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Urban Coyote
I had drive by this fellow a couple to times, this time I stopped... am I going to video him or take stills? I did both, but should have stayed with the video, though the noise level with traffic was pretty loud. He had just eaten a sandwich that was left by someone picnicking. My video was picked up by National Geographic and almost used by them. I signed the video over to them. If I had stayed with video, it would have made it... Oregon  Frank Biggs, Minolta SLR
Shiras Bull of Ft. Bridger
This photo was taken some years back by my wife with the kids in tow. I was putting a Truck Stop for Burns Bros., INC. at Ft. Bridger. She head out with the truck and low and behold this big Shiras Moose is in this small patch of alfalfa at 50'. He was snorting and pawing. She closed in and took about 20 shots. Crazy woman she is. Proving she could get the shot... Ft. Bridger, Wyoming  Linda Biggs, Minolta SLR
Hunter of Mallard Creek Golf Course
Sometimes it is a blast to seek the hunter and not always be the hunter! Bwana Bubba Mallard Creek Golf Course  Frank Biggs, Nikon D7100 1/1600 4.5f
Young Bucks of Yahacts
As I have said before, timing is everything about getting wildlife shots. We were heading south after crossing the river south of Yahacts, Oregon. I spotted a couple of bucks on the south side of the river. I quickly spun the motorhome around and dropped into the open space at the bridge. Running to catch the bucks as the dropped down onto the trail going to the river, I was able to get a great number of pictures. They were not to excited about running as they crossed the river. What was funny was to see the bucks once they got on the other side of the river going into Yahacts was to see them run into the 40 knot wind. The larger buck moved his head back and forth as he was having a good time playing and taking in the wind. After that they just disappeared in the rocks and brush... Yahacts, Oregon  Frank Biggs, Nikon D7100 1/1600 - F4.5
California Tule Elk
I had to spend a bit of time in California for my work with Burns Bros. Travel Stops. California is the only place I know to find Tule Elk. If I remember this was out of Bishop, California. The picture was taken on private land. I have been one in the past to clear a barbwire fence and get the picture of game. Ok! I have taken barbwire strands up my leg, ruining many pairs of blue jeans. Bwana Bubba California  Frank Biggs, Minolta SLR
Roosevelt from the Wallows
Do you remember this bull from about a week ago? Well he is still at it with his harem and now other bulls around. He was in a different location than before, about 2 miles away. He had a larger group of cows, which included calves. He was in the mean mode when he went into a wallow and came back out chasing the calves that were close to him. He will be putting some great genes into the herd! Bwana Bubba Southern Oregon Coast  Frank Biggs, Nikon F11 1/200
Roosevelt Bull Bugling #2
Now this was the second bull that was about 2 miles away from Bull Number 1. I was also only able get one shot of this bull bulging while trying to get a picture of him. He and the first bull were both aggressive to get the cows into one area. This picture was taken on 8-26-15 about 45 minutes later from Bull Number 1's picture. This great bull, like the first very good bull had about 30 cows. Again no other bull in sight in the area. Figure the odds of getting two (2) bulls bugling and only get them to do it once. Bull Number 2 Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba Southern Oregon Coast  Frank Biggs, Nikon 7100
Roosevelt Bull Bulging #1
I was able to only get one shot of this bull bulging while trying to get a picture of him. This the first bull and later I got another bull doing the same thing. This picture was taken on 8-26-15. The point being, he was already with a harem of some 50 cows. No other bull in sight in the area. I have never seen this before and I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors finding game. Bull Number 1 Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba Southern Oregon Coast  Frank Biggs, Fuji
Lead Bull - California Lagoon
It was an interesting travel into Northern California via Hwy 101. As soon as one travels into California, do not be surprise to see Roosevelt Elk everywhere. In this case we were close to the Redwoods in mixed National Forest and Private lands. Though I was driving a motorhome, make no mistake that I will pull into the gravel to get the pictures. The Bull with a few smaller bulls and a great deal of cows were leaving a coastal lagoon. I took a video and still shots on this guy. Later I found him and his group on private land. Northern California  Frank Biggs, Sony DSLR
Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish
Lots of jellyfish this year in Pacific coastal waters plus many more washed up on shore. Fields Landing Dock, Eureka, California  Neva Swensen
Tule Elk
Northern California  Mike Peters
This morning, out back. Greenview, California  Mel Fechter
Barn Bandit
I caught this masked bandit stealing cat food today in a Greenview barn. Greenview, California  Mel Fechter
4 x 4
Sunday evening in Scott Valley. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
On Alert!
Sunday evening in Scott Valley. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Sunday evening in Scott Valley. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Scott Valley Stag Party
Sunday evening in Scott Valley. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Evening Glow
There was a certain glow around these two Scott Valley bucks this evening when I took this photo. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Nice Rack
This evening in Scott Valley. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Scott Valley Trophy Buck
I couldn't get this Scott Valley trophy buck to turn around and smile for the camera yesterday evening. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Cheeseville Buck
I took this photo July 26, 2014. Cheeseville, Scott Valley, California  Mel Fechter
I'm Not Used to the Heat!
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk, United States
Follow the leader ......otter style
Family outing Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk, United States
The Garden Tour
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Dinner Time
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk
Harmony on the River
Sacramento River  Netta Ehrk, Nikon cool pix
New to the World
These young fox squirrels are just starting to venture from the nest and the world is brand new to them. Sacramento County, California  Don Webster
A Bug's Eye View
It's probably a good thing the insect that was about to be snapped up by this alligator lizard was unaware of its presence. A least it didn't die of fright a moment before it became dinner. Sacramento County, California  Don Webster
Which Way Are We Going?
Sacramento River, Hamilton City, California  Netta Ehrk, Nikon
Crossing the River
Hamilton City, California  Netta Ehrk, Nikon coolpic
I'm Not Happy...
Our Labrador chased this fox squirrel up a tree, and it was unable to jump to its nest in a nearby Valley Oak tree. It scolded us repeatedly until we departed the scene. Fox squirrels are amazingly sure-footed. Watch them scamper around a tree trunk sometime, or leap fearlessly from tree to tree at elevations over 50 feet. Sacramento County, California  Don Webster, Nikon CoolPix 510
Etna Eye Candy
Roosevelt Elk in the Etna area today. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Rutted Bucks of Oregon
Oregon Coast blacktail buck in the Tioga Unit. Photo taken on November 9th, 2013. Tioga Unit, Oregon Coast  Jake Cummings
A Buck and His Harem
It is the time of year when the Mule Deer Bucks gather up the doe's to make the next generation of deer. This was a shot just south of Fort Bidwell, California on a crisp fall day. South of Fort Bidwell, California  Lea Huetteman, 7000D Nikon, 300mm f2.8 lens, IS0 400, 1/80s
200 in. Nevada Muley Late Season Bow Hunt
This is a photo taken today 12/4 of a 6x7 muley we have been tracking for the past few days trying to get within bow range for my 13 year old nephew to harvest with his bow. Western Nevada  Jeremy McDonald
Boy or Girl?
This antlered mule deer, clearly still in velvet in mid-November, presents questions. Other photos of the same deer clearly reveal the absence of secondary characteristics that would establish it as a male or "buck." Also, note the doe-like configuration of the face and the slim neck. Hormonal imbalance? Tulelake, California  Don E. Webster, Nikon CoolPix 510
How Do You Spell Relief?
The rut is on, and this doe looks like she could use a week's vacation at a secluded spa away from the relentless pursuit! Lava Beds National Monument  Don E. Webster, Nikon CoolPix 510
Natural Beauty
Talk about alluring--Hollywood starlets have nothing on this mule deer doe. Lower Klamath Refuge  Don E. Webster, Nikon CoolPix 510
Sunday Sunning
I found this guy sunning on our property this morning. Greenview, California  Mel Fechter , Nikon D7000
I caught this guy with incriminating evidence on his nose, as he stood near one of my backyard bird feeders this morning. Greenview, California  Mel Fechter , Nikon D7000
Safe Haven
This Scott Valley spike buck didn't waste any time crossing Eastside Road in front of me this morning,then jumping the fence to get into a NO HUNTING area. Etna, California  Mel Fechter , Nikon D7000
The Second
This is the second buck this week to come onto the property looking for love. The last I saw of him this morning he was chasing a doe off into the unknown. Greenview, California  Mel Fechter , Nikon D7000
The First
This isn't the biggest buck that will come out of the Marble Mountains onto our property this year, but it is the first. Greenview, California  Mel Fechter , Nikon D7000
Dark or White Meat?
Decisions, decisions! Only three weeks until Thanksgiving and I have to make a decision, dark meat or white meat. Today in Greenview. Greenview, California  Mel Fechter , Nikon D7000
All in the Family
Cow elk today in the Etna area. Etna, California  Mel Fechter
Lizard and lunch
Eureka CA in my back yard  Neva Swensen, Canon Rebel T1i
Lewiston Lake, Sometimes it's not all about the fly fishing
Island across from marina, Lewiston Lake CA  John Boyden
Late Afternoon Nap!
Shasta County,  Jeff Jackman
Young Blacktail Buck
Shasta County,  Steve Ray, Canon
Jack Rabbit Hopping Along
Fort Bidwell, California,  Lea Huetteman, Nikon D7000, Lens VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6, 240mm
Peek-a-Boo Frog
Shingletown, California,  Michelle Diamond, i Phone
Backyard Buck
Redding, California  Alan Zaballos

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