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Open Border & ISIS -- Perfect Storm for USA

ack in July, I wrote an article about the potential for ‘biological warfare’ being waged against America by terrorist groups. Now, as we endure a measles epidemic in America, ISIS, the “JV team” (according to President Obama) has occupied a huge land area in the mid-east, and Baghdad is essentially surrounded. In marital arts I learned respect for my opponents. Underestimating a threat is the undoing of many people, including some infamous military commanders. We have a president who has underestimated several critical issues, and now he has done the same thing yet again with ISIS and Illegal Immigration. Some writers have stated that Obama is intentionally looking the other way, and that may very-well be a possibility considering his stated love for the Islamic faith. Let’s not forget that Mohammed professed war, not peace; quite the opposite of Jesus who said to turn the other cheek. For those who aren’t interested in reading the entire Quran to find the passages that support violence against non-believers, here are the exact quotes.

Americans are all at risk when the administration fails to act timely and effectively for any reason. The current administration is plagued with incompetence (maybe worse?), combined with an ideology that is contrary to American heritage, values and the U.S. Constitution. And anyone who has been paying attention to the news is hearing that theme loud and clear, from almost every side of the media.

‘Capability’ regardless of how great, is useless without leadership, planning and timely execution. We have seen none of these qualities fielded by the current administration. In fact, if ISIS is the “JV team”, the Obama administration is the ‘junior’ high school ‘JV’ team.

Measles and other deadly diseases have now made their way into America courtesy of illegal immigrants, contrary to what Obama and his minions tell Americans. And what is possibly more frightening than the incompetence of Obama and his administration, including the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, is the fact that ISIS commanders have said in no uncertain words that they will send Jihadists who are infected with Ebola to America. Actually, as bad as that sounds, it could be far worse; Iran and Syria have obtained various biological weapons such as weaponized smallpox. If that arrives on U.S. soil, it will be game-over! Weaponized smallpox is 80-90% fatal, and is an airborne disease, meaning transmission is very rapid! A smallpox epidemic would spread so fast in America that it would be coast to coast within a couple months!

In years past, prior to the Obama open border policy, these Jihadists would have had a more difficult time gaining access into the American homeland with suicide bio-bombers (infected jihadists), however that is no-longer the case. In addition to illegal immigrants who are pouring into the U.S. over our southern border carrying diseases from their undeveloped countries, a contingent of them whom are known to be Jihadists.

And once an infected Jihadist is in America, do you think that person will check into a hospital when the symptoms appear? Heck no! A Jihadist will make it a point to contaminate the most congested public places, sneezing and coughing, and with some thought, things much worse! In the case of smallpox, virtually everyone who travels on an aircraft with an infected person will contract the disease, and will in-turn continue to spread the disease in exponential fashion. The bottom line is that an infected Jihadist is as close to the perfect biological weapon as a terrorist group can get… with an intelligent delivery system. Just keep in mind that these are the same people who wrap themselves in explosives and blow themselves and others to pieces.

Some readers may be asking the question as to why I am outlining these particular issues. There is a very logical rationale for outlining and detailing these issues: Too many American people are being caught-up in the false rhetoric (don’t worry, we have it under control’) because they want to believe and trust they will be ‘OK’. This is known as the ‘Normalcy Bias’.

Americans need to understand why they must rely on themselves for being prepared, and that is why it is important to focus on the failings of the current administration and its policies.

In the case of deadly diseases: An ounce of prevention (preparedness) is worth a pound of cure.

Being prepared today means being ready for tomorrow!

Cheers! Capt. Bill

William E. Simpson spent his formative years growing up on a working ranch in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. William (aka: 'Capt. Bill') is a retired U.S. Merchant Marine Officer with decades of boating and expedition sailing experience, having logged more than 150,000 miles at sea. Capt. Bill has successfully survived long-term ‘off the grid’ at sea and at remote uninhabited desert islands with his family for years at a time. In early 2013, he appeared on National Geographic’s hit TV show Doomsday Preppers (Season-2 ‘A Fortress At Sea’) and received the highest score in two seasons for disaster preparedness and survival, earning the title of ‘Best Prepper’.

Capt. Bill is also a commercial airplane and helicopter pilot and a PADI DiveMaster. Simpson is an accomplished writer covering all aspects of disaster preparedness, including a recent book ‘The Nautical Prepper’ (Ulysses Press). His articles have been featured via numerous magazines and websites and he has been a featured guest on various disaster preparedness radio talk shows. More info at

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