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Archive Hunting Report Articles   1793

Cow Country Coyotes 2016-12-16
Hunt Fall Turkeys Now 2016-11-22
Conservation Key to Future of Hunting 2016-11-14
Protecting Hunting Heritage in Nevada 2016-11-13
Hunters with disabilities bag limit changes 2016-11-11
Fall Turkey Season Opener Approaches 2016-11-10
Hunters report deer tags or face fine 2016-11-05
Two Gray Wolves Confirmed in Lassen 2016-11-02
2017 Advanced Hunter Ed Clinics Online 2016-11-01
​Deer Season Success 2016-10-30
2016 General Pheasant Hunting Opener 2016-10-25
Fall Apprentice Pheasant Hunts Announced 2016-10-24
USFWS Allows Import of Wild LIon Trophies 2016-10-24
Habitat Restoration Projects Help Waterfowl 2016-10-23
2016 essay contest for young hunters 2016-10-22
Deer virus confirmed in Coos County 2016-10-19
$ Increased for Info Leading to Suspect 2016-10-16
CDFW Tule elk study requests input 2016-10-14
OSP seeks info regarding poached deer 2016-10-11
Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest 2016-10-09
Waterfowl Hunting Seasons Opening Soon 2016-10-07
2 Men Convicted in 2014 Poaching Case 2016-10-07
​Sportsman's Warehouse Waterfowl Event 2016-10-02
​Oregon Projects Funded by RMEF Grants 2016-09-22
OSP Seeks to Identify Bull Elk Poacher 2016-09-21
Wildfire Awareness Encouraged 2016-09-20
Private lands open to public hunting 2016-09-16
2016-2017 Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days 2016-09-16
General Deer Season Opens in CA. Sept. 17 2016-09-13
ODFW Chair and Hunter Rep sought 2016-09-09
Upland Game Bird Hunting Season opens 2016-09-08
CDFW offers Waterfowl Hunting Clinic 2016-09-05
Archery hunters beware of fire danger 2016-08-31
SD Qual Season Hunt Applications Now 2016-08-30
CDFW Mandatory Deer Tag Reporting 2016-08-30
Poaching continues... reward money grows 2016-08-26
Research Money for Desert Bighorn Sheep 2016-08-20
First Dove Season Opener Approaches 2016-08-17
Killer of Black Tail Doe Sought 2016-08-17
CDFW holds public outreach meeting 2016-08-15
ODFW youth pheasant hunt registration 2016-08-08
ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-08-04
Non-lethal Bear Management Tools 2016-07-27
RMEF media campaign reaches millions 2016-07-24
CDFW holds apprentice hunter lottery 2016-07-23
UBBWA seeks volunteers for cleanup 2016-07-22
OR hunting dog training workshop 2016-07-19
Proposed Changes for Disabled Hunters 2016-07-14
OSP Seeking Person(s) in Livestock Killing 2016-07-14
SHARE Program Offers Big Game 2016-07-08
Apply for San Diego County Dove Hunting 2016-07-06
Professional Guides Make a Difference 2016-07-05
RMEF on Public Lands Transfer 2016-07-04
California Ivory Ban Now in Affect 2016-07-03
Waterfowl Breeding Numbers Improve 2016-07-01
ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-07-01
Nonlead Ammunition Implementation 2016-06-28
RMEF: Hunting is Conservation...Spring 2016-06-21
CDFW Holds 'Bear Aware' Meeting 2016-06-21
SHARE Program Offers Elk Hunt 2016-06-18
OSP Seeks Help with Poachers 2016-06-18
CDFW Busts Suspected Poachers 2016-06-17
B&C supports Colorado Fair Chase Policy 2016-06-15
ODFW Sets 2017 Big Game Hunting Regs 2016-06-11
B&C Compiles Big Game Trends 2016-06-07
OSP Seeks Elk Poacher 2016-06-06
OR Rocky Mt. Goat tag cost $30,000 2016-06-01
RMEF remembers Jack Ward Thomas 2016-05-31
Oregon Bighorn poaching reward increase 2016-05-24
CDFW accepts pig, deer hunt applications 2016-05-19
Big game drawing deadline approaches 2016-05-19
Reward in bighorn poaching to $8,800 2016-05-19
Film tour brings bowhunting to Medford 2016-05-12
US Senate votes benefit conservation 2016-04-20
Reward offered for bull elk poaching info 2016-04-18
Benefits of trophy hunting 2016-04-14
Apply for Big Game tag by April 18 2016-04-13
​Hunting with the Old Man 2016-04-12
​I Was an Indoor (Outdoor) Slave 2016-04-06
Late Muley Madness 2016-04-01
Proposed new wildlife holding rules 2016-03-27
SeaLife Camera Class / Demo Day! 2016-03-27
Student archers compete statewide 2016-03-18
Redding Ducks Unlimited Banquet April 8 2016-03-18
Shed hunt responsibly and legally 2016-03-15
Spring Turkey season opener approaches 2016-03-14
Apply for Premium Hunts by May 15 2016-03-10
Youth: Win guided hunt on private ranch 2016-03-10
Hunter Certification course in Bishop 2016-03-08
CDFW seeks tips on Desert Bighorn skull 2016-03-07
Fair Chase Essay contest speaks volumes 2016-03-03
Boone and Crockett: Legislation Matters 2016-03-01
Oregon wolf population grew 36% last year 2016-03-01
Nashville Revisited 2016-02-27
Bighorn sheep survey needs volunteers 2016-02-22
Hunter education for Spring certification 2016-02-21
Youth waterfowl hunt makes memories 2016-02-17
The New Kid 2016-02-16
ODFW update cougar, sturgeon status 2016-02-13
​Chad Shearer returns to Medford Feb. 25 2016-02-11
CDFW accepts turkey hunt applications 2016-02-09
Nash Buckingham 2016-02-06
B&B Awards at Sportsman's Warehouse 2016-02-05
Get Organized for Turkey Hunting 2016-02-03
Rules differ for junior hunters 2016-02-01
Apply for Hunter Representative position 2016-01-26
​CDFW surveying wildlife with helicopters 2016-01-26
​ODFW captures bighorn sheep 2016-01-23
CWA Disabled Vets Hunt 2016-01-19
Get ready to lose more deer & elk 2016-01-15
What Went Around, Came Around 2016-01-08
Horn Hunting: Shed the Winter Blues 2016-01-06
RMEF clarifies position on wolf plan 2015-12-29
Wolf depredation probable in Siskiyou Co. 2015-12-18
Butte County gets Jr. waterfowl hunts 2015-12-16
Sutter NWR opens for waterfowl hunting 2015-12-15
CDFW offers Jr. hunt at Grizzly Island WA 2015-12-15
Colorado habitat benefits from RMEF grants 2015-12-13
OR ranchers recognized for helping wildlife 2015-12-09
OSP seeks help in horrific poaching case 2015-12-09
CDFW releases draft gray wolf plan 2015-12-03
What’s new at Kittle’s Outdoor in Colusa? 2015-11-25
Sage Grouse subject of meetings with BLM 2015-11-24
OSP targeting poaching of wintering deer 2015-11-22
Adv. CDFW Hunter Ed clinics set for 2016 2015-11-22
RMEF praises Oregon wolf delisting 2015-11-21
Southwest Oregon waterfowl report 2015-11-20
OSP seeks help to find bull elk poacher 2015-11-20
Connecting with Fall Turkeys 2015-11-18
CA ban on bobcat trapping begins Nov. 20 2015-11-18
Chevy trucks joins RMEF Expo lineup 2015-11-16
Big game still on tap in Southern Oregon 2015-11-16
Fall Turkey Season opened Nov. 14 2015-11-14
Many apprentice hunt apps due now! 2015-11-14
Waterfowl hunting ops coming up at ELER 2015-11-10
OR F&WC delists wolf in split vote (4-2) 2015-11-10
OSP seeks help to catch deer poacher 2015-11-10
General pheasant hunting opener nears 2015-11-10
Bull elk killed/wasted in Coos County 2015-11-09
Hunting Methods & Rates of Success 2015-11-04
MeatEater host to speak at Elk Camp 2015-11-03
First Bucks 2015-11-03
Retriever trials to come to Clear Creek 2015-10-28
ODFW: Pheasant hunting workshops set 2015-10-26
Gray wolf added to Endangered Species 2015-10-25
CDFW is monitoring deer mortalities 2015-10-21
Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-10-21
Kittle’s plans end-of-summer sale 2015-10-18
Applications for apprentice hunts due 2015-10-17
Tree Squirrels to Big Game 2015-10-16
RMEF grants to benefit AZ elk habitat 2015-10-13
Fire ravages Modoc refuge headquarters 2015-10-06
Waterfowl hunt clinic set for Butte County 2015-10-06
Snipe Season Opener approaches 2015-10-04
General Season for Chukar opens Oct. 17 2015-10-04
Oregon F&GC meeting is Oct. 9 in Florence 2015-10-03
Report elk hoof disease to ODFW website 2015-10-03
CA Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest 2015-10-03
October Openers for Upland Game Birds 2015-10-03
Dennis Shiplet gets big Bull Elk 2015-10-03
Still feel it! 2015-10-01
CDFW Special hunt applications due 9/30 2015-09-25
Mendota to streamline entry process 2015-09-25
Waterfowl counts up over 2014 at SNWR 2015-09-22
Oregon youth have shot at special hunts 2015-09-21
RMEF offers online gear checklist 2015-09-19
Reminder: Wolf Pack in Siskiyou County 2015-09-17
Tough rifle season for Modoc antelope 2015-09-14
More upland game bird seasons to open 2015-09-10
Comments sought on more Wildlife Areas 2015-09-10
Clear Creek Sports Club hosts clay shoot 2015-09-08
CA Squirrel Season opens Sept. 12 2015-09-05
Public meeting: Bay Delta Wildlife Areas 2015-09-05
Ammo… ammo…and more ammo for doves! 2015-09-05
General deer seasons to open in CA 2015-09-03
Bucks and Bulls Contest underway 2015-09-03
OSP needs help in Douglas poaching case 2015-09-02
Fundraising tags available to Nonprofits 2015-09-01
Non-lead Ammo required on CDFW lands 2015-08-26
ODFW: Bow hunting to start Aug. 29 2015-08-26
Comment on elk hunting regs invited 2015-08-26
First dove season opener is Tuesday 2015-08-26
Sportsmen a Big Part of Healthy Wildlife 2015-08-24
Popular hunting areas subject of talks 2015-08-24
Elk habitat protected, expanded in Montana 2015-08-18
Trespassing -- No Need To! 2015-08-15
B&C hunting, cooking books win awards 2015-08-14
OSP after antelope poacher in Crook Co. 2015-08-14
Hunt for suspect closes part of D9 Zone 2015-08-13
ODFW offers family & gal pheasant hunts 2015-08-12
Oregon man slammed for poaching elk 2015-08-11
OSP F&W seeks help in poaching case 2015-08-11
Knoxville Wildlife Area reopened 2015-08-10
Waterfowl regs set for 2015-2016 season 2015-08-10
CA FG&C votes to ban bobcat trapping 2015-08-06
Oregon F&GC to set bird hunting regs 2015-08-04
West-central Montana elk habitat saved 2015-07-30
B&C Club publishes USFS journals 2015-07-24
ODFW offers free youth pheasant hunts 2015-07-23
Three to be drawn for youth deer hunt 2015-07-22
RMEF CEO to speak to governors 2015-07-22
Special dove hunts offered in S. California 2015-07-21
More RMEF grants to help Idaho elk 2015-07-16
B&C Club praises U.S. Reps’ forest vote 2015-07-14
ODFW wants input on sage-grouse rules 2015-07-14
RMEF: Watch for #ProjectElk Documentary 2015-07-14
CWA opposes SB 347 for overreaching 2015-07-12
CWA'S 70th Anniversary Raffle is hot 2015-07-11
Pacific Flyway decoy show this weekend 2015-07-10
ODFW: Give wildlife access to water 2015-07-10
Support Resilient Federal Forests Act 2015-07-09
RMEF grant helps Idaho wolf management 2015-07-02
CDFW SHARE program offers elk hunts 2015-07-02
Oregon Sleeper State for Pronghorns 2015-06-30
Nonlead ammo on CDF lands, July 1 2015-06-27
RMEF Team Elk thrills with new episodes 2015-06-24
Swab-its needs .50cal bore-tip testers 2015-06-22
MT artist wins CA Duck Stamp Contest 2015-06-20
Raptor Razor - Field dressing made easy 2015-06-19
RMEF funds help wildlife habitat & mgnt. 2015-06-17
How much venison do hunters harvest? 2015-06-17
OSP investigate LaGrande poaching case 2015-06-12
RMEF: 2015 Elk Camp registration opens 2015-06-12
Oregon controlled hunt draw results online 2015-06-11
OR adopts 137,015 controlled hunt tags 2015-06-08
CWA offers Fun Shoots June 13 & Aug. 23 2015-06-07
CWA testifies re Colusa Drain Water 2015-06-07
Vortex Optics: Quality, Value & Confidence 2015-06-06
CWA demands water for Kamath NWR 2015-06-05
Attn: Would-be California hunters! 2015-06-04
Vortex Optics: Quality, Value & Confidence 2015-06-04
Dallas, OR man cited for game violations 2015-06-02
Jr. Duck Stamp awards given on May 30 2015-06-01
Shikar-Safari Club honors CDFW officer 2015-05-27
ODFW: Big game raffle grosses $717,465 2015-05-24
New RMEF elk tour crisscrosses America 2015-05-20
Non-lead ammunition requirement coming 2015-05-17
Big game drawing deadline is June 2 2015-05-15
NDOW: Input needed on Big Game quotas 2015-05-14
B&C Club: Governor's Tags and fair chase 2015-05-12
News for waterfowl hunters from CWA 2015-05-10
ODFW seeks input on hunting reg changes 2015-05-08
Hunters/anglers fund conservation efforts 2015-05-06
Rare Company in Kentucky 2015-05-04
Kittles to host CA Duck Calling Contest 2015-05-01
World Class archers descend on Redding 2015-04-30
Oregon hunt deadline approaches 2015-04-30
PG&E receives award for swamp restoration 2015-04-29
Shooting, gutting & skinning 101 2015-04-21
B&C Cookbook kabobs the competition 2015-04-20
Apply for Nevada Big Game tags by tonight! 2015-04-18
Turkey Season So Far 2015-04-15
CWA to celebrate 70th anniversary 2015-04-13
Oregon turkey hunting starts April 15 2015-04-12
RMEF salutes Purple Heart recipient Zeigler 2015-04-12
CWA lobbies for birds/hunters in D.C. 2015-04-11
SportDOG becomes CWA corporate partner 2015-04-11
Dream big game hunt raffle tickets on sale 2015-04-10
Youth-only turkey season starts Saturday 2015-04-10
Help wanted: OHA Field Administrator 2015-04-09
Want to hunt deer/pigs in Merced County? 2015-04-08
2015 CA Jr. Duck Stamp winners announced 2015-04-01
2015 Big Game Digest now online 2015-03-31
Sportsman’s Warehouse flyers showing here 2015-03-25
​CDFW’s plan for deer up for review 2015-03-24
Rogue RMEF to auction Willie Boat 2015-03-22
Spring turkey season opens Mar. 28 2015-03-21
Improvements coming for OR elk habitat 2015-03-20
OSP seeks help again for elk poaching 2015-03-17
More bills to watch in legislature -- water 2015-03-17
More bills to watch in legislature -- horns 2015-03-16
Bills to watch in CA legislature -- hunting 2015-03-15
CWA sponsors State Bills AB 665 & SB 615 2015-03-13
Pintail banding crew wraps up Sac Valley 2015-03-12
‘First 30’ CWA campers may get hunt 2015-03-11
ODFW offers youths guided turkey hunts 2015-03-11
OR F&C briefed on wolf population growth 2015-03-10
Apply for CWA youth hunts now! 2015-03-09
ODFW: Fish for trout throughout the year 2015-03-05
CDFW offers pig hunt clinic in April 2015-03-05
Special Jr. Turkey Hunt set for SRNWR 2015-03-04
Hog Wild 2015-03-02
77 wolves, 26 pups, 8 packs in Oregon 2015-02-28
ODFW: Get ready to hunt this spring! 2015-02-25
CDFW clarifies use of ‘unplugged’ shotguns 2015-02-25
​Chad Shearer returns to Medford Feb. 26 2015-02-23
CDFW offers 1-day NorCal turkey clinic 2015-02-22
Ashland Mrs. didn’t miss this dandy bull 2015-02-22
Nashville -- Tom Hunter's Busman's Holiday 2015-02-22
Pups & Partridges on the Calapooia Prairie 2015-02-18
RMEF raises $655K for wildlife conservation 2015-02-11
OR DFW officers uncover poaching ring 2015-02-11
Hey Turkey, You're on Camera 2015-02-11
SHARE spring turkey hunts offered 2015-02-08
CWA: Spring youth hunt camps coming up 2015-02-08
CWA: Post season pintail banding underway 2015-02-08
CWA sets up waterfowl foundation 2015-02-07
Spring turkey hunts offered in N. CA 2015-02-07
MN artist wins upland game bird contest 2015-02-07
RMEF to CBD: Stick to the facts 2015-02-05
Modoc 4-H’ers earn spot on shooting team 2015-02-05
158 trophy racks displayed in Medford 2015-02-05
What to do in Modoc in winter? 2015-02-04
Winchester Model 73 rifle found in woods 2015-02-02
CDFW monitoring band-tail pigeon mortality 2015-01-30
‘Sportman’s Summit’ planned for Adin 2015-01-28
J.A.K.E.S. Chukar Hunt a huge success 2015-01-27
Valley geese fall to fog & great calling 2015-01-26
DSC convention goers raise $1M in 1 minute 2015-01-20
It’s Not over Till the Lady Sings 2015-01-20
Jr. Duck Stamp Calendar helps conservation 2015-01-19
CWA is swabbing local ducks for A.I. 2015-01-18
RMEF in 6th year of record membership 2015-01-14
Youth essay winner to be honored at ISE 2015-01-10
‘Passing on the Tradition’ 2015-01-10
Our Great Turkey Hunt 2015-01-04
CA hunters: Report tags or be fined $20 2015-01-03
OSP F&W troopers make arrests for poaching 2015-01-02
The Incredible Elk; a Tale by Dad and Son 2014-12-31
Volunteer Hunter Ed number tops 1,000 2014-12-30
Oregon big game reports due Jan. 31 2014-12-30
ISE show coming up 2014-12-30
My Best Day in the Field 2014-12-28
OHA photo contest goes digital 2014-12-27
Avian influenza found in OR poultry 2014-12-21
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2014-12-20
Spaces still available for Jr. waterfowl hunts 2014-12-20
Joice Island pig hunt deadline is Feb. 9 2014-12-20
Avian influenza found in WA wild birds 2014-12-19
Amador County man sentenced for poaching 2014-12-19
World Champion elk callers crowned 2014-12-18
Don't use B&C scoring on captive deer 2014-12-17
Federal Duck Stamp to cost $25 2014-12-12
Deadline nears for January CWA hunts 2014-12-12
In the Moment: Oregon Duck Hunt 2014-12-10
Modoc Big Buck honors shared 2014-12-09
F&GC releases 2015 meeting schedule 2014-12-09
Bighorn sheep relocated in S. Oregon 2014-12-08
Waterfowl hunts added to Upper BBWA 2014-12-08
Inyo County man arrested for deer poaching 2014-12-06
Economics 101: ‘Hunting Works for Oregon’ 2014-12-04
Wild Rivers Road System input critical 2014-12-04
CDFW plans deer hunter opinion survey 2014-12-03
10th Modoc JAKES Hunt is Dec. 13 2014-12-01
December 2014 CDFW Calendar 2014-11-29
Modoc/NWAs slow for duck/goose hunters 2014-11-27
Klamath Basin NWR hunting improves 2014-11-26
Sacramento NW refuge birds on the move 2014-11-25
Are Ducks In Heaven? 2014-11-24
Buying a firearm ‘in time for Christmas’ 2014-11-24
Bucks & Bulls contest gaining momentum 2014-11-19
Through the rear view mirror 2014-11-19
My Best Friend Always Wears a Fur Coat 2014-11-17
For the turkey hunter in your life 2014-11-17
B&C publishes first cookbook 2014-11-12
Win! 16 Oregon guided youth deer hunts 2014-11-08
Connecting with Fall Turkeys 2014-11-08
B&C: Maine voters make sensible decision 2014-11-07
Benelli Day at Kittle's is Saturday, Nov. 8th 2014-11-06
Lead ammo ban scoping meeting set 2014-11-05
Pheasant season opens Saturday 2014-11-05
Umpqua NF resets travel mgmt. meetings 2014-11-03
Duck hunt gone awry 2014-11-03
My Elk Hunt 2014-10-30
La Barranca Unit opens on Sac. River 2014-10-30
Waterfowl face drought/disease in CV 2014-10-26
Wind/rain helps Klamath Basin refuges 2014-10-24
Eden Landing ER hunts to be allowed 2014-10-23
World Series: Elk Hunter vs. Elk Hunter 2014-10-23
Modoc waterfowl opener a big success 2014-10-23
Bandon man cited for elk over limit 2014-10-21
Remembering the Jordan Buck 2014-10-20
My Elk Hunt 2014-10-17
Waterfowl hunt regs on Liberty Island 2014-10-14
Master Nat’l Retriever Club Test starts 2014-10-09
Modoc NWR hunts delayed until Oct. 18 2014-10-08
Deer Season So Far 2014-10-08
Lower Klamath/Tule Lake hunts now short 2014-10-08
Need a 2014-15 Federal Duck Stamp? 2014-10-07
RMEF opposes disposal of federal lands 2014-10-07
Governor signs CWA-sponsored bills 2014-10-06
CWA veteran hunt program opens 2014-10-05
Northeastern California has “BIG BULLS”! 2014-10-04
Free CWA custom call valued at $69 2014-10-04
C Zone Blacktail 2014-10-03
Outdoor Women plan pheasant hunt 2014-10-02
Healthy rain for S. Oregon rifle hunters 2014-10-02
Waterfowl weekend set for Redding SW 2014-09-30
New way to clean firearms 2014-09-29
Laguna WA reg. changes in effect 2014-09-29
Duck count doubles at Sacramento NWR 2014-09-26
Follow these four rules for hunting safely 2014-09-26
Need a Fed Duck Stamp? CWA has 'em 2014-09-20
Yellowstone plundered by market hunters 2014-09-20
Hunters can prevent Wasting Disease 2014-09-19
Numerous SHARE hunts available this fall 2014-09-19
Don’t forget waterfowl hunt regs! 2014-09-19
Many ducks expected; need farmers help 2014-09-19
Deer hunters: Check for fire closures! 2014-09-19
Fall general hunting seasons open soon 2014-09-17
Boasting Blue Grouse 2014-09-17
Bald Sisters Fire grows to 2,345 acres 2014-09-17
Vintage Waterfowler 2014-09-16
Poacher takes elk head, leaves carcass 2014-09-15
CA F&C WRC Meeting Agenda for 9/17 2014-09-14
Chukar forecast 2014-09-12
Two free tickets to first two callers 2014-09-10
Water shortage hurts pheasant outlook 2014-09-10
EHD disease found in OR deer population 2014-09-09
Sacramento NWR duck counts jump up 2014-09-09
Public meeting! Bay Delta A/B hunt areas 2014-09-09
Record pronghorn certified by B&C 2014-09-07
Hunting and fishing highlight dove opener 2014-09-03
Waterfowl numbers at SNWR less than 2013 2014-09-02
Doves on the move for opener 2014-08-31
Kittle's open; hunting film set for Sept. 13 2014-08-30
Anti-hunting/shooting bill dies in Senate 2014-08-30
Sky Lakes Wilderness 790 fire update 2014-08-29
Fire near John Day, OR 96% contained 2014-08-29
Mule deer head found in jeep, 5 charged 2014-08-27
Boone & Crockett welcomes new leaders 2014-08-25
Sky Lakes Wilderness 790 fire update 2014-08-24
2014 Modoc Big Buck Contest 2014-08-23
Part of PC Trail closed in OR due to fire 2014-08-23
Feral pig hunting to start on the SRNWR 2014-08-19
ODFW permit filing wins OR man a rifle 2014-08-18
CWA comments on BDCP 2014-08-17
CDFW to offer hunting clinic in Redding 2014-08-16
Duck calling championship at Kittles 2014-08-15
Kids get their shot at pheasants 2014-08-14
​Kruger Farms/CWA free duck hunt raffle 2014-08-14
Deadline for dove hunts approaching 2014-08-13
Anti-hunting bill still on CA assembly floor 2014-08-12
The buck we didn’t get and two we did 2014-08-10
CA waterfowl/dove hunting regs approved 2014-08-07
Oregon Antelope Outlook 2014-08-06
Oregon bird/fish regs on governor’s desk 2014-08-05
Help OSP solve Douglas Co. poaching case 2014-07-31
Sportsman’s Warehouse to host Vortex Day 2014-07-31
Enter Big R Big Buck Contest now 2014-07-30
Key OR F&W Commission meet is Friday 2014-07-29
​A-Zone opener great for Alturas archer! 2014-07-29
CDFW waterfowl hunting clinic in Redding 2014-07-27
Nevada Dream Tag winners named 2014-07-24
​Youth deer hunters: Apply for special hunt 2014-07-24
OSP Troopers’ efforts lead to convictions 2014-07-19
​CDFW SHARE program offers hunts 2014-07-19
Impact of drought on Type A Wildlife Areas 2014-07-18
Deer tag quota for CA D6 Zone filled 2014-07-16
CWA: Support AB1709 (Jr. Hunting license) 2014-07-15
CA AB2105 will aid fund-raising efforts 2014-07-15
CA AB 2268 pulled; to be re-introduced in 2015 2014-07-15
CA ammo registration bill must be stopped 2014-07-15
SB 199: Brightly-colored Pellet Guns? No! 2014-07-15
Sporting Caucus Trap Shoot a success 2014-07-15
Sporting Caucus Reception set for Aug. 13 2014-07-15
Sauna Weather Hog 2014-07-13
OSP F&W: Please help ID deer poacher! 2014-07-08
Oregon program takes disabled youths afield 2014-07-06
Lead ban meeting comes to Redding 2014-07-01
Sportsmen’s bill waits for action in D.C. 2014-06-30
News from California Waterfowl 2014-06-28
Sacramento man fined for bobcat poaching 2014-06-27
DU TV Series starts June 30, Pursuit Ch. 2014-06-25
ODFW: Get controlled hunt draw online 2014-06-20
CDFW offers Upland Game Hunting Clinic 2014-06-18
NV DFW offers 2nd big game draw 2014-06-17
Hunting page shot down by Facebook 2014-06-17
Siskiyou Forest roads: Open or closed? 2014-06-16
Survival is subject of CDFW clinic 2014-06-15
Sporting Clays, BBQ & Raffle is June 28 2014-06-14
DFW/CWA offer Waterfowl Hunting Clinic 2014-06-12
OR big game tags, trapping regs set 2014-06-06
OR7 now a family man; has mate & pups 2014-06-04
New turkey hunting book now available 2014-06-01
Duck production down in California 2014-05-30
Water forum planned for at CWA Confab 2014-05-30
CWA Beginner Hunter Camps starting soon 2014-05-21
Oregon Elk Habitat gets RMEF Grants 2014-05-20
Big Game drawing deadline approaches 2014-05-17
Turkey Hunting in Mexico 2014-05-15
Lead bullet ban meeting set for Eureka 2014-05-14
Major changes to waterfowl regs coming 2014-05-09
Hunting bears with hounds bill dies 2014-05-05
Oregon controlled hunt apps due May 15 2014-05-05
Hunter Ed. instructors needed by ODFW 2014-05-04
Some drought relief -- Will it be enough? 2014-04-27
Sacramento Big Day of Giving is coming 2014-04-27
CWA: Register for camp, win a free hunt 2014-04-27
CWA-sponsored bills in hands of legislators 2014-04-26
Mounts needed for new Chico store 2014-04-26
CDFW offers Merced deer/pig hunts 2014-04-24
Dream hunts up for grabs in Oregon 2014-04-24
Oregon SP looking for fawn killer 2014-04-23
F&GC adopts 2014 big-game tag quotas 2014-04-18
Blacktail does captured & collared for study 2014-04-17
Long Beard contest running at Kittles 2014-04-15
CDFW uses K-9 to close poaching case 2014-04-14
Work Sharp gives a great edge 2014-04-12
The Decoy Advantage 2014-04-12
Save $50 on some CWA Hunter Camps 2014-04-04
6 out of 7 in 22:50 wins at CCSC Shoot 2014-04-04
NDOW explains combo deer/elk tags 2014-04-03
Game farm, CWD concerns B&C club 2014-04-01
36 Tule Elk relocated; now 4200 in CA 2014-04-01
Opening Weekend of Turkey Season 2014-03-31
CA 2014 Jr. Duck Stamp winners named 2014-03-29
Apply now for NV Big Game tags 2014-03-28
ODFW to host public meetings for hunting 2014-03-28
2014 CWA banding done for 2014 2014-03-27
Drone use barred by B&C 2014-03-27
CWA Hunter Camps add some new twists 2014-03-25
CWA tries to protect hunter's interests 2014-03-24
Hunter Ed. Instructor of Year named 2014-03-24
Pronghorn capture completed by CA DFW 2014-03-23
Let the 2014 Squirrel Wars begin!!! 2014-03-19
Jr. Duck Stamp Contest draws thousands 2014-03-19
Guide offers guaranteed Oregon deer tags 2014-03-13
Shed hunt responsibly to protect big game 2014-03-12
Bass Pro Shops partner with B&C 2014-03-09
PG&E wins award for habitat improvement 2014-03-09
Choosing Your First Turkey Call 2014-03-07
RMEF gets top marks as a charity 2014-03-06
B&C: Conservation needs hunters/anglers 2014-03-05
California waterfowl fundraising events 2014-03-03
Nor-Cal Pheasant Championship Mar. 15-16 2014-03-01
SRNWR expands hunting opportunities 2014-02-28
Artists sought for CA Duck Stamp Contest 2014-02-27
Special Turkey Hunts offered by CDFW 2014-02-26
Back To Nashville 2014-02-26
RMEF rides momentum into 2014 2014-02-25
Conservation orgs team up to save habitat 2014-02-21
The Head Hunter 2014-02-19
Gray Lodge Youth Hunt a draws big flock 2014-02-18
Deer poachers get fines; guns destroyed 2014-02-18
CA Jr. Duck Stamp Contest still open 2014-02-16
40% off most clothing at Kittles/Colusa 2014-02-15
Pit River R&G Club coyote hunt a success 2014-02-14
B&C: Bills show sportsmen are being heard 2014-02-14
OR shooting ranges can apply for grants 2014-02-14
Get your valentine a Nevada Dream Tag 2014-02-14
Passing Time -- Waiting for Water 2014-02-13
NWTF Shasta/Tehama Youth Hunt plans 2014-02-12
Selecting personal optics 2014-02-12
CWA finished 74 wetlands projects in 2013 2014-02-07
Safflower seed available from CWA 2014-02-07
End of drought not in sight despite storms 2014-02-07
CWA: Goose hunting not over yet 2014-02-07
John M. Browning 2014-02-05
Deadline near for Turkey Hunting Clinic 2014-02-05
Boone and Crockett pleased with Farm Bill 2014-02-03
Riverside County man attacked by cougar 2014-02-02
Sharing another memory about BB guns 2014-01-31
CA elk/hunters aided by RMEF Grants 2014-01-30
This was no ordinary duck hunt 2014-01-24
Oregon poachers get stiff sentences 2014-01-21
‘Three Amigos’ Becomes Law; DSC pleased 2014-01-21
Memorial set for Terry Raahauge 2014-01-15
RMEF membership tops 200,000 2014-01-14
It's almost time to plant dove food plots 2014-01-10
CWA: Jr. Duck Stamp Calendar available 2014-01-10
Save the date: CA Duck Days, Feb. 21-22 2014-01-10
Stop by CWA Booths at ISE Show 2014-01-10
OHA: Decades of service to hunters/wildlife 2014-01-09
Bring your bow to ISE Sacramento 2014-01-07
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2014-01-03
No time left for school of hard knocks 2014-01-02
RMEF opens 13,000 acres for OR Elk hunting 2013-12-31
Chukar fall to JAKES at NWTF Modoc hunt 2013-12-29
Oregon State Police looking for deer poacher 2013-12-28
Where Are All the Pheasants? 2013-12-19
CDFW draw set for Joice Island Pig Hunt 2013-12-18
Ham on the Hoof 2013-12-17
Let's share unforgettable outdoor memories 2013-12-16
Keep your dog safe this trapping season 2013-12-16
Hey Gals! Want to be an Outdoor Woman? 2013-12-16
Oak Slough Trail is an outdoor honey 2013-12-13
OSP: Poacher kills huge buck near Merrill 2013-12-13
Hunting decals make great Christmas gifts 2013-12-10
Tom Farber wins Modoc Big Buck Contest 2013-12-10
'Targets for Toys' set this weekend 2013-12-09
Arctic air quashes hopes for duck hunters 2013-12-06
Bear poachers get stiff sentences 2013-12-06
Draw set for Jr. hunt at Grizzly Island WA 2013-12-05
Cougar are managed closely in Oregon 2013-12-04
Modoc Grandma Tract open; hunting slow 2013-12-03
Stay sharp for when the shot counts 2013-12-01
FGC meeting to be attended by CWA 2013-11-27
CWA needs volunteers at ISE Show 2013-11-27
Meet the skinning knife you never sharpen 2013-11-25
Quackheads Go Crackers 2013-11-21
The Fall Turkey Season Is Open 2013-11-20
Free junior pheasant hunt is December 7 2013-11-19
OR hunters: Report tags or face $25 fine 2013-11-18
CWA wants help for Black Brant 2013-11-17
2013 CWA Call of the Year available now 2013-11-16
CWA Hunt Program Deadline imminent 2013-11-15
Waterfowlers: Update on water/hunting 2013-11-15
Minutes count when buying a gun 2013-11-14
Many wild game recipes are online 2013-11-12
Waterfowl hunting from your kayak 2013-11-10
Where the hell is Kettenpom? 2013-11-10
CDFW offers many benefits to vets 2013-11-08
Passing of Terry Raahauge mourned by all 2013-11-08
Charges filed against suspected poachers 2013-11-08
Turkey/late dove seasons to open Sat. 2013-11-07
CWA seeks help for teaching program 2013-11-06
CWA adds to Hunt Program 2013-11-05
Pheasant season opens Saturday 2013-11-05
CWA, Partners Push for habitat funding 2013-11-04
Hey Junior! What does hunting mean to you? 2013-11-01
Best trophy areas cataloged in new book 2013-10-29
Bucket List Ranch booking waterfowl hunts 2013-10-27
Fee-Free fall/winter waterfowl hunts set 2013-10-26
Waterfowl hunting on the Modoc NWR 2013-10-24
The “Dead End Buck” 2013-10-23
Women's pheasant hunt nearly sold out 2013-10-23
‘Hunting?’ Hard to find on NWR websites 2013-10-22
Most refuges open for hunting Oct. 19 2013-10-19
W. Oregon deer season resumes Saturday 2013-10-18
Back to the Start 2013-10-18
Pig hunts offered by CA DFW/SHARE 2013-10-17
OSP seeks help in hunt for elk poachers 2013-10-14
Mule Deer Challenge 2013-10-14
Shutdown of refuges may not be absolute 2013-10-12
Duck hunters undergo truth test 2013-10-12
Shudown continues to hurt hunters 2013-10-12
12 Tips for Hunting Chukar from NDOW 2013-10-10
OR hunters can apply now for C2 hunts 2013-10-09
Big bull taken on Marble Mountains hunt 2013-10-06
Upland Gamebird Hunts up for grabs 2013-10-05
Shutdown affects OR waterfowl hunts 2013-10-04
NDOW launches free service for hunters 2013-10-03
FAQs: Shutdown’s impact on waterfowl hunts 2013-10-03
Hunter with a new heart asks for help 2013-10-03
OR FWC considering 2014 big game seasons 2013-10-01
CDFW active during E. Sierra deer opener 2013-10-01
Shutdown closes refuges, parks, lakes 2013-10-01
Register for the Modoc Big Buck Contest 2013-09-30
Bucks Galore 2013-09-27
National Hunting/Fishing Day is Sept. 28 2013-09-26
2014 CA Hunt Tags available to non-profits 2013-09-26
NDOW wants Big Game Hunt Questionnaires 2013-09-25
New-look apparel honors hunted/hunting 2013-09-18
Rim Fire impacts deer hunting 2013-09-16
Solano County rib feed is Oct. 6 2013-09-15
Delisting of wolves supported by RMEF 2013-09-15
Big Buck Contest at Big R 2013-09-14
CWA: Help protect critical wetlands funding 2013-09-13
CWA takes action on L. Klamath NWR crisis 2013-09-13
Help needed on “Brush Up” Days -- CWA 2013-09-13
Hunting from a wheelchair 2013-09-13
RMEF $140,000 gift opens 18K acres 2013-09-11
Shasta Valley pheasant club opens Sept. 28 2013-09-10
SNWRC: fewer ducks; only 740 at L. Klamath 2013-09-10
CDFW honors longest serving Hunter Educator 2013-09-05
2-day Jr. Pheasant hunt set for 11/2-3 2013-09-04
Idaho DFG gets RMEF grant 2013-09-04
Unlawful shooters of “city deer” sought 2013-09-04
Dove hunting poor to fair near Red Bluff 2013-09-03
Apprentice upland game hunts offered 2013-09-01
Hunters often see wildlife crime first 2013-08-31
Exhibition shooter at Colusa Fairgrounds 2013-08-29
Duck stamps available online from CWA 2013-08-28
Free non-lead ammo samples available 2013-08-28
No delay for opener in SV refuges 2013-08-27
Tune Up for Doves 2013-08-27
Ladies: Sign up to win MN hunt 2013-08-27
Less than 2000 mallards banded by CWA 2013-08-26
CWA: Youth and women hunts available 2013-08-26
McArthur Swamp LCCP includes hunting 2013-08-23
CDFW to sponsor junior pheasant hunts 2013-08-22
Poachers to get hard labor; fines 2013-08-22
Kittle's also holding week-long sale 2013-08-21
Apprentice pheasant hunts set for Ash Creek 2013-08-18
California State Duck Calling Championship 2013-08-17
Upland/waterfowl hunt seasons set 2013-08-16
Approval of Hunting at 18-year high 2013-08-15
No Deer, But… 2013-08-15
Liberal regs OK for waterfowl season 2013-08-12
Ladies: Sign up to win a hunt! 2013-08-12
Free non-lead ammo Saturday 2013-08-12
5 tips for hunting game birds 2013-08-10
Early Birds return to Klamath 2013-08-09
Special dove hunting opportunity offered 2013-08-08
CDFW has Fall hunting opportunities 2013-08-08
Governor signs LOP tag program legislation 2013-08-07
Bass Pro Shops support RMEF 2013-08-06
Delta Waterfowl banquet Aug. 10 2013-08-06
New award honors Fair-Chase hunts 2013-08-06
Dove limit change on horizon in OR 2013-08-03
Free youth upland bird hunts set in OR 2013-08-01
OR St. Police seek help to catch poachers 2013-07-31
DFW made me grin 2013-07-30
Bird card sale extended by Raahauge’s 2013-07-30
Ladies: Sign up to win a hunt 2013-07-28
CWA hires new field ops representative 2013-07-28
Urge your House reps to support H.R. 1825 2013-07-27
Fall Hunt Program rolls out 2013-07-27
California Waterfowl Fundraising Events 2013-07-26
Statewide dove hunting opens Sept. 1 2013-07-25
NV Big Game Tags available July 26 2013-07-25
RMEF secures 640 elk habitat acres in WA 2013-07-24
Pheasants Forever bemoans CRP reserves 2013-07-23
Nevada Big Game Tags get a new look 2013-07-23
RMEF, Partners secure OR elk habitat 2013-07-22
New hunting decals include chukar 2013-07-22
Wolves get more protection in Oregon 2013-07-14
Black Bear study underway along coast 2013-07-12
CDFW & CWA offer one-day outdoor Expo 2013-07-12
CDFW Hunter Ed. courses set for E. Sierra 2013-07-11
B&C event celebrates hunting/conservation 2013-07-10
Wolf management on agenda in Oregon 2013-07-09
Local photographer scores Bugle cover 2013-07-02
Pronghorn bucks overcome drought 2013-06-29
2013 Bird Cards available at Raahauge’s 2013-06-27
SHARE program opens up special hunts 2013-06-26
Raahuage offers dog rattlesnake training 2013-06-21
RMEF conserves vital NV elk habitat 2013-06-20
Nevada Hunting Guide now available 2013-06-20
Team Elk returns to Outdoor Channel 2013-06-19
Breeding waterfowl numbers down 15 percent 2013-06-19
Luck of the Draw 2013-06-15
California waterfowl fundrasing events 2013-06-14
RMEF donates to Montana wolf management 2013-06-14
2013 CA Duck Stamp judging is June 18 2013-06-14
Give Dad a shot at NV Big Game Tag 2013-06-14
Pneumonia may be affecting bighorn sheep 2013-06-07
RMEF supports delisting of wolves 2013-06-07
Big game tags set by OR DFW Commission 2013-06-07
Kittles to host Duck Calling Championship 2013-06-04
Young Oregon Hunters Day is Saturday 2013-06-04
CWA Outdoor Hunting Expo is August 3 2013-06-03
CWA Hunting Heritage Events coming up 2013-06-03
Weekend camp set for Grizzly Ranch 2013-06-03
North State hunters achieve rare honor 2013-06-03
Aggressive bear shot by Klamath Falls man 2013-06-02
Bear poaching suspects face charges 2013-05-31
OR F&WC to set seasonal regulations 2013-05-29
Elk habitat opened to public by RMEF 2013-05-29
RMEF to fund 12 Oregon County projects 2013-05-26
Junior Duck Stamp Award Ceremony 2013-05-22
CA hunters can apply for big game tags 2013-05-22
RMEF Elk Camp gets big makeover! 2013-05-20
Wild Sheep Foundation sponsors B&C 2013-05-17
CWA asks you to oppose anti-gun bills 2013-05-17
CWA aims for new C&E Center 2013-05-17
Hair loss, lice & parasites threaten CA deer 2013-05-17
West of Red Bluff for Wild Boar 2013-05-16
40-acres in Montana opened to public 2013-05-15
RMEF is intervenor in WY wolf lawsuit 2013-05-15
In-store events at Medford Sportsman's 2013-05-15
Klamath Basin Refuge a catastrophe 2013-05-10
Big game opportunities for Oregon youth 2013-05-09
Improvements to ESA needed -- B&C/WMI 2013-05-09
2,360 acres of Montana elk habitat opened 2013-05-08
RMEF waives revenue from tag auctions 2013-05-08
CWA-sponsored bills moving in senate 2013-05-06
CWA Suisun Marsh Field Day is June 1 2013-05-06
2013 breeding waterfowl survey underway 2013-05-06
CWA needs volunteers to save ducklings! 2013-05-06
California waterfowl fundraising events 2013-05-03
CDFW/CWA offer spring turkey/pig hunts 2013-05-01
OR Big Game Raffle tickets on sale 2013-05-01
F&GC adopts Big Game Hunting Regs 2013-04-29
OR DFW hosts big game public meetings 2013-04-28
Crazier Than a Duck Hunter 2013-04-28
RMEF intervenes in wolf lawsuit 2013-04-25
West Meets East 2013-04-24
B&C welcomes Federal Premium® Ammo 2013-04-23
Waterfowl hunts saved in Tomales Bay ER 2013-04-22
Hunting Licenses/Applications now on ALDS 2013-04-22
RMEF grants to fund WA conservation 2013-04-22
CDFW creates first bighorn herd in 25 years 2013-04-17
Buck sponsors Boone and Crockett event 2013-04-14
Deer Tour at Sportsman’s through Sunday 2013-04-13
Top 10 controlled hunt misconceptions 2013-04-10
Red Bluff Tom struts too long 2013-04-09
Realtree stands out as B&C event sponsor 2013-04-07
N. Valley Pheasants Forever Banquet May 10 2013-04-07
CWA sets four waterfowl family fun shoots 2013-04-05
CWA: Stop flood of anti-gun laws 2013-04-05
RMEF Rogue chapter banquet 2013-04-04
RMEF, CO. landowners conserve 2,520 acres 2013-04-04
AB 48 would outlaw ammo transfers 2013-04-04
Prohibition on bobcat trapping stalls 2013-04-04
Eat Organic & Wild Event is Saturday 2013-04-04
Meredith’s First Tom 2013-04-03
Four PF chapters match research grant 2013-04-01
Elk Camp: Focus on Conservation Successes 2013-04-01
Squirrel hunters imperil residents & sport 2013-04-01
2013 CA Jr. Duck Stamp winners picked 2013-03-29
Ducks scooted south fast in 2012/13 2013-03-28
Swanson named new RMEF BOD chairman 2013-03-26
Feral Pigeons 2013-03-23
MT wolf numbers still higher than goal 2013-03-22
Oregon considering multi-year licenses 2013-03-20
Jr. Duck Stamp contest judging is 3/28 2013-03-18
Deer poachers sentenced in Lassen County 2013-03-14
CR Retrievers are proud new parents 2013-03-14
Scouting For Spring Turkeys 2013-03-13
Five men suspected of poaching deer 2013-03-13
Surprise Valley Squirrel Round-up 2013-03-13
Let the Squirrel Wars begin! 2013-03-13
ODFWC actions include land exchange 2013-03-11
Schnee’s fits as sponsor of B&C event 2013-03-07
Spring pig hunts offered in Yolo County 2013-03-05
Turkeys on My Mind 2013-03-04
CA Jr. Duck Stamp contest underway 2013-03-02
$30M endowment is huge for RMEF 2013-03-01
ODFW turkey hunt clinic for youth is Apr. 6 2013-03-01
OR youth can apply for guided turkey hunt 2013-02-28
OHA Rogue Chapter banquet this weekend 2013-02-27
Leica focuses on kids at B&C event 2013-02-27
Air Power in the High Desert 2013-02-25
Nashville Follow-up 2013-02-23
Antlers In The Treetops 2013-02-23
Remington urges you to take a stand 2013-02-22
Shed hunt responsibly to protect big game 2013-02-20
CWA: Gun control bills swamp capitol 2013-02-16
Chad Schearer returns to Medford Feb. 21 2013-02-16
Safflower seed available from CWA 2013-02-16
Late season goose hunts start 2/16 2013-02-15
Duck season is over 2013-02-15
Sign up for a hunter education class 2013-02-12
Jim Zumbo rejoins RMEF board 2013-02-12
Bucks and Bulls contest results 2013-02-12
Give your Valentine a Dream Tag 2013-02-12
California waterfowl fundraising events 2013-02-12
WU to hold Wild Turkey Expo 2013-02-11
Higher Hopes for RMEF in 2013 2013-02-06
CDFW Offers 1-day March Turkey Hunt Clinic 2013-02-05
Trophy quantity and quality hold steady 2013-02-04
Youth Hunt weekend reminders, regulations 2013-02-01
Lower Klamath NWR gets water to Mar. 1 2013-02-01
CA Desert Bighorn tag sells for $45,000 2013-01-30
The last duck hunter 2013-01-26
MyOutdoorBuddy at Bucks & Bulls Saturday 2013-01-25
RMEF/NWTF, others to shun Eastern Show 2013-01-23
California Duck Days set for Feb. 23 2013-01-21
Public hunting areas: What do you think? 2013-01-21
7th Big Valley Coyote Drive starts Feb. 8 2013-01-21
Poachers nabbed for white geese over limits 2013-01-19
The wolf at grandma’s house 2013-01-19
Youth duck hunt applications due Saturday 2013-01-18
North Valley Pheasants Forever sets meeting 2013-01-17
RMEF Hunt Auction set for Elk Camp 2013-01-16
RMEF membership rockets to new high 2013-01-14
Lion savors Santa Barbara; send wolves 2013-01-14
RMEF, Eberlestock unveil Team Elk Pack 2013-01-13
Pheasants Forever chapter starts in Red Bluff 2013-01-12
Cow Country Coyotes 2013-01-08
Colusa Gun Show January 19-20 2013-01-07
Waterfowl hunting forums at Sac ISE Show 2013-01-07
CWA, hunters oppose bay hunt restrictions 2013-01-07
Good, old-fashioned storytelling is back 2013-01-07
Post Season Youth Hunts 2013-01-07
Tight Lines fishing guide is also a hunter 2013-01-07
RMEF pulls trigger on lethal shot app 2013-01-05
Last chance dog 2013-01-05
Bucks and Bulls awards coming up Jan 26 2012-12-29
B&C Club mourns loss of Gen. Schwarzkopf 2012-12-28
RMEF funded 25 projects in Utah in 2012 2012-12-22
Junior waterfowl hunters had fun at refuges 2012-12-22
What every Nevada hunter wants 2012-12-22
2012 Black Bear hunting season closes 2012-12-19
Second chance ram 2012-12-18
Fall Turkey Finale 2012-12-17
Susanville Jr. Pheasant Hunt is Dec. 29 2012-12-17
Needy families get help from turkey hunters 2012-12-17
Poachers kill three deer in Jackson Co. 2012-12-17
J.A.K.E.S. Jr. Pheasant Hunt a huge success 2012-12-16
Wyoming landmark, wildlife conserved 2012-12-15
Where are the ducks? That is the question 2012-12-15
LoopRope offers holiday giveaway 2012-12-14
California waterfowl fundraising events 2012-12-12
2012 Modoc Big Buck Contest results 2012-12-12
OR hunters must report results or face fine 2012-12-11
2012 Partnering for Pintail Raffle Tickets 2012-12-10
Special youth hunt at Sutter NWR 2012-12-10
Incentives needed for Hunter Ed instructors 2012-12-10
CWA: Sign petition to protect hunting 2012-12-10
Sportsmen's Act of 2012 Stalls in U.S. Senate 2012-12-10
Protect your hunting heritage: Support COHA 2012-12-10
Reeling in the critters 2012-12-08
Tune up at Raahauge's Hunt Club 2012-12-06
Canine Comics 2012-12-05
Dog training/waterfowl calling clinics set 2012-12-04
Scratch one off the Bucket List! 2012-12-04
Those fickle Aleutian Geese 2012-11-29
Crucial habitat preserved in Montana by RMEF 2012-11-29
RMEF announces Nevada grants 2012-11-27
Apply now for Jr. duck hunts Grizzly Island 2012-11-26
Dream Tags available for holiday season 2012-11-24
Rounding the curve for waterfowl 2012-11-22
Goose hunting entrepreneur 2012-11-21
RMEF efforts also help mule deer 2012-11-21
“Sky Busting?” Update on ducks and sharks 2012-11-19
Roughing it for duck 2012-11-19
Tehama WLA Buck: How many points? 2012-11-19
Duck-N-Quail 2012-11-18
Preserve and protect your gun dogs 2012-11-15
DFG & ISE team up; offer youth essay contest 2012-11-14
“White” honker dekes don’t fool Canadians 2012-11-14
Three generations of hunters 2012-11-14
Entertainers to ‘Rock” Elk Camp 2013 2012-11-13
Cascade rifle seasons in the books 2012-11-09
Vets: Act fast! Win Bucket List guided hunt 2012-11-09
Fall Turkey Hunting 2012-11-08
RMEF launches revamped website 2012-11-08
OR disabled hunters: Tioga Unit is bull only 2012-11-08
RMEF Acquisition aids public CA elk habitat 2012-11-05
World record trophies to be exhibited in Reno 2012-11-03
Wild turkeys make their fall debut 2012-11-01
Seven Jefferson Counties in B&C Top 125 2012-10-31
Some areas get Monday pheasant hunts 2012-10-31
Modoc Limbhangers “Jake’s Jr.” hunt is Dec. 1 2012-10-29
Wardens arrest four more poachers 2012-10-26
Alisha’s Buck 2012-10-25
California waterfowl fundraising events 2012-10-25
RMEF funds more conservation projects 2012-10-24
From forest ash to venison dinner 2012-10-23
Weather too late for deer; prime for waterfowl 2012-10-22
Klamath man sentenced for stabbing warden 2012-10-19
Ducks in Bermuda (shorts, that is) 2012-10-17
Opening of deer season pays off big 2012-10-15
Visions of Fall 2012-10-15
Bigger, better Elk Camp coming to Vegas 2012-10-15
Challenge your skill with bird hunting 2012-10-13
Elk hunters may see tribal deer hunters 2012-10-12
Excerpts from “Bury Me In My Waders” 2012-10-11
Crucial CA elk habitat permanently protected 2012-10-11
Bucks and Bulls contest update 2012-10-09
Modoc hunting seasons: Always on our minds 2012-10-09
Waterfowl season gets great start in Modoc 2012-10-09
Never say never 2012-10-08
$25 fee set for not reporting OR deer/elk tags 2012-10-06
Me and my shadow 2012-10-06
Cross a hunt off your bucket list! 2012-10-05
Dynamic hunting duo at it again! 2012-10-05
Register for the Modoc Big Buck Contest 2012-10-05
DFG Partners with CWA to Offer SHARE Hunts 2012-10-03
OR FWC to set big game regs Friday 2012-10-03
Outlook for N.E. corner waterfowling brighter 2012-10-02
Active OR military may get deer/elk tags 2012-10-01
Brown signs anti-hunting law 2012-10-01
Follow hunting regulations on federal lands 2012-09-30
Roosevelts in the Red Zone 2012-09-28
COHA needs your help now! 2012-09-25
Bear tale 2012-09-25
Dry weather brings land closures for hunters 2012-09-24
CWA pre-season pintail banding underway 2012-09-23
Order Federal Duck Stamps online 2012-09-22
PG&E to improve 475 McArthur Swamp acres 2012-09-20
California Waterfowl Fundraising Events 2012-09-19
Hunting season tips from OSP and ODFW 2012-09-18
OSP investigating dead cattle near Ashland 2012-09-18
RMEF partnership protects key elk habitat 2012-09-17
Luck of the draw antelope 2012-09-16
SLIP™ System gives hunters an advantage 2012-09-14
Of Springers and Snipe 2012-09-12
DFG holds fall pig hunts in Yolo County 2012-09-12
RMEF secures easement in Nevada 2012-09-11
CWA partners with SHARE hunt program 2012-09-11
OR State Police nab elk poacher 2012-09-11
RMEF celebrates Pittman-Robertson Act 2012-09-06
California’s general deer season to open 2012-09-06
WY returns wolves to state management 2012-09-05
A different type of “Bird Flu” 2012-09-04
Wren's Dove Hunt: Friendly and productive 2012-09-03
Warden nabs Paradise poacher 2012-09-03
Stalking backyard bucks 2012-09-02
Wardens seek help to catch deer poachers 2012-08-30
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2012-08-29
Sage-grouse permits cut to zip in Lassen 2012-08-28
B & C Club members on Advisory Panel 2012-08-28
Gearing up for big game seasons 2012-08-28
Hunting trip gone bad 2012-08-28
COHA: Last chance to stop anti-hunting bill 2012-08-28
Two Hunter Ed instructors reach 50-year mark 2012-08-27
Rewards offered for Jackson Co. poachers 2012-08-24
Last chance to stop anti-hunting bill 2012-08-24
Check out the new CWA website! 2012-08-24
CWA mallard banding shows lower production 2012-08-24
Sac Valley refuges expected to open on time 2012-08-24
Pheasants Forever adds North Valley chapter 2012-08-23
Allen reappointed to Wildlife Council 2012-08-22
Paradise Hunter Education Class 2012-08-20
Only five days and counting at Kittle's 2012-08-20
Conservation, hunting groups to convene 2012-08-17
When the heat is on 2012-08-17
Wildfires in N.E. Corner to affect hunts 2012-08-17
Tips for whitetail hunters who dream of elk 2012-08-16
Good news for conservation: more hunters 2012-08-16
RMEF enhances its mission statement 2012-08-14
Fires put stop to some OR sage grouse hunts 2012-08-14
Sign up for free youth OR upland bird hunts 2012-08-14
More Montana elk country conserved 2012-08-13
Seven New Mexico counties get RMEF grants 2012-08-10
DU Coos Chapter banquet this weekend 2012-08-08
Commission adopts game bird hunting regs 2012-08-06
DFG offers special dove hunt opportunities 2012-08-01
DFG offers apprentice deer hunt 2012-07-31
Summer banding program underway 2012-07-31
North Bend man arrested for killing black bear 2012-07-30
3 face numerous wildlife poaching charges 2012-07-30
OFW meet highlights bird hunting;fishing regs 2012-07-27
Dove hunting solution 2012-07-25
DFG seeks help to solve Park deer poaching 2012-07-24
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2012-07-24
Top 10 tips for wolf hunters 2012-07-23
Defeat of SB 1221 still possible. Act now! 2012-07-18
More key elk habitat protected in Wyoming 2012-07-17
Peaking out 2012-07-13
RMEF grants help Colorado elk country 2012-07-11
Refuges seek volunteers for Brush-Up Day 2012-07-11
MyOutdoorBuddy launches Archery Page 2012-07-11
RMEF secures prime elk habitat in Idaho 2012-07-04
OR hunter preference points now available 2012-07-03
S.F. artist wins 2012 CA Duck Stamp contest 2012-07-03
Hunting dog ban held in committee 2012-07-02
F&GC protects North Coast waterfowl areas 2012-07-02
CWA Youth Banding Days are here! 2012-07-02
Oregon Sage-Grouse Team meetings set 2012-07-01
CWA's Outdoor Hunting Expo is August 18 2012-07-01
LoopRope ships free until July 4 2012-07-01
Only a few days left for Nevada Dream Tags 2012-06-29
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2012-06-28
“RMEF Team Elk” starts new season 2012-06-27
DFG 2012 waterfowl population survey 2012-06-27
​Bow season is upon us 2012-06-23
COHA calls for protest at Capitol on SB1221 2012-06-22
Squirrel hunting offers many benefits 2012-06-20
Big game drawing results online 2012-06-18
Five S. F. residents plead guilty to poaching 2012-06-15
Delisting of wolves by congress to stand 2012-06-15
RMEF calls for more transparency 2012-06-14
RMEF and HuntingGPSmaps to collaborate 2012-06-12
Pest control for Wilderness Unlimited 2012-06-12
Buck Fever 2012-06-09
Kittle's Outdoor Sport receives huge honor 2012-06-08
Award-winning ‘RMEF Team Elk’ is back 2012-06-06
Gary Brennan wins hunter educator award 2012-06-05
New decal firm opens in Alturas 2012-06-05
Brothers sentenced for poaching 2012-06-04
Big game, salmon seasons on FWC June 7-8 2012-06-04
Wall of fabulous bucks a Modoc Expo draw 2012-06-02
Rodeo Buck 2012-06-01
RMEF/FFA form relationship for conservation 2012-05-30
Hunter Alert: Your pals down south can help! 2012-05-28
Fight to ban dogs for bear/bobcat not over 2012-05-25
Elk at risk in fast-growing West 2012-05-24
OR big game raffles/auctions gross $523,202 2012-05-24
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2012-05-24
Mountain Lion destroyed in Santa Monica 2012-05-23
Big Game drawing tags available online 2012-05-22
CWA has issues with proposed F&GC regs 2012-05-22
CA Jr. Duck Stamp artists honored 2012-05-22
Raahauge's is a year-round destination 2012-05-19
RMEF eyes one million acres in Wyoming 2012-05-18
Fall River Outfitters to have big truck event 2012-05-18
Nevada DOW recommending more tag quotas 2012-05-09
RMEF to fund MT habitat, research projects 2012-05-09
Habitat conditions on Tulelake/LK NWR 2012-05-09
Disease Control [at KB Refuges] 2012-05-08
Submersed blinds now in LK Refuge Unit 9d 2012-05-07
ODFW: Big game tag proposals online 2012-05-04
ODFW: 2013 hunting regulations 2012-05-04
ODFW: Final Sports Pac winners announced 2012-05-04
Harry Curieux Adamson, 1916-2012 2012-05-04
Help Needed to Stop Anti-hunting Bill 2012-05-04
Artists Sought for CA Duck Stamp Contest 2012-05-04
​“The March Miracle” at KB Refuges 2012-05-04
DFG clarifies legal take methods for turkeys 2012-05-02
2012 CA Duck Stamp Contest underway 2012-05-01
Klamath Falls man arrested for poaching bear 2012-05-01
The Mudhen King 2012-04-30
OSP investigating poaching NE of Roseburg 2012-04-27
STOP this bill! Follow links below 2012-04-27
Puppy pickin' 2012-04-26
Humane Society, others attack OR trappers 2012-04-24
CWA honors Senator Berryhill 2012-04-23
Man shot while turkey hunting in S. OR 2012-04-23
Help Stop SB 1221; outlaws hunts with hounds 2012-04-20
Texan wins CA Upland Bird Stamp contest 2012-04-20
RMEF donates for wolf management 2012-04-18
King of spring: bass or turkeys? 2012-04-14
Southern Oregon archery news 2012-04-13
Outdoor group heals and honors veterans 2012-04-12
Gear of the year...hunting! 2012-04-11
OR habitat projects to get RMEF Funding 2012-04-11
Yelpers come to those who are patient 2012-04-11
Oregon Sports Pac winners announced 2012-04-06
Bear hunting bill set for hearing 2012-04-06
Trapping proposal threatens wetlands -- CWA 2012-04-06
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2012-04-05
RMEF: $1.2 million for habitat work 2012-04-05
Sportsman’s Warehouse is elk country retailer 2012-04-03
Wild West Shootout for pointers is April 14/15 2012-04-03
Turkey hunting OFF then ON this weekend 2012-04-03
Comment now on Hunter Ed Instructor regs 2012-04-02
Gun dog advisor joins MyOutdoorBuddy 2012-03-29
Cabin fever pig 2012-03-29
DFG to Offer black powder hunting clinic 2012-03-28
Squirrels being rounded up in N.E. Corner 2012-03-26
​Gearing Up for Turkey Hunting 2012-03-24
Spring Wild Turkey season starts March 31 2012-03-23
Bird dogs and turkeys? 2012-03-22
Big Rock Sports Truck coming to Fall River 2012-03-19
9th Circuit upholds wolf delisting 2012-03-15
Five keys to more gobblers 2012-03-15
Enter Clear Creek's Pheasant Championship 2012-03-15
KAF says sportsmen saved Dan Richards 2012-03-14
Cabela's, RMEF partner for conservation 2012-03-14
Scouting for turkeys 2012-03-12
Turkey and pig hunts in CWA's Hunt Program 2012-03-10
ODFW Big game raffle tickets on sale 2012-03-09
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2012-03-08
OR controlled hunt draw odds 2012-03-08
So you want to trap bobcats? 2012-03-06
Squirrels require reduction in number 2012-03-06
Southern Oregon archery news 2012-03-02
OR Youths can win guided turkey hunt 2012-03-01
RMEF pays tribute to Women this month 2012-03-01
HSUS/Lawmakers gang up on commissioner 2012-02-29
Convicted deer poachers face stiff penalties 2012-02-28
Aleutian geese shy but close enough 2012-02-26
CWA still busy after duck season 2012-02-25
Big game display is at Nor-Cal Sport Show 2012-02-24
California F&GC President unfairly attacked 2012-02-22
Raahauge's Chukar hunt coming up 2012-02-20
How Not To Hunt Deer 2012-02-18
​RMEF, partners recognize conservation pros 2012-02-17
2012 Big Valley Coyote Drive huge success 2012-02-17
ODFW Sports Pac winners announced 2012-02-16
Oregon State Police arrest deer poacher 2012-02-15
World’s best elk callers named 2012-02-15
Wyoming is #1 fundraising state for RMEF 2012-02-15
DFG/SHARE offer wild pig hunts 2012-02-14
RMEF honors volunteers from nine states 2012-02-13
Late Season Goose Hunts, 2/18-2/22 2012-02-10
Mice, Not Men 2012-02-10
Elk Camp: Adrenaline shot for conservation 2012-02-09
DFG offers clinic for youth archers 2012-02-09
Safflower seed available for dove plots 2012-02-03
Jr. Duck Stamp contest deadline is 3/15 2012-02-03
Outdoor Channel covers Elk Camp online 2012-02-02
Wild Turkey expo set for March 3 2012-02-02
Kohle by Paula Dulak 2012-02-02
Tips needed in deer poaching case 2012-02-01
RMEF eyeing an ambitious 2012 2012-01-31
Chad Shearer returns to Medford Feb. 16 2012-01-31
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2012-01-30
CWA names Mark Hennelly New VP 2012-01-30
Hunt results due Jan 31 for chance to win 2012-01-30
First Bucks and Bulls Contest a big hit 2012-01-30
DFG offers one day turkey hunting clinic 2012-01-27
Post season youth waterfowl hunts 2012-01-27
Foul weather a boon for fowl poachers 2012-01-27
Elk Camp to support conservation in Nevada 2012-01-27
DFG offers late season goose hunts 2012-01-27
DFG upland game stamp contest still open 2012-01-27
It's all about the dogs 2012-01-25
Raahauge’s Hunting Club offers plenty 2012-01-25
Rattlesnake proof your dog 2012-01-25
'RMEF Team Elk' is Outdoor TV favorite 2012-01-24
DFG offers four random big game drawings 2012-01-24
Coyote Drive set for Adin area February 10 2012-01-22
Public Waterfowl Hunt Forum at ISE today 2012-01-20
Join the Oregon Hunters Association! 2012-01-19
Goose cows strike again! 2012-01-18
No dog quail 2012-01-18
OR youth spring turkey hunt is Apr. 7-9 2012-01-17
Wolf management is nonsense 2012-01-15
Early birds can win OR Sports Pac 2012-01-12
Shoot-tour comes to Southern Oregon 2012-01-11
First-hand report: Bird cows get the goose 2012-01-10
RMEF membership at all-time high 2012-01-10
Elk callers to perform in Las Vegas 2012-01-06
Wolf “OR-7” wants to see Mickey Mouse 2012-01-06
Blacktail provides priceless surprise 2012-01-06
When I became the hunted 2012-01-04
Wolf OR7 enters Siskiyou County 2011-12-30
Cougar hunting closed in part of Oregon 2011-12-30
Waterfowl populations moving south 2011-12-30
Idaho land swap improves habitat/access 2011-12-28
J.A.K.E.S. Jr. pheasant hunt a big hit 2011-12-28
Guide shares incredible tale of woe 2011-12-21
RMEF cheers delisting of Great Lake wolves 2011-12-21
Legend Wayne Carlton joins Team Elk 2011-12-20
They Came to Shoot book 2011-12-16
Enter to win a hunt of a lifetime 2011-12-16
Hunt program deadline this Saturday 2011-12-16
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2011-12-15
Joice Island pig hunt offered by DFG 2011-12-14
Seeing eye-to-eye with Kohle 2011-12-10
My first archery elk 2011-12-08
Registering for Hunter Ed easy in Oregon 2011-12-08
CA Deer Assoc. Coyote Hunt is Saturday 2011-12-07
Kittles to hold Ladies Night Dec. 18 2011-12-07
Big Game tags to generate over $300,000 2011-12-06
My most unforgettable dogs 2011-12-02
Late blacktail season ends Sunday 2011-12-02
RMEF supports extended wolf hunt 2011-12-01
Situational pheasant tactics 2011-11-29
Quail hunting 2011-11-28
Modoc Waterfowl Outfitters: Honkers galore 2011-11-25
A road hunt for quail 2011-11-23
CWA holding Partnering for Pintail Raffle 2011-11-22
CWA hosts wounded warrior hunt 2011-11-22
DFG/vets team up to save wild turkey 2011-11-19
New CWA specialty hunts available 2011-11-19
Interior Dept. will not ban target practice 2011-11-19
CWA hunt deadline is 11/19 2011-11-18
Dart Target System opens at SOA 2011-11-10
Update on Bucks and Bulls contest 2011-11-08
Archery Blacktail #2 is photo contest winner 2011-11-08
LoopRope as a hunting tool 2011-11-08
Elite Truck Event to visit Kittle's 2011-11-07
My G1 buck hunt 2011-11-05
My Blue Mountain Adventure 2011-11-05
2012 Elk Camp moves to Las Vegas 2011-11-03
2011 Deer Season tough in Modoc X-Zones 2011-11-02
Junior pheasant hunt set for 12/3 2011-11-01
Stop it! Humane Society infiltrates CA DFG 2011-10-29
TV Personality Kristy Titus Joins Team Elk 2011-10-28
SCSA Pheasant hunts to come, rain or shine 2011-10-27
Great Outdoors truck event Nov 4 2011-10-27
The tide has turned for waterfowl 2011-10-24
Montana's Tenderfoot Project is 1,480 acres 2011-10-24
Shooting the buck of a lifetime 2011-10-14
The gals are taking exceptionally fine bucks 2011-10-13
Balance of State Waterfowl opens Oct. 22 2011-10-13
Elk Foundation reaches six million acres 2011-10-13
33,000 new acres private land open in E. OR 2011-10-12
Go see Kanopy Kountry 2011-10-12
Keep Chronic Wasting Disease out of CA 2011-10-12
CA DFG clarifies B Zone tag situation 2011-10-12
Monster CA Blacktail makes record book 2011-10-12
OR sets 2012 big game regulations 2011-10-11
New Hunting Digest available only online 2011-10-11
Conservation projects earn RMEF grants 2011-10-11
New hunt ranch comes to Clear Creek club 2011-10-10
CWA helps flood Sutter Refuge 2011-10-08
Outlook promising for valley waterfowl opener 2011-10-08
B-Zone Tag Quota reached Friday 2011-10-08
Plan ahead when hunting out of state 2011-10-06
Tule Lake to be waterfowl hotspot 2011-10-04
Modoc Refuge also set for great opener 2011-10-04
Modoc Youth Hunt Refuge Staff Report 2011-10-04
Modoc NWR Waterfowl hunt prospects 2011-10-04
Modoc Jr. pheasant hunt apps due 10/28 2011-10-04
RMEF intervenes in wolf case 2011-10-04
Wanted! Dead or Alive! Big Game Photos 2011-10-02
A deer hunt in C-zone 2011-09-30
​Special pheasant hunts offered by DFG 2011-09-30
Chukars: Hunting them is a real sport 2011-09-29
Hunters: Return black-tailed deer teeth 2011-09-28
Archery shoot set for Oct. 8-9 2011-09-28
Ruth fire interrupts deer season 2011-09-27
​Free orange hats for Oregon youth hunters 2011-09-23
Oregon dove season runs through September 2011-09-23
Bar set high in Bucks 'n Bulls contest 2011-09-22
B zone buck hunting 2011-09-21
Attn: North Coast Black Brant hunters 2011-09-17
COHA asks your help to defeat bills 2011-09-16
Slow start for bow hunters 2011-09-15
Waterfowl hunting delayed in Sac Valley 2011-09-15
Hunting safety is your responsibility 2011-09-15
COHA Measure reaches governor's desk 2011-09-15
Hunting and fire seasons are concurrent 2011-09-09
Non-profit groups may auction DFG tags 2011-09-09
Medford DU banquet set for Sept. 29 2011-09-07
Fall Pig Hunts Offered in Yolo County 2011-09-07
Enter our September photo contest! 2011-09-06
CWA fundraising events to Nov. 19 2011-09-05
Got horns? Got a hunt photo? Be the winner! 2011-09-02
Register for ODFW youth upland hunts 2011-09-02
Archery makes you a better hunter 2011-09-02
Good news and bad for dove opener 2011-09-02
Skinnin’ and Grinnin’ a special book 2011-08-30
Dove season should be excellent 2011-08-30
2011 CWA duck call available now 2011-08-26
"They Came to Shoot" -- Get Frank Hall's book 2011-08-26
Duck stamps available from CWA 2011-08-26
Kittle’s Waterfowl Sale is 8/27-9/3 2011-08-26
Sac Valley public waterfowl hunts delayed 2011-08-25
Techniques for successful elk calling 2011-08-24
DFG waterfowl hunting clinic is 10/29 2011-08-24
"B" stands for bucks 2011-08-24
Oregon bow seasons start Saturday 2011-08-23
Is "pursuit for photo a form of “take?” 2011-08-19
Learn to pheasant hunt at ODFW workshop 2011-08-19
Elk seminar set for Saturday 2011-08-16
Hunter Ed. classes in Paradise this week 2011-08-16
Tips for field judging elk 2011-08-11
DFG Waterfowl Hunt Clinic is Sept. 10 2011-08-09
DFG Upland Game Clinic is August 27 2011-08-09
Apprentice deer hunts available 2011-08-09
Enter our Outdoor Dog Photo Contest! 2011-08-08
Oregon Bucks and Bulls Contest 2011-08-08
Liberal 2011/12 CA waterfowl seasons set 2011-08-07
1000 hunters get duplicate deer tags 2011-08-05
Practice for doves at Clear Creek Sports Club 2011-08-03
OR bird hunting/fishing regs to be set Aug. 5 2011-07-30
Big game hunts available at C2 Ranch 2011-07-26
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2011-07-26
SHARE program gets boost from grant 2011-07-24
Oregon archery seasons approaching 2011-07-22
Duck production 35% above average 2011-07-22
Modoc NWR to open 310-acre Grandma Tract 2011-07-22
Elk calling contest in Brookings Saturday 2011-07-19
CA big game draws up 10-13 percent 2011-07-15
Flores is CA Olympic Trap Champ 2011-07-15
OR Youth First Time hunts available 2011-07-15
OR Sage-Grouse Maps available 2011-07-15
Raahauge’s Dunnigan Hunt Club sets plans 2011-07-12
N.E. waterfowl hunts to be better 2011-07-12
OR youth hunters must wear orange 2011-07-08
Rattler proof your dog 2011-07-05
Kittles to host duck calling competition 2011-07-01
DFG wardens bust deer poaching ring 2011-06-24
Alert: Humboldt Bay hunting at risk 2011-06-21
Get tuned for bow season 2011-06-17
Big Game draw results available online 2011-06-16
Gift Dad hunting or fishing license 2011-06-15
CWA News: Hunt Program Survey 2011-06-15
Oregon draw results available soon 2011-06-12
Father’s Day archery shoot set 2011-06-10
OFWC grants $11,000 to C2 Ranch 2011-06-09
RMEF wants voice in wolf lawsuit   2011-06-02
Paul Gianera Memorial Shoot 2011-06-01
Tag auctions aid Oregon big game 2011-05-26
Deer/Bear seasons open soon 2011-05-26
Bear hunters must pull a tooth 2011-05-18
Check stations won’t sell passes 2011-05-13
Must have hunter safety proof 2011-05-12
Wilton Teen is CA archery rep 2011-05-12
Butte Falls archery shoot set 2011-05-10
Oregon DFW to kill two wolves 2011-05-05
Oregon hunt info released 2011-05-05
CA licenses, applications available 2011-05-05
RMEF projects to aid Oregon elk 2011-04-28
Cougar bill passes Oregon House 2011-04-23
ODFW wants hunt regs input 2011-04-21
NorCal hunting guide loses license 2011-04-19
Big boars taken at Rawhide West 2011-04-19
Dad/daughter turkey double 2011-04-18
Sage-Grouse subject of meeting 2011-04-14
Wolf settlement denied 2011-04-14
CWA fundraising events to June 11 2011-04-13
Lions kill 64 lambs & ewes 2011-04-12
Cedarville attracts varminters 2011-04-06
Access to Tehama WA limited 2011-04-06
Elk Foundation banquets are 4/9 2011-04-05
Modoc Limbhangers are gobbling 2011-04-04
Gobbler double in Oroville 2011-04-03
No rain check for turkeys! 2011-03-29
Warmth bodes well for hunters 2011-03-28
Elverta youth nabs first gobbler   2011-03-27
DFG/SHARE offer May pig hunts 2011-03-23
Attention: Turkey Hunters 2011-03-23
Judges to pick Jr. Duck Stamp 2011-03-20
CWA Waterfowl events to Apr. 30 2011-03-20
Father-son archery double 2011-03-18
Eureka sharpshooter in action 2011-03-18
Hunter Education in Paradise 2011-03-18
Shasta Bass improving slowly 2011-03-14
Buying a hunting dog puppy 2011-03-14
Spring Turkey opens March 26 2011-03-11
Too many geese 2011-03-11
Get ready for shed season 2011-03-11
Hunter Ed Class set in Shasta 2011-03-09
DFG offers Spring Turkey Hunts 2011-03-07
Hunting ends and begins 2011-03-04
Eagle Point archery shoot is 3/19-20 2011-03-01
Turkey Hunters: Win a shotgun 2011-02-26
Labrador puppies due April 3rd! 2011-02-25
Take Action for Wetlands! 2011-02-22
"Take Your Best Shot" 2011-02-22
CWA Pintail banding underway 2011-02-22
10,000 acres conserved for elk 2011-02-22
It’s not too late! 2011-02-18
Elk buglers migrate to Reno, Mar. 4-5 2011-02-15
WANTED!! Terrorist “Al Beldingi” 2011-02-13
Wild Turkey Hunting Expo is Mar. 5 2011-02-11
DFG offers Turkey Hunting Clinic 2011-02-11
New "twist" on turkey dekes 2011-02-09
Elk Camp returns to Reno 2011-02-09
Flores aims for 2011 Olympic Team 2011-02-07
RMEF renews call to delist wolves 2011-02-05
Chad Schearer in Medford Feb. 17 2011-02-05
Big Boar taken at Rawhide West 2011-02-03
Adin Coyote Drive is February 12/13 2011-02-03
Aleutian Goose hunts available 2011-02-02
Sacramento River honker payoff 2011-02-01
WildEats’ Chef takes “Berdoo” Ram 2011-01-31
Hunter education: A class of its own 2011-01-29
Of Springers and snipe 2011-01-27
Ducks without boat, dekes or blinds 2011-01-24
CWA extends youth hunt deadline 2011-01-23
Debunking Wives’ “Tails” 2011-01-22
Court strikes down ammo law 2011-01-19
SLIP stalking gear 15% off at ISE 2011-01-19
Hunting good at Sac Refuges 2011-01-16
MODOC: Dorris Reservoir leaking 2011-01-16
Modoc Outfitters pluck 304 geese 2011-01-16
Sprig outnumber mallards 9:1 at SNWLR 2011-01-13
RMEF membership hits new high 2011-01-13
California Waterfowl fundraising events 2011-01-08
Should you force fetch train your dog? 2011-01-01
Juniors take a shot at waterfowl hunting 2010-12-30
DFG announces drawing for 2011 Joice Island Pig Hunt 2010-12-30
Young hunters invited to participate in Youth Waterfowl Hunt 2010-12-24
Waterfowl shooting good, poor or "fowl" in NE Corner 2010-12-21
Firearms & optics in stock are marked down 20% at Fall River Outfitters 2010-12-19
URGENT: Your voice needed -- Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 2010-12-10
Kittles puts Kent All-Purpose Waterfowl Steel shells on sale: $88/case 2010-12-09
Iraq Vet nails huge mountain lion 2010-12-09
Park Ranger gets Medal of Valor from Governor 2010-12-09
2011-12 Upland Game Bird Stamp winner announced 2010-12-09
Tight squeeze coon hunt 2010-12-06
Geese thick around Colusa 2010-12-05
Changes coming for KB refuges; good scouts get birds 2010-12-05
4x3 buck taken by 14-year-old Jairiko Rodarte on birthday 2010-12-05
Jr. Duck Stamp entries now being accepted 2010-12-04
CWA Hunt Program Apps due Dec. 17 2010-12-04
CWA offers FREE insurance to clubs for post-season youth hunts 2010-12-04
CWA Membership makes great holiday gift 2010-12-04
Dog Training My Way 2010-12-03
Sixth Annual J.A.K.E.S. Junior Pheasant Hunt a great success 2010-11-24
Honkers, specs and snows fill bags for Modoc Outfitters hunts 2010-11-24
Feather River Basin news -- Thermolito Afterbay has diver ducks as expected 2010-11-23
Facebook video shows effectiveness of Slip(TM)System stalking of deer & turkey 2010-11-19
DFG Offers December Pig Hunts via SHARE Program 2010-11-19
Weekend weather forecast.change! 2010-11-18
Happy Birthday Modoc National Wildlife Refuge 2010-11-15
Deer hunting was tougher than usual in X-Zones but as usual scouting paid off 2010-11-15
Elk Foundation to launch Youth Shooting Program 2010-11-15
Winds may have helped Colusa-area waterfowl hunters 2010-11-13
How to hunt ducks on Lake Shasta 2010-11-07
11/4-5, Wrap on Lower Klamath: A sad affair for waterfowl & little promise for pheasant hunters 2010-11-06
Nice 3x2 taken in lieu of watching Giants game 2010-11-06
California Hunting Digest has click-able links to public lands, maps; printed version still available 2010-11-06
Special Nov. 15 Monday SNWR pheasant hunt cancelled; DFG unable to staff check stations 2010-11-06
Hunters asked to protect CA deer from CWO 2010-11-06
DFG changes 2010 upland hunting days for Type A & B areas 2010-11-03
Oct. 30: KB Refuges: Situation is improving 2010-11-02
Great Outdoors/Redding to host Elite Truck Event for firearms, 11/5 2010-11-01
First-hand report: Buck hunting in the rainstorm...check out the photos of this 4-point! 2010-10-29
DFG sets public meeting on 2011 Hunting Regs 2010-10-29
Waterfowl Roundup: Rain/high winds make for great shoots 2010-10-25
ATTN Jr. Hunters: Natl Wild Turkey Modoc pheasant hunt is 11/6 2010-10-22
Utah Conservation Projects draw RMEF funding 2010-10-22
Drawing up for Womens Wild Pheasant Hunt at Grizzly Island 2010-10-20
Balance of State Zone opens Oct, 23 -- Colusa full of birds Truck Sales Planned -- Pat Kittle 2010-10-20
RMEF urges hunter restraint toward wolves 2010-10-19
Drawing up for apprentice pheasant hunts at Grizzly Island 2010-10-19
Valley Hunters prepped for Waterfowl Opener October 23 2010-10-15
CWA Hunt Program deadline is Oct. 16 2010-10-14
CWA Camp Coordinator places third in State Calling Contest 2010-10-14
CWA Grizzly Island/Rancho Esquon youth hunts available 2010-10-14
COHA supported AB 1254 and SB 1058 pass 2010-10-14
Apply now for 2010 Lake Sonoma Fall Turkey Hunts 2010-10-13
California Waterfowl Fundraising Events 2010-10-09
Lower Klamath Refuge to get 8,000 acre feet of water 2010-10-05
Schwarzenegger signs law to protect hunting tag/stamp monies 2010-10-01
Youth Waterfowl Hunt at Modoc National Wildlife Refuge a success 2010-10-01
3x2 C4 Buck falls to Shingletown hunter 2010-09-30
2010/11 Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest begins 2010-09-28
Raahauges offers great value bird hunts 2010-09-27
Another waterfowl hunting spot on endangered list 2010-09-27
Nice buck antelope taken in Modoc 2010-09-25
Northeastern California has BIG BULLS! 2010-09-25
Trinity Area kicking out good numbers of deer 2010-09-20
Large Canada Goose season to be split for most California Counties 2010-09-16
DFG adds pig hunt for muzzle-loaders 2010-09-16
10 ideas for efficient elk hunting from RMEF 2010-09-16
Hunting seasons near for big game, waterfowl, pheasant and wild turkey 2010-09-16
2010 Big Buck Contest set for X1, X2, X3A, X3B, X5A & X5B 2010-09-15
Early Canada Goose season reminder 2010-09-15
Store guns so they are inaccessible to unauthorized persons 2010-09-14
CWA Duck Hunt Program deadline is September 15 2010-09-13
Duck Stamps available online! 2010-09-13
CWA's Waterfowl Expo is Sept. 18 2010-09-13
CWA Solano Rib Feed is Oct. 3 at Pena Adobe Park 2010-09-13
New California State Record Archery Elk? 2010-09-12
Dove opener good in Modoc & North Sacramento Valley 2010-09-11
Lower Klamath still dry; First Youth Hunt is 9/26-27 2010-09-11
California Waterfowl Fundraising Events through 11/20 2010-09-11
Plenty of grain at KB Refuges; water & birds scarce 2010-09-11
COHA HUNTER ALERT: Three Pro-Hunting Bills on Governor's Desk 2010-09-10
Field of Dreams Fundraiser provides hope and thanks to children and veterans 2010-09-09
California Conservation Projects to receive RMEF grants 2010-09-08
Modoc County Coyote Hunt set for 9/18-19 2010-09-07
How to properly care for your game 2010-09-07
Adventure is what its about 2010-09-05
First-hand report: B-2 Zone deer hunt is learning experience 2010-09-01
Modoc dove season could be fairly decent 2010-08-31
South Fork Mountain Lookout Road open for deer hunters 2010-08-29
Hunting for a place to hunt is Job One for dove hunters 2010-08-27
Unique waterfowl hunting opportunity threatened on North Coast 2010-08-26
RED ALERT: COHA needs our help to kill Long Gun Registration Bill 2010-08-19
Waterfowl Regs adopted by F&GC for 2010/11 2010-08-19
B-Zone archery opens 8/21. Buy tags today to avoid Furlough Friday 2010-08-19
Kittles Outdoor and Sports, Colusa: New Location, Pre-Season Waterfowl Sales Event 2010-08-19
RMEF calls on Congress to reform Endangered Species Act 2010-08-06
Buy deer tags early to avoid furlough office closures 2010-08-06
New study tries to unlock reasons for Black-tailed Deer decline 2010-08-06
Black bear hunting seasons set to open soon; get tags now! 2010-08-06
CWA Hunt Program applications available soon! 2010-07-30
DFG closes Tehama Wildlife Area pot grow operation 2010-07-30
Once Upon a Time on Lower Klamath NWR 2010-07-29
Low water levels to change KB refuge hunting 2010-07-29
More Draws for Hunts likely at Lower Klamath 2010-07-29
Preliminary waterfowl regulations announced; liberal regs and two pintail limit recommended 2010-07-29
Dove hunt application forms now available for 2010 2010-07-26
Upland Game Clinic to be offered in Rio Vista 2010-07-26
First Aid for Hunting Dogs Clinic to be offered in Morgan Hill 2010-07-26
Key Montana land acquired for public -- REMF 2010-07-21
California Waterfowl Fund-raising Events 2010-07-17
Five tips from World Champion elk caller 2010-07-15
2011 DFG Upland Game Bird Stamp Design Competition 2010-07-15
"FREE Hunting Day" Bill Passes Committeethank COHA & CW! 2010-07-12
2010 Partnering for Pintail Raffle is underway 2010-07-12
Idaho conservation projects draw RMEF funding 2010-07-01
New Elk Chronicles episodes on Outdoor Channel 2010-07-01
New water diversion reporting requirements in effect July 1 2010-06-24
California Waterfowl Names John Carlson, Jr., New President 2010-06-23
Duck Numbers UP 22% -- says DFG 2010-06-21
COHA strengthens National Leadership: Leading Outdoor Organizations join board of directors 2010-06-11
New Jersey artist wins 2010 California Duck Stamp Art Competition 2010-05-28
Gun Confiscation in Shasta County? 2010-05-28
Carroll/Flores are California 2010 Junior Olympic International Trap Champions 2010-05-27
New Sac Refuge Complex Manager named 2010-05-27
California Waterfowl Fund-raising Events; North Coast dinner is June 19 2010-05-27
Big Game Tag Apps due June 2; drawing set for C-Zone tags 2010-05-21
Never use Alcohol or drugs before or while shooting. (Part VI) "The Shot Heard round the World" 2010-05-21
Coyote & rabbit season open all year! 2010-05-17
Public invited to KB Refuges planning meetings 2010-05-11
Klamath Basin Refuges may not get water this fall 2010-05-05
Do you wear eye and ear protection (Part V)? You live in Shasta or Tehama County - Why dont you have a Concealed Weapon Permit? 2010-04-29
Stewardship Council recommendations could be good for all McArthur Swamp resource users 2010-04-22
NEWS from California Waterfowl 2010-04-22
Bow hunt turkey success story: Tom comes from behind 2010-04-22
Fall River Outfitters Grand Opening is Saturday 2010-04-20
Minnesotan used locally-designed SLIP System blind to stalk, take this gobbler 2010-04-19
SLIP System designer gets on turkey; gets broadside shot at 20 yards 2010-04-19
Browns Valley plot produces another fine gobbler 2010-04-16
5th Annual Modoc Limbhangers banquet a success! 2010-04-14
ALERT for Hunters: Committee considers lead shot ban on DFG lands 2010-04-09
Do you know how to handle a firearm safely (Correct Ammunition) Part IV 2010-04-08
Turkey hunters glad to see warmer weather: WHAT? 2010-04-06
2010 California Junior Duck Stamp winners announced 2010-04-06
35-pound gobbler with 11-inch beard taken in Browns Valley 2010-04-03
Turkeys come a runnin on Day Two 2010-04-01
Modoc NWTF Chapter Dinner is April 10 2010-04-01
Junior Duck Stamp competition judging is March 31 2010-03-26
Do you know how to handle a firearm safely? Part III 2010-03-26
Squirrels TNTC Too Numerous To Count say Cedarvilles sharpshooters 2010-03-23
Modoc County squirrels face-off with varmint eradicators 2010-03-20
DU Event set for Win River Casino, April 22 2010-03-15
SRNWR Manager Moroney receives NTWF Partner of Year award 2010-03-13
Where the ducks were in mid-January 2010-03-12
Chance to hunt turkey on private lands ends soon 2010-03-11
CW Youth Shooting Clinics could save you money on shells 2010-03-11
Know your target and what is beyond 2010-03-11
Know how to use all your guns safely, Part III 2010-03-11
How to use turkey calls 2010-03-09
COHA-sponsored SB 1058 would protect Big Game Tag/Upland Game Stamp revenue 2010-03-08
Bill Introduced to ban lead shot on State Wildlife Areas 2010-03-08
RMEF, ISE to team for stronger ISE Expos, Elk Camps 2010-03-04
Deadline imminent for limited turkey hunt at Gray Lodge 2010-03-04
Elk Mountain Gear introduces multi-use hunting product: blind, decoy & trekking pole 2010-03-04
DFG to Offer Clinic for Young Archers 2010-03-03
Berkeley is site for 2010 Federal Duck Stamp Contest 2010-02-27
Spring Turkey Season Starts March 27 2010-02-19
Drawings planned for 2010 Lake Sonoma Turkey Hunts; Applications due March 3 2010-02-18
Late season Aleut goose hunt underway along north coast 2010-02-17
CWA asks for early Canada Goose season; brant season changes 2010-02-17
Do you know how to handle a firearm safely? Part II 2010-02-15
Big Valley Coyote Drive won by Team Reid/Hendricks of Red Bluff 2010-02-15
Proposed F&GC bear regulation changes backed by COHA & CHC houndsmen 2010-02-12
Elk Camp returns to Reno, March 4-7 2010-02-11
ESPN to provide daily coverage of Elk Camp 2010-02-11
DFG conducting online poll related to pintail harvest regs 2010-02-03
First hand report: Feb 2 -- Big boars taken in rain at Rawhide West 2010-02-02
Hunting photos of the month -- a predator challenge from Colorado "dog" hunters 2010-02-01
California Waterfowl Fundraising Events 2010-02-01
CA DFG recommends increased bear harvest (2500); zone changes 2010-01-28
Significant increase in elk hunting opportunity proposed by DFG 2010-01-28
Wildlife Poachers Sentenced in Tehama County 2010-01-28
Best News of 2009: Elk Foundation Tally of Conserved Acres 2010-01-27
Repeat deer poacher arrested again 2010-01-26
DFG to Hold Public Meeting on Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations 2010-01-21
DFG to Hold Public Meeting on Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations 2010-01-21
Leupold, Elk Foundation to Partner for Elk Country 2010-01-18
Ground Squirrel War: Cedarville physician does double duty 2010-01-16
DFG offers bear hunting clinic in Diamond Springs 2010-01-14
DFG Wild Turkey Clinic to be offered in Manteca 2010-01-14
Land transfer keeps Nevada landscape intact 2010-01-14
Big Valley Coyote Drive is Feb. 13/14 2010-01-12
Kimber, Elk Foundation to Launch New Rifle in 2010 2010-01-11
Calling all DUCK HUNTERS, Clear Lake DU Banquet is Feb. 20... 2010-01-10
For sale: Black & Tan & Blue Tick Hounds 2010-01-10
2010 Joice Island pig hunt permits due by Feb. 12 2010-01-05
Browning adds products to support RMEF 2010-01-05
Update: Jan. 1...Not much happening for Sacramento Valley duck hunters 2010-01-01
Attention Coyote Hunters! Know the regs about the use of lights 2010-01-01
9-year project in Oregon secures habitat, access -- RMEF 2009-12-26
Great day for junior hunters near Collins Lake 2009-12-19
Black Bear season closes in California 2009-12-17
Upcoming California Waterfowl Fundraising Events 2009-12-17
CalTIP works: Wardens arrest suspected deer poacher 2009-12-10
Rain needed throughout the North State 2009-12-04
Hard freeze stalls out NE Zone; Valley too blue-birdy 2009-12-04
Update: 10:10 p.m. Storms start to line up Hunter/Angler Alert 2009-12-03
Collins Lake Hunting Report, December 3 2009-12-03
Elk Foundation grants to benefit 19 Utah counties 2009-11-24
Ducks begin to trade places 2009-11-24
Apprentice duck hunts to be held in Solano County 2009-11-20
Going rogue and stalking the big game 2009-11-20
Get your nifty off Hwy. 50 2009-11-13
Elk Foundation to hold Super Bowl of Elk Calling 2009-11-12
1,115,558 dabblers; 384,372 geese enjoying Sac Refuges 2009-11-04
Buck photo of the monthso far! 2009-11-04
Antelope photo of the yearso far 2009-11-04
DFG set public meeting on mammal hunting regs. 2009-11-04
Another adventure goes into the duck journal! 2009-10-31
California Waterfowl fundraising events -- Support these banquets; CW supports us! 2009-10-30
Handgun ammunition registration bill signed by governor 2009-10-23
Apply NOW for Grizzly Island special youth pheasant hunts 2009-10-23
Drawing imminent for gamebird apprentice hunts 2009-10-23
It takes work to bag a big buck! 2009-10-23
90 years young takes buck 2009-10-16
Colusa area: migratory bird outlook good 2009-10-16
Hunting photo of the far! 2009-10-16
Waterfowl hunting slow then wet and wild 2009-10-15
Heres what happened on the real opener 2009-10-15
Legislation signed to protect the use of hunting dogs 2009-10-15
Hunting funds accountability bill vetoed 2009-10-15
DFG offers waterfowl hunts on Eden Landing Ecological Reserve 2009-10-07
Klamath Basin waterfowl numbers change fast 2009-10-07
How Many Are There? The Art and Science of Aerial Waterfowl Census. How are aerial waterfowl counts done? 2009-10-07
Klamath Basin waterfowl numbers exceed 3/4 million 2009-10-06
CW Receives $1M Grant for Sac Valley habitat 2009-10-02
Five Reasons to take a cow elk 2009-10-01
Sacramento Refuge Complex holds 344,000 dabblers 2009-09-30
Youth hunts start at Klamath Basin Refuges: Sept. 26/27 2009-09-25
New private land hunts offered by CWA 2009-09-25
Support these California Waterfowl events; CW supports you! 2009-09-25
More dabbling ducks at SNWR Complex; 400K waterfowl in KB 2009-09-23
Elk Foundation Grants to Benefit 8 California Counties 2009-09-20
Rifle deer season opens with out-of-town color! 2009-09-18
Mid-week dove hunting still good on Day 9 2009-09-12
Judge to consider RMEF support of wolf hunting 2009-09-04
Lab pups for sale 2009-09-04
Holly Heyser wins California Waterfowl's Artemis Award 2009-09-04
California Waterfowl to provide hunting opportunities for youth 2009-09-04
More than you wanted to know about doves 2009-08-26
Have you seen this boat? It was stolen! 2009-08-26
Archery hunters holding their own 2009-08-21
Buy Duck Stamps online & help California Waterfowl 2009-08-21
Support needed for Placer County Deer Hunt Proposal 2009-08-21
Elk Foundation grants to benefit 7 New Mexico counties 2009-08-19
Dove opener is mid-week affair 2009-08-18
Pre-Season Waterfowl Sale at Kittles 2009-08-18
DFG announces California Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest 2009-08-18
Elk Hunt Forecast for 2009 -- RMEF 2009-08-14
DFG Offers Upland Game Hunting Clinics in September 2009-08-12
Two pintail limit set for first time in 12 years -- CWA 2009-08-06
California Waterfowl releases waterfowl regs guide 2009-08-06
F&G Commission denies proposal to expand lead ban 2009-08-06
Hunters advised to buy deer tags early to avoid furlough office closures 2009-08-04
DFG Announces Dove Hunting Opportunities in the San Joaquin Valley 2009-07-29
New RMEF credit card helps Conservation with each purchase 2009-07-26
CWA's hard work pays offpintail limit may be two in 2009/10 2009-07-24
Flyway Council recommendations increase bag for cans and scaup 2009-07-24
California Waterfowl helps everyone get ready for the hunting season 2009-07-23
California Waterfowl Fundraising Events -- Updated July 21 2009-07-21
California Breeding Waterfowl Population Status 2009 2009-07-03
Updated July 2: Klamath Basin Refuge hunts mostly unchanged 2009-07-01
Waterfowl hunting clinic offered in Colusa County 2009-06-30
Hunting Licenses to be available online by 2011 2009-06-26
DFG Big Game Drawing Results Now Available Online 2009-06-26
DFG announces rabbit hunting opportunities at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area 2009-06-26
July is Elk Foundation Month at Bass Pro Shops 2009-06-26
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation/SPI Launch California Initiative 2009-06-17
Mule Deer Foundation President/CEO Joins COHA Board 2009-06-12
Elk Foundation Grants to Benefit 12 Colorado Counties 2009-06-12
Montana Donors Challenge Elk Foundation 2009-06-12
Spay/Neuter bill (SB250) approved by state senate; moves to assembly 2009-06-03
DFG Announces 2009 Waterfowl Population Estimates 2009-05-28
New Video answers the big qestion Why Hunt? 2009-05-15
June 2 is drawing deadline for big game tags 2009-05-15
Calling all Janes Tarzan is looking for huntresses 2009-05-15
DNA Evidence Helps Convict Deer Poacher 2009-05-15
DFG Offers Clinic on Hunting Wild Pig 2009-05-15
Senator Cox remains opposed to SB 250 Spay/Neuter Bill 2009-05-15
Spay/Neuter bill still threatens owners/breeders of hunting dogs 2009-05-15
Elk Foundation Praises Wolf Delisting in Idaho, Montana 2009-05-08
Clean wild pigs carefully CA DFG 2009-05-06
In-Season Bear Quota (1700) Still in Effect 2009-04-24
Hunt Zone Designations Won't Change in 2009 2009-04-24
Proposal to Change Deer Zones/Bear Harvest Nixed 2009-04-24
CWA Youth Hunter Camp Set for May 15-17 2009-04-17
Land Owner Makes Day for Young Pig Hunter 2009-04-17
Elk Foundation Grants to Benefit 12 Montana Counties 2009-04-17
Letters Needed on San Luis Obispo Bear Hunt Proposal 2009-04-11
Saturday, May 16 is CWA Siskiyou Dinner 2009-04-02
Deer Hunt Proposal Could Make C-Zone a Drawing -- NOT! 2009-04-02
What Else Is New for Big Game Hunters? 2009-04-02
What will it Cost to Hunt? 2009-04-02
Fishers of Men Sportsmans Night Aimed at Turkey Hunters 2009-03-22
CBS Sunday Morning to Feature Elk Calling Championships 2009-03-18
Redding Hunter Named to Elk Foundation Board 2009-03-16
New Squirrel Rifle Gets 5-Star Rating 2009-03-11
World Elk Calling Championships Crown Six 2009-03-10
California Mid-Winter Waterfowl Count/2nd Week in January 2009-02-21
USFWS Comments Regarding Waterfowl Populations and Habitat by Zone 2009-02-21
California Junior Duck Stamp Contest, Its Not Too Late! 2009-02-20
Winter Waterfowl Survey Reveals Where Birds Were 2009-02-20
Spring Turkey Season Starts March 28 2009-02-20
They Kill Deer Dont They? Predators & Scavengers, Part I 2009-02-13
Wind Slows Coyote Drive on Saturday 2009-02-08
Bieber Hunters Win Big Valley Coyote Drive 2009-02-08
Image of the week -- Big Valley Coyote Drive T-shirt 2009-02-07
Shriekers Welcome at World Elk Calling Championships 2009-02-06
Chico Artist Does 2009/2010 Upland Game Bird Stamp 2009-01-30
Rocky Mountain Treed Lion 2009-01-30
Other Hunting Pictures of the Week 2009-01-30
Turkey Hunting Seminars Set for Feb. 7, 8 & 28 2009-01-26
Federal Youth Waterfowl Days Provides Exceptional Opportunities 2009-01-23
Elk Foundation Leads Bailout on Quarter-Million Acres 2009-01-23
Remington Tops $150K for Elk Foundation Habitat Work 2009-01-23
1.3 Million Ducks & Geese Were on Sac Refuges Dec. 15; Fog in Forecast 2009-01-12
FEATURE ARTICLE: Quail Scarce, Predators Plentiful in Eastern Shasta County 2009-01-12
MORE POACHING: Dozens of Deer Allegedly Killed, Sold for Profit by Sacramento Residents 2009-01-12
Public Area Hunters Let Your Voice be Heard! 2009-01-11
BEST ADVENTURE AHEAD: Big Valley 3rd Annual Coyote Drive 2009-01-08
Mild Weather Ahead May Help NE Zone Waterfowlers 2009-01-01
Are Bear Hunters Being Watched by Lions? 2009-01-01
Duck Numbers Down 50% in Northern California 2008-12-19
Where Are the Ducks Now? 2008-12-19
The Chronology of Waterfowl Migration 2008-12-19
Elk Foundation Brings Brucellosis Stakeholders to the Table 2008-12-19
Bear Season Closes 2008-12-11
Duck & Goose Survey Incomplete at SNWLR Complex 2008-12-11
Elk Foundation Helps Open, Protect 2,800 Acres in Wyoming 2008-12-11
Buck Deer All in the Family 2008-12-08
Waterfowl Hunting is Horrible, except or unless... 2008-12-05
Duck Counts on Sac Refuges Climb; Klamath Basin Figures Down 2008-11-28
Brother Don Gets Colorado 6x5 Bull Elk 2008-11-21
Gilroy Man Convicted of Extraordinary Waterfowl Poaching Gets $7,105 fine, Probation 2008-11-18
California Waterfowl Fundraising Events Updated April 2 2008-11-18
Sac Refuge Waterfowl Counts Look Encouraging; Weather Not Promising 2008-11-15
Wild and Crazy Times Are Here 2008-11-07
Wanted: Talented Artists to Design 2009 California Duck Stamp 2008-11-07
Wind Howls, Ducks Descend on Lower Klamath 2008-11-02
Elk Foundation: 10 Tips for Processing Your First Elk 2008-11-02
Duck Hunts Not So Great 2008-10-24
Department of Fish and Game To Conduct Checkpoints Oct. 2 2008-10-24
Idaho Hunters Get Big Bucks and Elk 2008-10-24
Kevin Harvick Inc.'s No. 33 Nationwide Series Car to Support Elk Foundation 2008-10-24
Elk Foundation Easement Conserves Oregon Elk Country 2008-10-20
Pintail Numbers Deceptively High in California 2008-10-17
New Regional Approach to Waterfowl Mallard Limits in Effect 2008-10-16
Duck Season Blows in Like a Lion 2008-10-10
Chukar and Quail Prospects Look Better 2008-10-10
Bear Follows Hunter? 2008-10-10
Final Phase of Land Acquisition Completed in Montana by Elk Foundation 2008-10-10
Where to hunt? 2008-10-03
Elk Foundation, Other Groups Boost Conservation Funding 2008-09-26
Rifle Deer Hunting Starts Slow 2008-09-26
Waterfowl Flocking to KB Refuges 2008-09-19
Free Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities for Youth 2008-09-19
Elk Foundation Helping Lawmakers Understand Habitat, Management Issues 2008-09-19
PG&E To Do Temporary Lane, Intermittent Road Closures 2008-09-12
Fort Worth to Host Expo for Elk Hunters, Conservationists 2008-09-12
California Conservation Projects Draw Elk Foundation Grants 2008-09-12
Dove Season Opens with a Whimper 2008-09-05
Beware of Lead Shot Ban for Dove Hunting 2008-09-05
California DFG Outdoors Q&A 2008-08-29
Dove Season Opens Monday 2008-08-29
Kittles Launches Pre-Season Sale 2008-08-27
Update on Klamath Basin Refuge Changes 2008-08-20
Anglers & Hunters Are Being Driven Out of State 2008-08-20
Arrows Are Flying Despite Fire, Smoke and Heat 2008-08-20
Elk Hunting Attracts Greater Percentage of Women 2008-08-15
California Outdoors Q&A 2008-08-08
Hunting Report August 1, 2008 2008-08-01


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