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Selecting Hiking Boots and Shoes 2016-12-16 The Vanishing Spirit of America 2016-12-16 Does a black bear have a cub nearby? 2016-12-01 Game Wardens and Ghost Towns 2016-12-01 ODFW Weekly Recreational Report 2016-11-30 Surviving class five 2016-11-29 A Dinosaur Blind for Waterfowl Hunting? 2016-11-24 ODFW Weekly Recreational Report 2016-11-23 ​Lava Beds NM Black Friday Tours 2016-11-21 WCB Funds Environmental Projects 2016-11-20 ODFW Weekly Recreational Report 2016-11-17 Why So Many Blacktail “Stags”? 2016-11-17 California’s Delta History 2016-11-16 ODFW art contest winners announced 2016-11-14 Bowfishing for Bullfrogs? 2016-11-10 The Most Beautiful Duck in North America 2016-11-04 New Dungeness Crab Trap Regulations 2016-11-03 November 2016 CDFW Calendar 2016-10-29 Kite Fishing 2016-10-27 Determining a turkey's age 2016-10-20 Female Bear Attacked S. California Man 2016-10-19 CDFW Opens Registration for Nature Bowl 2016-10-18 Target Shooting with the Skeet Fleet 2016-10-13 Determining the Sex of Black Bass 2016-10-07 'Boat Pump-out' Grants Available 2016-10-07 Law Enforcement Academy App Deadline 2016-10-03 CDFW October 2016 Calendar 2016-09-30 Spearfishing for White Seabass 2016-09-29 ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-09-28 An Island of Our Own 2016-09-23 Sea Otter Survey Encouraging 2016-09-22 Ultra-lights, Fixed Wing...Harassing Wildlife 2016-09-22 Watch Out for Wild Life Week 2016-09-17 What’s Required When Packing out Game? 2016-09-16 CDFW hosts 'Bear Beware' meeting 2016-09-15 CDFW Offering Free Tundra Swan Tours 2016-09-14 ​PG&E looking for drought stricken trees 2016-09-12 CDFW September 2016 Outdoor Calendar 2016-09-08 Slingshot Hunting for Grouse and Quail? 2016-09-08 Siskiyou Mountain Club on the move! 2016-09-06 Up to $10,000 Reward Offered 2016-09-04 Tour of Sandhill Cranes newly reclassified 2016-09-03 Antibiotics in Hatchery Fish? 2016-09-01 Steer Clear on Crowded Waterways 2016-09-01 CDFW September 2016 Outdoor Calendar 2016-09-01 WCB Funds Fish and Restoration 2016-08-31 CDFW now hiring LE cadets 2016-08-28 'I, Symbiont' 2016-08-27 OR 2015 Wildlife Prosecutor of the Year 2016-08-26 Wounded Tracking with Electronic Device? 2016-08-25 CDFW LE and Wildlife cadets graduate 2016-08-23 Best Method for Catching Octopus? 2016-08-18 Hunters- Use Caution with Wild Rabbits 2016-08-11 Can Minors Legally Hunt Alone? 2016-08-05 Hot Weather & Staying Cool 2016-07-30 August 2016 CDFW Calendar of Events 2016-07-28 Hunting with an Airbow? 2016-07-28 ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-07-27 Archery with Lighted Arrow Nocks 2016-07-23 ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-07-19 Dangerous Algae found in Shasta Lake 2016-07-15 Putah Creek Wildlife Area Reopens 2016-07-12 Big Game Grants Awards $1.1 Million 2016-07-10 OSP Awards 'Team of the Year' Recipients 2016-07-10 Shooting Deer Across a Lake? 2016-07-07 Say “No” to More Ethanol in 2017 2016-07-04 2016 Duck Stamp Art Contest Winners 2016-07-04 Beauchamp Wildlife Prosecutor of 2015 2016-07-03 Freezing Fish Onboard My Second Home? 2016-07-01 CDFW July 2016 Calendar 2016-07-01 OR Funding Task Force Meets June 30 2016-06-24 Cleanup Ongoing After Pipeline Spill 2016-06-24 Crabbing from Shore with a Launcher? 2016-06-23 Boating Facilities Grants Available 2016-06-21 Sport-Caught Fish as Food Bank Gift? 2016-06-16 Modoc Sportsman's and Outdoor Expo 2016-06-14 CDFW Adds Five New K-9s to their Team 2016-06-13 Outdoor Columnist Earns Top Honors 2016-06-12 Rafting and Reflecting on the American 2016-06-11 ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-06-10 Salmon and Rockfish with Mixed Tackle? 2016-06-09 WCB okays $17 million to protect habitat 2016-06-05 Why Tag Large Trophy Trout? 2016-06-02 Hunting with Drones 2016-05-27 ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-05-27 Trees are moving to cooler ground 2016-05-24 Mentoring a New Generation of Hunters 2016-05-19 ​In Search of the Elegant Trogon 2016-05-17 Religious Live Fish Releases 2016-05-13 CDFW hires Executive Director 2016-05-10 DIY Domoic Acid Testing of Crabs? 2016-05-05 Falconry hunting from a moving vehicle? 2016-04-29 CDFW May Calendar 2016-04-29 Non-poison rodent control saves lives 2016-04-27 The Mudhen King 2016-04-22 How to Find Legal Target Shooting Areas? 2016-04-21 ​Try razor clamming on Clatsop Beaches 2016-04-20 CDFW seeks Humboldt property leases 2016-04-19 ODFW Weekly Recreation Report 2016-04-14 BoatUS: Boating goof-ups to avoid 2016-04-14 Serving abalone at a fundraiser? 2016-04-14 CA Wildlife Officers receive highest honor 2016-04-13 San Joaquin River trailway project 2016-04-12 American River trail repair at FLSRA 2016-04-08 Bow Hunting for Spring Turkeys? 2016-04-07 CDFW Prop1 Restoration Grant meeting 2016-04-05 2016 CA Jr. Duck Stamp Winners 2016-04-04 Stakeout at Battle Creek 2016-04-01 New website explores below the surface 2016-04-01 Harvesting sea urchins before abalone? 2016-03-31 CDFW April calendar 2016-03-31 ODFW: Spring Break whale watching 2016-03-29 Whiskeytown Waterfall Challenge April 16 2016-03-29 Is a Hawaii spear gaff legal in California? 2016-03-24 Sportsman's Warehouse Ladies Night 2016-03-23 Hite Cove 2016-03-20 Trail Crew opp for OR college students 2016-03-17 Can Crab Hawk Traps Be Fished in CA? 2016-03-17 CDFW holds Duck Stamp art contest 2016-03-14 Effect of drought on wildlife monitored 2016-03-10 Clamming at Pismo Beach after 40 years 2016-03-10 Los Banos debuts new Birding Trail 2016-03-08 The Game Warden’s Son 2016-03-04 Salton Sea Specialty License Plate 2016-03-04 Tricolored Blackbird endangered? 2016-03-03 CDFW front and center at Fred Hall show 2016-03-03 The Future of Wildlife Is In Our Hands 2016-03-03 Don’t Let Your Fowl Turn Foul 2016-03-03 CDFW March 2016 Calendar 2016-03-01 ​Sportsman's Warehouse Balloon-pop 2016-03-01 Redding artist wins Stamp Art contest 2016-02-26 Does Abalone Harvest Data Set Quotas? 2016-02-25 WCB approves $14 million in grants 2016-02-24 Fishing, hunting, interfering or hazing? 2016-02-19 Wildlife action plan receives award 2016-02-17 Consider endangered species at tax time 2016-02-14 Christmas trees help native fish 2016-02-13 Klamath residents plead guilty to charges 2016-02-13 When bullies intentionally harm wildlife 2016-02-12 CDFW cites major accomplishments 2016-02-10 Colusa, Kittle's pursue Sac River access 2016-02-09 BLM may close 164 miles of logging roads 2016-02-06 Wild Pig is Wrecking Our Landscaping 2016-02-04 Wildlife photography contest winner! 2016-01-29 ​A Letter to Ted Trueblood 2016-01-28 Okay to access shore fishing by boat? 2016-01-28 ​Thank You to those..... 2016-01-27 CDFW February Calendar 2016-01-27 Turtle Bay welcomes new exhibits 2016-01-26 ​Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2016-01-24 Fish limits on a party boat 2016-01-22 Expand your abilities with digiscopes 2016-01-19 Last day of Sac ISE show! 2016-01-16 Retrieving Game After Shoot Time 2016-01-15 CDFW awards $31.4 M for restoration 2016-01-14 Bad behavior in waterfowl wildlife area 2016-01-13 Greenheads and Muddy Sneakers 2016-01-12 Butte County Wildflower Tours 2016-01-08 SHS 'A Walk through History' tour 2016-01-07 Whiskeytown passes available online 2016-01-06 RTD: Protest notices filed with SWB 2016-01-05 Siskiyou Mountain Club hiring for 2016 2016-01-04 My Last Post 2015-12-31 CDFW seeks volunteers for North Coast 2015-12-30 CDFW January Calendar 2015-12-29 ​Mark your calendars, it's showtime 2015-12-27 Do Lost Birds Count Toward Bag Limit? 2015-12-26 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-12-23 CDFW names Wildlife Officer of the Year 2015-12-23 Cal-Parks begins New Year First Day Hikes 2015-12-21 Best Ways for Disposing of Fish Remains 2015-12-17 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-12-16 CDFW offers holiday gift ideas 2015-12-16 Lava Beds NM Visitor Center's new hours 2015-12-12 Laser Sights for Bowfishing? 2015-12-11 Lava Beds & other Nat’l Parks free days 2015-12-09 Free programs offered at Sacramento NWR 2015-12-07 Crystal Ice Cave tours at Lava Beds 2015-12-07 Our Friends the Reptiles 2015-12-06 ODFW: Access to Whetstone Pond improved 2015-12-04 Sudden Oak Death quarantine expanded 2015-12-04 BLM designates 2016 Fee-Free Days 2015-12-04 SCUBA training alternatives: Pros & Cons 2015-12-04 CDFW 2015 December Calendar 2015-12-03 Legal water boundaries when hunting? 2015-12-03 Sierra Nevada Geotourism offers auctions 2015-12-02 Thanksgiving Eve drive to Baum Lake 2015-11-28 Selecting Personal Optics 2015-11-26 Home Invasions by Nuisance Raccoons 2015-11-26 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-11-25 Shasta Co. kids plant trees, look to future 2015-11-23 Over 150 PG&E scholarships now available 2015-11-22 Spend Black Friday at Lava Beds/Tule Lake 2015-11-20 Drifting for Ducks 2015-11-19 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-11-18 Expect road delays in Whiskeytown NRA 2015-11-18 Christmas gift ideas for your Outdoor Buddy 2015-11-17 ODFW art contest winners announced 2015-11-13 Diving & Spearfishing without a License 2015-11-12 First Snowfall in Burney 2015-11-10 Lake and Sonoma County Road Trip 2015-11-10 Fishing Ocean Pinnacles? 2015-11-06 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-11-04 CalParks: Vets/military get in free 11/11 2015-11-03 Auburn SRA plan needs public input 2015-11-02 November 2015 CDFW Calendar 2015-11-02 Flat tires! Are They Undetectable? 2015-11-02 Burney Falls Halloween Hike 2015-11-02 Sac Refuge Visitor Center open longer 2015-10-31 Nimbus Hatchery fish ladder opens Nov. 2 2015-10-30 Legal Hitchhiking? 2015-10-29 Invasion of the Aquatic Plants 2015-10-26 Eureka waterfront kayak/sup/bike rentals 2015-10-25 Mustang Survival life jacket recall 2015-10-22 BLM hosts archaeology teach-in at Pit 1 2015-10-22 More Google Maps & Street View Tours 2015-10-22 Captain responsible for illegal acts? 2015-10-22 Lava Beds NM plans prescribed fire 2015-10-20 Lava Beds NM cave openings & closures 2015-10-20 CDFW updates Wildlife Action Plan 2015-10-20 PG&E to test sirens on Pit River Oct. 20 2015-10-19 Trinidad Lighthouse has many admirers 2015-10-19 Adoption Day (Cancelled) at Wild Horse Sanctuary 2015-10-18 Haunted Getaways 2015-10-18 Heritage Day shares the past 2015-10-15 Electronic Decoys & Bowfishing for Tuna 2015-10-15 Whiskeytown seeks public input 2015-10-14 Burney Fall Festival a fun affair 2015-10-14 Return of the Salmon Festival is today 2015-10-14 Unauthorized water diverter fined $35,000 2015-10-13 Indigenous People’s history to come alive 2015-10-13 Tiny Fish and Gentle Giants 2015-10-11 PG&E project to improve Caribou Road 2015-10-09 Celebrate Halloween at Turtle Bay! 2015-10-09 Crystal Lake Hatchery closed to public 2015-10-08 Lava Beds held Geology Day for students 2015-10-08 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-10-08 Rancheria RV hosts fundraiser for Vets 2015-10-08 Red fox caught on cameras in Cascades 2015-10-08 Shotgun for protection when fishing? 2015-10-08 PG&E to improve Pit River Road 2015-10-04 Tundra swans fall/winter tours begin 2015-10-01 October 2015 CA DFW Calendar 2015-10-01 Great Shasta Rail Trail Opens 2015-10-01 Get Off the Beaten Path with GeoMaps 2015-10-01 Hunt Big Game with Cell Phones, Radios? 2015-10-01 Chinese Moon Festival at Joss House SP 2015-09-29 Roof project completed at Hearst Castle® 2015-09-25 Heritage Day at Burney Falls October 11 2015-09-25 Burney Fall Festival is October 10 2015-09-24 Bass Fishing Beyond Limits? 2015-09-24 Turtle Bay has Fall Plant sale Saturday 2015-09-23 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-09-23 Shasta Lake Clean-Up Day is Saturday 2015-09-22 10 facts about California aquaculture 2015-09-22 BOW schedules mulit-course workshop 2015-09-19 State parks near Butte Fire to reopen 2015-09-18 Livermore tarplant candidate for CESA list 2015-09-17 PURs lifted in some Siskiyou Areas 2015-09-17 Geocache Bash planned for Hollister 2015-09-17 Fire restrictions lifted at Lava Beds camp 2015-09-17 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-09-17 Sea Lions Are Eating All My Bait! 2015-09-17 Thefts at Whiskeytown spur search 2015-09-15 Folsom Lake SRA trail under repair 2015-09-14 Kayakers ride the Pit 2015-09-14 Sandhill crane tours mark 20th year 2015-09-14 Agencies arrest six for pot cultivation 2015-09-10 All That Glitters Can be Deceiving 2015-09-10 Delta activist wins Brower Youth Award 2015-09-10 Fish ladder to open on Feather River 2015-09-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-09-09 Make plans for the 98th Inter-Mountain Fair 2015-09-09 Two Whiskeytown services down for repairs 2015-09-08 CBD seeks listing of tricolored blackbird 2015-09-08 ‘Every Kid in a Park’ program starts 2015-09-06 Eat Outside the Box 2015-09-05 Oregon fossil find reveals new species 2015-09-04 Jack and Jill had a collision… 2015-09-03 If Land is Not Posted, Can We Hunt? 2015-09-03 CA Parks issues water safety reminder 2015-08-31 Rock Creek Hatchery reopens to public 2015-08-31 What comes first: Hunting, fishing or…? 2015-08-31 Poaching in the Parks 2015-08-29 Blue Crabs in Mission Bay? 2015-08-28 A delightful day along Hat Creek 2015-08-26 Cache Creek Wildlife Area reopens 2015-08-26 CDFW now recruiting new wildlife officers 2015-08-26 Electricity Fair returns to Folsom Park 2015-08-26 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-08-26 At-Sea Cacaphony Puts Strain on Dolphins 2015-08-24 Intermountain Fair coming September 3-5 2015-08-23 Rainbow Trout in Anadromous Waters? 2015-08-21 Wolf pack now roaming in N. California 2015-08-21 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-08-19 Update on Wildlife Areas affected by fires 2015-08-18 Pit River whitewater draws kayakers 2015-08-17 Step into the past in Walton, Oregon 2015-08-14 Black bear attacks man in Midpines 2015-08-13 Peace Officer, Bow Hunting & Firearms? 2015-08-13 Advisory issued for 2 Oregon beaches 2015-08-12 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-08-12 Whiskeytown’s 50th Anniversary swings 2015-08-12 Knoxville Wildlife Area closes again 2015-08-11 Which Fish Can Be Filleted at Sea? 2015-08-07 Art on the Beach – Free Youth Drawing 2015-08-06 Putah Creek WA closed by Wragg fire 2015-08-06 Burney is friendly to PCT Hikers 2015-08-06 Meteor Shower Party at Whiskeytown 2015-08-05 Dallas Safari Club decries lion killing 2015-08-05 Cache Creek Natural Area closed 2015-08-05 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-08-05 Knoxville WA closed due to Rocky Fire 2015-08-04 4th Star Party set for Lava Beds NM 2015-08-04 Evidence of a wolf in Siskiyou County 2015-08-03 Aids to navigation? USCG has questions 2015-08-02 ODFW announces photo contest winners 2015-08-01 Oregon and Washington road trip 2015-07-31 August 2015 CA DFW Calendar 2015-07-31 Art paint-out on Hat Creek 2015-07-30 CDFW Officers have search authority 2015-07-30 ODFW offers hunting education classes 2015-07-29 Salmon, Steelhead class on Sandy River 2015-07-29 Win a Sierra Nevada adventure package 2015-07-27 The Ocean and the Dust Bowl 2015-07-27 CDFW completes deer capture project 2015-07-27 Petition to list Humboldt marten received 2015-07-25 Must licensed hunters/anglers carry ID? 2015-07-24 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-07-22 PCT hikers rest at Crystal Lake hatchery 2015-07-22 NorCal Road Gypsies Car Show shines 2015-07-21 Hat Creek Barbecue sports food and fun 2015-07-19 Those Wonderful Wildlife Caregivers 2015-07-18 Turtle Bay Exploration Park beats the heat 2015-07-17 Drownings spur Whiskeytown warnings 2015-07-16 Bowfishing from a Moving Vehicle? 2015-07-16 Artists invited to Whiskeytown workshop 2015-07-16 Camping permit required for Oroville WA 2015-07-14 Llano Seco Unit 7-mile closed until October 2015-07-13 Diesel train rides set for Railtown 1897 2015-07-13 5 mph boat speed limit set at Folsom Lake 2015-07-10 Scouting for big game: spring and summer 2015-07-09 Open House set for Wild Horse Sanctuary 2015-07-09 Shouldn’t Wildlife Officers Display Badges? 2015-07-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-07-08 CCP/EA for three WMAs out for review 2015-07-07 Burney Basin Days sparkle 2015-07-07 Acclaimed author to sign book at Lassen 2015-07-04 Fourth of July at Whiskeytown 2015-07-03 Fish caught on another angler's line? 2015-07-03 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-07-02 New imagery of 90 State Parks now online 2015-07-02 MyOutdoorBuddy author wins top honors 2015-07-02 USFS Road 10 to Lava Beds closed 2015-07-01 July 2015 CA DFW Calendar 2015-07-01 Mountain Jubilee was lots of fun 2015-06-30 Clogged intake pipe kills 400k pre-smolts 2015-06-30 Drones not wanted in fire zones 2015-06-27 CDFW finishes waterfowl breeding survey 2015-06-25 Night Fishing or Sleep Fishing? 2015-06-25 Artist-in-Residence demo at Whiskeytown 2015-06-24 Pow-Wow honors Native American Heritage 2015-06-22 Koi-eating heron needs a new home 2015-06-19 What size day pack do you need? 2015-06-19 Trail closure in place at Folsom Lake RA 2015-06-18 Underwater navigation course is June 27 2015-06-18 Kit Fox pups caught playing on video 2015-06-17 PG&E to fly low over Plumas County 2015-06-17 Whiskeytown NRA lists summer programs 2015-06-16 Modoc Expo returns to Alturas June 20/21 2015-06-16 Burney Basin Days packed with fun 2015-06-15 Restrictions set due to Buckskin Fire 2015-06-14 CDFW recruits current peace officers 2015-06-13 Wild Turkey Numbers Cause Havoc 2015-06-12 CDFW offers rattlesnake safety tips 2015-06-12 Coquille Valley WA subject of meeting 2015-06-12 Fort Crook Pioneer Day Reenacts History 2015-06-10 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-06-10 CDFW names Wildlife Officer of the Year 2015-06-09 Looking for a fine Father’s Day gift? 2015-06-09 R-R Siskiyou fire contained 2015-06-08 Turtle Bay adds new tour mobile app 2015-06-06 What info does bird banding provide? 2015-06-05 Park repairs coming at Folsom Lake SRA 2015-06-04 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-06-04 ODFW/OR state police look for roving bear 2015-06-03 CDFW wins 3 Golds for communications 2015-06-03 Pit River Tribe Pow-Wow June 19-21st 2015-06-03 Prairie Creek Bike and Hike, June 6th 2015-06-02 June 2015 CA DFW Calendar 2015-06-01 Caribou Wilderness 2015-06-01 Southern Oregon free fishing weekends 2015-05-31 Pioneer Day at Fall River Mills June 6 2015-05-31 ODFW: Leave wildlife in the wild! 2015-05-29 R-R Siskiyou NF: Bear Camp Road Open 2015-05-29 Award-winning columnist has new book! 2015-05-29 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-05-28 Trail rides offered at Horse Sanctuary 2015-05-28 Late Start Time for Abalone Unfair? 2015-05-28 Flatwater Kayaking in Pit River Country 2015-05-27 Fine Art and Craft Fair held in Burney 2015-05-25 A Jewel in the Desert 2015-05-25 Railroad Museum gets in jazzy spirit 2015-05-24 Gold Rush comes to life in Columbia 2015-05-24 1928 Ford wins at Burney car show 2015-05-24 Veterans Memorial Day service planned 2015-05-22 Aggressive deer gone rogue in park 2015-05-22 One Less Angel 2015-05-22 Whiskeytown Time Capsule needs letters 2015-05-21 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-05-20 New chief ranger now at Lava Beds 2015-05-18 Ranger-guided activities set for Park 2015-05-18 Lava Beds entrance fees go up June 1 2015-05-17 See Sportsman’s Warehouse flyer here! 2015-05-15 Why Not Wolves in California? 2015-05-15 Nature Bowl finals to be at SSU 2015-05-15 Today is Nat'l. Endangered Species Day 2015-05-15 Kayak Zak's for life jacket trade-in offer 2015-05-15 PG&E flying low to check for hazard trees 2015-05-13 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-05-13 OR BLM plans open houses & workshops 2015-05-13 CDFW & Sonoma Co. landowners to meet 2015-05-12 Sutter’s Fort to present ‘Hands on History’ 2015-05-12 Sac NWR adds wildlife viewing route 2015-05-08 The Lost Coast 2015-05-08 How fishing licenses are dated is an issue 2015-05-07 Burney Falls SP has new Visitor Center 2015-05-07 Returning Fish & Wildlife Back to the Wild 2015-05-07 PG&E gives $590,000 for fire prevention 2015-05-06 Suction dredge mining still unlawful in CA 2015-05-06 Steller sea lion dies in freak accident 2015-05-06 Turtle Bay to open 'Mindbender Mansion' 2015-05-06 This is ‘Be Bear Aware’ Month 2015-05-05 VIDEO: How to prep inflatable life jackets 2015-05-02 May 2015 CADFW Calendar 2015-05-01 CDFW awards $21M toward gas reduction 2015-05-01 Is it a Steelhead or Rainbow Trout? 2015-05-01 Fees reduced at Lake Oroville SRA 2015-05-01 Redding's Turtle Bay to feature Butterflies 2015-04-30 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-04-30 USFWS to allot $1.1B to Wildlife Agencies 2015-04-29 Youth CC jobs open at Lava Beds 2015-04-28 Indian Museum offers basket weaving demo 2015-04-27 Mansion tours honor Asian-Americans 2015-04-27 Don’t kill them all! Some snakes are good! 2015-04-27 Park officers get medals for valor 2015-04-25 ​Fishing or Foul Hooking? 2015-04-24 ​Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-04-23 Shingletown Resort/RV Park upgraded 2015-04-23 NPS, Friends of Whiskeytown open house 2015-04-22 Lava Beds Run honors fallen firefighters 2015-04-21 E. Sierra wardens plan wildlife checkpoint 2015-04-20 Oregon: No campground at Parker Meadow 2015-04-19 USFW reopens comment on Fisher listing 2015-04-19 CDFW urges natural rodent control 2015-04-19 Marijuana Wars and the California DFW 2015-04-19 Oregon F&WC to review wolf status April 24 2015-04-18 The Fuss About Mushrooms 2015-04-16 Harvest of Road-Killed Wild Game Meat? 2015-04-16 How to Describe Car Problems with Sounds 2015-04-15 Klamath NF Fire meetings planned 2015-04-15 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-04-15 ‘Preppers’ & Disaster Preparedness Myths 2015-04-14 Win-River to host Earth Day Fair 2015-04-13 Native American Book Sale is April 21-25 2015-04-13 Death Valley NP gets new supervisor 2015-04-10 What to do about Neighborhood Cougars? 2015-04-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-04-08 Whiskeytown NRA joins ‘Find Your Park’ 2015-04-08 Young artists to focus on invasive species 2015-04-08 A Happy Dog is a Panting Dog 2015-04-07 Why Are Licenses Sold as They Are? 2015-04-02 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-04-01 Child hospitalized after fall in Park cave 2015-04-01 More public meetings set for Lands Passes 2015-04-01 Ringing in a New Water Year Revisited 2015-03-31 Turtle Bay 'Sweets' exhibition closes May 10 2015-03-31 April 2015 CADFW Fish and Wildlife Calendar 2015-03-31 Cormorant hazing aims to protect young fish 2015-03-31 Spring Bass and Houseboats 2015-03-29 Wildlife feeders to attract turkeys? 2015-03-27 Thieves steal & strip USFS Fire Truck 2015-03-27 Fundraiser goal: Reopen Dry Lagoon Camp 2015-03-27 Turtle Bay: Annual Plant Sale is April 3/4 2015-03-25 CDFW wants reports of wildlife mortality 2015-03-25 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-03-25 Traces Left Behind 2015-03-23 ​Surveying in the John Muir Wilderness! 2015-03-23 Gold & Silver: Should I Buy Some? 2015-03-20 Help Other’s Fill Bag Limits? 2015-03-19 Diving/underwater photo class planned 2015-03-19 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-03-18 Lands Pass Program subject to change 2015-03-16 Collecting & Returning Tide Pool Animals 2015-03-14 Sportsman’s Warehouse has Ladies Night 2015-03-14 Kayak Camping in California 2015-03-13 2014 CWA wetland conservation triumphs 2015-03-10 Riley, Oregon dig excites archaeologists 2015-03-06 Blindsided by fishing violation? 2015-03-06 ​Southern Oregon Outdoor Calendar 2015-03-06 Show Respect and Pass Through Quietly 2015-03-05 USFS Pacific Northwest ready to listen 2015-03-04 Award-winning author to sign hit book 2015-03-04 Champion splash dog stars at Nor-Cal show 2015-03-02 Visit California: Discover Shasta Cascade 2015-03-02 March 2015 CA DFW Calendar 2015-03-01 Fish the ocean without permission? 2015-02-27 ODFW art competition announced 2015-02-25 Sea turtle gets airlift to warmer clime 2015-02-25 Tactical Survival Axe, AKA: ‘The Bruiser’ 2015-02-24 ODFW: Please shed hunt responsibly 2015-02-24 Hot Stove 2015-02-24 CalTIP via text message and a new App 2015-02-22 Euthanasia drugs reach wrong animals 2015-02-22 U.S.F.S. to hold listening sessions 2015-02-21 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-02-20 Residential varmint trapping 2015-02-20 Selecting Hiking Boots and Shoes 2015-02-19 Open Border & ISIS -- Perfect Storm for USA 2015-02-18 Klamath County man & dogs missing 2015-02-18 CA Jr. Duck Stamp Contest still open 2015-02-15 Marysville: Help Ellis Lake Prosper! 2015-02-15 What is swabbing of waterfowl all about? 2015-02-13 Rogue Aquatics offers aquarium dive 2015-02-12 Oregon weekly recreation report 2015-02-12 Free admission to Nat’l Parks this weekend 2015-02-11 PG&E repairs Storm Damage in Old Station 2015-02-11 Shasta Lake level raising all boats 2015-02-11 Roseburg show loaded with adventures 2015-02-09 CWA also focused on pintail regs 2015-02-09 A Problem Requiring a Different Approach 2015-02-08 CA Duck Days coming up at Yolo Basin WA 2015-02-07 CDFW Wildlife Officer honored by NWTF 2015-02-07 Sudden Oak Death found in RR-Siskiyou 2015-02-06 Deer chow from the local feed store? 2015-02-05 Bat Hibernacula count breaks record 2015-02-04 Discover The Coast: Trinidad Lighthouse 2015-02-01 Plan now for vacation trips later this year 2015-02-01 CDFW snapshot of accomplishments: 2014 2015-01-31 USFWS challenges kids with art contest 2015-01-31 Hoisting sturgeon to pose for photos? 2015-01-30 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-01-29 Apply for Whiskeytown NRA artist program 2015-01-28 Seven wolf pairs now breeding in OR 2015-01-28 Modoc NF has opportunity for Vets 2015-01-27 Adopt wild horses or burros in Ferndale 2015-01-25 Rogue/Siskiyou NF asking for comments 2015-01-24 Eel River watershed pot grows eyed 2015-01-24 Galt Winter Bird Festival is Feb. 6/7 2015-01-24 Hikes start in Cache Creek Natural Area 2015-01-24 Prohibited species caught accidentally? 2015-01-23 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-01-22 Terry Harris, Lava Beds Manager, retires 2015-01-22 CDFW: Wildflower tours in Butte County 2015-01-21 Oregon shows offer many new features 2015-01-21 Firearms and Disaster Preparedness 2015-01-19 Why Are Wild Pheasants on the Decline? 2015-01-16 Chris Orr joins Lava Beds team 2015-01-14 Hunting Waterfowl from a Cattle Blind? 2015-01-11 ODFW monitoring seabird die-off 2015-01-09 ODFW seeks volunteer angling instructor 2015-01-09 Roaring Camp ISE offer good as gold 2015-01-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2015-01-08 CDFW to offer many services at ISE 2015-01-08 Getting Kids Hooked 2015-01-06 Hunting sea ducks? 2015-01-02 New book written by columnist Don Webster 2014-12-31 Local kayak shop offers classes 2014-12-31 USFWS initiates ESA review of Monarch 2014-12-30 January CA DFW Calendar 2014-12-30 Ashland Trails Project up for review 2014-12-30 Survival Using RVs 2014-12-26 Lava Beds, other parks host bird counts 2014-12-25 Ethical to shoot birds on land or water? 2014-12-25 For the Love of Ducks 2014-12-23 CDFW needs more North Coast volunteers 2014-12-21 Bowfishing in the Surf? 2014-12-19 Christmas gift ideas from CDFW 2014-12-19 CDFW gets new law enforcement chief 2014-12-18 USFWS extends Fisher comment period 2014-12-17 Yuba/Sutter development to be assessed 2014-12-17 Lassen Film Festival set for Jan. 17-19 2014-12-17 Oregon fox tests positive for rabies 2014-12-16 Avoid a Collision! Check Tire Air Pressure 2014-12-15 Free: New Year’s Day guided hike/paddle 2014-12-12 Horses/CA DFW wardens team up 2014-12-12 Lake Co. OR ranchers stewardship praised 2014-12-12 Storm dumps 4-8' of snow on Lassen Park 2014-12-12 Sidearm While Duck Hunting 2014-12-11 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-12-10 Huge storm to soak and rake California 2014-12-10 Winter travel reminders for forest users 2014-12-10 The Christmas Gift Dilemma 2014-12-07 Click! See Christmas Holiday gift flyer here 2014-12-06 CDFW opens registration for Nature Bowl 2014-12-05 The Gift Worth Giving 2014-12-05 High Cascades winter road closures begin 2014-12-04 How Well Can Waterfowl See? 2014-12-04 NPS directs Lava Beds to increase fees 2014-12-03 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-12-03 Lassen offers ranger-led snowshoe walks 2014-12-03 ODFW art contest winners announced 2014-11-30 Hunting and shooting from a mountain bike 2014-11-28 Caltrans, CDFW: Watch out for wildlife 2014-11-25 Disaster Preparedness Strategies – Part II 2014-11-25 Christmas tree permits for SW Oregon 2014-11-24 Wildlife conservation board funds projects 2014-11-23 Turtle Bay welcomes new pond turtles 2014-11-22 End of the Drought: A glimmer of hope 2014-11-21 Rogue Aquatics: Mark the date…Nov. 29 2014-11-20 NPS: Spend Black Friday at Lava Beds! 2014-11-20 Water: Can’t store what isn’t there 2014-11-20 ‘Old Time Holiday’ returns to Shasta County 2014-11-20 How are sturgeon weathering the drought? 2014-11-20 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-11-19 Chemical contamination up in CA streams 2014-11-19 Splashing Salmon and Giant Sycamores 2014-11-16 F&G Commission Agenda needs scrutiny 2014-11-15 Tule Lake Unit to receive facelift 2014-11-14 When Is Fish and Game Just Food? 2014-11-13 No Tax Event at Sportsman’s Warehouse 2014-11-12 Disaster Preparedness Strategies – Part I 2014-11-12 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-11-12 ODFW: Do not to feed brown pelicans 2014-11-12 RV Collision Repair Requires Multiple Skills 2014-11-10 Travel in High Cascades on the table 2014-11-09 Turtle Bay offers two Appreciation Days 2014-11-07 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-11-06 Local gooseneck barnacles on the menu? 2014-11-06 Redding vacation planning guide available 2014-11-06 Lassen/Whiskeytown fee increases loom 2014-11-03 3 locals plead guilty to illegal woodcutting 2014-11-02 Lassen NF Christmas Tree permits for sale 2014-11-01 Over-snow vehicle use meetings coming up 2014-11-01 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-11-01 How to measure abalone and avoid a ticket 2014-10-30 Black Bird wins Readers Choice Award 2014-10-30 Nimbus Hatchery fish ladder opens Nov. 3 2014-10-29 Report shows dramatic changes to Delta 2014-10-29 Passing on the Tradition essay contest 2014-10-29 Wild Horse Adoption Day extended one day 2014-10-25 Lake Britton Dam Bridge closes Nov. 3 - 23 2014-10-25 CDFW November 2014 Calendar 2014-10-24 Dropping crab traps before the opener? 2014-10-23 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-10-23 Black bear cub shops in Ashland Rite Aid 2014-10-23 Point of Sale System installed at Modoc NF 2014-10-23 Oregon State Police: Watch for wildlife 2014-10-21 Feds sign pact to guard wilderness lands 2014-10-21 HaberVision Product of the Week: McKenzy 2014-10-21 Some Lava Beds bat caves open 2014-10-20 Contest for CA Upland Game stamp begins 2014-10-19 300 students learn geology at Lava Beds 2014-10-18 Modoc campground services reduced 2014-10-17 Gaffing shark that's biting my thumb? 2014-10-16 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-10-16 Pot grow sites to be cleaned up 2014-10-15 USFWS re-opens comment on Cuckoo 2014-10-15 Whiskeytown fire restrictions rescinded 2014-10-15 Get spooky this Halloween with Turtle Bay! 2014-10-14 Making Friends With The Neighbors 2014-10-13 Adoption Day extended at Wild Horse Sanctuary 2014-10-12 Whiskeytown NRA plans prescribed burns 2014-10-10 Watch solar eclipse at Whiskeytown 2014-10-10 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-10-09 Moving Wing Waterfowl Decoys 2014-10-09 Lassen VNP superintendent to retire 2014-10-09 Lassen set for Vehicle-free day 2014-10-09 Redding SW offers outdoor film festival 2014-10-08 Recreation in every direction 2014-10-08 ‘BioBlitz’ survey a first for Tule Lake 2014-10-08 Ishi 2014-10-08 USFWS to list West Coast Fisher 2014-10-07 Manton Apple Festival: More than apples 2014-10-07 Tall Trees and Emerald Waters 2014-10-06 OR F&WC meets Oct. 9-10 in Central Point 2014-10-06 Two weeks left to apply for great job 2014-10-04 Salmon pour into Battle Creek after rain 2014-10-04 Deer hunting in area closed after fire? 2014-10-03 Five Mile Point Caves predate 'Clovis' 2014-10-03 BLM announces Fee-Free Days for 2015 2014-10-02 Life jacket Type Code labels go away 2014-10-02 October! Great month to ride into Redding 2014-10-01 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-10-01 Ringing in a New Water Year 2014-09-29 Wild Rivers Coast to fete Wilderness Act 2014-09-27 CDFW October 2014 Calendar 2014-09-27 Prescribed burn set for Lava Beds area 2014-09-26 'Walk This Way' returns to Turtle Bay 2014-09-26 ‘Californian of the Year’ 2014-09-24 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-09-24 Some rain; no sign of wet fall 2014-09-23 CA DFW steps in to help save garter snake 2014-09-22 Coleman NFH ready for Return of Salmon 2014-09-20 CA DFW has swan tours through January 2014-09-19 Scott Valley Bank gives $10K to Boles relief 2014-09-19 Deer hunting from my porch? 2014-09-18 Fire leaves huge scar on Weed 2014-09-17 Pick Up Litter Day comes to Parks 2014-09-17 Be alert during WOW Week 2014-09-16 How to Comply with Tow Chain Laws 2014-09-13 Sac River NWR Codora Unit opens 2014-09-12 Identity of mountain lion confirmed 2014-09-12 Lassen Park seeks input on Bumpass Hell 2014-09-11 Lion guilty of attack killed by CA DFW 2014-09-11 Will cold smoking kill fish parasites? 2014-09-11 Young boy attacked by mountain lion 2014-09-09 Above the Canopy 2014-09-06 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-09-05 How to notify warden you are CCW 2014-09-04 Beetle infestation down at Medicine Lake 2014-09-03 Redding events for your calendar 2014-09-03 Turtle Bay to showcase Toytopia 2014-09-03 Trinidad Sea Kayaking 2014-09-03 Lake Britton Dam road to be closed 2014-09-02 Pit River flows increased two weekends 2014-09-02 Whiskeytown NRA to have Harvest Festival 2014-09-01 Special exhibition on tap for Lassen Park 2014-08-30 Hunting in the Rut? 2014-08-29 Matsutake mushroom season to begin 2014-08-29 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-08-28 A bridge to the future -- but where? 2014-08-28 OR Fish & Wildlife trooper gets award 2014-08-27 Wildlife Officer Academy graduates 28 2014-08-27 OPRD to evaluate Chetco as Scenic Waterway 2014-08-27 CDFW September 2014 Calendar 2014-08-26 Lava Beds install new information panels 2014-08-25 ODFW announces photo contest winners 2014-08-25 NPS birthday means free Whiskeytown entry 2014-08-24 CDFW recruiting new Wildlife Officers 2014-08-22 Relocating rescued rattlesnakes 2014-08-22 Snakes... why did it have to be snakes! 2014-08-21 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-08-21 Segment of Pacific Crest Trail reopens 2014-08-20 Bodywork Mistakes- Improper Body Filler Use 2014-08-19 Pot growers arrested in Sonoma County 2014-08-17 CDFW preps habitat for migrating birds 2014-08-15 ​Thank You Firefighters! 2014-08-15 Turtle Bay gets seven-week-old beaver 2014-08-14 Moving wildlife due to drought 2014-08-14 Travel advisory issued for Medicine Lake 2014-08-13 Little Fire 100% contained 2014-08-13 HaberVision Mallorca sunglasses just $73 2014-08-12 Lightning sparks new fires across Modoc 2014-08-12 CA DFW announces poster contest winners 2014-08-09 Why don't some deer shed their antlers? 2014-08-08 Lake Oroville; the real issue 2014-08-08 See wild burros/horses at sanctuary 2014-08-07 Celebrate Fall at WNRA Harvest Festival 2014-08-07 Most power restored in Eiler burn area 2014-08-06 Redding in August is actually pretty cool 2014-08-06 Butte DFW Officer most 'Outstanding' 2014-08-05 Whisketown Lake: Plein air painting demo 2014-08-05 Agencies celebrate Smokey’s 70th 2014-08-04 Junior Rangers descend on Lava Beds 2014-08-04 Hat Creek Favorite a fire victim 2014-08-03 Fires threaten much of Hat Creek area 2014-08-02 Ingenious or illegal? 2014-07-31 CDFW: Watch for waterfowl mortality! 2014-07-30 CDFW hosts speaker at Nimbus Hatchery 2014-07-30 Now 47 fires in Rogue River/Siskiyou NF 2014-07-30 Explore Whiskeytown NRA Riparian Zones 2014-07-29 CA DFW ALDS license sales system down 2014-07-29 ​Lassen Park/NASA to host Dark Sky Festival 2014-07-28 CDFW August Calendar 2014-07-27 Protecting Wildlife via Highway Fences 2014-07-25 Light Your Way 2014-07-25 15 fires on Rogue River-Siskiyou NF 2014-07-24 Ramp etiquette; even more important 2014-07-24 ​Wild Horse Sanctuary open house 8/16 2014-07-23 Boat Trailer Frame Repairs 2014-07-22 Turtle Bay to host 3rd annual golf tourney 2014-07-22 Lassen National Volcanic Park 2014-07-21 ​Honey, Bees Can Make You Bumble! 2014-07-21 ​Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-07-20 ​Paige Boulder watershed subject of meeting 2014-07-19 Helicopter Fishing? 2014-07-17 Drawing workshops set for Whiskeytown 2014-07-17 Peak Bagging in Winter 2014-07-15 CDFW: Wild animals do not need handouts 2014-07-14 #ExploRedding finds winning photography 2014-07-13 Two popular Oregon campgrounds closed 2014-07-12 Meteor shower party set at Whiskeytown 2014-07-12 Mountains of Marble 2014-07-12 Got limits, different waters, same day? 2014-07-12 Observe rules at State Ecological Reserves 2014-07-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-07-09 Urban water conservation regs to be set 2014-07-08 NPR host interviews author Steve Callan 2014-07-08 Explore wild places during summer break! 2014-07-07 Will you survive? Making fire just a start 2014-07-06 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-07-04 BoatUS: Why boats sink (10 prevention tips) 2014-07-04 Whiskeytown to start Jr. Lifeguard Program 2014-07-03 SWRCB approves water curtailment orders 2014-07-03 Nesting wild mallards in my backyard pool? 2014-07-03 Whiskeytown NRA expects big July 4 crowd 2014-07-02 Progress made in fighting Lava beds fire 2014-07-02 Whiskeytown opens Camden House Saturday 2014-07-01 Advisory issued for two Oregon beaches 2014-06-29 Fireworks boating safety 2014-06-28 Casting with a potato gun-style launcher 2014-06-27 Lava Beds host Int’l Crew for projects 2014-06-25 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-06-25 Those Amazing Elephant Seals 2014-06-24 Comments sought on Oregon trail 2014-06-23 July CDFW Fish and Wildlife Calendar 2014-06-23 Modoc Expo brings crowd to Alturas 2014-06-23 Whiskeytown NRA imposes fire restrictions 2014-06-22 Tour historical Whisketytown Cemetery 2014-06-22 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-06-20 Lived to tell about it! 2014-06-20 Free Modoc Expo is Sat. & Sun. in Alturas 2014-06-19 Wild Rogue Relay Race is June 20/21 2014-06-18 Kayak demo set at Whiskeytown 2014-06-17 Will drought extend into 2015? 2014-06-17 My Old Friend 2014-06-16 Beware: Boat buying season scams 2014-06-16 Art on the beach at Whiskeytown! 2014-06-14 One for the Myth Busters? 2014-06-14 Gift for Dad? Try hunting or fishing license! 2014-06-14 Fire danger restrictions set on Wild Rogue 2014-06-14 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-06-12 When Wild Turkeys Attack 2014-06-12 Turtle Bay welcomes bobcat kitten 2014-06-11 Events mark 10th year for Sundial Bridge 2014-06-10 Whiskeytown NRA offers summer fun 2014-06-09 New exhibits on I-5 point to Lava Beds 2014-06-09 Modoc's Sportsman's Expo is June 21, 22 2014-06-09 Dedicated to Dad 2014-06-07 Gray Wolf added to State Endangered List 2014-06-05 Fishing at Lost Creek still OK 2014-06-05 Should anglers release lingcod females? 2014-06-05 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-06-04 A cautionary tale of today’s outdoors 2014-06-03 “First Fridays” set for Turtle Bay 2014-06-03 Cheap Collision Repair Estimate… Beware! 2014-06-02 WWII segregation camp in spotlight 2014-06-02 Outdoor events set for Southern Oregon 2014-06-01 Roaring Camp 1; Grumpy old man 0 2014-05-31 Elaborate pot camp busted near Modesto 2014-05-31 Nature Bowl victors to help with trout plant 2014-05-30 Bowfishing for carp – hunting or fishing? 2014-05-30 Portions of Whiskeytown NRA to be closed 2014-05-30 Take a trail ride at Wild Horse Sanctuary 2014-05-29 Fleener's Chimneys -- Mystery & Change 2014-05-29 WCB funds $22.1M for various projects 2014-05-25 Lassen campgrounds/store now open 2014-05-24 Lassen Park Highway opens early 2014-05-23 Salmon Trolling vs Mooching 2014-05-23 CWA partners with Sonoma Raceway 2014-05-23 Lake Shasta Caverns celebrates 50 years! 2014-05-23 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-05-22 Quagga mussels found on boat in E. OR 2014-05-21 Summer programs at Lava Beds/Tule Lake 2014-05-20 Princess Ditch Trail a “Go” at Whiskeytown 2014-05-20 How to live with 30,000 black bears 2014-05-20 CWA hosted legislative wetlands tour 2014-05-19 2014 breeding waterfowl survey mostly poor 2014-05-19 OSP officer named Trooper of Year 2014-05-17 Memorial Day activities set at Whiskeytown 2014-05-16 How much digging is too much? 2014-05-15 Wolf OR7 may have found a mate 2014-05-13 William Faulkner 2014-05-12 America Needs Parks Now More Than Ever 2014-05-11 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-05-09 Find out what makes you...You 2014-05-09 Walk on the Wild side at Turtle Bay 2014-05-09 Can gifted fish get you a ticket? 2014-05-08 California makes Top Ten as Bike-Friendly 2014-05-07 Not all the West suffers from drought 2014-05-06 Jr. Duck Stamp Awards Ceremony is May 31 2014-05-06 Kayak demo held at Whiskeytown 2014-05-04 History awakened at Lava Beds Monument 2014-05-04 CA DFW: Leave young wildlife alone 2014-05-02 50th Wilderness Celebration set for Red Bluff 2014-05-01 How to Prove the Sex of a Turkey 2014-05-01 Youth poster contest: Invasive Species 2014-04-29 May 2014 California DFW Calendar 2014-04-29 Turtle Bay offers summer hours/discounts 2014-04-28 It’s Spring: Watch for wildlife on the road 2014-04-28 Caltrans finds lost ring in Bogard trash 2014-04-24 Do fin-clips identify different trout strains? 2014-04-24 ​Old Station Firemen’s Breakfast 2014-04-24 Some Lava Beds bat caves opened 2014-04-23 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-04-20 Earth Day is every day at Lava Beds 2014-04-18 Why no abalone diving/picking before 8 a.m. 2014-04-17 California miners take on the State 2014-04-16 Rethink Rodenticide: Use better mousetrap 2014-04-15 Lecture series typical of new CA DFW 2014-04-15 Go wild at Lava Beds & Tule Lake 2014-04-14 Property exchange in Oregon aids Park 2014-04-13 Thinning at Lassen closes campground 2014-04-12 Turtle Bay honors Funding Families 2014-04-11 Do surfperch fry count toward limit? 2014-04-10 The Mystery of the Middle Fork – Part III 2014-04-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-04-09 Introducing Arm Pocket Armbands 2014-04-08 Extreme Beam Flashlights 2014-04-08 Mountain lion startles Palm Springs man 2014-04-07 Horses, burros, grouse eyed by BLM 2014-04-04 Turtle Bay Golden Eagle named Seteweela 2014-04-04 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-04-03 Turkey hunting with pellet rifles? 2014-04-03 Wandering the Warner’s 2014-04-01 The 'Death Wobble' -- Be Safe Not Sorry! 2014-03-31 Fins, Fur and Feather Sports is back 2014-03-30 YCC positions open at Lava Beds NM 2014-03-27 Finding fish with remote control help? 2014-03-27 LVNP official to present tourism data 2014-03-26 Go wild for waterfalls at Whiskeytown 2014-03-26 10th anniversary party set for Sundial 2014-03-26 CA DFW April 2014 Calendar 2014-03-26 Climate Coin Toss 2014-03-25 Identifying hatchery vs. wild trout 2014-03-20 ODFW traps/euthanizes cougars near park 2014-03-19 Warden’s book is ‘Book of Year’ finalist 2014-03-19 ODFW launches habitat mapping tool 2014-03-17 Prescribed burns set for Whiskeytown NRA 2014-03-16 Comments needed on Oregon Coast Trail 2014-03-16 OR Recreation Council seeks nominees 2014-03-16 Be safe on the beach this spring 2014-03-15 When cattle run feral…? 2014-03-13 Snowy plovers nesting on S. Ore. coast 2014-03-12 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-03-12 The Mystery of the Middle Fork -- Part II 2014-03-10 Taking wildlife in a survival situation 2014-03-06 S. OR residents join Heritage Commission 2014-03-06 Women’s History focus of lecture series 2014-03-05 Workshop for outdoor gals set for October 2014-03-05 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-03-05 California DFW Calendar for March 2014-03-04 Whiskeytown NRA creates $32.5M revenue 2014-03-04 Ron Judson wins braggin’ rights at cook-off 2014-03-04 Pit Bulls & Other Perils 2014-03-01 Diving for lobsters with hoop nets 2014-02-28 Subaru ESX Race Team roars in Redding 2014-02-28 Fins, Fur and Feathers Sports to re-open 2014-02-28 Senate to recognize wildlife photo winner 2014-02-27 Primitive campgrounds open at Whiskeytown 2014-02-27 Oregon State Parks guide makes debut 2014-02-26 Balloon Pop returns to Sportsman’s 2014-02-26 Win items for tool or tackle box at Nor-Cal 2014-02-22 BoatUS: Child/teen life jackets for $5 each 2014-02-22 Loaded firearms around wildlife officers 2014-02-20 Wildlife talks coming to Rogue Valley 2014-02-20 Boat/Sport & RV show coming to Anderson 2014-02-19 Author to sign books at NorCal Sport Show 2014-02-19 Win items for tool or tackle box at shows 2014-02-19 Turtle Bay welcomes new Golden Eagle! 2014-02-18 Combat life-saving rigs at Medford Show 2014-02-16 Oregonians can support wildlife at tax time 2014-02-15 The Mystery of the Middle Fork -- Part I 2014-02-15 Something’s Fishy Here 2014-02-15 Boat or bag owner; who is responsible? 2014-02-14 Turtle Bay offers Smartdog Photo Contest 2014-02-14 Incarceration of Japanese to be remembered 2014-02-12 All National Parks open free this weekend 2014-02-11 Aldo Leopold 2014-02-11 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-02-10 Ore. Eagle Watch Celebration is Feb. 22-23 2014-02-10 Free admission to Lava Beds this weekend 2014-02-10 Englebright kayak camping trip ‘cancelled’ 2014-02-08 Birding festivals set for February 2014-02-07 Donating fish to charity for a tax deduction? 2014-02-06 S.O.S. -- A true survival bracelet/survival kit 2014-02-05 Nifty gadgets & bargains show up at shows 2014-02-04 Geoturism featured by National Geographic 2014-02-02 Luring lobsters with snacks? 2014-01-31 The Big Adventure opened at Turtle Bay 2014-01-31 Whiskeytown NRA seeking plein-air artists 2014-01-30 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2014-01-30 Kayak roll and self-rescue classes set 2014-01-30 Lassen Park NW Gateway to get facelift 2014-01-30 Turtle Bay art exhibit goes to the dogs 2014-01-30 A Whale of a Tale 2014-01-28 Balmy weather draws visitors to Lava Beds 2014-01-28 Elementary school to be visited by condors 2014-01-28 Columbia River fishing trips to be given away 2014-01-26 CDFW offers wildflower tours at reserve 2014-01-25 For a new adventure, try shrimping! 2014-01-24 $3 million in grants to aid coastal wetlands 2014-01-23 How to See through Headlight Lens Repair Fads 2014-01-22 Post-Fire Recovery meetings set in Oregon 2014-01-21 How to pack your kayak for camping 2014-01-21 Ripchair gets disabled outdoors again 2014-01-21 Free entry to Lassen Park on Monday 2014-01-17 Two festivals to delight NorCal birders 2014-01-17 Sportsman’s Warehouse Appreciation Day 2014-01-17 Feeding wildlife does more harm than good 2014-01-16 Three Sportsmen's shows coming to S. OR 2014-01-15 Be on the lookout for ISE Show gems 2014-01-14 Discovering Wildlife talks come to Medford 2014-01-14 Applegate speed limit remains 10 mph 2014-01-14 CDFW seeks comment on listing of bat 2014-01-13 Thank you for visiting our booth at ISE 2014-01-13 Wardens faced more dangerous encounters 2014-01-13 Jan. 20 is entry free day at Lava Beds 2014-01-12 Can friends pay a friend to fish for them? 2014-01-09 Look for Headwaters Kayak of Lodi at ISE 2014-01-03 CDFW seeks volunteers for Redding-area 2014-01-03 The Devil Wears Feathers 2014-01-03 Can I have two shotguns in a duck blind? 2014-01-02 Fee Free Days set for BLM-Public Lands 2014-01-01 Registration opens for Nature Bowl 2013-12-30 Dog-powered scooters/trikes are fun for all 2013-12-29 CA DFW Calendar for January, 2014 2013-12-28 BoatUS suggests New Year's resolutions 2013-12-28 Shooting birds on the water or ground? 2013-12-26 Unique chance to question DFW leaders 2013-12-25 An abusive relationship with Miss FunRunner 2013-12-24 Big game care & cooking classes planned 2013-12-21 Where do elk range in California? 2013-12-19 Lassen Park ready for winter recreation 2013-12-18 Holiday gift ideas from CA DFW 2013-12-18 Owls, other wildlife dying from rodent bait 2013-12-17 Free guided First Day hikes on tap 2013-12-16 Public invited to count Christmas birds 2013-12-16 Why not move problem deer? 2013-12-12 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-12-09 Is a charity dinner with donated game legal? 2013-12-05 Gift idea: Oregon fishing/hunting licenses 2013-12-04 How do we stop hunting on our property? 2013-11-28 Burrowing owl returns to Turtle Bay 2013-11-27 Good Migrations 2013-11-23 Did warden have right to search my car? 2013-11-21 There's gold in them thar tailings! 2013-11-19 Oregon stamp contest winners announced 2013-11-19 Floating islands enhance salmonid recovery 2013-11-19 Warden turned author comes to SNWLR 2013-11-17 Bowfishing for bullfrogs? 2013-11-14 Coquille Valley WLA stakeholders to meet 2013-11-13 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-11-13 Nat'l. Wildlife Refuges aid local economies 2013-11-12 Temporary closure of Jim Creek Bridge 2013-11-12 What defines wanton waste? 2013-11-08 Pop your way to savings 2013-11-06 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-11-06 Visit Lava Beds free on Vet’s Day Weekend 2013-11-05 Christmas is just around the corner 2013-11-05 Salmon viewing in a natural setting 2013-11-05 Feather loss by Golden Eagles worries DFW 2013-11-02 ISE returns to Sacramento January 9-12 2013-11-02 Nimbus Hatchery Fish Ladder opens Nov. 4 2013-10-31 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-10-31 Target shooting directly next to a wetland 2013-10-31 Snakes and bats, facts and fiction 2013-10-29 ODFW biologists hurt in helicopter crash 2013-10-29 California DFW Calendar for November 2013-10-26 Fishing for Manta Rays in California 2013-10-25 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-10-24 Kayakers to use 'surf zone' in Crescent City 2013-10-24 Rogue/Siskiyou NF lists open camp sites 2013-10-22 Whale watchers needed by OPRD 2013-10-22 ‘Hummingbird in the Crocosmia’ wins! 2013-10-21 Deer hunting from a boat 2013-10-17 Halloween tradition gives bats a bad rap 2013-10-17 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-10-16 Nature Petals Love 2013-10-15 Turtle is new official state marine reptile 2013-10-14 ODFW WA stakeholders to meet in Coquille 2013-10-12 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-10-11 Fly fishing film festival is for great cause 2013-10-11 Wild Horse Sanctuary to hold Adoption Day 2013-10-10 Beach Hunting 2013-10-10 Bear River adds millions to donations 2013-10-10 'Return of Salmon Festival' cancelled 2013-10-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-10-08 Wilderness First Aid Clinic planned 2013-10-06 Possums, Hawks, and Pink BB Guns 2013-10-06 California DFW Calendar for October 2013-10-04 Rescue and rehome a garter snake? 2013-10-04 Time to bear-proof your properties 2013-10-03 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-10-02 Five Bear River staff complete ER training 2013-10-01 Castella: World-class training environment 2013-09-30 US Bank awards grant to Turtle Bay 2013-09-29 Your favorite Outdoor Photo could win big! 2013-09-28 MyOutdoorBuddy columnist wins craft award 2013-09-26 Swan tours set for Sacramento Valley 2013-09-26 State Wildlife Action Plan up for comments 2013-09-26 Upland Game Bird Stamp contest extended 2013-09-26 Herding and spearing fish in shallow saltwater 2013-09-26 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-09-25 State Route 32 closure extended 2013-09-24 Stone Lagoon campground could reopen 2013-09-23 Outdoor workshop for gals draws near 2013-09-22 Clear Creek cleanup volunteers needed 2013-09-22 Kids Mountain Biking Day Oct. 6 2013-09-21 “Paradise, CA: It’s All the Name Implies” 2013-09-21 National Public Lands Day is September 28 2013-09-20 Volunteers help preserve historic ranch 2013-09-20 Horse mauled by lion in Nevada County 2013-09-19 BLM lifts fire restrictions in N.E. Corner 2013-09-19 Crown Camera launches photo walk season 2013-09-18 Sale: Ski goggles with fog eliminating fan 2013-09-18 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-09-18 The Legacy of Fire 2013-09-17 Boat grounded on Lake Shasta a mystery 2013-09-17 Oregon’s snakes could use a little more love 2013-09-16 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-09-15 Diving for abs with knives/spear guns 2013-09-13 Watch out for wildlife week – Caltrans/CDFW 2013-09-13 Pot grow clean up in high desert takes days 2013-09-12 Horses, burros up for adoption in Placerville 2013-09-11 Kilarc to get plant prior to picnic 2013-09-10 Ferried across 2013-09-09 Solar Panels: Unexpected threat to birds 2013-09-09 Birding Tip of the Month: Returning rarities 2013-09-08 CDFW wardens plan wildlife checkpoint 2013-09-07 CDFW zeroes in on marijuana grows 2013-09-07 CDFW offers salmon viewing tours on Yuba 2013-09-07 Oregon: emergency closure extended 2013-09-07 CDFW is recruiting new wildlife officers 2013-09-05 Hunting from a houseboat? 2013-09-05 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-09-04 Cow Creek Byway Clean-Up is Sept. 6 2013-09-03 Learn to enjoy the outdoors with ODFW 2013-09-02 Your favorite Outdoor Photo could win big! 2013-09-01 September CADFW Calendar of Events 2013-08-31 Hwy. 32 repairs to impact holiday travel 2013-08-31 CA DFW adds seven wardens 2013-08-31 ‘That’s My Toy’ wins photo contest 2013-08-31 Can fish food attract bears? 2013-08-30 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-08-30 ODFW W.A. stakeholders to meet 2013-08-30 Expects delays on I-5 during holiday 2013-08-29 River canoeing in the dark 2013-08-26 100 acres along Smith River conserved 2013-08-26 Hunting apprentice needs license too 2013-08-24 Caltrans to close Bay Bridge over holiday 2013-08-22 Golden Sturgeon? 2013-08-22 Oregon weekly recreation report 2013-08-21 Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest fire news 2013-08-19 Lassen Park offers free entry August 25 2013-08-19 CDFW offers bird viewing tours 2013-08-17 Road at Pit 4 Reservoir to close for repairs 2013-08-16 What’s the scoop on sea urchins? 2013-08-16 Thousands enjoy Lassen Park’s dark sky 2013-08-16 Off to do battle 2013-08-14 See you at the Butte County Fair 2013-08-13 Health advisory lifted at Mill Beach, OR 2013-08-12 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-08-08 Marine Invertebrates for a home aquarium? 2013-08-08 OPRD propose camping rate hike 2013-08-07 Lower Feather River Cleanup 2013-08-06 Do-over TMP meeting set Aug. 7 2013-08-06 Pallet burning bonfires prohibited 2013-08-03 Photo workshop with Crown at Strawhouse 2013-08-02 Olive the Oiled Otter delivers again 2013-08-01 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-08-01 Southern Oregon smoked in 2013-08-01 Hats Off to CA DFW 2013-08-01 Releasing Pet Ducks to the Wild? 2013-08-01 Is a Floating Island in your future? 2013-07-31 Firefighters busy in Lake County 2013-07-30 Wild Horse Sanctuary plans Open House 2013-07-30 Lassen Park/NASA host Dark Sky Festival 2013-07-30 August 2013 California DFW Calendar 2013-07-30 Duck stamps available online 2013-07-28 Perseid meteor shower party planned 2013-07-28 PG&E to up flows on Pit for two weekends 2013-07-27 State Water RCB may invoke Term 91 2013-07-27 Fires reported in S. Central Oregon 2013-07-27 Blind Impressions 2013-07-26 Beach advisories in effect in Oregon 2013-07-25 ORPRD holding Bandon property meetings 2013-07-25 Computer-Assisted Fishing 2013-07-25 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-07-24 News Scoop: Goose Poop 2013-07-23 PG&E to increase flows on N. Fork of Feather 2013-07-22 Hunting clinic set for Grizzly Island 2013-07-20 GPS collars on dogs while hunting? 2013-07-19 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-07-18 Recent bear encounters prompt reminder 2013-07-18 Oregon Recreational Trail project up for review 2013-07-17 OPRD looking at Bear Creek Trail 2013-07-17 Caltrans is moving mountains on Hwy. 299W 2013-07-16 Curry County Beach now safe for swimmers 2013-07-14 Should you carry bear spray? 2013-07-14 How to Control Nuisance Crows? 2013-07-11 Workshops focused on Tule Lake Monument 2013-07-11 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-07-09 Whiskeytown offers lifeguard training 2013-07-09 Lava Beds Jr. Ranger Day is July 13th 2013-07-09 At the Top: Mt. Lassen 2013-07-08 Enjoy a little summertime creek 2013-07-07 Help stop forest road closures! 2013-07-05 Annual fishing license to keep reptiles? 2013-07-04 A Walk in the Park 2013-07-03 Celebrate! 237 years of liberty and counting 2013-07-03 High bacteria levels found at OR beach 2013-07-02 Whiskeytown’s Brandy Creek Beach popular 2013-07-02 32nd Rocky Point VF/EMS BBQ is July 20 2013-07-01 OR Parks ‘shore’ photo contest begins 2013-07-01 Parts of Medicine Lake Rec Area to close 2013-07-01 Water sports fans heading for Pyramid Lake 2013-06-28 Lost hunting license or deer tag in the field? 2013-06-27 Wildflower Music Festival offers extra fun 2013-06-26 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-06-26 Water cutoff will impact wildlife 2013-06-25 Water tunnel at Canyon Dam to be checked 2013-06-24 Ground Squirrels for the BBQ? 2013-06-21 Bat tours return to Yolo Bypass W.A. 2013-06-21 Dept. of Fish and Wildlife July Calendar 2013-06-21 Southern Oregon outdoor roundup 2013-06-20 Del. artist wins CA Duck Stamp Contest 2013-06-19 PG&E work crews prevent down-tree outages 2013-06-19 Oregon weekly recreation report 2013-06-19 WaterRipper opens up play for family fun 2013-06-18 Lassen Peak Trail to open during daylight 2013-06-17 Public asked to stop STNF road closures 2013-06-14 Bringing fish and game back from Mexico 2013-06-14 OPRD wants input on Park Rules 2013-06-13 CDFW: Go outdoors and do something wild! 2013-06-13 A Soldier’s Dream 2013-06-12 Meet Whiskeytown's artist-in-residence 2013-06-12 MPA Baseline public meetings set 2013-06-11 ‘Floating in a Lupine Fantasy’ wins! 2013-06-08 Leave young wildlife in the wild 2013-06-07 Hefty halibut, harpoons and small boats 2013-06-06 Vandals desecrate Lava Beds Petroglyphs 2013-06-06 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-06-05 WCD funds more wildlife habitat acquisition 2013-06-05 Tolowa Coast nature programs underway 2013-06-04 Expo Visitors: Experience Modoc Outback! 2013-06-04 New commission to transform CA State Parks 2013-06-03 Lassen Trail Challenge on Get Outdoors Day 2013-06-03 Boating Week/Father's Day gift ideas 2013-06-02 Lassen Park Pass Photo contest begins 2013-06-01 Scuba scouting for abalone, is it legal? 2013-05-31 Riding events at Camelot Equestrian Park 2013-05-31 Crown Camera sets summer sports workshop 2013-05-30 State Wildlife newsletter discloses plan 2013-05-30 Old Station guide is also a great artist 2013-05-29 Bizz Johnson Trail bus shuttles start June 1 2013-05-28 CA DFW June Calendar 2013-05-28 PCT and other trails open in Lassen Park 2013-05-28 Boaters urged to help fight invasive species 2013-05-24 The Flumes and Trails of the Paradise Ridge 2013-05-23 Seized Fish and Game- What happens to it? 2013-05-23 CDFW cautions: be rattlesnake safe 2013-05-22 Equestrian Park makes improvements 2013-05-22 Oregon PRD offers free camping on June 1 2013-05-21 Wildlife recreation boosts economy 2013-05-21 Feel the tingle? 2013-05-19 Boaters... 2013-05-19 Lava Beds “Timeline” not to be missed 2013-05-17 Lassen Park Highway to open for holiday 2013-05-17 Stowing Gear through Marine Reserves? 2013-05-16 Gun Legislation = Confiscation 2013-05-14 Fire danger up in South Central Oregon 2013-05-14 CDFW reminds public to be Bear Aware 2013-05-13 YCC spots open in Modoc County 2013-05-13 2013 CA Upland Game Bird Stamp Contest 2013-05-13 CDFW Nature Bowl Finals are May 18 2013-05-13 Technology scores a home run for the blind 2013-05-11 Memorial Day River Clean-Up planned 2013-05-10 Quack shoot set for Durham, May 11 2013-05-09 Archery practice down a dirt road? 2013-05-09 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-05-08 Community Cleanup 2013-05-06 Kern River rafting special 2013-05-03 Why a size limit on turtles sold as pets? 2013-05-03 Chester youth’s art on Lassen booklet 2013-05-02 Public Art Demo set at Whiskeytown NRA 2013-05-02 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-05-01 May CA Dept. Fish and Wildlife Calendar 2013-05-01 Mamma-Razzi Photo Camp returns 2013-04-30 Got it in the bag 2013-04-29 Rogue River Cleanup Day 2013-04-29 Need a tow? 2013-04-29 Kayak Social May 2-5 updates 2013-04-27 Work begins on 299W, expect delays 2013-04-26 Remote-controlled aircraft in CA Reserves? 2013-04-26 Outdoor items at auction - preview tonight 2013-04-26 Ridin’ the range in search of wild horses 2013-04-26 Manton Vineyards plan ‘Cinco de Wino’ 2013-04-26 Haber sunglasses/goggles: 2 for price of 1 2013-04-25 Caltrans cleans up CA highways 2013-04-25 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-04-24 Paddle & Putt set for Chico’s Sycamore Pool 2013-04-22 CWA Wildlands Camp set for June 8-9 2013-04-22 Caltrans seeks volunteers for litter clean-up 2013-04-22 Heritage 2013-04-20 Whiskeytown Chaser rides to perfection 2013-04-20 Bow hunting for turkeys 2013-04-19 Take the Whiskeytown Falls Challenge 2013-04-19 BOR finalizes Lewiston Dam releases 2013-04-19 Lassen road open to Devastated Area 2013-04-19 Oregon weekly recreation report 2013-04-18 Willie Boat headlines GCS fundraiser 2013-04-18 Scuba diving opens a whole new world 2013-04-16 Drones monitor fish & wildlife 2013-04-15 RMEF allots millions for conservation projects 2013-04-15 E. Sierra wardens to conduct checkpoint 2013-04-15 Lassen Park fees waived April 22-26 2013-04-15 Lassen park fire management presentations 2013-04-14 Be ready in case dams fail -- PG&E 2013-04-13 Hatching and raising wild turkeys 2013-04-12 Prescribed burn today at Whiskeytown 2013-04-11 More of sacred arch found on Oregon shore 2013-04-10 CDFW says: Leave young wildlife alone 2013-04-10 Rapid response awaits invasive mussels 2013-04-09 Oregon's historic trails get oversight 2013-04-09 Clark Gable 2013-04-08 Sunrise-Sunset photo contest drew a crowd 2013-04-07 International Migratory Bird Day is May 11 2013-04-06 ''Burney Mountain Daybreak'' wins! 2013-04-06 The stars are out for Britt 2013! 2013-04-05 Highway 70 scenic adventures 2013-04-04 Collecting roadkill raptors 2013-04-04 April CA DFW Wildlife Calendar 2013-04-03 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-04-03 Crater Lake Wilderness set for K-Falls 2013-04-02 Guns 2013-04-01 Debris found off Oregon coast sparks interest 2013-03-31 OPRD plans emergency prep workshops 2013-03-31 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-03-31 Obsidian Mines in Modoc worth a visit 2013-03-30 Turkey hunting with extra ammo 2013-03-28 L.L. Bean now offers LoopRope in five stores 2013-03-27 Protect your assets when nature calls 2013-03-27 Sportsman Expo returns to Chico, April 13/14 2013-03-26 F-W NF firewood permits obtainable April 1 2013-03-26 Equine & Trails Celebration set for Red Bluff 2013-03-26 Lassen NP to offer fire info meetings 2013-03-25 Prescribed burn plans for S. Central Oregon 2013-03-25 State Duck Stamp Art Contest entries wanted 2013-03-25 COHA events planned for March & April 2013-03-22 Wardens don't release all poached animals 2013-03-21 Young ATV riders on public lands must test 2013-03-21 Fremont-Winema NF urges caution on roads 2013-03-21 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-03-20 Lake of the Woods preps for season change 2013-03-19 Snowy Plover nesting begins in S. Oregon 2013-03-19 Cinch To Hang Try Out 2013-03-18 Photo experience of a lifetime! 2013-03-18 Nash Buckingham 2013-03-17 Firearms to safely land large halibut? 2013-03-14 Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day outdoors in Redding 2013-03-14 C-T-H intros new camp organizer at ISE 2013-03-13 Outdoor items to be auctioned April 27 2013-03-12 Trail Blazers hunter/angler night is April 12 2013-03-11 Heavy duty dock line available 2013-03-11 Final EIS/EIR ready for Lano Seco 2013-03-11 A Skunk is a Polecat is a Stinker 2013-03-10 Arizona Rub BBQ Man Can wins Gold 2013-03-08 Feeding wildlife may actually hurt them 2013-03-08 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-03-06 Cinch-To-Hang to be reviewed by RFD TV 2013-03-05 Enter the free LoopRope giveaway 2013-03-05 Recovering veterans get reduced license fees 2013-03-05 Jackson Co. Parks takes over lake resort 2013-03-04 Stuffed Portabellas win Dutch Oven event 2013-03-03 Teddy The Bear 2013-02-28 How much fishing until boat limits apply? 2013-02-28 Sundial Film Festival comes to Redding 2013-02-27 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-02-27 FFF contest winners announced 2013-02-26 Lassen Park adds $15M to local economy 2013-02-26 March 2013 CDFW Calendar 2013-02-26 Drakes Bay Oyster Co. to remain open 2013-02-25 Prescribed burn set for Whiskeytown 2013-02-25 ODFW’s annual plant give-away is Mar. 5. 2013-02-25 FFF grand opening is official 2013-02-24 Nor-Cal show is great escape this week 2013-02-24 Changes coming for lobster fishermen? 2013-02-22 FFF grand opening huge success 2013-02-22 Fins, Fur and Feather grand opening 2013-02-20 Lassen Park photo winner announced 2013-02-20 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2013-02-20 Help plan Colusa-Sac River SRA’s future! 2013-02-19 Expect delays on SR 299 after Feb 25 2013-02-19 Sports show has Rogue's newest offering 2013-02-19 Importing rattlesnakes as exotic meats? 2013-02-15 Nor-Cal Sport show opens March 1 2013-02-14 OR parks major player in coast economy 2013-02-13 Crown Camera sets Spring Photo Events 2013-02-12 Lectures to honor women of Shasta Co. 2013-02-11 Redshirts 2013-02-11 The Coming Megastorm 2013-02-11 Sunrise, Sunset: Please share your best! 2013-02-08 Shipping Venison to the Troops Overseas? 2013-02-07 PG&E to increase flows on Pit River 2013-02-07 Visit ODFW at various Sportsman Shows 2013-02-06 David Irwin- featured artist at outdoor shows 2013-02-06 Oregon DFW Weekly Recreation Report 2013-02-06 Rig on country road takes first place 2013-02-06 Want more bike paths Oregon? Pedal! 2013-02-05 Prescribed burn to resume at Whiskeytown 2013-02-05 Lassen Park youth camp planned for 2016 2013-02-05 Oregonians: Dealing with Tsunami debris 2013-02-05 Kellogg reappointed to F&G Commission 2013-02-01 Winners of outdoor adventures announced 2013-02-01 Wildflower tours set for Ecological Reserve 2013-01-31 Are Hatcheries Producing Triploid Trout? 2013-01-31 BLM seeks input on use of OR public lands 2013-01-30 Lassen Park Reading Fire review released 2013-01-30 Medal of Honor Recipient from Modoc County 2013-01-29 Attn: Snowmobilers – Want to play? 2013-01-29 Man sentenced for growing pot in preserve 2013-01-28 Tax time: Write in for Oregon’s Wildlife 2013-01-28 Jumping through hoops for a handgun 2013-01-27 West Coast Biennial Art winners chosen 2013-01-26 If white tails stray into CA, can we shoot? 2013-01-25 Fins, Fur and Feather adds firearms 2013-01-25 Firearms deserve respect 2013-01-25 Oregon weekly recreation report 2013-01-23 Innovation highlights from I.S.E. 2013 2013-01-23 February 2013 DFW Calendar 2013-01-22 Caltrans upgrades trip planning website 2013-01-22 Alright now, stop chuckling… 2013-01-18 Check out new regs before fishing sturgeon 2013-01-17 Plumas Eureka SP hosts longboard races 2013-01-16 Lava Beds NP fees waived on Jan. 21 2013-01-16 Oregon weekly recreation report 2013-01-16 Whiskeytown NRA to conduct planned burns 2013-01-16 Thanks to all we saw at ISE/Sacramento! 2013-01-15 Lawmaker says move wolves near supporters 2013-01-15 Deer Whistles 2013-01-14 ​Lassen Park waives entry fee Jan. 19-21 2013-01-14 Buy Warden Stamp & Outdoor California 2013-01-14 Whiskeytown NRA seeks volunteers 2013-01-13 Enter Outdoor Adventures Drawing by Friday 2013-01-12 Catching lobsters with a noose 2013-01-11 White Sharks may be endangered 2013-01-10 Welcome photographer Bruce Johnson 2013-01-08 Why so difficult to catch ab poachers? 2013-01-03 January CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Calendar 2013-01-02 DFG name changed to CDFW 2013-01-01 Run For Your Life 2012-12-31 Register for Nature/Conservation programs 2012-12-29 Lassen Park Highway/Visitor Center closed 2012-12-29 It’s showtime! 2012-12-28 How to control wild feral pigs 2012-12-27 Storms close Lassen Park Visitor Center 2012-12-27 A Horse Of A Different Flavor 2012-12-27 O, Gunsmith, Where Art Thou? 2012-12-21 Drifting for Waterfowl 2012-12-20 Whiskeytown NRA seeks plein air artists 2012-12-19 Safety restrictions limit traffic on F-W trails 2012-12-17 OPRD sponsoring hikes in 22 OR parks, Jan. 1 2012-12-17 Volunteers help heal public lands 2012-12-15 Welcome to our newest destination page 2012-12-15 Devil’s Garden wild horse plan proposed 2012-12-14 Oregon whale watch week is Dec. 26-30 2012-12-14 Do crippled birds add to my bag limit? 2012-12-13 ODFW 2013 sport fishing regulations on-line 2012-12-12 Visit Lava Beds NM for the holidays 2012-12-12 Alturas Festival of Lights cheers up everyone 2012-12-12 Crater Lake snowshoe tours 2012-12-11 Christmas bird count is December 14 2012-12-11 Got a photo of your Favorite Rig? 2012-12-10 My First Fish Ever is photo contest winner 2012-12-08 Taking Youth Hunters to Public Wildlife Areas 2012-12-07 2013 Ocean Salmon Fishery management 2012-12-06 Thanks to Flexpoint Offroad for clean-up 2012-12-06 Lost Creek Marina open year-round 2012-12-04 Mt. Ashland opens early 2012-12-04 ODFW: Keep pets safe this trapping season 2012-12-01 Christmas tree permits available 2012-12-01 Snowy Plover recovery trends upward 2012-12-01 Wild means Wild 2012-11-30 Ladies' night at Kittle's 2012-11-30 Getting Gifts Right 2012-11-29 Fly tying with Big Game and Waterfowl Parts? 2012-11-29 Storms affecting all of Northern California 2012-11-28 Haber goggles/sunglasses 65% off today 2012-11-26 Casual spawning 2012-11-26 OR parks parking passes $5 off in Dec. 2012-11-26 Black Friday lasts longer at Crown Camera 2012-11-24 Excerpts from “Bury Me In My Waders” 2012-11-24 Legal to ship abalone as gifts? 2012-11-22 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-11-21 December DFG calendar of events 2012-11-21 PG&E Burney troubleman helps Sandy victims 2012-11-21 Safety advice for winter along the coast 2012-11-19 Winter storms close Lassen Park Highway 2012-11-19 Arizona Rub introduces the BBQ Man Can 2012-11-17 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-11-16 Excerpts from “Bury Me In My Waders” 2012-11-15 When fishing with kids, what's required? 2012-11-15 Ansel Adams Masterworks to be at Turtle Bay 2012-11-13 How I live (suffer) with wildlife 2012-11-10 A Trick to Get Rid of Pesky Gulls 2012-11-09 Environmental poetry/art contest underway 2012-11-09 Try Scuba 2012-11-08 Artist Joellyn Duesberry at Turtle Bay Theater 2012-11-08 What to do when litter washes ashore 2012-11-07 Students visited Lava Beds on “Ticket to Ride” 2012-11-06 Old Time Holiday at Whiskeytown on Dec.1 2012-11-05 First encounters of the wild kind 2012-11-04 Land exchange meetings open to public 2012-11-03 Excerpts from “Bury Me In My Waders” 2012-11-03 Seasonal limits on number of waterfowl? 2012-11-02 Images In Nature at Bazaar this week 2012-11-01 Senior Citizen 2012-11-01 It's Halloween, where are all the bats 2012-10-30 Turtle Bay breaks ground for Wildlife Woods 2012-10-30 How I live with wildlife 2012-10-30 Free admission to Nat'l Parks on Nov. 12 2012-10-29 Lassen Park transitions from fall to winter 2012-10-29 Sac River Trust sets float trip for Saturday 2012-10-29 Excerpts from “Bury Me In My Waders” 2012-10-27 The Arkansas Black: Trick or Treat? 2012-10-27 Free youth and special hunts statewide 2012-10-25 Crown Camera to offer Holiday Image Labs 2012-10-25 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2012-10-25 November DFG calendar of events 2012-10-23 Caltrans warns drivers to be vigilant 2012-10-22 Bear attacks woman in Ojai 2012-10-20 Hunting from a boat rules and regs 2012-10-19 Excerpts from “Bury Me In My Waders” 2012-10-19 Pheasant Fields Farm open through October 2012-10-17 Oregon Weekly Recreation Report 2012-10-12 DFG to offer winter swan tours 2012-10-12 Caught lobster, now what 2012-10-11 Pink --The Outdoor’s new color scheme 2012-10-10 BLM needs Clear Creek volunteers 2012-10-07 ACE and BLM at work near Likely 2012-10-07 Learning How To Fly wins Funny photo contest 2012-10-07 Whiskeytown: “California Landscapes” 2012-10-05 OR A&H conference call open to public 2012-10-04 F&GC to study listing of wolf not a joke! 2012-10-04 Hunting and guiding on private property 2012-10-04 Camping costs drop in Oregon parks 2012-10-03 Wild Turkeys Spark Quandary 2012-10-03 HaberVision “Turning Pink” in October 2012-10-03 “The Art of Conservation” helps bighorns 2012-10-03 OR DFW Weekly Recreation Report 2012-10-03 OR trail buffs invited to nominate favorites 2012-10-01 New exhibitions now open at Turtle Bay 2012-10-01 30,000 salmon stacked up below Coleman 2012-10-01 Frank Galusha hands off the mic 2012-09-30 Prohibited: Taking deer from private property 2012-09-28 Sacramento Int’l Auto Show to be at Cal-Expo 2012-09-27 Wild Horse Sanctuary to hold adoption day 2012-09-27 Want fog-free goggles? Get the Eliminator! 2012-09-26 Hate eucalyptus trees, love fox squirrels 2012-09-25 Lassen NP waives fees on September 29 2012-09-25 Leave bear cubs alone 2012-09-25 Fishing and hunting on rebound -- USA Today 2012-09-25 Rod Frederick is stamp art winner 2012-09-24 “Walk This Way” has healthy goal 2012-09-21 Transporting gifted abalone to Hawaii 2012-09-21 Sylvan Hart 2012-09-18 N. Cal warden to lead DFG enforcement 2012-09-18 Rogue Aquatics to do pumpkin dive 2012-09-14 Baiting vs. attractants: Any difference? 2012-09-14 SWEAT Running Club hosts relays 2012-09-12 January 1 water shutoff likely in Biggs -- CWA 2012-09-11 Some water flowing again to Klamath NWR 2012-09-11 Olive the oiled sea otter gives birth 2012-09-11 Pheasants Forever: Pass Farm Bill! 2012-09-10 Kiss My Toad... 2012-09-10 Lacy J. Dalton to appear at Mariner's Resort 2012-09-10 Bradley Lake ramp closed for construction 2012-09-10 RMEF grants advance wolf science 2012-09-09 Celebrations planned for Sac Refuges 2012-09-09 New Save Kilarc plan revealed at picnic 2012-09-09 Canyon Dam ramp to be closed Sept. 24-26 2012-09-07 Free Sierra Nevada Geotourism maps available 2012-09-07 N. Sierra/Cascade Geotourism destinations 2012-09-07 “App” reveals region’s wonders to travelers 2012-09-07 Geotourism MapGuide: Hidden gems revealed 2012-09-07 How many people fish, hunt or watch wildlife? 2012-09-06 Are hunting apprenticeships available? 2012-09-06 Volunteers needed for Refuge Brush-Up Day 2012-09-05 Whiskey NRA to hold Harvest Festival 2012-09-05 Trash beneath our feet 2012-09-01 BLM to reopen roads, campgrounds 2012-08-31 State Parks very crowded this weekend 2012-08-31 Boaters asked to fight invasive mussels 2012-08-31 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-08-31 Crossbows allowed during archery season? 2012-08-31 PG&E marks trees for falling after fire 2012-08-30 Horses, bees, and bass 2012-08-28 More of Lassen Park now open 2012-08-28 Colusa NWR Auto Tour closed for upgrade 2012-08-27 ​Shasta Caverns Photo Walk is September 29 2012-08-25 Closures, controls set for Pit River Road 2012-08-24 License required to fish outside CA waters? 2012-08-24 Whiskeytown NRA to celebrate 96th birthday 2012-08-22 Volunteers needed at Sacramento NWR 2012-08-22 Low attendance for Save Kilarc picnic 2012-08-22 Update: Power back in Mineral/Paynes 2012-08-21 Calendar sales support OR wildlife 2012-08-21 36 cadets graduate from Warden Academy 2012-08-20 California’s top game warden retires 2012-08-20 Child of Nature, Friend of Man 2012-08-18 Crown Camera hosts photo walk Aug. 19 2012-08-18 Rifle juggling 2012-08-17 Many favorite parts of Lassen Park are open 2012-08-17 2012-13 OR Game Bird Regulations online 2012-08-16 Update on Lassen Park, LNF Reading Fire 2012-08-16 "Save Kilarc" Picnic is Sunday August 19 2012-08-15 September 2012 DFG Calendar 2012-08-15 Update on Lassen Park, LNF Reading Fire 2012-08-14 Golden Stoneflies do push ups 2012-08-13 Fins, Fur and Feather opens in Paradise 2012-08-13 Campground and backcountry fire prevention 2012-08-13 Tevis Triumph 2012-08-13 Update on Lassen Park, LNF Reading Fire 2012-08-11 Marty Robbins tribute at Mariners Aug. 18 2012-08-10 Minors in possession of firearms 2012-08-10 Got an “Outdoor Funny” Photo? Send it in! 2012-08-10 Renae Tolbert wins Favorite Places contest 2012-08-09 Expect 30-min. delay on SR 36 in Susanville 2012-08-09 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-08-09 Chili Cook-off set for Mariners at Eagle Lake 2012-08-09 Latest Lassen Park fire information 2012-08-08 Add treasure hunting to your travel plans 2012-08-08 Public invited to golf for Turtle Bay 2012-08-08 Whiskeytown NRA meteor shower party 2012-08-08 Beat the heat on Mendocino coast 2012-08-08 Shasta Dam Blvd work affects lake users 2012-08-07 Fire danger to affect Oregon public lands 2012-08-07 Oregon warm water fishing heating up 2012-08-07 Lightning strikes cause 21 fires in S.E. OR 2012-08-07 The skeet fleet 2012-08-03 Story of State Parks captured on film 2012-08-02 Electricity Fair re-energizes historic state park 2012-08-01 Overnight camp set for Abert Rim, Drake Peak 2012-08-01 Fire crews battle 10,000 acre fire in Oregon 2012-08-01 Spot weather forecasts available for F-W NF 2012-08-01 Caltrans opens online travel/traffic service 2012-08-01 Mt. Jefferson goat population grows 2012-07-31 Favorite Places photo contest ends today 2012-07-30 Kittle's adds to the duck calling 2012-07-29 “Tour de Outback” Bike Ride is August 4/5 2012-07-28 Golfing with rattlesnakes in Lake Tahoe 2012-07-27 Experimental UAV flights postponed 2012-07-26 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-07-26 Wild Horse Sanctuary Open House is Aug. 18 2012-07-26 Golden State Star Party 2012-07-25 ODFW to use drones to monitor cormorants 2012-07-24 A Piscatorial Pastiche 2012-07-24 Scouts lucky to survive capsized canoes 2012-07-24 Klamath Lake District closures go into effect 2012-07-23 Fremont-Winema restoration proposal sought 2012-07-23 Keep your focus on the Straw House 2012-07-22 Learn to fish, hunt, or clam with ODFW 2012-07-20 Want to learn about conflicts with bears? 2012-07-20 Mothballs to repel bears from campsites? 2012-07-20 Redding Sportsman’s sidewalk camo blowout 2012-07-19 Star Party underway in Big Valley 2012-07-19 Don’t feed brown pelicans 2012-07-18 “Boats” photo contest winner accepts prize​ 2012-07-18 Whiskeytown NRA to reopen trail 2012-07-13 Night On Wolf Mountain 2012-07-13 Catching and selling California’s wild snakes 2012-07-13 Illegal marijuana growers a threat to wildlife 2012-07-13 Weekly Oregon recreation report 2012-07-12 Stay and play at Willow Creek 2012-07-12 Lava Beds NP to host astronomy event 2012-07-12 S. Central OR fire danger level to rise 2012-07-11 Members sought for Lakeview LSG 2012-07-11 Thunder storms bring wildfire to So. Oregon 2012-07-11 Mountain lion search called off 2012-07-11 Got a Favorite Places photo for our contest? 2012-07-09 Wily the coyote is NPS featured creature 2012-07-09 Scouts spruce-up Whiskeytown Camp 2012-07-08 First bald eagle born at Sac NWR 2012-07-07 CASA cycling event set for July 28 2012-07-06 Answer the call of the sea 2012-07-06 Practice caution with wild rabbits 2012-07-06 Calling all Burney Alumni – Let’s reunite! 2012-07-06 Public Archaeology Day set for July 7 by OSU 2012-07-06 Fremont-Winema NF has new day use area 2012-07-04 Public comment sought on OR OC&E Trail 2012-07-04 DFG continues search for mountain lion 2012-07-04 When in the course of human events 2012-07-04 Come to Modoc! Celebrate Fandango Days! 2012-07-04 Mountain lion attacks Nevada County man 2012-07-03 Whiskeytown offers junior aquatic programs 2012-07-02 Oregon sets up tsunami debris drop-off sites 2012-06-30 BLM seeks wild horse eco-sanctuaries 2012-06-30 Boating safety message from Mercury 2012-06-30 Campgrounds, trails open at Lassen Park 2012-06-29 Can gray wolves hybridize with coyotes? 2012-06-29 Time's running out to fish for a million 2012-06-28 Attn: Facebook Buddies–Check out our Page! 2012-06-28 Duck Stamp art contest winner to be named 2012-06-27 From bass boats - to hot rods 2012-06-26 PG&E awards scholarships to six students 2012-06-23 Tsunami debris/invasive species-what to do 2012-06-23 OR State Police get three donated GPS units 2012-06-23 Fireworks banned on BLM land in OR 2012-06-23 Fireworks: Keep it legal, safe-- OSFM 2012-06-23 When big game tags go unclaimed 2012-06-22 Show us your Favorite Places in Jefferson 2012-06-22 FLW seeks support to stop amended bill 2012-06-20 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-06-20 Crown Camera offers series of classes 2012-06-19 Comstock Cowboys at Mariner's July 14 2012-06-19 July DFG Calendar 2012-06-18 Ode to a Wild Man 2012-06-18 Solstice-themed bash set for Turtle Bay 2012-06-15 Spikes, forks and counting points 2012-06-15 Medford Cruise: 72 and Older Show 'N Shine 2012-06-15 Sauvie Island bird sightings are plentiful 2012-06-14 Venomous Day set for Turtle Bay 2012-06-14 Upcoming outdoor events in this region 2012-06-14 Bear paws on windows? Don’t feed the bears! 2012-06-13 ODFW biologists radio-collar OR-13 2012-06-13 Oregon State Parks guide now online 2012-06-12 CSTR seeks USS Willamette as reef 2012-06-12 Klamath Yacht Club to set sail June 23 2012-06-11 Klamath Kinetic Challenge is June 22-24 2012-06-11 Kruise of Klamath is June 22-24 2012-06-11 Take Dad to National Rat Race Paragliding 2012-06-11 Lake Britton’s Jamo Point launch closed 2012-06-08 Boat limits and crew limits – What’s legal? 2012-06-08 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-06-07 Wiechman's "Between the Storms" wins 2012-06-07 Parks offer free admission Saturday 2012-06-06 DFG recognized for communication 2012-06-05 Timing was perfect for Modoc Expo 2012-06-05 DFG remembers wildlife artist Harry Adamson 2012-06-04 Friends of Whiskeytown set Luau for June 9 2012-06-04 Modoc outdoorswoman founder of Expo 2012-06-01 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-05-31 Night diving for scallops? 2012-05-31 Whiskeytown NRA seeks volunteers 2012-05-28 Boats! Anything that floats! No sinkers! 2012-05-26 Campsites closed at Grizzly Forebay 2012-05-25 Leave young wildlife alone! 2012-05-25 Lassen opens 4 campgrounds for weekend 2012-05-25 Collecting antlers from old carcasses? 2012-05-25 Mariner’s Resort – Eagle Lake’s secret outing 2012-05-25 PG&E camping/day-use sites to get face lift 2012-05-25 Save Old Shasta Day is June 16 2012-05-25 What to do about that darn cat: The cougar? 2012-05-25 DFG sues over levee vegetation removal 2012-05-24 Oregon weekly recreation report 2012-05-24 Kittle’s Father's Day/Ladies Night is June 3 2012-05-23 June DFG calendar 2012-05-23 OR State parks offer free camping June 2 2012-05-23 Thanking America’s armed forces 2012-05-22 ​Zen and the art of duck calling 2012-05-19 Hazing trespassing Canada geese 2012-05-18 The pain of saying goodbye 2012-05-18 Oregon may have a million dollar fish 2012-05-17 OR “Let’s Go Camping” spots available 2012-05-17 Get firsthand peek at OR fish/wildlife 2012-05-16 See annular solar eclipse at Whiskeytown 2012-05-16 Solar Eclipse in Shasta County! 2012-05-16 Southern Oregon outdoor calendar 2012-05-16 Lassen Park photo contest begins May 1 2012-05-15 Star Party set for Prineville State Park 2012-05-14 Shooting the sport 2012-05-12 See solar eclipse & more at Lassen VNP 2012-05-11 Sac River Trust hosts “Return to the River” 2012-05-11 Giving up my head upon request? 2012-05-11 The birds & the bees 2012-05-11 "Be bear aware" -- CA DFG 2012-05-11 Frogs get a leg up (based on a true story) 2012-05-11 Beach goers: Keep away from seals, sea lions 2012-05-10 Expect spring burns at Whiskeytown 2012-05-08 Trails open to bicycles on Sac River NWR 2012-05-07 New HaberVision sunglasses ideal for anglers 2012-05-07 Don't be a boat ramp rat! 2012-05-07 The Olde Fowler 2012-05-06 California Forever focuses on value of parks 2012-05-05 Getting proactive managing mountain lions 2012-05-04 Sheep killed by wolf in N. Umatilla County 2012-05-04 Campground hosts needed for Harney County 2012-05-03 OR weekly recreation report 2012-05-03 Willow Creek on the Trinity River 2012-05-03 Firewood permits to be issued at WNRA 2012-05-02 Oregon Parks focus on historic preservation 2012-05-01 OR Trails Advisory Council to meet 2012-05-01 Vehicle burglaries plague Whiskeytown 2012-04-30 Two remedies for my generation 2012-04-30 Recreation still king on Humboldt Bay 2012-04-28 Railroad Park Resort Photowalk planned 2012-04-28 Should anglers release lingcod females? 2012-04-27 ODFW weekly recreation report 2012-04-27 "Hitchin' a Ride" is Wildlife Photo of Year 2012-04-25 Oregon black bear management plan updated 2012-04-24 OFWC approves more wildlife goals 2012-04-24 It's time to be aware of rattlesnakes 2012-04-24 CWA urges support for Wounded Warriors 2012-04-23 May DFG calendar of events 2012-04-23 Roseburg District rec sites open for season 2012-04-23 Dog training with farm-raised game birds 2012-04-20 Lassen Park entry fees waived for week 2012-04-20 How to trap flying rats 2012-04-20 Hwy. 299W 20-minute travel delay expected 2012-04-19 Wild steelhead/ducks poached in Mendocino 2012-04-19 ODFW to haze cormorants on OR coast 2012-04-19 Caltrans Litter Cleanup day is Apr. 19 2012-04-18 The Godwits have come back to Arcata 2012-04-18 Connecting kids with nature 2012-04-17 OPRD to have grants committee session 2012-04-17 DFG reminds public to leave wildlife alone 2012-04-17 New 49'ers file suit against DFG! 2012-04-16 Modoc Outdoor Expo set for June 2/3 2012-04-16 Kool April Nites: Redding’s “Hot” Car Show 2012-04-14 Upland Game Bird Stamp to be selected 2012-04-13 Raccoons as pets? 2012-04-13 Wild horses shot in Lassen County 2012-04-13 Bad News 2012-04-13 Weekly Oregon recreation report 2012-04-12 Turtle Bay cuts entry fee for Paul Bunyan Day 2012-04-12 Jack London State Park to remain open 2012-04-11 "Boats" Photo Contest is launched 2012-04-11 DFG’s SHARE Program welcomes comments 2012-04-10 Whiskeytown NRA offers “Waterfall Challenge” 2012-04-10 Sportsman Expo returns to Chico 2012-04-10 Sanitation truck spill threatens Olney Creek 2012-04-10 Roseburg pilot project available for review 2012-04-10 Britt's outdoor music season starts June 9 2012-04-06 Fore!! Teed off golfers say… “Scoot Coots!" 2012-04-06 Oregon Parks advocate lauded for service 2012-04-05 Old Shasta Photowalk set for April 19 2012-04-05 Welcome aboard Mercury/MotorGuide 2012-04-05 Youth Camping Grants offered by Lassen NP 2012-04-03 Contests at Medford Sportsman's Warehouse 2012-04-03 ODOT extends studded tire removal date 2012-04-03 BLM seeking new wild horse contractors 2012-04-03 Wenaha wolf, OR12, collared Monday 2012-04-03 Whiskeytown NRA has summer job openings 2012-04-02 A Letter To Ted Trueblood 2012-03-31 DFG Seeks New Volunteers in Bay Area, Delta 2012-03-30 Raw or cooked - it still counts 2012-03-30 Black Bear management plan up for review 2012-03-28 Shoot with Crown Camera at Shasta Caverns 2012-03-27 Burst your balloon for discounts 2012-03-26 Got snow? Got rain? Got the winning photo? 2012-03-26 A Lot of Bull 2012-03-24 Crab Hawk traps 2012-03-23 Spring break beckons - but play it safe! 2012-03-22 OR weekly recreation report 2012-03-22 Whiskeytown NRA seeks volunteers 2012-03-21 Sac River Trail/Redding not open some days 2012-03-21 April DFG calendar 2012-03-21 Sportsman Expo returns to Chico 4/14-15 2012-03-19 Snowy Plovers nesting along Oregon coast 2012-03-18 The week that was; the week that will be 2012-03-18 It was a dark and stormy night 2012-03-17 Half-price weeks at Turtle Bay! 2012-03-16 DFG Film Contest winners named 2012-03-16 Photo contest prize pot is sweet 2012-03-16 OR weekly recreation report 2012-03-15 Medford set for “Ladies Night” at SW 2012-03-15 Ensuring your fowl don't become foul 2012-03-15 DFG K-9 handlers honored 2012-03-14 Wildflowers & wild horses trail ride set 2012-03-14 Closure of Cypress Avenue postponed 2012-03-13 Bald eagle soars off Oregon’s endangered list 2012-03-13 Roosevelt elk in Scott Valley 2012-03-13 Bargain basement sale set at Crown Camera 2012-03-13 Preserving cemetery subject of lecture 2012-03-12 North Spit docks installed at Coos Bay 2012-03-11 Red Bluff horse adoptions on tap 2012-03-11 Last chance for Jr. Duck Stamp entries 2012-03-10 OR State Parks’ Brian Booth passes 2012-03-09 National Geographic’s “Wild Justice” returns 2012-03-09 Can ducks see color? 2012-03-09 CFW Strategic Vision groups set meetings 2012-03-06 Rogue Aquatics plans dive trip to SoCal 2012-03-06 Scuba classes available at Rogue Aquatics 2012-03-06 Jackson County to provide safety inspections 2012-03-06 Croquette takes Iron Chef Cook Off at Show 2012-03-03 Gunpowder & Lead braise their way to victory 2012-03-03 Cook-off events set for Nor-Cal Show 2012-03-02 OR weekly recreation report 2012-03-02 New stock corrals available at Lassen Park 2012-03-02 Judging underway for "Bear Aware" Contest 2012-03-02 Can lizards be legally captured? 2012-03-02 Wolf OR7 may prefer Oregon cuisine 2012-03-02 Ten Oregon State Park campgrounds opening 2012-03-01 $16M spent by visitors to Lassen Park 2012-02-29 Whiskeytown NRA also aids local economy 2012-02-29 Take care of valuables while at Whiskeytown 2012-02-27 CWA holds photo contest 2012-02-25 Transporting multiple waterfowl limits legally 2012-02-24 ODFW hosts annual plant give-away 2012-02-24 WCB funds habitat projects 2012-02-24 Shoot with Crown Camera at Shasta Caverns 2012-02-24 OR weekly recreation report 2012-02-23 Southern Oregon events/outdoor notes 2012-02-23 Redding welcomes Sportsman’s Warehouse 2012-02-22 Images in nature 2012-02-21 Reception set for local authors/photographers 2012-02-21 Run wild, run Humboldt 2012-02-21 Public meeting set for park projects 2012-02-20 Polarized sunglasses including bi-focals 50% off 2012-02-20 BLM wants to protect golden eagles 2012-02-20 March 2012 DFG calendar 2012-02-17 Beginning Bowfishing 2012-02-17 Golden State Star Party registration ends 3/30 2012-02-17 Feral swine & carp threaten Oregon 2012-02-16 OR weekly recreation report 2012-02-13 Forks of Butte Creek Recreation Area 2012-02-12 What’s new for abalone this year? 2012-02-10 Deadline is Feb. 17 for PG&E scholarships 2012-02-09 Water Board move could sting mosquitos 2012-02-09 DFG to sue Army Corps over levee policy 2012-02-08 Buck pulled from rain-swollen canal 2012-02-08 Splash dogs to jump at Anderson Sport Show 2012-02-07 CAFWSV meeting can be seen, heard 2012-02-07 “Fun in Lower Klamath” by Fogarty wins! 2012-02-06 MyOutdoorBuddy welcomes new shutterbug 2012-02-05 Slingshot hunting 2012-02-03 I Was an Indoor (Outdoor) Slave 2012-02-03 Drawing prizes awarded to ISE Visitors 2012-02-02 Partners sought to keep parks open 2012-02-02 CA Duck Days, February 25 2012-02-01 Oregon DFW opens wildlife art contest 2012-02-01 $30 million available for landowners 2012-01-31 OR weekly recreation report 2012-01-31 Oregon trails on list for historic places 2012-01-30 Britt Classical Festival celebrates 50 years 2012-01-30 Wild horse and burro adoption in Ferndale 2012-01-27 MyOutdoorBuddy welcomes a new storyteller 2012-01-27 Fundraiser for orphan foals 2012-01-26 Sportsman Expo returns to Chico, April 14-15 2012-01-26 Are wild pigs a threat to humans or dogs? 2012-01-26 Distemper strikes desert kit foxes 2012-01-25 Thanks from MyOutdoorBuddy 2012-01-24 Storms close many Oregon state parks 2012-01-23 February DFG calendar 2012-01-23 COHA/DFG discuss wolf sighting 2012-01-23 Check out Bald Eagles with BLM 2012-01-23 OR weekly recreation report 2012-01-19 Ever wanted to try SCUBA diving? 2012-01-19 Invasive species of the North State 2012-01-19 Why Refuge Reservations are hard to draw 2012-01-19 Oregon state park winter storm advisory 2012-01-18 OR-7 passed through Intermountain area 2012-01-17 Fundraiser for Honey Bandit, other orphans 2012-01-16 Weaverville in race for coolest small town 2012-01-13 Crab trap thievery 2012-01-13 ​Booths available at Nor-Cal Sports Show 2012-01-13 Collier State Park accepting reservations 2012-01-12 LoopRope to exhibit at Winter Market 2012-01-11 Join us at Sportsman’s Expo in Sacramento 2012-01-11 Lassen Park offers free film festival 2012-01-10 Crystal Creek Falls area closed for upgrades 2012-01-10 25 Years - International Sportsman’s Expo 2012-01-10 Rolling Hills Casino; your winter respite 2012-01-10 New features in OR Historic Sites Database 2012-01-10 Valuable prizes go to photo contest winners 2012-01-06 Sage Grouse subject of Owyhee meeting 2012-01-06 ODFW Access and Habitat Board to meet 2012-01-06 Falcated duck draws birders to Colusa 2012-01-06 Why shell limits on refuges and WLA's? 2012-01-05 OR weekly recreation report 2012-01-04 Restaurant Week set for N.E. California 2012-01-03 What if special regs differ on same river? 2011-12-30 DFG report ID’s four invasive aquatic species 2011-12-30 DFG invites comment on American Pika 2011-12-30 Theft at Whiskeytown Historic Camden House 2011-12-29 OR weekly recreation report 2011-12-29 Whiskey Creek launch ramp closed 1/5 to 1/8 2011-12-28 Wildflower tours set at N. Table Mtn. Reserve 2011-12-28 Rogue Valley outdoor notes 2011-12-27 Tips for better outdoor photos 2011-12-25 Can I keep a limit plus my buddy’s? 2011-12-22 OR weekly recreation report 2011-12-21 Input for watershed action plans needed 2011-12-20 January DFG calendar 2011-12-20 Alturas landmark closing 2011-12-19 Take a hike on New Year’s Day! 2011-12-16 Lone wolf travels toward California 2011-12-16 Theft at Whiskeytown Historic Camden House 2011-12-16 Jr. duck stamp entries now being accepted 2011-12-16 History of the Tejon Ranch 2011-12-15 Winter Whale Watch Week begins Dec. 26 2011-12-14 Third annual Rising Star Gala is Dec. 17 2011-12-13 Redding Sportsman’s Warehouse now hiring 2011-12-13 Another cow killed by Imnaha wolf pack 2011-12-13 Sportsman’s Warehouse grand opening set 2011-12-13 You owe your guide more than money 2011-12-12 OR Weekly Recreation Report 2011-12-11 The joy of mountain misery 2011-12-08 MapGuide showcases 1200 local attractions 2011-12-08 Fishing the Alabama Rig in California 2011-12-08 OR ATV Advisory Committee posts open 2011-12-06 ​Visit Lava Beds NM for the Holidays! 2011-12-04 Rogue Aquatics is year-round 2011-12-02 Great gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts 2011-12-01 OR Weekly Recreation Report 2011-12-01 Becoming a snake charmer 2011-12-01 Sac Refuge opens new viewing platform 2011-12-01 CWA in Flood Protection Plan workgroup 2011-11-29 $5 off OR State Park day-use permit 2011-11-29 What would we do without dogs? 2011-11-27 Lassen Park open for winter recreation 2011-11-26 Deer in the rut can be dangerous 2011-11-24 CWA names Wood Duck Program leader 2011-11-23 OR weekly recreation report 2011-11-23 Whiskeytown to host Weaverville artist 2011-11-23 Thanksgiving is safe. Go to Grandma’s, if… 2011-11-23 Two OPRD trails advisory council posts open 2011-11-22 Oregon Christmas tree permits available 2011-11-21 Take Heed! Obey the laws 2011-11-19 Missing man sought in Whiskeytown NRA 2011-11-18 Brown pelicans face new threat: junk food 2011-11-18 December DFG Calendar 2011-11-17 ATV safety requirements effective Jan. 1 2011-11-17 The birds are here! 2011-11-17 Shooting or hunting from a bicycle? 2011-11-17 OR weekly recreation report 2011-11-16 DFG launches youth film contest 2011-11-16 Wandering wolf reaches Jackson County 2011-11-16 Preserving Oregon grants for 2011 awarded 2011-11-14 Whiskeytown calls to plein-air artists 2011-11-13 A Hunting License for Geocaching? 2011-11-11 Deschutes/Klamath Advisory seeks members 2011-11-09 Archeology open house at Fort Lane Nov. 13 2011-11-09 OR weekly recreation report 2011-11-09 Oregon’s rarest lily gets some TLC 2011-11-09 Redding artist achieves great success 2011-11-08 Park fees waived to honor vets/troops 2011-11-08 Collared wolf tracked to Douglas County 2011-11-03 Wanted: Rattlesnake Wrangler! 2011-11-03 Rising Stars gala Dec 17 2011-11-03 Nimbus Hatchery fish ladder now open 2011-11-03 Table Mountain Ecological Reserve meetings 2011-11-03 OR Weekly Recreation Report 2011-11-02 Modoc ranch is growing caviar producer 2011-11-02 Invasive crayfish in Oregon rivers 2011-11-01 Sudden Oak Death in Southern Oregon 2011-11-01 Modoc 5K Turkey Trot is 11/24 2011-11-01 Scary? No, but Oregon’s bats are in trouble 2011-10-31 Happy Halloween to all our readers 2011-10-31 Christmas is right around the corner 2011-10-31 Bike, hike and fish the Bizz Johnson Trail 2011-10-29 Eat, meet and greet at Whitmore Bazaar 2011-10-29 Salmon Creek Estuary completed 2011-10-27 Using a silencer is a felony in California 2011-10-27 California Waterfowl fundraising events 2011-10-26 California Tarantulas caught in web of lies 2011-10-26 Lassen Park photo winner is I-Ting Chiang 2011-10-24 November DFG Calendar 2011-10-23 Klamath/Lake/Modoc/Siskiyou Area Events 2011-10-23 High Court asked to take forest road case 2011-10-21 Turning in wasted waterfowl 2011-10-20 Lassen Park plans prescribed burns 2011-10-20 Free national parks days for 2012 2011-10-20 Where to see nature at its best 2011-10-18 Legislators call for ouster of NOAA chief 2011-10-18 Warden Academy application deadline nears 2011-10-18 Wild Horse Sanctuary sets adoption day 2011-10-18 Return of the Salmon Festival is tomorrow 2011-10-14 OR Weekly Recreation Report 2011-10-13 Wolverines subject of free lecture 2011-10-13 Returning sea creatures to the ocean? 2011-10-13 Good dog bites bad guys 2011-10-13 Festival to benefit Rocky Point FD 2011-10-13 Jackson County: The Outdoor life never ends 2011-10-12 BLM sets wild horse gathering dates 2011-10-11 Why Spiny Lobster Report Cards? 2011-10-10 Outdoors people enjoy Rolling Hills Casino 2011-10-10 Indian Peak Vineyards October Fest 10/15-16 2011-10-06 Lassen Park plans to burn piles 2011-10-06 OR camping rates take seasonal drop 2011-10-06 ODFW says to be 'bear aware' during the fall 2011-10-05 Weekly Oregon Recreation Report 2011-10-05 Passes required before visiting Wildlife Areas 2011-10-05 PG&E reschedules Pit River flow tests 2011-10-03 Whiskeytown plans first Harvest Festival 2011-10-02 OR archaeology celebration events set 2011-09-30 DFG October Calendar 2011-09-30 When is your fish not your fish? 2011-09-29 DFG debuts new MPA mobile website 2011-09-29 Oregon designates new scenic bikeways 2011-09-28 Earliest beavers found in Oregon 2011-09-23 Highway workers are outdoorsmen too 2011-09-23 ​ODFW unveils “Wildlife Viewing Map” 2011-09-23 Creating a private hunting ranch 2011-09-22 Medford DU banquet set for Sept 29 2011-09-21 Kayak Zak’s annual yard sale starts 9/24 2011-09-20 South Coast MPAs to begin January 1 2011-09-16 Governor reappoints Hunting 2011-09-16 F&GC closes ab fishery in Sonoma Co. 2011-09-16 Halibut fishing alternatives 2011-09-16 Lightning ignites fires in Lassen Park 2011-09-16 Weekly Oregon Recreation Report 2011-09-15 Return of the Salmon Festival 2011-09-14 Take a stroll through Whiskeytown Cemetery 2011-09-13 Sac River clean up set for Dunsmuir 2011-09-12 ERP grant recipients announced 2011-09-09 Relieving barotrauma in deep water rockfish 2011-09-08 Outdoor Dogs: Photo contest winner is… 2011-09-06 Clean fun at Whiskeytown Lake 2011-09-06 All that glitters is not legal 2011-09-02 Service reduced at two North State parks 2011-09-02 Fish and bike the new Redding trail 2011-09-02 Wild horse adoption set by BLM 2011-09-02 Moonlight hike is 9/12 at Whiskeytown 2011-08-30 Cuneo Creek Horse Camp 2011-08-29 Lassen Park to change stock corral fees 2011-08-29 Landowner Rep sought for A&H Council 2011-08-28 BLM meeting on herding wild horses is 9/12 2011-08-28 Lassen Park photo contest ends 9/11 2011-08-26 Validating game taken over weekend? 2011-08-26 Lightning sets many fires in Oregon 2011-08-26 See-through propane tank a hit 2011-08-25 September CA DFG Calendar 2011-08-24 Hike to hidden waterfall 2011-08-21 Sportsman’s Warehouse/Redding nears 2011-08-21 Volunteers needed for ODFW fish projects 2011-08-19 Lake County races to Net-Zero Energy 2011-08-19 Six-event weekend set in Alturas 2011-08-19 PG&E Pit River Road work clarified 2011-08-17 Bandon: Special events come to ACEC 2011-08-16 Chris Cox Horsemanship 2011-08-16 What must abalone divers carry? 2011-08-11 What is the CA F&W Strategic Vision? 2011-08-10 Got an Outdoor Dog? Show us! 2011-08-10 Being "Bat Smart" benefits people and bats 2011-08-09 Blue Lake Ride is Sept 8-11 2011-08-09 39 Game Wardens set to graduate 2011-08-09 Diverse interests make up new commission 2011-08-08 North Umpqua Tioga Trail to get facelift 2011-08-07 Umpqua Basin Cleanup set for September 2011-08-05 Keeping pets safe from predators 2011-08-05 Volunteers honored at Lassen Park 2011-08-05 Modoc District Fair is August 18-21 2011-08-02 Lava Beds Junior Ranger Day is August 6 2011-08-02 Expect brief closure on Pit River Road 2011-08-02 Little Stints noted in Del Norte County 2011-08-02 Open House at Wild Horse Sanctuary 2011-08-02 Kanaka Peak-Trail 100 yards from summit 2011-08-01 Moonlight hike at Whiskeytown NRA 2011-07-31 Big, beautiful wading birds on OR coast 2011-07-30 Is Smartphone a fishing license holder? 2011-07-29 Votes to win grants for favorite State Parks 2011-07-26 Where is the State of Jefferson? 2011-07-24 Cougar creates stir at Whiskeytown Trail 2011-07-24 Recent bird sightings at Klamath Basin 2011-07-24 Why growths on fawn's necks and chins? 2011-07-22 Union Pacific closes access to popular falls 2011-07-21 CA DFG Calendar of Events -- August 2011-07-20 Whiskeytown car break-ins are preventable 2011-07-18 Jug Line Fishing in California Lakes? 2011-07-15 Lassen Park Road now open 2011-07-15 Lassen Park gets Best Idea Grant 2011-07-12 Why “Stay and Play” at Rolling Hills? 2011-07-10 Snow delays road opening to Lassen 2011-07-08 Hatch Residence is Historic Place 2011-07-07 Importing Exotics ... Reindeer? 2011-07-07 Beach agate hunt subs for fishing 2011-07-06 Wild mustangs join Sanctuary July 7 2011-07-05 Whitmore Save Kilarc Picnic is Aug. 21 2011-07-05 Culling sick trout in zero-kill streams? 2011-07-01 Whiskeytown: Get there early! 2011-06-30 Lassen Park is “National Getaway” 2011-06-30 LoopRope available at Cabela's 2011-06-29 Wild Horse Sanctuary adopts 15 horses 2011-06-27 July 2011 DFG Calendar 2011-06-24 Camping fees to be reduced in Shasta/Trinity 2011-06-24 What is a boat or vessel? 2011-06-23 You can put Modoc on Geotourism Map 2011-06-20 BLM to analyze herbicide use in OR 2011-06-20 Lassen Park to open road to Bumpass 2011-06-17 Drivers: Slow down, move when safe 2011-06-17 Whiskeytown ranger-led programs begin 2011-06-17 Lassen Park attracts visitors 2011-06-17 Delays on USFS roads in OR 2011-06-17 Yurts available in OR parks 2011-06-17 Caltrans starts 6-lane Redding project 2011-06-16 Dungeness: Keep the crabs alive 2011-06-16 Expect delays on 299E & Hwy. 3 2011-06-13 Whiskeytown: Train to be lifeguard 2011-06-09 Abalone Pearls – Legal to buy/sell? 2011-06-09 Whiskeytown hosts book release 2011-06-08 New concept in camp trip planning 2011-06-07 DFG staffers are top communicators   2011-06-07 “Great Gas Rebate” rolls on 2011-06-07 A little bird told you! 2011-06-03 Goats to chew Whiskeytown veggies 2011-06-03 Add your favorite places to MapGuide 2011-06-02 Is interfering with my fishing legal? 2011-06-02 Goldeneye to grace CA Duck Stamp   2011-06-01 Whiskeytown seeks trail blazers 2011-06-01 Pacific Crest Trail rerouted in OR 2011-05-26 Cougar blamed in horse attacks 2011-05-26 Lights on wildlife at night? 2011-05-26 Olive oil, wine & merry-go-rounds 2011-05-25 Get ready for Geotourism 2011-05-23 Can disabled war vet hunt with dog? 2011-05-19 Surprised by a bear? Don’t panic! 2011-05-19 Whiskeytown RA offers kayak tours 2011-05-18 Tule Lake Bird Festival May 21 2011-05-15 70 State Parks to close 2011-05-13 Lassen Coalition makes progress 2011-05-12 When is a duck a duck? 2011-05-12 Cougar harasses Bend neighborhood 2011-05-12 The Dangers of GPS navigation 2011-05-11 Golf with Mom at Rolling Hills 2011-05-06 What about bloodsucking Leeches? 2011-05-05 Stay safe in bear country – CA DFG 2011-05-05 Dave Menke of USFWS passes 2011-05-04 Use care with rodenticides 2011-05-04 Trio honored for watershed work 2011-05-04 Road open to Lassen devastated area 2011-04-29 Lassen sets pass photo contest 2011-04-29 Oregon outdoor news wrap 2011-04-28 Camera on bow to film Hunts? 2011-04-28 Rolling Hills indoors and out 2011-04-24 “The Great American Landscape” 2011-04-21 Tule Lake Bird Festival is May 28   2011-04-21 Bang sticks to fend off sharks? 2011-04-21 Trinity flow increases being watched 2011-04-20 Summer jobs open at Whiskeytown 2011-04-20 Where to plant wild turkeys 2011-04-14 Kayakers conquer Congo river 2011-04-11 What to do about lion attacks? 2011-04-08 Bird Sightings at KB NWR Complex   2011-04-08 Take the Waterfall Challenge! 2011-04-08 ODFW Family Fun Day is Apr. 6 2011-04-06 Oregon weekly recreation report 2011-04-06 Full Pool in NorCal Lakes 2011-04-05 Update: Hwy. 101 Opened at 2 a.m. 2011-04-04 Mixed bag is good at Rolling Hills 2011-04-03 New tie-down system is outdoor hit   2011-04-03 Black Butte Triathlon is April 9/10 2011-04-02 Oregon DFW Weekly Report 2011-03-31 Ab diving with spare air? 2011-03-31 New Sport Expo is April 9/10 2011-03-30 Slide closes 101 near Garberville 2011-03-30 The best wildlife viewing site is? 2011-03-29 Jr. Duck Stamp winners named 2011-03-29 Road to Shelter Cove to open 2011-03-28 Dogs to make splash at expo 2011-03-27 We asked for it... 2011-03-27 Whiskeytown photo exhibition set   2011-03-27 Demented Robin of Fall River Mills   2011-03-25 What's the C & R Limit? 2011-03-24 Think about this! 2011-03-24 Flows at SRNWR cause alert 2011-03-21 "TwoFer" available for Sport Show 2011-03-20 Turkey hunting: sight, sound, sign 2011-03-20 Shooting at end of shoot time? 2011-03-18 Smoked Pork Butt 2011-03-18 NEED to celebrate 40th 2011-03-18 April 2011 DFG Calendar 2011-03-18 Back Country Clinic is May 6 2011-03-18 Buckhorn on 299W to lose curves 2011-03-16 The sky is falling 2011-03-16 Rolling Hills: More than a casino 2011-03-15 See Ride The Divide 2011-03-14 Reform of ESA demanded 2011-03-13 Trapping/relocating wildlife? 2011-03-11 Is MyOutdoorBuddy helpful?   2011-03-07 What to do with injured wildlife? 2011-03-03 Baja seminars set for sport show 2011-03-01 Sell game for medicinal reasons? 2011-02-27 Reminder: NorCal show starts Friday 2011-02-26 Current bird sightings, KB Refuges 2011-02-25 New expo for sportsman in Chico 2011-02-25 Fish Finder tips for FREE 2011-02-22 SF ab poacher busted repeatedly 2011-02-22 Do California Halibut Move Around? 2011-02-17 Weather fronts line up for days 2011-02-16 Dogs to splash at NorCal Show 2011-02-16 What’s FREE at NorCal show? 2011-02-15 Prospecting: An outdoor alternative 2011-02-14 Photographing no-take species 2011-02-11 Boulder Creek Falls: A Hiking… 2011-02-11 New walking trails open 2011-02-11 Bald Eagles by the hundreds 2011-02-09 Bird Sightings, KB Refuges 2011-02-06 Yearling bears returned to wild 2011-02-05 Cause of Broken Antlers? 2011-02-04 Medford Outdoor Show is Feb. 25-27 2011-02-04 Southwest Shepherd’s Pie 2011-02-04 It’s bird feeding time! 2011-02-03 This is a title of a test artical 2011-02-03 CA duck stamp contest starts 2011-01-28 Hunting exotics on private lands? 2011-01-27 Fishing for friends at ISE/Sac 2011-01-25 Get Out! Riding the Rail Trail 2011-01-25 Prime spots open at sports show 2011-01-21 WildEats to demo dry rubs 2011-01-14 The Big K adds guide service 2011-01-13 Nat'l Parks offer Fee-Free Days 2011-01-13 California Outdoors Q&As, Jan 13 2011-01-13 Bird sightings in Klamath Basin 2011-01-08 MUSH! Chemult Sled Dog Races 2011-01-07 California Outdoors Q&As 2011-01-07 DFG Warden, K-9 partner help clear man charged with murder 2011-01-06 ISE comes to SAC Jan. 20-23 2011-01-05 Cute puppies left on Church steps; homes needed! 2011-01-02 Protect dogs from salmon poisoning disease 2010-12-31 You owe outdoors folks a CPR course, no choke! 2010-12-30 California Outdoors Q&As, Dec. 30: Hunting with “Passive” Night Vision Equipment? 2010-12-30 DFG Offers Wildflower Tours of North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve 2010-12-28 California Outdoors Q&As, Dec. 24: What to Do With Pesky Coyotes? 2010-12-24 12-22, 12:20 p.m. -- SR89 blocked by overturned big rig 2010-12-22 Arizona Rub Recipe of the Month 2010-12-21 The sitter is in: Get out and hit the road for some wine tasting 2010-12-18 Wild Justice: A look into the work of Northern California Game Wardens 2010-12-17 California Outdoors Q&As, Dec. 16 Lobster fishing from a Six-Pack Boat 2010-12-16 12-14: Bird sightings at Klamath Basin Refuges 2010-12-14 “Girls on the Run” at Lema Ranch 2010-12-12 California Outdoors Q and A, Dec. 9: Why Are Tags and Licenses Needed for Hunting Feral Pigs? 2010-12-10 Game Warden receives Governors Medal of Honor 2010-12-09 California Outdoors Q&As: Dec. 2: Hunting Sea Ducks 2010-12-02 SNO-PARK permits now available online 2010-12-02 National Geographics Wild Justice features CA DFG Wardens 2010-12-02 Oregon’s Scenic Bikeway program rolls into second year 2010-12-01 Recent bird sightings at Klamath Basin Refuges 2010-12-01 MyOutdoorBuddy represented at 2010 Concessionaires & Public Lands Symposium 2010-11-30 Arizona Rub Recipe of the Month: Nov. 2010: Smoked Turkey 2010-11-30 Tis the season to drink a little wine and be merry 2010-11-28 California Outdoors Q&As, NOV 24: Can scent attractants be considered bait? 2010-11-25 UPDATE: Car found; Keep an eye out for Missing Child 2010-11-24 Planning a vacation? Visit Northern California! 2010-11-23 Arctic blast creates havoc on north state highways 2010-11-20 UPDATE: 11/19: More Safety Roadside Rest Areas being closed temporarily or for the winter 2010-11-19 ISE comes only to Sacramento in 2011 2010-11-19 Current bird sightings at the Klamath Basin Refuges 2010-11-19 California Outdoors Q&As, November 18: Legal to have a loaded firearm in a parked car? 2010-11-18 CA DFG Calendar/December, Crow season opens on 4th; Bear season closes on 26th; Late Dove season closes on 27th 2010-11-18 The afternoon had enjoyable experience written all over it! 2010-11-17 Redding Boy Scout Troop 125 back from Millicoma River, OR 2010-11-16 Holiday Feast at Hearst Castle: A Winter Wonderland 2010-11-16 Protect our Waters to hold talks in Mt. Shasta Tuesday night 2010-11-15 Liquid gold discovered in the North Central Valley 2010-11-14 Parks prepare for FREE & FESTIVE Old Time Holiday Celebration" 2010-11-14 Call to artists: "Stay in the woods at Whiskeytown’s Artist Cabin" 2010-11-14 It all happened so quickly! 2010-11-14 Just down the road: Morning hike, midday eats 2010-11-14 California Outdoors Q&As, Nov. 11: When is a duck not a duck anymore? 2010-11-11 Lassen Park Loop closed for season 2010-11-09 Current bird sightings at KB Refuges 2010-11-08 Veterans Day is FREE day use day at Whiskeytown NRA; visitor center store offering 15% off on 11/11 & 12/4 2010-11-08 California Outdoors Q&As, Nov. 4: What to Do For a Lonely Osprey? 2010-11-06 SNWF invites you to watch bird  "fly off" 2010-11-06 Arizona Rub takes first and second place in hot and spicy showdown 2010-10-30 California Outdoors Q&As, Oct. 28: Freezing lobster tails and tossing bodies? 2010-10-28 Learn Continuous Chest Compression CPR 2010-10-28 Before purchasing that defensive handgun - consider FIT 2010-10-27 November 2010 DFG Calendar 2010-10-25 State Route 44 now open at Bogard; big rig overturns 2010-10-22 Beneficial bats battle bad imageand a new threat 2010-10-22 California Outdoors Q&As, Oct. 21: Ocean fishing in the dark 2010-10-21 Some weapons & shooting activities require additional safety precautions 2010-10-19 Return of Salmon Festival bolstered by better return of fish 2010-10-17 Salmon viewing opportunities abound 2010-10-15 CA Outdoor Q&As, Oct. 14 When screeching owls move in... 2010-10-14 California Outdoors Q&As, Oct. 7: Pig hunting with GPS-collared dogs? 2010-10-09 First Shoot for the Future-Celebrity Pro-Am set for 11/5-6 2010-10-08 MORE SALMON AT BATTLE CREEK: Prospects brighten for 20th Annual Return of Salmon Festival, October 16 2010-10-06 American River Salmon Festival canceled 2010-10-04 Trinity River Restoration Open House is Oct. 12 2010-10-04 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept. 30: Why no world-record broomtail groupers? 2010-09-30 DFG warden keeps marijuana from reaching the street 2010-09-28 Whiskeytown Lake campground being scrutinized 2010-09-27 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept. 23, Hunting wild pigs over bait on a licensed game ranch? 2010-09-23 Agencies to dedicate new Battle Creek Salmon Trail 2010-09-23 DFG Calendar: October 2010-09-23 National Hunting and Fishing Day set for Sept. 25 2010-09-22 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept. 16: Will painting my kayak spook white sharks away? 2010-09-16 Sea otter deaths linked to toxin in freshwater bacteria 2010-09-16 Sutsos appointment to F&G Commission supported by COHA 2010-09-15 Mushroom picking underway in north state National Forests 2010-09-13 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept 9: Abalone rebellion or diver blunder? 2010-09-09 Whiskeytown Rec. Area Artist-in Residence at ArtHop 2010-09-07 Klamath Bird Observatory to host Wings & Wine Gala 2010-09-06 18th Whiskeytown Pick-Up Lake Litter Day is 9/25 2010-09-06 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept. 2: Are liquid/spray scents considered baiting? 2010-09-02 Full Moon Hike: See Whiskeytowns wild night life 2010-08-29 Wildlife Conservation Board funds environmental improvement and acquisition projects 2010-08-27 California Outdoors Q&As, August 26: Hazing turkey vultures from rooftop roosts 2010-08-26 California Outdoors Q&As, August 19: Dog training with live and dead birds? 2010-08-19 CA DFG Calendar for September 2010-08-19 Pink Caspian Terns found; more tagged & released 2010-08-19 Places to visit in Modoc County: The River Center 2010-08-18 September weekend in Modoc packed with events 2010-08-18 Lakes can be more dangerous than oceans 2010-08-17 California Outdoors Q&As, August 12: Taking extra game to give away? 2010-08-12 Fee-Free Weekend at Whiskeytown and all National Parks is August 14/15 2010-08-10 Innovative pavement project on State Route 299W starts August 10 2010-08-06 California Outdoors Q&As, August 5, Who's right - the sheriff or me? 2010-08-06 Unique field trips available for students/youth groups 2010-07-30 Nesting Caspian Terns return to Lower Klamath Refuge 2010-07-29 Klamath Basin Birding Trail Booklet revised and reprinted 2010-07-29 Klamath Marsh Comprehensive Conservation Plan finalized 2010-07-29 Crescent City: Tsunamis of the Tolowa Coast lecture/hike 8/1 2010-07-29 California Outdoors Q&As, July 29: If I own the land, do I need to be drawn to hunt it? 2010-07-29 California Junior Team Wins Jr. Olympic Championship 2010-07-26 Plea for water safety! 2010-07-26 California Outdoors Q&As, July 22: Handling wild game safely to prevent trichinosis 2010-07-22 Houseboating offers many options for families 2010-07-22 What is 2010-07-21 Whitmore Community Save Kilarc Picnic set for August 1 2010-07-17 Be on lookout for tagged Pink Caspian Terns 2010-07-16 Crystal Creek Falls area closed temporarily 2010-07-16 California Outdoors Q&As, July 15: If the fish will die anyway, shouldnt I keep it? 2010-07-15 California Outdoors Q&As, July 7: Night fishing in lakes with submerged lights? 2010-07-09 29th Rocky Point Fire/EMS BBQ is July 17 2010-07-06 sponsors Anglers West TV shows 2010-07-02 Fandango Days Celebration is this weekend 2010-07-02 Want to be awed and inspired again? Hit the road for KLMS Country 2010-07-02 California Outdoors Q&As, July 1: How can catch and release fishing be legal in no take waters? 2010-07-01 I-5 ALERT: Traffic shift in Red Bluff to last 60 days starting July 6 2010-07-01 Hyatt Lake field trip planned for Jackson Co. Oregon 2010-06-29 Whiskeytown offers two new programs for toddlers 2010-06-29 Whiskeytown Junior Ranger/Firefighter programs offered 2010-06-29 Walk-in, pan gold at Whiskeytown 2010-06-29 Whiskeytown NPS schedules evening programs 2010-06-29 Water Safety Demonstrations set at Whiskeytown 2010-06-29 Tours of Camp Tule Lake set for July 3 2010-06-29 Arrowhead Golf Course, a place where recreation and relaxation come together. 2010-06-27 California DFG Outdoors Q&A, June 24: Do long guns have to be transported in locked gun cases? 2010-06-24 Basque High Country Heritage Celebration is June 26/27 2010-06-18 California Outdoors Q&As, June 17: Using SCUBA to photograph abalone divers? 2010-06-17 July 2010 DFG Calendar 2010-06-17 California Outdoors Q&As, June 10: Fishing with a beach net 2010-06-10 Johnstonville Left Turn Lane Project begins June 15 -- Caltrans 2010-06-09 National Marina Day at Oak Bottom Marina 2010-06-09 California Outdoors Q&As, June 3: Access rights to public waterways 2010-06-03 Summer Interpretive Canoe & Hiking Trips planned for Fremont-Winema National Forests 2010-06-01 Bike Commute Challenge winners announced 2010-05-28 California Outdoors Q&As, May 27: Will controlling Sacramento pikeminnow help salmonids? 2010-05-27 California Outdoors Q&As, May 20: Carrying a gun while fishing 2010-05-21 Thunder, rain, hail & snow flakes hit north state 2010-05-21 Crawdad Festival set for Tehama Fairgrounds, June 18-20 2010-05-20 Sketchbook Images of Whiskeytown on exhibit at Park 2010-05-17 RMEF picks Top 25 Conservacation spots for family getaways 2010-05-13 What about those north coast lagoons? 2010-05-13 CA DFG Outdoor Q&As, May 13: A glowing phenomenon 2010-05-13 Diamond Mountain Hotel & Casino: Another jewel of Lassen County 2010-05-13 Morel mushrooms are tasty morsels 2010-05-13 CA/NV Fifth Graders "adopt" deer herd 2010-05-07 California Outdoors Q&As, May 6, Humanely wrangling halibut 2010-05-06 Sac River Trust to do Sutter Buttes "Cathedral Peak" hike 2010-05-05 CA DFG Q&As, April 22 -- Do wild turkeys hybridize 2010-05-03 Fall River Outfitters raise $3,226 for Fort Crook Museum 2010-04-28 Klamath Bird Observatory calls for volunteers 2010-04-28 Gear up and get involved in Bike to Work Week 2010 2010-04-27 Portion of Burney Falls Loop Trail closed for improvements 2010-04-27 Road closures, traffic controls in place on Pit River 2010-04-27 Join the Worksite Bike Commute Challenge! 2010-04-22 California Outdoors Q&As, April 22: After I have my bag limit, can I still fish catch-and-release? 2010-04-22 Sac River Trust hike at Sutter Buttes/Cat Rock is Sunday 2010-04-20 Sacramento River Preservation Trust offers Sutter Buttes hike 2010-04-16 Wilderness & Remote First Aid classes set for Del Loma/Arcata 2010-04-16 California Outdoors Q&A, April 15: Beards and spurs dont tell it all 2010-04-15 Adventure Outing: Sac River Float Trip -- Mill Creek Park to Woodson Bridge 2010-04-14 Take a hike during Whiskeytowns Fourth Annual Waterfall Week event 2010-04-14 ALERT for GUN OWNERS: Mandatory registration of all firearms 2010-04-09 Can you count to 1000? 2010-04-08 Test of RTF 2010-04-08 Test of RTF with boxes checked 2010-04-08 California Outdoors Q&As, April 6: How are lake fish stocking decisions made? 2010-04-08 Coastal Trail Workshops set for April 2010-04-06 Have you ever seen the Calypso Orchid? 2010-04-06 Stone Lagoon remains unbreached 2010-04-06 California Outdoors Q&As, April 1: Why not dive for abalone year round? 2010-04-01 Third egg hatched in the Turtle Bay Eagle Nest 2010-03-29 Strawhouse Resorts at Big Flat is special setting for Easter 2010-03-29 New refuge land opens for visitors/hunters 2010-03-26 California Outdoors Q&As, March 25: Are white-tailed deer coming to California? 2010-03-25 Adventures & Destinations is new feature at MyOutdoorBuddy 2010-03-18 California Outdoors Q&As,March 18: Can;t blame it on the hunting dog! 2010-03-18 April 2010 California DFG Calendar -- key meetings on tap 2010-03-18 Adventure! Lodge to lodge kayak tour on Lake Tahoe 2010-03-18 Show, Shine, Wine & Dine set for April 15 at Anselmo Vineyards 2010-03-18 New wildlife viewing opportunities available at Sac NWR 2010-03-13 California DFG Outdoors Q&As, March 11: Some organic fishing methods are not legal 2010-03-11 A special thank you to all 2010-03-08 Kittles Outdoor and Sport Co Auction is March 13 2010-03-08 Time to saddle up on a Wild Horse Sanctuary Trail; Ride among wild mustangs and burros 2010-03-08 California Outdoors Q&As, Mar. 4: Baiting crab traps with rockfish carcasses? 2010-03-04 March 2010 DFG Calendar 2010-02-26 California Outdoors Q&As, Feb. 25: Can wild turkeys be planted on private property? 2010-02-25 First West Coast Standalone Hunter Derby set for Franktown Meadows near Reno 2010-02-25 COHA sponsors Michael J. Flores for 2010 Junior Olympic Shotgun Team 2010-02-25 Feb. 25 -- Shasta Lake levels are very promising 2010-02-25 State Wildlife areas offer much to outdoor enthusiasts 2010-02-25 Food shortage, bad weather blamed for pelican stranding 2010-02-22 California Outdoors Q&As, Feb 18: How to part with treasured game mounts? 2010-02-18 California Junior Duck Stamp Contest is underway 2010-02-13 2009: Extreme poaching cases and dangerous encounters 2010-02-12 Brown Pelican deaths cause alarm 2010-02-12 California Outdoors Q&As, Feb. 11: When license is lost while fishing, can I keep the fish? 2010-02-11 Klamath Falls: Winter Wings Festival underway Feb. 12-14 2010-02-05 Cruiser sunglasses good for outdoor activities 2010-02-04 Update March 8: NorCal Sports Show draws large crowds 2010-02-04 California Outdoors Q&As, Feb 4: "Don't Blame Me ... the Fish Did It!" 2010-02-04 Fall River Hotel offers package for birders, kayakers 2010-02-03 Mountain lion threatens two men; Pescadero Creek (San Mateo Co.) closed temporarily 2010-02-03 Winners of MyOutdoorBuddy ISE/Sac drawing announced 2010-02-01 2.7 Billion Proposed for FY2011 National Park Service Budget 2010-02-01 California Outdoors Q&As, Jan 28: Why does managed hunting benefit deer herds? 2010-01-28 Booth duty at ISE/Sacramento a real pleasure! 2010-01-27 February 2010 DFG Calendar 2010-01-27 Thanks to all who visited us at ISE 2010-01-25 Breaking News, 1/23/10, 3:40 p.m. "Rex" wins dockdogs "Extreme Vertical" at ISE 2010-01-23 Storm outages still affecting eastern Tehama and western Plumas counties 2010-01-22 Cosco Busan Restoration Planning Process Moves Forward 2010-01-22 California Outdoors Q&As, January 21: Can we team dive for lobsters? 2010-01-21 Sac NWR to have Junior Firefighter Days 2010-01-17 California Outdoors Q&As, Jan. 14: Is it legal to refuse a search? 2010-01-14 CCW Permit/Renewal Classes now available in Shingletown 2010-01-13 Sac refuges offer weekend programs for nature lovers 2010-01-13 Birds of Whiskeytown to show at Park Visitor Center! 2010-01-12 DFG Seeking Volunteers for Table Mountain Tours 2010-01-12 California Outdoors Q&As, Jan. 7: Can I fish for free to feed my family? 2010-01-08 DFG, CAPS mourn loss of colleagues 2010-01-08 The hunts of our youth 2010-01-05 Helicopter crash kills 3 DFG biologists & pilot in Madera County 2010-01-05 2009: A tough year for fish and anglers; new, bad news for OHV users 2010-01-01 California Outdoors Q&As, December 31: Hunting coyotes at night with lights? 2010-01-01 See us at ISE Show, Sacramento January 21-24 2010-01-01 Escape to the outdoors: ISE returns better than ever 2009-12-29 DFG offers tours of Table Mountain 2009-12-28 California Outdoors Q&As, Christmas Eve: Do we toss our dead fish back to stay legal? 2009-12-25 You Never Know: Tred Bartas Illness 2009-12-21 California Outdoors Q&As, December 17: Hunting and camping around wildlife watering holes? 2009-12-17 CA DFG Calendar: January 2010 2009-12-17 10 days till Christmas, Still no gift ideas? 2009-12-15 What to buy your outdoor-lover for Christmas 2009-12-11 California Outdoors Q&As, December 10: Can waterfowl hunters get a little help? 2009-12-10 State Park lifeguards prepare for winter swells, urge safety first 2009-12-10 Another round of rain & snow expected Thursday thru Tuesday 2009-12-09 Predators and Scavengers: Keeping Man and Nature in balance 2009-12-06 Parks set Old Time Holiday Celebration 2009-12-03 Shingletown couples honored for saving heron rookery 2009-12-03 California Outdoors Q&As, December 3: Why no hunting during the rut? 2009-12-03 California Outdoors Q&As, November 26: Fish Bait and Tackle Launcher 2009-11-26 DFG Calendar -- December 2009-11-25 California Outdoors Q&As, November 19: Sport Shrimping 2009-11-19 California Outdoors Q&As, November 12: Non-hunters retrieving another hunters 2009-11-13 Whiskeytown Recreation area looking for stories, poems, photos 2009-11-12 Holiday in the Parks set for December 5 2009-11-12 California Outdoors Q&As, November 5: Loaded Guns on cars 2009-11-05 California Outdoors Q&As, November 5: Loaded Guns on cars 2009-11-05 Sac River Trust to show Rivers of a Lost Coast 2009-11-03 Prescribed burn planned this week at Whiskeytown 2009-11-03 Antlers Bridge project (I-5/Lake Shasta) starts 2009-11-02 Bear Creek Video Fish Weir field trip planned 2009-10-30 November 2009 DFG Calendar 2009-10-30 Registration Opens for DFGs Nature Bowl 2009-10-30 How to volunteer for a conservation organization -- RMEF 2009-10-30 State Parks set service reductions 2009-10-30 California Outdoors Q&As, October 29: Pucker up for calling birds 2009-10-29 California Outdoors Q&A, October 22: Shooting waterfowl over influence of bait? 2009-10-23 Salmon Festival Visitors: Thanks to all and welcome 2009-10-18 California Outdoors Q&As, October 15: Shipping abalone out of state 2009-10-15 Sac River float trip set for October 24 2009-10-15 Heron rookeries saved in Shingletown 2009-10-10 California Outdoors Q&As October 8: Everyone party boat fishing may be cited 2009-10-08 Sac Refuges Mensik Earns Meritorious Service Award 2009-10-08 California Outdoors Q&As, October 1: Filleting Halibut at Sea 2009-10-01 Return of the Salmon Festival is October 17th 2009-09-29 State Parks to stay open; some downsizing 2009-09-25 California Outdoors Q&As, September 24: Old-Timer Bucks 2009-09-24 Redding Ducky Derby is September 26/27: Still time to adopt a duck 2009-09-23 Meet the authors and the illustrator of Saving Lil Smokey 2009-09-23 California Waterfowls Solano Co. Rib Feed is Oct. 4 2009-09-23 National Hunting and Fishing Day Spotlights Californias Natural Resources 2009-09-23 Sandhill Crane wetland tour registration now open 2009-09-23 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept 17: Is it a Steelhead or a Rainbow Trout? 2009-09-18 October 2009 DFG Calendar 2009-09-18 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept. 10: Getting Smelly for Deer Hunting 2009-09-11 Take a hikeat Whiskeytown Lake 2009-09-07 2009 American River Salmon Festival cancelled 2009-09-04 Whitmore Community Picnic set for Kilarc Reservoir 2009-09-04 Whiskeytown kayak tours/programs end soon 2009-09-04 17th Annual Lakeshore Clean-Up at Whiskeytown is Sept. 26 2009-09-04 State Park camping rates update 2009-09-04 California Outdoors Q&As, Sept. 3: Are hunters a threat to hikers and campers? 2009-09-04 September 2009 DFG Calendar 2009-08-26 California Outdoors Q&As, August 27: Releasing fish at the end of the day 2009-08-26 Boaters & Paddlers: Take care in Humboldt Bay during salmon season 2009-08-24 California Outdoors Q&As, August 19: Can rifle and bow hunters mix? 2009-08-21 DFG seeks info on theft of sea otter radio receiver 2009-08-18 Higher State Park fees could reduce revenues [Updated 8/17] 2009-08-13 California Outdoors Q&As, August 13: Grunion hunting by moonlight 2009-08-13 F&GC votes to remove American peregrine falcon from state ES List 2009-08-13 PG&E Contractors targeting hazard trees 2009-08-13 Wild Horse Sanctuary holding Open House 2009-08-12 USFWS gears up for 2009 California State Fair 2009-08-12 California Outdoors Q&As: No digging in the mud without a fishing license 2009-08-06 DFG puts moratorium on in-stream suction dredge mining 2009-08-06 DFG changes hours for Eureka public sales counter 2009-08-04 California Outdoors Q&As, July 30: Buying bass for private Lake 2009-07-30 Suction Dredging Permit Sales Suspended Until Further Notice 2009-07-28 Take a hike! To Whiskeytown Falls! By silvery moon! 2009-07-26 California Outdoors Q&As: July 23, Shooting At Dusk 2009-07-23 Travelers beware: Expect more delays on 229W -- CalTrans July 21 2009-07-23 California Outdoors Q&As, July 16: Telemetry to track wounded game? 2009-07-17 Expect delays on Hwy. 299W 2009-07-17 August 2009 DFG Calendar 2009-07-15 New DFG K-9 teams for Del Norte, Siskiyou, Humboldt, Trinity 2009-07-14 California Outdoors Q&As, July 9: Legal to ship trout and venison out of state? 2009-07-09 California Outdoors Q&As, July 2: Battling Bunnies 2009-07-02 Free Patio Boat Tours at Whiskeytown NRA part of FEE FREE Weekend 2009-06-30 Help the SCA Summer Interns Build the New Whiskeytown Trail 2009-06-30 Junior lifeguard, waterfront lifeguard training offered at Whiskeytown 2009-06-30 DFG Releases Rare Marbled Murrelet Fledgling 2009-06-30 River otters spotted at Trinidad Harbor 2009-06-30 California Outdoors Q&As: June 25; How to properly "gift" abalone 2009-06-26 Road closures, traffic controls to affect Pit River access, PC Trail 2009-06-26 Whiskeytown Park to host N.Y. State artists 2009-06-26 Boaters asked to keep waters free of mussels over July 4 weekend 2009-06-26 DFG announces short-term closure of Grizzly Island for Elk hunt 2009-06-26 California Salmon & Steelhead Association protests Pit River flows 2009-06-26 July 2009 DFG Calendar 2009-06-26 Humboldt CWA Chapter to hold Outdoor Adventure Day, July 12 2009-06-26 Lassen Park Fees to be waived some weekends 2009-06-19 Want Pit River Road Closure Info? Call 406-586-2206, Extension 703 2009-06-19 California Outdoors Q&As: June 18; Hazards of moving live finfish 2009-06-18 California Outdoors Q&As, June 11: Noodling for Catfish 2009-06-12 Update: PG&E to increase flows on Fall & Pit Rivers 2009-06-12 Picture of the Week -- Ski Dog loves Collins Lake 2009-06-12 California Outdoors Q&As, June 4: Putting fish on granddaughter's line 2009-06-04 Marijuana growers convicted on environmental charges 2009-05-28 California Outdoors Q&As: Personal Fish Farming? 2009-05-28 Open house set by PG&E Contractor, Burney C of C 2009-05-28 DFG June Calendar 2009-05-22 Please help little Hank Gibbs and Violet Weston buy raffle tickets at Kittles! 2009-05-22 California Outdoors Q&As, May 21: Why allow salmon fishing on the Sacramento River? 2009-05-21 Students to Demonstrate Environmental, Conservation Knowledge at Nature Bowl 2009-05-15 California Outdoors Q&As, May 14: When gifted fish become over limits 2009-05-15 DFG to Offer Two-Day Wilderness Survival and Land Navigation Clinic 2009-05-15 Sacramento River Trust annual dinner is May 28 2009-05-15 Warden Named National Wild Turkey Federation Officer of the Year 2009-05-15 Whiskeytown -- Ranger Guided Activities on Memorial Day Weekend 2009-05-15 DFG to Offer Two-Day Wilderness Survival and Land Navigation Clinic 2009-05-15 DFGs Nimbus Hatchery to Conduct Salmon-Tagging Process 2009-05-15 Take a Sacramento River Spring Float Trip 2009-05-08 California Outdoors Q&As: When is night fishing legal? 2009-05-08 California Outdoors Q&As, April 30: Are fox squirrels displacing gray squirrels? 2009-05-01 Annual Wildflower Show is May 1-3, Willow Creek Museum 2009-04-26 California Outdoors Q&As, April 23: Finding legal target shooting areas 2009-04-24 Sacramento River Full Moon Float is May 7 2009-04-22 Whiskeytowns Waterfall Week Begins April 25th 2009-04-20 Artist in the Parks: Call for Artists 2009-04-20 California Outdoors Q&As, April 16 -- NestingTurkeys Laying Low 2009-04-17 California Outdoors Q&As, March 9: Abalone Scouts 2009-04-09 Second California Condor Shot 2009-04-03 CWA Sets Many Youth Shooting, Hunting Camps 2009-04-03 California Outdoors Q&As, April 2, Wheres the year-round trout fishing? 2009-04-02 CWA North Valley Fun Shoot is May 2 2009-03-28 Additional Acreage Opens on Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge 2009-03-27 California Outdoors Q&As, March 26: Bears and Kids 2009-03-26 Ishi Archery Club Encourages Youngsters 2009-03-24 Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan Named Honorary Park Rangers 2009-03-22 California Outdoors Q&As, March 20: Its Turkey Time Again! 2009-03-20 DFG Calendar, April 2009-03-20 California Outdoors Q&As, March 12 -- Aerial Fish Planting 2009-03-13 Outdoor Show for Working Man Airing on Channel 7, Redding 2009-03-13 CA Waterfowl Announces Take Your Best Shot Winners Superb Photography 2009-03-09 California Outdoors Q&As, March 5, 2009 -- Should you report fishing violators? 2009-03-05 Attention Birders: Check out these AltaCal Audubon field trips 2009-03-04 California Outdoors Q&As, February 26, 2009, Poking around for Monkeyface Eels 2009-02-27 DFG Calendar, March 2009-02-27 Conservation Funding Protected 2009-02-23 Weatherman Keeps Smile on Frowny Faces -Updated February 21 2009-02-21 Avoid Pit River below Lake Britton on February 25 2009-02-20 Big Fish, Big Elk Photos of the Year 2009-02-20 2009 Boat, Sport & RV Show is March 6, 7 & 8 2009-02-20 California Outdoors Q&As, February 19, 2009 2009-02-20 Department of Fish and Game Returns Bear Cub Known As Lil Smokey To Wild 2009-02-13 California Outdoors Q&As, February 13, 2009 2009-02-13 California Outdoors Q&As, February 5, 2009 2009-02-06 Exercise Your Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon, Updated February 11 2009-02-03 California Outdoors Q&As, January 29, 2009 2009-01-30 California Outdoors Q&As, January 22, 2009 2009-01-23 Highlights from DFG February Calendar 2009-01-23 DFG Offers Two-Day Wilderness Survival Clinic in February 2009-01-19 California Outdoors Q&As, January 15, 2009 2009-01-15 Want To Introduce Kids to the Outdoors? 2009-01-15 California Outdoors Q&As, January 8, 2009 2009-01-09 Look for DFG Booth at ISE Sacramento 2009-01-06 California Outdoors Q&As, December 31, 2008 2008-12-31 2008: Year of Extreme Poachers and Dangerous Encounters 2008-12-30 California Outdoors Q&As, December 25, 2008 2008-12-28 California Outdoors Q&As, December 18, 2008 2008-12-19 Highlights from DFG January Calendar 2008-12-19 Calling All Snow Goosers 2008-12-11 California Outdoors Q&As, December 11, 2008 2008-12-11 California Outdoors Q & A, December 4, 2008 2008-12-05 California Outdoors Q&As, November 26, 2008 2008-11-28 Stay in the Woods at a Whiskeytown Artists Cabin 2008-11-28 CalTrans Eagle Camera Still Watching Bald Eagle Nest 2008-11-28 California Outdoors Q&As, November 21, 2008 2008-11-21 California Outdoors Q&As, November 14, 2008 2008-11-14 Kittles Holds Benelli Day Saturday 2008-11-11 Scheels Store in Reno-Sparks, NV Adds Dimension to Reno Sporting Goods Shopping 2008-11-11 California Outdoors Q&As for November 7, 2002 2008-11-07 Three inches of rain dampen Western Cascades 2008-11-02 California Outdoors Q&A, October 31, 2008 2008-11-02 California Outdoors Q&As for October 24 2008-10-24 Bat Myths Drive Experts "Batty" 2008-10-24 Sac Trust Sponsors Nov. 9 Float 2008-10-24 California Outdoors Q&A for October 16, 2008 2008-10-16 Photo Contest to Create Dialogue between Hunters and Non-Hunters 2008-10-14 California Outdoors Q&A for October 10, 2008 2008-10-10 Tehama County RCD To Host Wildlife Friendly Water Sources Workshop 2008-10-10 Ready for an Outdoor Shopping Spree? 2008-10-10 California Outdoors Q&As, Oct. 2, 2008 2008-10-03 Tule River Boat Ramp To Be Closed Oct. 8 2008-10-03 Sac River Trust Plans Full Moon Float 2008-10-03 California Outdoors Q&As -- Sept. 26 2008-09-26 CA DFG October 2008 Calendar 2008-09-26 Sacramento River Trust Need Volunteers 2008-09-26 Let Foresters Decide How to Log our Timber Crops 2008-09-19 California Outdoors Q&As 2008-09-19 Back Yard Forestry Tips 2008-09-12 Junk Science or Junk Reporting? 2008-09-12 Game Wardens Foundation Awards First Scholarship Grants 2008-09-05 California Outdoors Q&As 2008-09-05 California Department of Fish and Game, Sept. Calendar 2008-08-29 Kayak Zaks Newsletter, August 18, 2008 2008-08-20 Shingletown Forestry Workshop Informs & Educates 2008-08-20 Lower Klamath Refuge Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary 2008-08-15 Sac River Trust Sets Two Outings 2008-08-15 UC Forestry & Roads Workshops /Lectures Set 2008-08-08


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