bootleggers 2009-01-23 Do Ocean Conditions Bode Well for 2011? 2009-01-23 Fishing Holes Thaw Out with Rain 2009-01-23 Sierra Fishing Report -- Compiled by Sportsmans Warehouse, Reno 2009-01-23 Rain, Rain, Dont Go Away 2009-01-23 Clear Lake Report, January 23, 2009 2009-01-23 6 lb, 5 oz Rainbow Tops Hot Week at Topaz Lake 2009-01-21 Chico Gal Lands 33-inch, 13-Pound Trinity Steelhead 2009-01-21 Irreplaceable free public facility in jeopardy 2009-01-16 Clear Lake Fishing Report January 15, 2009 2009-01-16 Late-Fall Salmon Season Successful 2009-01-15 Guy Ives Recovering from Heart Attack 2009-01-14 NATIVE FISH --100th Angler Completes DFG's Heritage Trout Challenge 2009-01-13 Wardens Arrest Five In Alleged Abalone Poaching Case 2009-01-09 Salmon/Steelhead Report Cards Due Now -- UPDATED JAN. 14 2009-01-07 Six Pound Trout Tops Day 1 at Topaz Lake Fish Derby 2009-01-06 Clear Lake Fishing Report, January 2, 2009 2009-01-03 Diverse Hatchery System Yields Results for Endangered Coho Salmon 2008-12-30 Feather River and Nimbus Hatcheries Meet Salmon Egg Take Goals 2008-12-29 Clear Lake Fishing Report, December 26, 2008 2008-12-28 Dont Go Away! The Years Top 10 Fish Tales Are Next. 2008-12-28 Stop the Elitists Heres How! 2008-12-19 Hottest Bite This Week: Lake Shasta 2008-12-19 Clear Lake Fishing Report, December 19, 2008 2008-12-19 Garden Hackle Works on Upper Klamath 2008-12-14 Clear Lake Fishing Report, December 12, 2008 2008-12-14 Tough Bite at Berryessa -- December 5 2008-12-11 Lucky Bear Casino Steelhead Derby is Saturday 2008-12-11 Fishing Report from Sportmans Warehouse, Reno, December 6. 2008 2008-12-08 Elitists Wage War on Anglers, Guides, Rural Businesses, Small Towns and our Kids! 2008-12-08 Christmas at Coleman: No Room Left at the Inn 2008-12-05 Coleman Fish Hatchery is Maxxed Out 2008-12-05 Raising Fry is an Unproductive Catch 22 2008-12-05 Coleman Cant Be Blamed for the Sac Run Decline 2008-12-05 Salmon Eggs Are Natures Gift to Steelhead 2008-12-05 Coleman Also Raises Late Fall & Winter Run Chinook and Steelhead 2008-12-05 How Should Anglers Fight Back? 2008-12-05 Iron Gate Hatchery Meets Its Egg Quota 2008-12-05 Topaz Lake Opens January 1, Fish Derby Set 2008-12-05 Opening of Tule River Road Delayed 2008-12-05 Upper Klamath: Big Fish Gets Away; Bigger One Gets Caught 2008-12-05 Clear Lake Report for December 4, 2008 2008-12-05 Bay Area Deep Sea Report 2008-12-05 Happy Birthday Rachel Lorraine Galusha-Edson 2008-12-01 Fish Planting, Cal Trout Stories Miss Zingers 2008-11-28 These Lakes Will Be Stocked Until at least 2010 2008-11-28 SOS to Anglers: Taxes, Costs, Government Expansion, Stagnation Headed Your Way 2008-11-28 Coleman Hatchery Meets Fall Chinook Salmon Egg Collection Target 2008-11-28 DFG Tags Sturgeon, Tallies Report Cards To Manage Species 2008-11-28 Clear Lake Report for November 28, 2008 2008-11-28 Clear Lake Report for November 21, 2008 2008-11-22 Fish Stocking Program will continue following court order 2008-11-22 Who was the biggest threat to salmon this week? 2008-11-21 Lake Siskiyou Report, November 16 2008-11-21 Latest Report from Sportsmans Warehouse in Reno and from other Local Sources, Nov. 18 2008-11-18 DFG Wardens Work with Commercial Lobster Fishermen To Catch Poachers 2008-11-18 Lake Berryessa Report, Nov. 18 2008-11-18 Upper Klamath Fishing Report, Nov. 16 2008-11-18 Future Pro Tour Offers Seductive Lure to New Members 2008-11-18 DFG Issues Statement Regarding Protection of Long-Fin Smelt; Delta Water Restrictions 2008-11-15 Local Action May Save Small but Popular Kilarc Reservoir 2008-11-14 Who was trout's biggest enemy last week? 2008-11-14 Clear Lake Report for November 14, 2008 2008-11-14 Stream Trout Fishing Closed November 15; Lake Fshing Good in Some Places 2008-11-11 DFG Faces Injunction; Salmon and Trout Stocking Jeopardized by Stanford Law School Lawsuit 2008-11-10 Huge Spawned Out Salmon Not Coincidental 2008-11-07 Late Fall Run Salmon Few and Far Between 2008-11-07 Easy Limits Available To Slow Trollers on Several NorCal Lakes 2008-11-07 McCloud Reservoir, November 1, 2008 2008-11-07 McCloud Reservoir, November 2, 2008 2008-11-07 Upper Klamath Good for Past Two Weeks 2008-11-07 Stream Trout Fishing Closes on Saturday, November 15 2008-11-07 Clear Lake Report for November 7, 2008 2008-11-07 What rain? Sssssssssssh! 2008-11-02 Catch a fish on your first cast? Clam up! 2008-11-02 More jacks than adults in Lower Klamath Creel 2008-11-02 Why Did Klamath & Trinity Salmon Fishing Disappoint So Many? 2008-11-02 Wiers are Weird Looking Check this one out! 2008-11-02 Upper Klamath Fishing Report, October 24, 2008 2008-11-02 Antelope and Almanor Good before Storm 2008-11-02 Limited Sac Salmon Season Opened November 1 2008-11-02 Clear Lake Fishing Report, October 31, 2008 2008-11-02 Return of Salmon Not Over Yet 2008-10-24 Jacks Outnumber Adults in Lower Klamath 2008-10-24 Mid-Klamath Slower than Expected 2008-10-24 Lewiston Hatchery Opened Fish Ladder on Friday 2008-10-24 Almanor Up as Wind Dies; Antelope Lake Still Producing 2008-10-24 The Next Best Places to Fish: Sacramento River and Lake Shasta 2008-10-24 Clear Lake Report for October 24 2008-10-24 Lake Berryessa Provides Variety of Fun 2008-10-24 Clear Lake Report, October 18 -- Bass Anglers Relying Mainly on Minnows 2008-10-19 Northern California/Nevada Fishing Report October 19 (Lakes) 2008-10-19 Northern California/Nevada Fishing Report October 19 (Rivers) 2008-10-19 One More CAL-ORE Fish Derby Set for March 2008-10-14 Upper Klamath Salmon Thick & Heavy, Oct. 11 Report 2008-10-12 Rainfall Paying Off for Mid-Klamath Anglers 2008-10-12 Monroe Takes Walmart Delta Tourney 2008-10-10 Justin Lucas, Relative of Shingletowns Bob Brycson, Takes Co-Angler Trophy at Walmart Delta Bass Tourney; Will Turn Pro in 2009 2008-10-10 Pat Pattersons Northern California Fishing Report, October 10 2008-10-10 Northern California Ocean Fishing Mostly a Dud 2008-10-10 Lower Klamath Creel Counts Look Good 2008-10-10 Lake Berryessa Slow to Fair 2008-10-10 Sacramento River and Lake Shasta Holding Up 2008-10-10 Book Sac River Trips Now 2008-10-10 Clear Lake Report, October 10, 2008 2008-10-10 Salmon Return to Coleman Slowly 2008-10-03 Almanor Still Top Choice 2008-10-03 Klamath above Weitchpec Hard to Believe? Not really! 2008-10-03 An Outdoor Day Drives the Gloom Away 2008-09-26 Eagle Lake Is Great Destination 2008-09-26 Lake Almanor Also a Good Bet 2008-09-26 Tuna Diehards Die Hard, Target Squid 2008-09-26 Pat Pattersons Report 2008-09-26 New Zealand Mud Snail Discovered in Big Lagoon 2008-09-26 Flood Closes Mount Whitney Hatchery To Public 2008-09-26 Fate of Kilarc Reservoir Not Certain 2008-09-26 $10 Million WalMart FLW Series to Visit Delta 2008-09-26 SC Guide Service Takes Steelies from Klamath 2008-09-26 DFG Rescues Fish Again at Caples Lake 2008-09-26 Two New Groups Join the Partnership for Sustainable Oceans 2008-09-26 Clear Lake Report, September 19, 2008 2008-09-21 Pat Pattersons Report 2008-09-19 Clear Lake Report, September 12, 2008 2008-09-19 Delta Water Shell Game Exposed 2008-09-19 Underproduction, not overfishing, causes declines in fish populations 2008-09-19 Fishing the Sierras & Eagle Lake (CA & NV) 2008-09-19 Lower Klamath River Creel Counts Keep Climbing 2008-09-19 SC Guide Service Booking Upper Klamath Trips 2008-09-19 Rockfishing Was Good When Weather Eased Up 2008-09-19 Economics Drive Two Separate PG&E Decisions 2008-09-12 Partnership for Sustainable Oceans Needs Response from Anglers 2008-09-12 Redding Guide Stumps for Salmon Fry Production 2008-09-12 California Outdoors Q&As 2008-09-12 Klamath River Getting Better 2008-09-12 Muskrat Love Proves Fatal to Fishing Net 2008-09-12 River Striper Fishing Fair 2008-09-05 Red Bluff Diversion Dam Gates Lifted 2008-09-05 Creel Checks at Klamath Looking Good 2008-09-05 Pat Pattersons Report 2008-09-05 Clear Lake Report for September 5 2008-09-05 Ocean Fishing Season Dying Slow Death 2008-09-05 Lake Almanor Good before Holiday 2008-09-05 Tagged Lewiston Hatchery Salmon Gained Weight Fast 2008-08-29 Mouth of Klamath Stuffed with Large Adults & Many Jacks 2008-08-29 Krill Rebound Key Link in Ocean Food Chain --Chronicle 2008-08-29 Salmon Counts Still Climbing at Red Bluff 2008-08-29 DFG To Hold Meetings Regarding Hatchery/Stocking 2008-08-29 Hydrilla Mantra for Clear Lake Boaters: Clean, Drain & Dry 2008-08-29 Eagle and Antelope Lakes Out Produce Almanor 2008-08-29 Sidewalk Sale Invites Anglers to Chester 2008-08-29 Lewiston Lake Bite Slow for a Reason 2008-08-29 Kokanee Are Plentiful but Small at Whiskeytown 2008-08-29 Clear Lake Fishing Report 2008-08-29 Far Northern California Fishing Report, Fall Winter #1 2008-08-29 DFG Announces Changes to 2008 Ocean Sportfishing Regs 2008-08-29 Trinity River Guides Form Association 2008-08-22 Clear Lake Report 2008-08-22 PAT PATTERSONS REPORT 2008-08-21 Rockfishing Closed on September 2 2008-08-20 Stripers, Steelhead & Trout Galore 2008-08-20 Salmon Counts Climbing at Red Bluff 2008-08-20 Hydrilla Threatens Clear Lake Again 2008-08-20 Quagga & Zebra Mussels Smelled Out By Canines 2008-08-20 Upper Sacramento Offers Fair Fishing 2008-08-15 Gear Up for Upper Klamath River Salmon, Far NorCal Report #2 2008-08-15 Trout Plants Continue Except at McCumber 2008-08-15 Raise Your Own Bait 2008-08-15 Clear Lake Report 2008-08-15 Guide Roger Keeling Hops Between Almanor and Eagle Lake 2008-08-15 California Outdoors Q&As 2008-08-15 DFG Scientist Appointed to National Invasive Species Council 2008-08-15 Berryessa Bass Troll Up for Best Guide, Sid Silberberg 2008-08-10 Popular Outdoor Newsmagazine Shuttered 2008-08-08 Red Bluff Salmon Counts Encouraging 2008-08-08 Far Northern California Fishing Report #3 2008-08-08 PAT PATTERSONS REPORT 2008-08-08 Trinity/Klamath Clear and Catching 2008-08-08 Eagle Lake & Lake Almanor still great 2008-08-08 Fishing is So So but Clear Lake Calls 2008-08-08 Storm Doesnt Stop Small Mountain Lake Anglers 2008-08-08 Fires and Warm Water Are Worries for Klamath River 2008-08-06 Fishing Report August 1, 2008 2008-08-01 Fishing Report July 25 2008 2008-07-25 Pat Patterson's Report 2008-05-04


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