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Oregon Elk
Oregon  Stacy Dunn
Why? Why? Why?
Why, why, why? We have 19 toms living practically in our yard, see them most every day. Why then during the season, which is now open, do we hunt for 5 days and never get a shot? WHY ??? Outside my window   Bill Adelman, Nykon coolpix
First Deer
G-1 Late season  Cody McBride
My sons first deer
As a dad I couldn't be more proud of my son. Sited in his own gun and killed his first deer on his first hunt. One shot clean ethical kill, what a great day and what a great time to be a dad....Great job Cody, I love you and I'm very proud of you. G-1 Late season  Cody McBride
The Blacktail called Stickers
Ah! Stickers the sorta dominate Blacktail of the area. This was and early picture in June. I happen to drop down into the draw and he just stood there. He did get bigger and we called him Stickers, as he had a couple of stickers(horn) coming off the backside. We hunted him during archery season and he really never came around during legal shooting time. He did come around though during legal time during western rifle season and he was taken the first day about 1/2 mile from this spot from an OSP Game Officer buddy. He just had character and breed a lot of does. This area the does seem to have more buck offspring than does. Almost always twins and a few times tripletes. Bwana Bubba Willamette Valley  Frank Biggs
Blacktail Lives another season
This is an interesting shot on camera. This buck, some two days prior while I was in a blind very near this spot, came by my ground blind in the evening. The OSP Senior Game Officer was in the tree stand adjacent to me. He was about 20 yards out, easy shot and he would be down. I let the arrow fly, a bit high. An OSP officer, said later he saw the arrow pass through. Easy tracking... Well there was little blood and we spent some 3 hours in looking and taping. Finally gave up looking any longer in the dark of night. Well as you see he made it and there is another shot on the other side with an exit wound. In closing, this buck was harvested in 2013 by the OSP Game Officer. He put his arrow through him a bit lower. Took 2 hours to recover this tough buck! He made P & Y in 2013. Oregon Valley  Frank Biggs, Bushnell Trail Cam 5 feet
Super freak whitetail
One in lifetime crazy horns deer, maybe new state record. Crossbow harvest last week. Greenbrier Arkansas  Stuart Everett
Where Indians have lived
This was taken some years back, but I still have the Weatherby 257... A funny story in that two of us saw the buck at about 150 yards away. Both of us took the shot at the same time, partner the LT Spring hit the foot of the Mulie and I placed one in the boiler room. So I lay claim on the buck and in a mad dash to get to him, I did not see the barbwire fence and ran right into, bouncing back onto the ground. That would explain the rips in my left leg! He was an old buck, with little usable meat, as he was infested with ticks, not small ticks but ones that have had some time to become the size of marbles. It was a great Oregon hunt, as everyone limited out on the hunt with very good bucks. Bwana Bubba Oregon Ancient Grounds  Frank Biggs, Minolta SLR
2015 Big Horn Sheep Hunt
Hunt of a lifetime. Steen  Matt McDonald
Head Twisting Rocky Mtn Bull
This picture was taken just prior to the archery season in Oregon in one of my great locations for hunting bulls. This was the first year I had decided to chase bulls with my Weatherby instead. Too late to change. This bull was with at least 20+ other branch bulls and no spikes. This area was famous for this and if you wanted to find spikes they would be running together also. The distance to this bull was 20 yards max. Of course this was BLM land in Oregon. Oregon has a great deal of huntable BLM landwhich holds great numbers of elk. Bwana Bubba Secret Oregon Spot  Frank Biggs, Minolta SLR
Biggs 2013 Oregon Blacktail
I would love to say I took this buck with a bow and arrow. Only saw him once during archery season on opening day. He was 40 yards out and I could have killed him then, but my son was 35 yards to left of me in a blind. Did not take the shot, but he killed his buck from the group at 8 yards. I took this buck when I was headed to work for training. I drove in the my hunting property and caught the buck clearing the road and hitting the timber. Cool and Calm, 4X4 in drive, set the brake, ran to the back of the rig, slipped my 257 Weatherby out. Ran and jumped the burm, buck at 280 yards probably, pulled down on him by a fir tree. Could see him through my sunglasses, pulled up the glasses, pulled down again. Pulled the trigger, he dropped in his tracks. The distance offhand 300 yards. Oregon  Frank Biggs, Sony A200
Up Close Dinosuar
A great hobby of mine is to close the distance on Pronghorns and get the shot. This buck I spotted great distance. Since he was above me and I had a great deal of cover with ditches, I close within 15 feet of this buck. Scared the whatever out of him, as I said while still hidden, "what ya doing". It is great place to hunt in Oregon for Pronghorns. Bwana Bubba S.E, Oregon  Frank Biggs
Grizzly Unit Bull
This was a great hunt in the BLM of the Oregon Grizzly Hunt Unit. My son who was hunting with me got his first bull. We had spotted the bull from a mile out. The stalk was on! I told my son to wait as I moved up the canyon. Wind had changed and I told him he must have bedded down. We jumped the bull at 50 feet! Taught my son well even at 18 to react to the situation. His rifle was up and he pulled the trigger, the bull dropped about 100 feet away. In the picture (l) is Brian Henninger the PGA Tour and Champion Tour Pro Golfer. He had a tournament the next day, yet walked in the distance to help pack. Before this picture was taken, I had taken a 6X6, Brian had taken a 6X6. Great hunt for all. This bull scored 340. Bwana Bubba Antelope, Oregon  Frank Biggs
Otis Junction Bulls
We know it is easy to find elk on the Oregon Coast! Well in this area clear to Devils Lake outside of Lincoln City, Oregon, we hear that there are lots of elk. I am down on the coast via the Hwy 18 at least 3 times a month. So, this is the first time and only time I have spotted elk in this spot. It was pouring down rain and they had crossed the Salmon River, past the coffee shop at the junction at Otis. Spent a bit of time in the field then crossed Hwy 218 and up into the timber. Now I am always searching for game, but the elk in this area are elusive except this time. Otis Junction, Oregon  Frank
Survival Buck of the Big Muddy
First off, this shot is from 40 yards, two weeks before archery season opener in Oregon. Let it be known I chased this big boy for two years. Prior to this buck and his buddies rubbing, it was easy to find great bucks. I harvest good bucks every year, but this boy eluded me. I have to admit that I took out his brother one year and he was 35" on the outside roll! Great bucks still thrive here, but in less numbers from the days of many Mule Deer. There are a deal of Cougars in this area. Strange, but a buddy is a ranch foreman in the Madras area of Oregon and within 2 miles of Madras in the hayfields he came face to face with a Cougar on one of the water canals along side the hayfield. Donnybrook, Oregon  Frank Biggs
Rams of the John Day River
A funny happen while driving up the gorge to Hermiston with an old hunting buddy, the world reknown Steve Tandy. I asked Steve as we were blowing by a spot that I have seen Bighorn Sheep high in the hills above the I-80 road, when was the last time you saw sheep? No more than 2 minutes later I spot sheep along the fence and yell pull over. We were in the fast lane doing about 8- and had just passed a Semi. Steve sorta anchors and waits for the Semi to pass, then drifting over to the only open place. The wind is blowing 50+ knots making it hard to get video, but a little. I was on the fence and sheep hung for a while, then moved up into the rimrock. Bwana Bubba I-80 Oregon  Frank Biggs, Nikon
Columbia Blacktail - Willamette Valley - Canby Oregon
Though I do not have access to hunt here any longer, great bucks still live on the property and adjacent properties. A great deal of the bucks are only 3 X 3's. Some years ago I spotted many 4 X 4 bucks and non-typicals. It seemed the bucks never quite carried over into the archery season in Oregon. Most of the great photo ops were done from May to the first of August. So we all know what happens when they don't make it to the archery season... Canby, Oregon  Frank Biggs
August 2015 big buck down with archery A12 California Buck  iPhone , iPhone
Feral Pigeons
Estimated population of feral pigeons worldwide is in excess of 400 million. A single pigeon produces 25 lbs of guano annually. Do the math. Pigeons bagged are donated to needy families. Sacramento County  Don Webster
Target Blacktail
Ah! My target buck was also in the field. I have seen him a number of times. He covers a great deal of ground in the area. I would have to say about 1.5 line of sight miles. He does like the hub area that I have hunted. This year I have not been able to profile the habits and times of the bucks within the property. I also have to get permission from the wife, the husband a Vietnam Veteran as myself has given the go ahead. When I am on their property down in a canyon, I am at peace and hear nothing other than deer running! Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba Willamette Valley  Frank Biggs, Nikon 7100 Evening 250 ISO 9000K
M & L Vineyard Blacktail
Timing is everything in getting the shot and finding the game in the evening on the scouting trip into rural Oregon. In this case almost every evening I take my granddaughter out to a place that has a horse she feeds carrots too. Problem is that it is usually to late to make a deer run. This time I said we go earlier to the horse, then to the deer and finally to Dairy Queen. So we get close at 2030 hour to my spot and 2 bucks run across in front of use and clear the sheep fence into the neighbors. Well I am one than just might go in the ditch to get a shot. I get to the fence and get a couple of shots of two (2) bucks, then look to the left and two (2) other bucks are already in the blackberries. 4X4 bucks are hard to find here, a great deal of poaching has gone one. 3X3's are common. Willamette Valley  Frank Biggs
The Sawtell Buck
This picture was taken on the way home from scouting for blacktail in one of my hunting haunts. It was pretty amazing to see this guy out of the corner of my eye behind the passenger window and still remain on the road. I quickly pulled over on the side of the road and headed back to get the shot. He stood broadside at 40 yards to me for the longest time. Taking number of shots trying to keep the camera in focus with the cover brush in front of him. I pulled down the camera and he busted out. I truly wanted the busting out pictures, but only go a few more shots as he headed into the timber. This area now has been logged off and I have yet to catch a good buck in the area. We also have a real problem with bears and cougars in the area... Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba Central Oregon  Frank Biggs, Sony A200 Auto - 40 yards
Marsh Herd Bull
How could one not stop and get into the action of these Roosevelt elk. I was not the only one to get in the action, but the only one that pull their RV off to the side of road in the gravel. There were about 50 elk, with this being the biggest bull of the group. They had been in the Lagoon and decided to move out of the Lagoon in to the marsh and later into private land. This is a great spot to find and see elk. This shot was about a 100 yards out. Had a tough time deciding between still shots or video. I did both on this venture. Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba Lagoon Pond - Northern California  Frank Biggs
Redwood Bulls
There is one thing about California on the Hwy 101 voyage when RVing. One will see Roosevelt Elk in their travels once they cross into California. I get down there about every three (3) months and catch Rosies in the same spot every time. Amazing the amount of elk in N.W. California. One should always have the camera on the ready. These two bulls were on private land near Orick, California. They gave me lots of time to get in on them. They later just dropped down in the creek bottom next to the land was stayed there. One bull was tagged. Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba Northern California - Private Land  Frank Biggs, Sony A200 50' shot
Columbia Blacktail Dark Zone
Decided to make a late evening run in my haunts. I am always looking up this road and have never seen a deer on the road. As I go by this Blacktail was standing at the pavement and the gravel road. There was no light left, but had set my old Sony A200 to 3200. The buck was willing to stand there for about 30 seconds. Got some dandy shots. This photo was taken at about 40 feet. Close enough for a bow shot. A pretty good valley blacktail! Get out in the evening on back country rural roads and one never knows what they will see in the way of wildlife, including Big Game of Oregon. Bwana Bubba Clackamas County  Frank Biggs, 3200 ISO 1/25 second handheld
Full Draw Film Tour Hoyt Bow Winner
The Full Draw Film Tour stop in Medford was a big hit. The night consisted of several short hunting films and thousands of dollars raffle items, including a half-dozen bows, 3D targets, arrows, guided trips, shoulder mounts, etc. Craterian Theater, Medford Oregon   Full Draw Film Tour
First Turkey
Meridian, California  Cody McBride
Bella is Ready
Always ready to please. Gray Lodge  Craig McBride
Bird with my Bow
We spotted this bird and decided to move in, set up and give it a try. This was my first season with my bow and as you can see, it all worked out. Now I know what all the excitement is in the bow hunting community. Mosquito area near Placerville  Lene Collier
Participant Buck
Big buck contest monster; 4x4 black tail buck! Good job!!!! Salem, Oregon  Sportsmans Warehouse
Northern California Bear
Placer County  Richard Moulder
Medford Hunter's 2014 Elk
Thursday, September 18. Solo hunt (public land, DIY). Eastern Oregon   Logan Miles, cell phone
Secret Spot
Never get skunked at this spot Our secret spot on Diamond Mountain  Dustin , IPhone
First Turkey
Congratulations Brendan on your first Turkey! Good job! Rogue River (Wimer) Oregon  Heidi Crosby
First Turkey
Congratulations Zowey on your first Turkey! Good job! Rogue River (Wimer), Oregon  Scott Crosby
Blacktails in the Trinity Alps
Blacktail bucks in the Trinity Alps Wilderness with Maverick Outfitters of Cottonwood, California Trinity Alps Wilderness, Trinity County  Bruce Heitman
Tule Elk at Cache Creek
Cache Creek , California  Bruce Heitman, Maverick Outifitters
First Buck
First time 3x2 mule deer for Loren Casey at Grandpa and Grandma Casey's ranch in Fields, Oregon. Fields, Oregon  Connie Casey
Oregon Elk
Last load, 6 miles to the truck. Oregon  Steve Bakerville, Iphone
Oregon Elk
Oregon  Geoff Taylor, Iphone
Two Bucks Down!
Opening weekend 30 yards apart!! Dinner is served. Trinity County, California  Scott Dias, Droid
5x5 California Blacktail
C zone buck, he couldn't have come any sooner. After being defeated emotionally by three missed bucks (much smaller) I finally pulled it together to hit and knock this one down in one clean, fatal shot! Near Chico, California  Eric Christensen
Like Father like Son
Like Father Like Son, Lowell Dolan, Jason Zumalt
A-3  Jason Zumalt, I-phone
2013 Buck with Remington 270 15 wide by 14 inches tall
Williams, Oregon,   Josh Allen
First Duck Hunt (Dad, ya got one! Can we keep it?)
Eastern Shasta County (Lake McCumber),  Erik Barnes, Phone
Modoc Mule Deer 10/09/13 25 1/2 inches, 170 points
Modoc, California,  John Hammett, Iphone
Sage of the Desert
Southern Oregon,  Duane Dungannon, Canon EOS Rebel
My Big A-3 Buck!
Siskiyou County  Jeff Jackman
Northern California,  Chris stone
8x6 archery buck
Zone A-1 Northern California,  Jason Zumall, I phone
Late Summer Eye Candy
Greenview, California,  Mel Fechter, Nikon D80
2013 Southern Utah Turkey Hunt
Southern Utah  Benjamin Imlay, iPod 5
Huntin with daddy!
Shasta co.  Kim Myers
First Antelope
Bly,Oregon Brand of camera:GE Lens Type:unknown Model#:Unkown Bly, Oregon  Jason Gibson
Archery Blacktail #2
Joe Frater's second archery blacktail.   Brandon Downer
2011 Archery Blacktail #1
My First Archery Blacktail of the Year.   Chris Stone
Buck by George
4x4 28" Mule Deer taken by George Corder in Lassen County.   Kathi Corder
Will's First Bull Elk
My son Will Schumacher of Tulelake took his first bull elk a 7x6 on the eleventh day of a twelve day hunt after passing up two smaller bulls in the first week of the season. He was extremely excited that he waited for this awesome bull. Way to go Will.   Tim Schumacher
C-Zone 5x4 Buck
C-Zone 5x4 Buck by Trissha Juvenal. Photo by Keith Conger of Rawhide West. com
Trissha Juvenal hunted with me at Rawhide West and took this awesome buck in the C-zone. It is a 5x4 with double eye guards. She shot him in his bed at 120 yards.   Keith Conger
Kristy's Big Forker
Kristy's Big Forker by Keith Conger for Big Game Hunting Contest
Kristy Conger took this awesome mule deer/blacktail cross opening weekend with me at She shot it in his bed at 60 yards.   Keith Conger
Trevor's 5x5
Trevor Landers shot this 5x5 Blacktail buck with a .243 Remington above Oregon's Lost Creek Lake during the middle of the day.   Michelle Roberts
D.J.s 6x6
This bull elk was taken out of Pondosa by D.J. Lacroix from Maxwell, CA.
This bull elk was taken out of Pondosa by D.J. Lacroix of Maxwell, CA.   John
My First Bull Elk
This 6x7 Bull Elk was taken off of Devil's Garden by Dusty Prevette of Alturas. Lucky Dusty drew an apprentice elk tag and an apprentice antelope tag this year both hunts of a lifetime.   Ron Prevette
Old Joe's Bull
This 6x6 bull elk was taken by one of our local hunters Joe Metcalf. The elk was killed on Devil's Garden.   Robbie Heard
Modoc Big Bull
This big 6x6 bull elk was taken off of Devils' Garden in Modoc by Gary Holtberg.   Ron Sherer
Modoc Monster
Take a look at this beauty taken off of Devil's Garden by Don Wight.   Ron Sherer
Big X1 Buck
This nice 3x5 was harvested by Tracy Rand in the X-1 zone near Fall River Valley on October 5 in the late afternoon.   Penny Rand
Marshall Rousseau
This is Marshall Rousseau age 15. This is his 2nd year hunting and he got himself a very nice 166lb 4x4 on his property in Kneeland, CA (Humboldt Co)   Leonard Rousseau
Opening Day Buck
4x4 taken by Adam Stroh with a .243 rifle in southern Jackson County on opening day.   Jon Volgarino
Cory's Blacktail
B-Zone Archery Blacktail   Cory Gabrielson
Freaky buck in velvet
10x10 Non-typical Black Tail buck still in velvet. Taken with 270 rifle in Scott Valley, Fort Jones, CA by Jerry Giacomelli. "Weirdest thing I have ever seen."   Elizabeth Giacomelli
Cold Day in Hell
Duane Dungannon packs out an opening-weekend 4-point blacktail as an early snowstorm descends on the Siskiyou Crest.   Steve Read
Final Hour Buck
Tyler took this this buck in Douglas County in the final hour of the 2009 Western Oregon season. Story featured in the November/December 2011 issue of Oregon Hunter.   Duane Dungannon
Lassen County PLM Tag
J.D. Mostoufi and his 2011 Lassen County PLM Tag Antelope Buck. Green score 79 and 4/8   Kevin Luntey
Opening Day
My first buck EVER! Got him opening day in the evening out in Bodega Bay, California shown here with Casey Silva. He was a beautiful 3x3 with only one eye guard! Big and unique!   Joseph Allen
Rattle Snake Hand Caught
Rattle Snake Hand Caught by Jerry Simmons, 9-button, 5'6" long, Montgomery, Texas, Montgomery, Texas  Lisa Buckalew
Big Buck
Big Buck in the rut, front teeth busted out and almost poked in the eye from another buck. Jerry Simmons, Montgomery, Texas,   Lisa Buckalew
First Elk
"Swamp Donkey" Roosevelt Elk, near Elma, Grays Harbor County, WA; taken at 30 yards with a rifle.   Darcy Potts
Hunting Hard
Dan Hopper and Mike Taylor play cribbage on a hot day in deer camp near the headwaters of Mad River in Trinity County.   Casey Allen

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