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Possums, Hawks, and Pink BB Guns

ne morning several years ago, I was awakened by my two dogs, who were barking up a storm in the backyard. Upon investigation, I quickly determined the reason the dogs were barking. An opossum, a very large one, was perched precariously atop the tether ball pole at the far corner of the yard.

After locking the dogs in the garage, I approached the possum, and it wasted no time in showing me its large teeth, hissing at me all the while. I suffer from a pronounced and unreasonable hatred of rats. A rat ran up my pant leg in a fruit cellar when I was a child, and the experience left me scarred (also scared) for life.

To me, the possum bore a remarkable resemblance to a humongous rat, which gave me a case of the shivering creeps. I began experiencing flashbacks, and realized that I should have probably sought psychiatric evaluation long ago.

I went into the house, looked in the phone book, and called the California Department of Fish and Game (Game is now Wildlife). I was transferred to the people who handle the type of call I was making. After listening to my story, the individual on the other end of the line informed me that the Department of Fish and Game (Wildlife) didn’t respond to my type of call. I told the individual that I was resisting a powerful urge to grab my shotgun and blow the nasty-looking, loathsome creature to smithereens. The Fish and Game (I’m getting tired of inserting Wildlife) person advised me to coax the possum off the tether ball pole and prod it out of my yard into the street. “Where will it go?” I asked. The person chuckled and told me the possum would probably end up in someone else’s backyard. At this point I revealed one of several flaws in my character, and responded by saying, “that sounds like a good idea to me.”

I grabbed a long-handled shovel from the garage, went into the backyard, and after a few, failed attempts I was able to prod the possum off the tether ball pole, and poke it repeatedly in its rear end. Hissing and casting hateful glances my way, the despicable creature slowly found its way through the open gate leading out of the backyard. I watched it make a sharp, left turn and disappear into some shrubs in front of the house next door. I quickly closed the gate.

I went back inside, looked in the mirror, and noticed that I bore a striking resemblance to Pontius Pilate.

At this point I need to explain why I was reminded of the possum incident, and why I felt compelled to tell that story. You will eventually see the connection.

A few days ago, I received a phone call from a friend of mine, who mentioned that a hawk had flown into his equipment shed. After repeated attempts to force the raptor to vacate the shed, it was still there, and had been flying around inside the building for five days.

My friend informed me that he called the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (no longer Game), and they had sent someone out to offer assistance in removing the hawk from the shed.

This bit of information resonated with me, and I remarked that the Department of Fish and Wildlife may have changed their policy regarding this type of incident. I told my friend of my experience with the possum, and he said that maybe the Department of Fish and Wildlife considered hawks more worthy of rescue than possums. I said that I certainly considered hawks more worthy.

My friend continued his story, and told me that the Fish and Wildlife person was unable to remove the hawk from the equipment shed, and had driven away.

What? I was flabbergasted. “Are you telling me that the hawk is still there?” I asked.

“No, no, the hawk is gone,” he said.

“How did you get it to leave the shed?” I asked.

“I used my wife’s pink, Daisy BB gun,” he said. He went on to explain that he shot the hawk a few times with the BB gun, and it fell to the ground, stunned, but basically unharmed. He picked it up, walked from the building, and after holding the raptor in his hands for a minute, it began to struggle, and he released it, and watched it fly away. “Sometimes, you just have to take the law into your own hands,” he said.

We ended the conversation, and after hanging up the phone, I tried to picture a Department of Fish and Wildlife employee responding to an animal rescue call with a pink, Daisy BB gun. I was unsuccessful in my attempt for two reasons. I don’t have that much imagination, and it appeared to be much too practical.

Don E. Webster has been engaged in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits for over 60 years. His recently published book, Bury Me In My Waders -- An Old Duck Hunter Recalls His Fowl Past, currently ranks among the most popular, best-selling duck hunting books on Amazon Books and Amazon Kindle. His next book, “Double-Ought Buck” a novel, will be available in December of 2015. Webster was the recipient of the 2013 Phil Ford Humor Award from the Outdoor Writer’s Association of California for his hilarious description of hunting dogs in his MyOutdoorBuddy column entitled “Canine Comics.” Don's website is


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