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Gold beach,  Photo by Lori Bell
Clipped salmon from Gold Beach
Clipped vs non clipped
Rogue River at Gold Beach,  Photo by Lori Bell
To be or not to be "clipped" is the options I read on a famous fishing website that if you catch a clipped fin salmon that it is sure to be from Indian Creek Hatchery Well here's a pic of a clipped and non clipped Salmon caught on the Rogue. They both weighed in @ 27 lbs. I am going back for the derby this week for a winning 37 lb'r Sound good? Then get down to Sportsmans Warehouse for some gear and I will see you there :))
Early Morning Blacktail Buck - May 2016
Oregon,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
Been out in the morning checking haunts for Blacktail bucks to hunt during archery season in Oregon. This is a young buck who did a great job of hiding, but I was able to snap this photo before he wandered off in peace.
Curly Coated Retriever Puppies 5 weeks old
the Great outdoors!,  Photo by SoftMaple
Easy limits
Tisdale,  Photo by Kevin
Easy limits for the boys last night
Honkers in a Delta slough
San Joaquin Delta,  Photo by Don Webster
Out Fished by the Wife
Just down river from the wife,  Photo by Lori Bell
I tried my hardest and did my best but to no avail. I was out-fished by the wife again. I caught the first (1 point), she caught the last and the biggest (2 points). We tied for the most (1/2 pint each) Jim bell 1.5 pts Lori Bell 2.5 Pts Now it's time for a new trip and yet another try. Sure is rough to lose
Setting the BELL curve on the Jim Hunt Bar on the Rogue
Rogue River,  Photo by TJBELL11
Setting the curve with my first time springer in my UGGS. It must have been good luck since I landed 2, my husband landed 2 and I caught the biggest. Thanks Sportmanswarehouse for the gear to get it done! The news is its still a little slow on the Rogue but not for us.Now it's time for round 2
Crane Chase
Fort Bidwell California,  Photo by Lea Huetteman Photography  
Sandhill Cranes are plentiful now in Surprise Valley and it appears the calves are getting in the way of some important courting rituals. At least the photo above looks like this crane has decided the calf needs to go back to its mother. Photos by Lea Huettema
Every once in a while there is the one that doesn't get away!
Southern Oregon,  Photo by Dave  
This dandy took a bite out of the wrong wrapped x9 kwikfish and took us for a little ride...
My first steelhead!!!
Umpqua river,  Photo by Jordan  
I caught my first steelhead on my birthday trip with Pro Guide Jordan Abbott of On a yarn fly dipped in secret sauce.
Zach's first steelhead
Oregon/Umpqua,  Photo by Mike  
I caught this monster steelhead on a yarn fly fishing with Jordan Abbott of King of the Rogue Outfitters!
Moose and Dinky Dog love fishing
Sacramento River, Red Bluff CA,  Photo by Lisa Latiolais  
Hound Patrol
Bay stripers, 1971
S F bay,  Photo by Danny  
YUP, these were the good ole' days, drifting live bait over the humps in the bay, with easy limits and a much cheaper price, but that was then, this is now.
Be prepared
Challenge, California,  Photo by Gerry Madrid  
One can never be sure where a 4X5 might be hiding, or a bear. One time in Mendo, I jumped up on a log to get a better view of a draw and a 2X3 jumped out from behind that log and darted downhill. By the time I had recovered and was ready to take the shot, the buck was in Sonoma county. A lesson well remembered.
Ring-necks and Green-wings
Jackson County, Oregon ,  Photo by Jason Haley
Strangers appear in Southern Oregon stock pond after storm.
Duskys' taking flight!
Willamette Valley,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
Most don't know, but the Willamette Valley is the resting place for the Dusky, a dark version of a Canadian Honker. There are three (3) main refuges in the mid-valley in Oregon. Baskett, Ankeney and Finley National Wildlife Refuges. It is an important resting and wintering place for the Duskys' come from the Delta in Alaska. I really like to catch them on take off! Exciting to see the the action of these birds. In the old days when hunting these boys, I should have had a camera when they were coming into the deeks and I would jump-up to see the panic look!
Blue Heron on B-52 Bombing Run
Central Valley,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
I saw this guy from about a 1/4 mile out. I used the blackberry hedgerow to stalk within 10 feet. Can't believe he did not hear me, as you know they have excellent hearing. Got a number of close shots, but one should just let the multiple capabilities of a camera go, as I missed the jump flight shot. He looks like a B-52 taking off from Anderson Airbase in Guam.
New Year's Day Chromer
South Fork of the Eel River,  Photo by David Humphrey
Oregon Elk
Oregon,  Photo by Stacy Dunn
Chester's first fishing trip on Shasta Lake
Shasta Lake,  Photo by Will Miller  
Japatul's Labradors "Chester Lucky Seven" on his first fishing trip to Shasta Lake @ four months old. He loved it!!
Why? Why? Why?
Outside my window ,  Photo by Bill Adelman  
Why, why, why? We have 19 toms living practically in our yard, see them most every day. Why then during the season, which is now open, do we hunt for 5 days and never get a shot? WHY ???
Clear Lake View
Lucerne, California,  Photo by Michael Mogler
Rain falling over the south shore of Clear Lake from the north shore of Clear Lake at Lucerne.
White-Fronted Geese
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County,  Photo by Don Webster
Mallard Drake
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County,  Photo by Don Webster
Canada Geese
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County,  Photo by Don Webster
Common Egret
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County,  Photo by Don Webster
Sandhill Cranes
Cosumnes Preserve Sacramento County,  Photo by Don Webster
Sandhill Crances at Cosumnes Preserve
The Magic Hour
Leaving Pittsburg Marina,  Photo by Gerry Madrid  
Anticipation reigns supreme as the boat speeds up and heads for the open bay for a day of sturgeon fishing. This is a great time of the year to share a day with friends and family on board with Fishhookers Sportfishing. Tight Lines !!!
First Deer
G-1 Late season,  Photo by Cody McBride
My sons first deer
G-1 Late season,  Photo by Cody McBride
As a dad I couldn't be more proud of my son. Sited in his own gun and killed his first deer on his first hunt. One shot clean ethical kill, what a great day and what a great time to be a dad....Great job Cody, I love you and I'm very proud of you.
It's not over yet
Can't say,  Photo by Lori Bell  
I heard a guy say it was about over for salmon fishing on the Sac as I set the hook and boasted "Fish on". The Fall season may be winding down, but the BIG ones are just showing up. You know, the one that takes both hands for the picture. All it took was some k15's and a bag of sardines from Sportsmans Warehouse and it was "BIG FISH ON". So don't give up yet The biggest and meanest are coming to battle the best. I will see you there
Big Limit
Clear Lake,  Photo by Craig McBride
The fish are hungry, what a great day on the water. Thanks Hartman Outdoors and Lip Ripper Spinnerbaits.
The Blacktail called Stickers
Willamette Valley,  Photo by Frank Biggs
Ah! Stickers the sorta dominate Blacktail of the area. This was and early picture in June. I happen to drop down into the draw and he just stood there. He did get bigger and we called him Stickers, as he had a couple of stickers(horn) coming off the backside. We hunted him during archery season and he really never came around during legal shooting time. He did come around though during legal time during western rifle season and he was taken the first day about 1/2 mile from this spot from an OSP Game Officer buddy. He just had character and breed a lot of does. This area the does seem to have more buck offspring than does. Almost always twins and a few times tripletes. Bwana Bubba
Blacktail Lives another season
Oregon Valley,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
This is an interesting shot on camera. This buck, some two days prior while I was in a blind very near this spot, came by my ground blind in the evening. The OSP Senior Game Officer was in the tree stand adjacent to me. He was about 20 yards out, easy shot and he would be down. I let the arrow fly, a bit high. An OSP officer, said later he saw the arrow pass through. Easy tracking... Well there was little blood and we spent some 3 hours in looking and taping. Finally gave up looking any longer in the dark of night. Well as you see he made it and there is another shot on the other side with an exit wound. In closing, this buck was harvested in 2013 by the OSP Game Officer. He put his arrow through him a bit lower. Took 2 hours to recover this tough buck! He made P & Y in 2013.
Urban Coyote
Oregon,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
I had drive by this fellow a couple to times, this time I stopped... am I going to video him or take stills? I did both, but should have stayed with the video, though the noise level with traffic was pretty loud. He had just eaten a sandwich that was left by someone picnicking. My video was picked up by National Geographic and almost used by them. I signed the video over to them. If I had stayed with video, it would have made it...
Delta Still Producing
Sacramento Delta, Lodi,  Photo by Eric Miller
Plenty of fish still biting, water temp is good and a lot of fish filling up on bait getting ready for winter.
Super freak whitetail
Greenbrier Arkansas,  Photo by Stuart Everett
One in lifetime crazy horns deer, maybe new state record. Crossbow harvest last week.
Lunker Lake Trout
Pyramid Lake,  Photo by Larry Teague
10 lbs, WOW!!!! Great fish Larry
Clear Lake
Clear Lake,  Photo by Jack Hartman
Fishing was tough, but Lip Ripper Baits helped put this 4 lb largemouth in the boat. Hartman Outdoors and Lip Ripper Baits made this a great trip.
Where Indians have lived
Oregon Ancient Grounds,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
This was taken some years back, but I still have the Weatherby 257... A funny story in that two of us saw the buck at about 150 yards away. Both of us took the shot at the same time, partner the LT Spring hit the foot of the Mulie and I placed one in the boiler room. So I lay claim on the buck and in a mad dash to get to him, I did not see the barbwire fence and ran right into, bouncing back onto the ground. That would explain the rips in my left leg! He was an old buck, with little usable meat, as he was infested with ticks, not small ticks but ones that have had some time to become the size of marbles. It was a great Oregon hunt, as everyone limited out on the hunt with very good bucks. Bwana Bubba
Oroville Catfish!
Lake Oroville, Caifornia,  Photo by Savannah Horn
Caught this 11.5 pound catfish at Lake oroville. Fishing from shore using chicken liver.
Shiras Bull of Ft. Bridger
Ft. Bridger, Wyoming,  Photo by Linda Biggs  
This photo was taken some years back by my wife with the kids in tow. I was putting a Truck Stop for Burns Bros., INC. at Ft. Bridger. She head out with the truck and low and behold this big Shiras Moose is in this small patch of alfalfa at 50'. He was snorting and pawing. She closed in and took about 20 shots. Crazy woman she is. Proving she could get the shot...
Hunter of Mallard Creek Golf Course
Mallard Creek Golf Course,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
Sometimes it is a blast to seek the hunter and not always be the hunter! Bwana Bubba
Caught at Grimes Boat Landing 9-12-15
Grimes Boat Landing,  Photo by Lois Lane
I think Mary pretty much out did her husband Paul. Her fish is posted also. Check it out!
2015 Big Horn Sheep Hunt
Steen,  Photo by Matt McDonald
Hunt of a lifetime.
First catch of the season! Pretty Imprressive! 9-12-15
Grimes Boat Landing,  Photo by Lois Lane
Head Twisting Rocky Mtn Bull
Secret Oregon Spot,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
This picture was taken just prior to the archery season in Oregon in one of my great locations for hunting bulls. This was the first year I had decided to chase bulls with my Weatherby instead. Too late to change. This bull was with at least 20+ other branch bulls and no spikes. This area was famous for this and if you wanted to find spikes they would be running together also. The distance to this bull was 20 yards max. Of course this was BLM land in Oregon. Oregon has a great deal of huntable BLM landwhich holds great numbers of elk. Bwana Bubba
Young Bucks of Yahacts
Yahacts, Oregon,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
As I have said before, timing is everything about getting wildlife shots. We were heading south after crossing the river south of Yahacts, Oregon. I spotted a couple of bucks on the south side of the river. I quickly spun the motorhome around and dropped into the open space at the bridge. Running to catch the bucks as the dropped down onto the trail going to the river, I was able to get a great number of pictures. They were not to excited about running as they crossed the river. What was funny was to see the bucks once they got on the other side of the river going into Yahacts was to see them run into the 40 knot wind. The larger buck moved his head back and forth as he was having a good time playing and taking in the wind. After that they just disappeared in the rocks and brush...
Biggs 2013 Oregon Blacktail
Oregon,  Photo by Frank Biggs  
I would love to say I took this buck with a bow and arrow. Only saw him once during archery season on opening day. He was 40 yards out and I could have killed him then, but my son was 35 yards to left of me in a blind. Did not take the shot, but he killed his buck from the group at 8 yards. I took this buck when I was headed to work for training. I drove in the my hunting property and caught the buck clearing the road and hitting the timber. Cool and Calm, 4X4 in drive, set the brake, ran to the back of the rig, slipped my 257 Weatherby out. Ran and jumped the burm, buck at 280 yards probably, pulled down on him by a fir tree. Could see him through my sunglasses, pulled up the glasses, pulled down again. Pulled the trigger, he dropped in his tracks. The distance offhand 300 yards.
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