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Cascadia Fault news, not so good

By Capt. William E. Simpson
01/19/16 -- There's just no way to sugar-coat this lesson in natural history. And millions of people may be the victims of their own 'normalcy bias'.

Imagine a wall of water that is produced by the sea suddenly rising-up 50 to 100 feet along several hundred miles of coastline extending from Northern California all the way up to Canada.

This sudden devastating rise in sea level would be produced by a full rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and it has happened before.

The damage from such an event would be almost immeasurable, and the last time it happened was in the year 1700. The wall of water produced by such a rupture, is nothing like a beach wave. It will have the enormity of miles of ocean water behind it, and this wave is expected to reach inland to Interstate 5!

Sounds like science fiction, but it's not.

And we are now overdue for another Cascadia Subduction Zone event, since that fault moves on a schedule of about every 300 years.

Some scientists are arguing this is nothing to worry about, and the story is a hoax and being overblown... But the fact that there has been a significant deflection in the earths crust at the Cascadia Subduction zone is true....

So who can we trust.... history is replete examples showing there are powerful motives to keep the masses calm, even in events of certain death. Understating a potential problem may very well be worse than overstating it when it comes to survival, and the FEMA regional director paints a pretty scary scenario (see the story linked here).

Sadly, when we consider how the Government and it agencies intend (by design) to manage the masses of people before, during and after any major disaster, it's all about avoiding panic and keeping the masses hard at work keeping the economy and infrastructure working right up until the last minute. And this is strategically and tactically advantageous to the people who are running the show, but not necessarily in the best interests of the masses (We the People).

I would bet that some elitists in the know may have already relocated to their ski properties in Aspen, even though the potential results of the crustal deflection detected may take days, weeks, months or even years to manifest.

Of course the other consideration is that the devastation predicted by FEMA District X Director, Kenneth Murphy: (excellent read) is countered by some scientists, who are minimizing the 'event' calling it a 'slow earthquake'... sounds boring huh? But is that by design? Valium for the masses?

Frankly, I read what the FEMA district director said, and I find it very sobering, and I am pretty sure he knows what he's talking about.

The common sense perception is that when there is a 4-foot deflection in the crust of the earth, it's never a good sign... and considering that the Cascadia Subduction Zone goes off about every 300 years, and the last event was in the 1700s according to the best guesses, the recent movement is worthy of consideration.... seems like we may be over due for the 'big one'.

Bottom line is; it happened before, its gonna happen again, and it can come at anytime now...

I am starting to understand how pre-historic man felt; if you're not sweating a Sabre-tooth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex might eat you or someone in your family, in between flows of lava and volcanoes tossing boulders in the air....

We can only hope that being prepared and in the right location gives the folks in the Sate of Jefferson a survival advantage...

William E. Simpson spent his formative years growing up on a working ranch in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. William (aka: 'Capt. Bill') is a retired U.S. Merchant Marine Officer with decades of boating and expedition sailing experience, having logged more than 150,000 miles at sea. Capt. Bill has successfully survived long-term ‘off the grid’ at sea and at remote uninhabited desert islands with his family for years at a time. In early 2013, he appeared on National Geographic’s hit TV show Doomsday Preppers (Season-2 ‘A Fortress At Sea’) and received the highest score in two seasons for disaster preparedness and survival, earning the title of ‘Best Prepper’.

Capt. Bill is also a commercial airplane and helicopter pilot and a PADI DiveMaster. Simpson is an accomplished writer covering all aspects of disaster preparedness, including a recent book ‘The Nautical Prepper’ (Ulysses Press). His articles have been featured via numerous magazines and websites and he has been a featured guest on various disaster preparedness radio talk shows. More info at


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