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Post your favorite Northern California/Southern Oregon outdoor photograph. Photos must be 480 pixels wide or 480 pixels high and be in focus. Post it and be seen by tens of thousands of MyOutdoorBuddies.
White-Fronted Geese
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County  Don Webster
Mallard Drake
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County  Don Webster
Canada Geese
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County  Don Webster
Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Crances at Cosumnes Preserve Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County  Don Webster
Blue Heron in Relief
One has to catch the shot when they can. Chasing Blue Herons can be easy and tough to get the right shot. I like the in- flight and taking-off shots myself. Bwana Bubba S. Beaver Creek - Waldport, Oregon  Frank Biggs, Nikon F4.5 1/1600
Drake Launching
I love to catch the take off of waterfowl. This was pretty good in the low light I had. This was a 30-foot shot. A pond in Oregon  Frank Biggs, Nikon 7100 2000th of a second
Pair of Bald Eagles
America's favorite couple.......... Sacramento River North of Hamilton City  Netta Ehrk
Bald Eagles of Shasta Lake 1-15-15
Bald Eagles on Shasta Lake are very active this time of year. Shasta Lake  Steve Ray, Cannon
Juvenile Bald Eagle
It takes up to five years for Bald Eagles to get their true markings. Sacramento River below Red Bluff  Netta Ehrk
Raucous Clamor
To say that geese are gregarious is an understatement. If you find one wild goose, you'll generally find others, sometimes hundreds, if not thousands. They tend to enjoy each others company. If you're a waterfowl hunter this can be frustrating, especially if the birds are on private property. Butte County, California  Don Webster
Osprey Chasing Eagle
Osprey have a nest near by and the eagle isn't welcome in their territory. Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Goldfinch Enjoying Mulberries
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk, Nikon cool pix
Pelicans Having a Big Dinner
Hope that wasn't our future limits... Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Pelican in flight
Shasta County  Don Webster
Tri-colored Blackbird
Jackson County, Oregon   Jason Haley, Cannon Power Shot SX280 HS
New Babies
Hope they all make it.. Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk, Nikon cool pix
Springtime Means Nesting
Sacramento County, California  Don Webster
I mean no disrespect St. Francis
This Black Phoebe apparently has heard of St Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Nature, and may be taking refuge on St. Francis' head. Perhaps a falcon or a feral cat is nearby. Sacramento County, California  Don Webster
Osprey Heading Home with Dinner (Takeout)
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Osprey with Dinner
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Roseburg, Oregon  Duane Dungannon
The Perfect Hunter
This young red-tailed hawk has all the tools of the trade--a strong, sharp beak, hook-like talons, flight speeds up to 150 mph, binocular vision 8 times better than humans with incredible resolution (fine focus) capability. And he doesn't need the 2nd Amendment to wield his arsenal. Sacramento County, California  Don Webster
The Perfect Hunter
This young, red-tailed hawk has all the tools of the trade: powerful, sharp beak, hook-like talons, swift, silent flight approaching 150 mph in some cases, and binocular vision up to eight times more powerful than humans, with incredible resolution allowing it to fine-focus on its prey at great distances. And it doesn't have to rely on the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution in order to wield its arsenal. Sacramento County, California  Don Webster
Drake Shoveler -- "Old Yelllow Eye"
Shoveler ducks are often the recipients of bad press due to misinformation. Many hunters are under the impression that shovelers eat things that make them unfit for our table. Although in some areas it's true that a shoveler's diet may consists of 1/3 animal matter,the shovelers, or "spoonies" in Northern California and Southern Oregon eat primarily waste rice and other grains. They are perfectly edible, and I speak from much experience. Give the "laughing mallard" a try. Cosumnes Preserve - Sacramento County  Don Webster
Pair of Preening Mallards
The two, main reasons ducks "preen" their feathers is to (one) apply oil from a gland near the base of their tail to keep themselves waterproof (2) remove unwanted guests such as lice, ticks, and other freeloaders. Cosumnes Preserve - Sacramento County  Don E. Webster
Pair of Eagles
Sacramento River, Butte County, California  Netta Ehrk
Seagulls on the River
Slot of Seagulls eating young fish on the Sacramento river...this looked like a young trout. Hamilton City, California  Netta Ehrk, Canon RebelEOS
Eagle Fishing
He missed the fish... Hamilton City. California  Netta Ehrk, Canon EOS Rebel
I am smiling!
I took this photo on January 8, 2014. Fort Jones, California  Mel Fechter
Bald Eagle Diving Off the Branch
As I was standing under the tree the eagle flew off, giving me the first shot I've ever taken of a Bald Eagle. Redwood Valley, California (off Hwy 299)  Neva Swensen
Chestnut Backed Chickadee
Eureka California in my back yard  Neva Swensen
On Guard
This Etna area quail knew I was there, but it didn’t know where. The 500mm lens helps in situations like this. Etna, Siskiyou County, California  Mel Fechter , Nikon D7000
Shore Birds at Arcata Marsh
Arcata Marsh is host to thousands of migrating shorebirds as well as ducks and geese. Arcata Marsh, Arcata, California  Neva Swensen
Gaudy Frenchman
Don't let the fancy clothes fool you...this mallard drake is more than likely looking for a nice meal of minnows in the shallows. Unlike the aristocratic pintail who refuses to dine on anything but the finest grains, mallards are notorious for gulping down just about anything that will slide down their gullet. Tulelake, California  Don E. Webster, Nikon CoolPix 510
Honkers at Tulelake
Nap time at Tulelake Refuge Tulelake, California  Don E. Webster, Nikon CoolPix 510
Large Bird in a Large Tree
This morning I found this immature Bald Eagle perched in a large tree near Etna, looking for a morning appetizer. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Egrets on Table Bluff
Table Bluff, Humboldt County, California  Neva Swensen, Canon Rebel T1i
Sandhill Cranes
Photo taken October 25, 2013 Etna, California  Mel Fechter, Nikon D7100
Ferruginous Hawk
Photo taken October 29, 2013 Fort Jones, California  Mel Fechter, Nikon D7100
Thousand of ducks descend on Arcata Marsh October 2013
Arcata Marsh, Arcata, California  Neva Swensen, Canon Rebel T1i
Canadian Mist
Denman Wildlife Area, Oregon,  Tyler Dungannon, Canon EOS Rebel
Shasta Lake Bald Eagle
Shasta Lake Bald Eagle, Steve Ray, MyOutdoorBuddy Outdoor Photo Contest
Pit Arm Shasta Lake,  Steve Ray, Canon
Three Canada Geese
Cedarville, California,  Lea Huetteman, Nikon D7000, Nikon 70-300mm lens, f/5.6, 240mm
Brave Hawk
Inwood Road., Shingletown,  Michelle Diamond, Canon EOS Rebel T3i

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